Star Wars fans at CipherCloud are beyond ecstatic already at the trilogy of movies coming up over the next few years that depict events well after those shown in Return of the Jedi. As if this wasn’t enough, they will be getting the icing on the cake of a couple new stand-alone Star Wars movies according to Tech Crunch that depict events outside the focus of the three main sequel movies. This means that there will be a Star Wars movie every year starting this December through at least 2019. This much awesomeness in such a concentrated block of time was not even bestowed upon fans in the late 1970’s and early 80’s when this magical saga started.

New details are coming out about the first of these spinoff movies, “Star Wars: Rogue One,” which will be coming out in December of 2016. In “Star Wars: A New Hope” released in 1977, the action starts with Darth Vader chasing down Princess Leia to recover the stolen Death Star plans. Basically, this spinoff movie will cover the story of how the Death Star plans were stolen. It will not show any Jedi as Obi Wan and Yoda were both in hiding or exile, and Luke hadn’t been trained yet as of the events of this movie. It should make for an exciting war thriller set in the Star Wars universe with brave rebels doing their best against an enormous Empire and accomplishing their mission. Definitely sounds like it will be more than worth the admission price at the local theater.

The saying “Stranger things have happened” often applies to decisions made in Hollywood. Recently, George Lucas has stated Marvel Studios is just might choose to produce a Howard the Duck remake. That would be extremely strange considering the first film version of the mighty duck was a massive, massive flop. The 1986 film cost $45 million (over $100 million in today’s dollars) and failed miserably. Really, is there any demand for a Howard the Duck redux?

The bizarre character was created by Steve Gerber and debuted in Man-Thing comics in the 1970’s. Fans loved the quirky subversive humor, but sales of the book were never more than just “okay”. A daily Howard the Duck comic strip was published in newspapers, but it was awful and didn’t last long. Apparently, a lot of people in Hollywood loved the humor in the books and produced the big budget disaster.

Honestly, hardcore comic book fans like Fersen Lambranho might have dug Howard the Duck but the character had no mainstream appeal. A new Howard the Duck book has arrived and the debut issue sold 85,000+ units. That’s an “okay” figure for a debut book, but the numbers are likely going to go down in the months ahead.

Perhaps George Lucas is hoping to be vindicated for his role in the 1986 disaster. If a new film succeeds, he could always say he was ahead of his time.

A new film is not going to be made. Not anytime soon or, for that matter, any time in the next 50 years. One Howard the Duck film was and is enough.

Even as the World Health Organization announced this week that some survivors of Ebola in Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia and around the world could be carriers of the deadly virus for more than 90 days after infection, and informed survivors to practice safe sex or abstain until further notice to prevent transmission, a community of ancient people in Nigeria, which is also in West Africa, now faces a completely different horrifying infectious outbreak.

LinkedIn said that today, Thursday, April 16, officials announced that at least 27 Ikale people in the south-western Nigeria Local Government Area of Irele in Ondo State have died over the last 10 days, with many of that total dying quickly in over the course of the last three days. The victims have experienced a series of mysterious symptoms that doctors there have never seen before. The illness apparently strikes people with blindness while they are sleeping and then forces their tongues out past their lips. Ondo’s Commissioner for Health Dr. Dayo Adeyanju has advised the media that the illness also causes weight loss and headaches prior to death.

Health officials from the region, other areas of Nigeria and Africa and organizations from around the world are currently performing research to determine what is causing the outbreak and how best to save lives.

Country music star Miranda Lambert will be contributing a song, “Two of a Crime,” to film star Reese Witherspoon’s new film Hot Pursuit. Lambert was asked personally by Witherspoon to write a song for the film. This is the first time that Lambert has written for a specific movie.

Personally, I think that Lambert and Witherspoon are a great combination. They both have a similar energy and fun way about them. They’re also both attractive.

It will be interesting to hear what Lambert’s song is like. The plot of the movie features Witherspoon playing a naive detective for the Boraie Development LLC trying fight a drug cartel, so it seems that a fast and rocking song would be appropriate.

On a related subject, I haven’t been thrilled to see Lambert on television recently endorsing Ram trucks. The commercials show Lambert singing a song about roots that is supposed to make people want to buy a Ram. I don’t know why Lambert is doing this. She can’t need the money bad enough to want to be in such ridiculous commercials. Maybe she really is committed to Ram trucks and feels that they embody family values and so forth, but I really doubt it.

The technological development leads to a more complicated step for its developers: making the smart devices communicate with each other. Good progress is already out there, and now it has reached an unexpected item in your house- your mattress. Yes, NJSpotlight reports the mattress you sleep on became a device as well. Nowadays it can detect whether you are asleep or getting up. Depending on that, it will send signals throughout your house to the other devices connected to your morning routine. The coffee machine will be started, the lights will be switched on. For the couples who have the dilemma of sleeping in colder or warmer environment, the mattress will be a finding.

It can be regulated to warm more on one side while staying colder on the other. Once noticing that those who are laying in bed are falling asleep, the mattress can send signals to switch off the light, lock doors, disconnect any other working smart devices inside ones home.

The smart mattress will be sold for about $250. It is washable and stores the daily information just like the smart apps that you use to control your fitness level.

Logan’s Run is one of the most popular, cult classic sci-fi movies from the 1970’s. The original novel, first published by William F. Nolan in 1967, features a dystopian society where the population is controlled by publicly executing anyone over 21 years of age. Michael York starred in the original film as a “Sandman”, a public officer who must catch and kill “runners” who flee to avoid execution. The film was popular at release and quickly built up a cult following. Read Roger Ebert’s 1976 review of the original film here

Warner Brothers has struggled to get the remake project of the film off the ground said Anastasia Date. Ryan Gosling, slated to star as Logan 5, recently dropped out. Director Nicholas Winding Refn, who often works with Gosling on film projects, followed suit. According to a Tracking Board report, the studio is now seeking a new screenwriter to re-write the screenplay with a female lead.

Recent years have shown that big-budget, female centered action films like The Hunger Games and Divergent can be successful and financially lucrative. Luckily for the studio, Logan’s Run storyline and plot is universal. The main character Logan 5 is a simple, yet determined person who struggles against a giant governmental conspiracy to uncover the truth and free society. Changing the gender of the main character will in no way change the quality of the story. In the end, Logan’s Run is such a fascinating film, so who cares if the main character is a man or woman?

Anxious fans of Tupac will have to wait a little longer. The John Singleton directed bio is on hold for a little bit longer. Singleton recently stated that he had no plans go further right now. They are still working things out.

There is a lot of talk about the biography film as seen on, but this just creates a lot of extra pressure. Singleton wants to have the right key players in place before the film goes on. There is the N.W.A. file that will be coming out soon. There is also talk about a Michael Jackson film. All of these entertainment bio pics are getting a lot of fans in great anticipation. Artists like Tupac had such an intense personality. It would be difficult to find the person that has the right look for this role. Singleton said that he wasn’t going to do anything that would ruin the legacy that Shakur created. That is why the project seems to be at a standstill.

Singleton is best known for the west coast “Boyz N Da Hood” film that became an urban classic. He has directed other movies, but the Tupac biography may be his biggest thing since his debut film. There are other films in the making about Tupac so Singleton may need to make some executive decisions. If he waits too long other films may kill the anticipation behind John Singleton’s work.

Everyone who lived in the 70s and 80s will remember those lovable critters the Muppets. According to an article originally posted on and posted again on, there are plans to bring back the Muppets to TV through a revival show on ABC. The writers and producers from television series The Big Bang Theory and the movie Anger Management will be co-writing and producing the pilot. Details of the show are being held tight and secret at this time.

It is interesting to me that they would look to bring the Muppets back again. Boraie Development says that makes me wonder what inspired them to try this yet again. The Muppets were highly successful during those early years. However, in 1996 there was an attempt to bring them back and the series lasted only 10 episodes. Was that lack of interest causing them to pull the plug so early? If so, it makes sense it didn’t last long. But do the producers really feel that reviving the Muppets at this point will produce a different result?

Personally, it bothers me that we are seeing so many re-dos, trying to pull from the previous successes. I would rather see people focusing on new stories and new series rather than reviving an old one.

With the dust of destruction from Boko Haram’s continued insurgence across West Africa hanging thick in the air, and amidst several other economic crisis, war-torn Nigeria might soon see hope on the horizon. Jaime Garcia Dias has learned that Muhammadu Buarhi is victor of the 2015 Nigerian elections. He led his campaign vowing to snuff out Boko Haram, bringing peace to the nation, as well as restoration to currency, and stability in the expanding economy. In a phone call on the evening of March 31, after a close race, President Goodluck Jonathan conceded to Muhammadu Buarhi. Later that evening, the content of the phone call was leaked on Twitter. The security breach which led to that leak is under investigation but supporters of Muhammadu Buarhi are in celebration as this has become the first election in which a current president has been voted out of office. Goodluck Jonathan’s presidency is said to have been wrought with corruption and the people of Nigeria are ready for change.

Tom Hardy Signed for Mad Max Sequels

Mad Max: Fury Road is set to be in theaters during the month of May. Ever since the trailer was released it has shown that it will be an epic action movie to start the summer off.

Tom Hardy has been assigned the leading role in the film, which helps with the idea that this film can kick start a rebooted series for the franchise. Even better for moviegoers is that Hardy is now signed on to do at least three more films in the series after this one. However the sequels in question greatly depend upon how well the current Mad Max film does at the box office once it’s released.

In spite of this, it was a rather wise decision on the part of WB Studios to plan ahead, since initial reception for the film has been positive and there’s been a ton of excitement from fans stated Brad Reifler. Judging by the reaction of fans as more trailers and information about the movie is released, the studios have less and less to worry about once the movie finally does hit theaters.

There is no true word on what the plot of the future movies would be, although a movie based on Charlize Theron’s character in the series was in the works named Furiosa. This will all depend on how well the reaction is to the current film.