Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is a doctor in New Jersey who specializes in neurology and psychiatry. He studied at Government Medical College and later did his residency at Boston City Hospital. Dr. Shiva has gained almost 40 years of experience in the field with 20 years as a practising doctor and currently works at Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates but also tends to patients at Kennedy Health System Cherry Hill. Dr. Shiva is one of the doctors committed to find cures to neurological diseases and disorders such as multiple sclerosis (MS).

His practice is one of the few places that conduct transparent transactions when it comes to remitting the medical expenses to the patient’s insurances. The practice accepts most of the insurances companies’ cards and only charges the amounts approved per Medicare policies. The practice’s common language of use is English but uses Spanish too in order to help the patients of Spanish origin.

Dr. Shiva is among the doctors who were involved in the neurological research whose results have been released most recently. The research involved 24 patients of ages 26-52 suffering from relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis. In the research the patients received an autologous hematopoietic cell transplant after their high dosage of high-dose immunosuppressive therapy. 69% of the patients’ conditions stabilized. The conditions improved immensely and they had regained some of their physical abilities. In two of the worst cases the patients died but their deaths were later confirmed to have nothing to do with the experiment although a few caught infections due to their low immune systems.

Even though the findings need further testing, it is certain that the one-time treatment is more effective than the continuous treatment with the MS drugs and this has shone new light to both the patients and the doctors. National institute of health in collaboration with other sponsors such as NIAID carried the research work to completion.

As the founder and president of the Human Rights Foundation, it should come as no surprise that Thor Halvorssen is regularly seen as a symbol of freedom and protection for those who are regularly subjected to injustices at the hands of totalitarian governments. Unfortunately, Thor Halvorssen has once again been forced to speak out against the cruelties of foreign governments after an American attorney was arbitrarily placed under arrest by Cuban security forces.

The incident began after a political dissident got into trouble with the Cuban government over public art displays that openly questioned the government’s authority. After being placed under arrest, an American attorney flew to Cuba to represent him and ensure that he had a fair and honest trial. After arriving in Cuba and presenting her arguments at a press conference, she was suddenly unexpectedly placed under arrest by several armed forces of the Cuban government.

Although the attorney, Kimberly Motley, was not the only person to be arrested on that day, she is certainly the most shocking example of the Cuban government’s cruelty. In fact, Thor Halvorssen decided to speak out against the government’s actions, noting that they were as outrageous as they were a sobering reminder of just how unjust the Cuban government really is. Despite the recent thawing of tensions between Cuba and America, it’s clear that there is still a considerable culture divide between the two countries.

Of course, Thor Halvorssen and his organization are concerned with more than just the authoritarian nature of the Cuban government. Halvorssen regularly offers insight into the troubles across many diverse regions in the world, including the situation in his homeland of Venezuela and in far-off places like China and Taiwan. Of particular interest to Thor Halvorssen is the rarely discussed situation of Uyghur peoples in China. While there is considerable interest in the treatment of other cultural groups under the Chinese regime, few people seem to discuss the Uyghur in particular as often as Halvorssen does. Thor at Facebook.

While Cuba has yet to respond to Halvorssen’s accusations, one thing remains clear: Wherever there is injustice in the world, Halvorssen and his Human Rights Foundation will be there to speak out against it.

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/thor-halvorssen for more .

The concession program introduced for the basic sanitation services in Brazil is a game changer, revealed by Trata Brasil President, Edison Carlos, in a recent interview with Felipe Montoro Jens. The concession program introduced by the government in collaboration with BNDES is expected to make a revolutionary change in structural, resource, and management areas of sanitation services firms. Upon a question from Felipe, Edison has replied that it could also reduce wastage of water significantly. Considering majority of the sanitation services are provided by the state organizations, Edison believes that the emergence of private players can significantly improve the efficiency, and both private and public sectors can complement each other.



Additionally, while collaborating with private companies, the government bodies would leverage and experience advanced technology not only in management but in preventing water being wasted as well. Edison pointed out that the advancement in technology would make sure efficient use of water. BNDES is also focused on implementing customized plans for each state as the various places have different requirements. Also, the current level of wastage of water should be reduced to ensure the flow of financial resources to state companies in the water sector. While advocating the need for partnerships, Edison also pointed out the need of drafting contracts with clear goals. Additionally, there is a need for regular inspections by the state agencies to ensure the execution is as narrated.



Felipe is a major infrastructure and real estate expert with decades of experience in Brazil and other major industries. He always bats for high-quality and efficient services in the sector and helps various firms and agencies to implement policies and technologies that drive professionalism and optimum output in the sector.



Jens is on the board of directors of a number of agencies and firms including San Antonio Energia SA, Foz do Brasil SA, Fonte Nova Negocios e Participaçoes SA, Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo, and more. He completed his under graduation from Getulio Vargas Foundation and did his graduation from Thunderbird College of Global Management.



In order for people to experience financial success and freedom like Igor Cornelsen, he has to be creative. Some of the most successful people in the world have gained their success doing what they like. For instance, people who enjoy video games would do well to start a business based on video games. They could either play it or review them. They could also do other activities in order to bring forth success. Igor’s favorite pass time is investing. He likes the thrill of looking at businesses in order to see which ones are worth putting money towards. While some people may feel bored with investing, people who are experienced with this type of activity are aware of all of the different methods for earning.


Igor himself has experimented with all methods for earning money. He has seen the advantages and disadvantages that come with each method. He is willing to share this information with others that are looking for alternative ways to make money. When it comes to investing, all one needs to do is learn about the markets and figure out the signs that will work in their favor. Investing is the industry where it is important to look before one leaps.


People who treat investing like gambling are very likely to lose everything they invest. It is better to learn from experts like Igor Cornelsen on how the markets work. In Igor’s case, he has gained success from the Brazilian markets. He speaks from his experience with the markets. He has also connected with the business owners that are trying to take their company to a higher level. Therefore, he has gained money while helping others earn their income. Igor has shown people the importance of alternate income. Therefore, people can trust him to provide the necessary information on what it takes to profit from the market.

There’s been a rising stampede of popularity in the unicorn sub-culture, and everyone is getting in on it. Stop at Starbucks every morning? Have yourself a unicorn frappucino! Looking for a new pair of leggings? There are dozens of unicorn themed leggings out there waiting to grace your bi-pedal quadrupededness! Until recently though the only way to obtain a mane suited for such a magical creature was to spend hundreds of dollars at a professional mane-salon, an option not open to many unicorns all over the globe. Unicorn Queen Doe Deere at Lime Crime decided this was purely unacceptable, and set out to solve this problem for her subjects.


After 3 years of careful preparation, and copious testing on both her mane and others, she finally completed her great work. 13 doesn’t have to be an unlucky number for everyone, and for the unicorns of the world, it has become a number of wonder indeed! Out of her magical workshop came 13 colors, from a deep stone gray called ‘gargoyle’ to a spring green called ‘salad’, just to name two! And as she understands the struggle of her subject, the Lime Crime queen ensured that these dyes would be available at a completely obtainable price! Just $16 gets you a bottle of your favorite color.


What’s that? You just want a splash of color over your flaxen mane? No worries! Lime Crime’s Unicorn Dyes come in two different strengths, a full coverage formula that provides a deep and intense burst of color to any hair type, to a tint formula that will add a magical sheen to you lighter maned sorts without eliminating your blondeness.


Doe Deere also knows that her subjects can’t always be in their properly maned state, or maybe their just so flippant that no single combination of color is perfect for them! That’s why these dyes are semi-permanent, and with great care can last a full 6 weeks. With all that you only have one question remaining, which of this unicorn rainbow of colors are you going to put in your mane? The Unicorn Queen awaits your order over at  Lime Crime.


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ICI’s (Curitiba de Informatica) redoubtable e governe is finding takers across government departments and bodies. A case in point is the municipality of Osasco in Greater Sao Paolo which has assented to the implementation of the e-governe Educacao School Management System. There is precedence in this, as it has already been implemented in Teresina, the capital of Piaui. Under the auspices of e governe, education of Osasko will be 138 school units in the city, as well as the headquarters of the municipal education department and the continuing education center.

The reasons for availing of e governe are many. For one it ensures that the information has integrity, apart from being unique and secure. That apart, management reports get generated in time, plus it enables their sharing, eliminating the need for duplication of work.


e governe is also rendering yeoman service to municipal and state health secretariats by helping them carry out public administration very efficiently. Not only do the things become simpler and better managed, but economical too. The integration of healthcare units, for example, the scheduling of appointments and the collation with healthcare professionals’ availability both eliminated queues and leads to an improvement in the quality of service.


Efficiencies are also introduced in the management of stocks of medicines procured from pharmacies. Similarly, matters such as ambulances and bed control are also managed much better than before. Other benefits that accrue from the implementation of e governe are the regionalization of attendance, managing the flow of patients from other hospitals, better management of financial transfers and so on.


The municipality of Teresina too sees merit in the implementation of ICI’s e governe system. As a matter of fact, the servers of the various organs of the municipality had to train to learn to fast track the implementation of the e governe program. One of the most important of the tools of this system is the one dedicated to managing human resources. The Mayor Silvio Mendis vouched for the efficacy of the system in that it makes it possible for the municipality to respond way faster to people’s demands. Furthermore, they could do things like analyzing requests, finding out problem areas and monitoring the quality of services provided to people.


What this is going to do is that not only will delivery of services to people will improve, the feedback will be quickly and accurately received, leading to quick redress of problems if any. This will put in place a virtuous circle of good service leading to good feedback leading to even better service. It is not, therefore, surprising to find e governe gaining in popularity across government bodies and departments across Brazil.

The credit goes not just to ICI for devising the e governe program, but also to the government officials who took the initiative in adopting it. The success of the e governe program will surely encourage many more government departments and bodies to adopt this program that ushers in vast improvements in the delivery of services.


Comparative law is a section of the law that has been introduced to focus on examining how the legal systems and constitution of different nations function. The field has gained much attention, and many scholars across the globe are interested studying it. Comparative law involves understanding the differences and similarities of various types of law and determining how they can all be harmonized. Experts in this field have been working to ensure that all nations across the world have legislation that is synchronized. They have focused on studying laws such as socialist law, common law, Jewish law, Muslim law, Canon law, Hindu law, and Chinese law. Comparative law has covered general fields such as administration, business institutions, constitutions, and criminal activities. The current world is changing at a rapid rate, and therefore, it is necessary to study comparative law to simplify international communication and interactions.

Internationalism, economic globalization, and democratization have been improved by the introduction of comparative law in universities and colleges. Global communications have been made easy since constitutions of many nations have more similarities than differences. Business has also been made easy across international borders since companies can run their undertakings without facing legal barriers since the constitutions of various counties are synchronized.

Sujit Choudhry is a revered scholar who has gained global recognition due to his excellent understanding of comparative law. Based on fundacity.com, he studied law at the University of Toronto’s law school and hold master’s degree from the Harvard Law School. Choudhry holds a BA from the University of Oxford.  He is an outstanding scholar and has made significant accomplishments in his career. Sujit’s excellent work was appreciated by the University of Oxford, which designated him as a ‘Rhodes Scholar.’ The University of California also acknowledges his expertise, and he currently serves it as the Michael Heyman Professor of Law. Another significant achievement of Sujit Choudhry is being one of the major players in the founding of the Center for Constitutional Transition. It was the first university-based body of its kind, and he is its current faculty director.  Update with Sujit recent timeline activities, hop over to crunchbase.com.

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Choudhry’s research in comparative law is highly appreciated since he has published over 70 books and journals that are used for both professional and academic reference. The research that he has conducted has focused on regions such as Southern Asia, Middle East, and Africa. More of this on blogs.law.nyu.edu.His work has greatly assisted in transforming political contests across the globe into peaceful and diplomatic interactions. Learn more about his works, follow him on his linkedin.com page.


It is said that the most beautiful accessory a woman can have on their face is a great smile. However, to have healthy lips, you need to consider the products you are using on them carefully. There are hundreds of lip care product brands in the market, but not many are keen on delivering the level of excellence that has been achieved by the evolution of smooth, or EOS.

The lip balms that they provide contain moisturizing agents, exfoliators, vitamin E, and SPF for protection against the ultra violet rays of the sun. All this is contained in attractive pots that make an enticing sound when clicking shut, Check EOS products on walmart.ca. The flavors that are part of their new line of products include:

  • Passion fruit flavor: The great thing about this flavor is that it gives you the softest and most silky sensation. This is combined with the tropical goodness of passion fruit to create pure bliss. The lip balm is completely free of gluten.
  • Strawberry sorbet: The sweet and sour smell of strawberries is something that everyone likes to sniff at. If you want to witness the refreshing and delicious feeling of the tropics each time you use lip balm, this is the ideal flavor.
  • Blueberry Acai: This is a combination of the sweet sourness of blueberry with Acai, specially formulated to give you soft and healthy lips.

About EOS

The Evolution of Smooth is a company that has come out of the woods to beat industry veterans such as Chapstick and others at their game. To follow EOS updates, follow them on their facebook.com page.The manufacturers of the products understand the importance of ingredients such as jojoba, shea butter and vitamin E in the making of soft lips. The flavors that are added are to give something extra to the entire quality of the product and make it absolutely fantastic.  Useful link here.


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For about 20 years, Paul Mampilly worked on Wall Street as a hedge fund manager where he garnered a lot of experience on investment. Winning the Templeton Foundation’s investment competition cements his exceptional know-how in the industry. In a bid to share his experiences with Americans, Paul started a newsletter, Profits Unlimited, which is published by Banyan Hill Publishing.

Unique approach

The newsletter aims at offering advice on the most profitable investment options. It documents a stock of Paul’s choice monthly in eight pages, which is then sent to the subscribers. He also picks from his portfolio, a few stocks weekly that he elaborates on how they are doing in the market and puts the updates on his website. Rather than investing on their behalf, Paul Mampilly has adopted a different approach where he allows his subscribers buy stocks from their accounts that offer a fresh alternative from the conventional ways.

Guaranteed Returns

The stocks found in his portfolio are up 18, 21, 31 and 38 percent with 11 out of 13 stocks being profitable. One particular stock from a semiconductor company that he wrote about went up by 160 percent. This goes to show his prowess, which some of his subscribers complements him about. People who follow his advice term him as the most prominent financial adviser of all times. It is for this reason that Profits Unlimited has recorded 60000 subscribers and counting.

About Banyan Hill

Headquartered in Delray Beach, Florida, Banyan Hill Publishing is a fast rising Publisher with 200,000 paying subscribers in just two years. The firm publishes newsletters on investment and research advisories.

About Paul Mampilly
Paul Mampilly pursued courses in BA, Finance, and Accounting at the Albany-headquartered State University of New York, Seton Hall University, and Montclair State University among other institutions.

His career started in 1989 at Chatham Street Management where he worked as an Account Assistant. He then worked at several other organizations till 2013 when he started Capuchin Consulting, which he currently runs.