The insurance industry is a very competitive industry that has many companies that compete for revenue and market share. Although the companies compete against one another for customers regarding insurance products and services, the insurance industry as a whole is responsible for providing a wide array of insurance products and services for millions of people.

The insurance that is provided is important for numerous reasons. One of the primary reasons is that insurance is either required by law or financially is needed to avoid potential financial problems resulting from an unexpected situation. There are many areas within the insurance industry that cover various types of insurance. There is life insurance, health insurance, automobile insurance, home insurance, and many other types of insurance that provide people with coverage for situations that occur related to the insurance.

While people look to insurance as a way of protecting themselves against unexpected situations, the insurance industry is a complex industry that requires a good understanding of insurance and the specific needs related to insurance to make the best insurance choices. This is why insurance companies have professionals who are able to help people make the best decisions regarding insurance coverage.

One of the top insurance companies in the world is AXA Advisors. The company maintains its main headquarters in Paris, France. A French multinational company with locations in many areas around the world, AXA Advisors is positioned to be a dominant insurance company for years to come. The company has locations in North America, Western Europe, and Africa.

Established in 1816 as Mutuelle de L’assurance contre L’incendie. The company has gone through several name changes. The current name of AXA Advisors was established in 1985. Considered one of the top brands in the insurance industry, AXA Advisors is recognized around the world for its insurance company performance.

Vinny Parascandola is one of the top executives at AXA Advisors. He is a Senior Vice President in the New York office. Mr. Parascandola manages several aspects of the operations at AXA Advisors that includes sales, recruitment, and productivity.

Vinny Parascandola has a great reputation in the insurance industry. In a career that has covered 25 years, he has accomplished a lot in his career. From beginning in the insurance industry as an insurance agent, Vinny Parascandola has provided excellent contributions in every position he has held in his career, and he continues in his current role at AXA Advisors.

Jose Borghi is a publicist and an advertising executive who currently serves as chief executive officer of Brazilian ad agency Mullen Lowe. Mr. Borghi was a co-founder of advertising firm BorghiRay. His agency then had its name changed several times as well as multiple changes of ownership. One thing that has remained is that Jose Borghi has continued to be at the helm of the advertising agency now known as Mullen Lowe Brasil . Partners, names and ownership has changed, but Jose Borghi has remained at the agency he helped to create.

Jose Borghi has recently taken a look at a major survey done into marketing aimed at the middle class. His insight of the survey conducted by Mintel called Marketing for the Middle Class is found below. He also offers tips for firms to better market to the middle class their products and services.

An interesting and important take away from the Mintel marketing survey on the middle class was that a significant portion of the middle class still finds traditional advertisements effective and important. The study found that 25% of the middle class says the TV ads are the most effective in their making a choice to purchase a product or service. When only women are looked at, that number rises to 35% in rating TV ads as the most effective and important of all forms of advertising.

The survey also revealed an important trend among middle-class youth and young adults. Middle-class people aged 16-24 years old would often check out products and services they saw on TV later on the web. This means that this young demographic still considers TV ads important. Knowing this, Jose Borghi suggests that companies build a strong link between their TV ads and their online marketing and presence. This will help them convert customers. The study also found that most middle-class consumers prefer online ads that are not invasive, but are instead fun and customized.

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The Copa Star Hospital is located in Rio de Janeiro. It offers world-class treatment and luxurious accommodations to its patients. The hospital has been build using the modern state of the art and has modern treatment equipment. The Copa Star Hospital is one of Brazil’s most modern hospitals. The hospital is committed to ensuring that patients and their families get the utmost comfort and service while at the hospital. The five-star hospital ensures that their patients get to receive all luxuries that are associated with expensive condominiums and elegant hotels. The Copa Star Hospital was built following the World Cup due to the need of specialized hospital services in Rio de Janeiro.

The environment at the Copa Star Hospital caters for the needs of the patients while emphasizing on comfort and hospitality. The hospital offers its staff with advanced resources and technology. The process of hiring staff at the Copa Hospital is exclusive. The hospital is always in the search for exceptional talent. The recovery suites for patients, dining areas, and the lobby have been designed to offer maximum comfort on The entrance and the exit of the Copa Star Hospital have been designed carefully to guard the movement of patients from the public domain. Celebrity patients can also enjoy maximum privacy while at the Copa Star Hospital.

The Staff at Copa Star Hospital have been trained on how to meet each patient’s unique needs. They are extensively trained to make sure that there is proper handling of every situation. The hospital has eliminated the need for many patients to fly to other nations for high-end treatment since it was built. The Copa Star is well equipped to deal with complex cardiac and neurological conditions. The interior of the hospital is spacious and is made up of strong joints and non-porous concrete so as to offer maximum insulation. The Copa Star Hospital consists of 59 intensive care units and has more than 500 employees. Copa Star has some of the most caring and dedicated professionals who ensure that patients get a quality experience.

The Copa Star Hospital offers world-class healthcare. The outstanding hospital has a top-tier diagnostic center that has MRI machines. The hospital’s neurosurgery on is always prepared so as to handle even the most challenging and complex cases. Copa Star has a technology for video conferencing for patients who wish to communicate with their family and friends. Patients are also able to control their surrounding environment including curtains and lights using a specialized application that has been installed on an iPad. Patients can get MRI images on the iPad and in turn use this in interacting with the support staff and their physician. The Copa Star Hospital is the best hospital.

In the past few decades, the real estate investment industry has been growing tremendously with many entrepreneurs shifting their interest to it in the run for the money. However, by analyzing the state of the business, you will agree that the real estate business is a complicated undertaking. Successful real estate investment requires understanding the field in depth which mostly proves difficult bearing in mind that most interested investors have no idea of what is expected of them for positive results.
Davos REG is a real estate firm that has been in the game for so long known for providing investors with top quality solutions in every investment situation. On assessing the market conditions, Osio’s company felt the need to improvise a platform which investors would use to analyze a property before placing their money. With the help of Tecknolution, Davos REG designed and launched the Davos CAP Calculator, a mobile application that potential investors can turn to when making any decision about an investment.
The Davos CAP Calculator is just a tool expected to act as a companion to an investor and with the ability to provide the investor with an understanding of the property he/she intends to purchase. To the real investors, the Davos CAP Calculator is a magic tool as you just input a few necessary data and then watch it do the rest on your behalf. The new application is available for Android and iPhone users and is designed based on recent technology. According to David Osio, the founder, and CEO of Davos Financial Group, the new mobile application is a show of his company’s commitment to providing customers with top-quality solutions.
By digging shallowly into David Osio’s career history, you can agree that he is a veteran in the world of finance. David has spent most of his career life investigating how to grow capital according to people’s wish. His excellent portfolio has seen him win the trust of many customers who refer to him as the ‘man with the success plan.’ Having people believe in him places him in a situation where he is supposed to continue providing his clientele with the necessary resources.
Since establishment in 1993, David’s company has remained truthful to its goal which is providing financial advice to an exclusive group of customers. Under his supervision, Davos has experienced incredible growth regarding sales as well as expansion to the main cities. Davos greatly relies upon Osio’s contributions for positive growth. According to Osio, his involvement with banking as well as financing firms during his career contributed much into his vast portfolio. With such an incredible background, David Osio says he will continue supplying the market with the kind of help that people need to get the goals they want.

2/4/2017 Update: Jeanmarie Guenot’s subsidiary Maverick Therapeutics has just agreed a new partnership with Takeda. This will see both companies work together on a new form of T-Cell engagement therapies. The move will use the latest medical advancements from both companies, and combine them into one new program, to develop new and innovative cancer treatments. This is just the latest in Jeanmarie Guenot’s hard work towards cancer therapy, and ultimately a cure.

JeanMarie Guenot, Ph.D. is the CEO and President of Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc., an innovative firm in the health sector. The company manufactures cancer immune therapeutics. JeanMarie has over two decades of pharmaceutical and biotechnological experience in different establishments. reveals that JeanMarie trained in Physical and Medicinal Chemistry and attained her Ph.D. from the University of California and her MBA from Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.


Dr. JeanMarie Guenot began her career in business at Atlas Venture, from she established life science companies and managed venture capital investments. Her scientific career kicked off at Hoffmann-La Roche as a scientist in Preclinical R&D.


She has worked in private and public companies, pharmaceutical R&D, business development, project and alliance management, corporate and commercial development, and in venture capital.


Dr. Jeanmarie established and managed an ophthalmic company called SKS Ocular. She emphasized on dry AMD and released therapeutics and technologies for dealing with glaucoma, ocular inflammation and macular degeneration.


She was a financial advisor at Hoffman-La Roche in Shanghai and Basel. She also served as the Vice President of Corporate and Business Development for PDL BioPharma. In this company, she was responsible for licensing, mergers and management of alliances for R&D and PDL’s product portfolio.


She negotiated the 50:50 PDL-Biogen Idec collaboration deal on co-commercialization and co-development which involved cancer and autoimmune drug candidates. This transaction was worth $800 million. Later, she licensed an ophthalmic indication for oncology drug to Ophthotech Corporation.


JeanMarie is well versed in oncology, autoimmunity, neurology, cardiovascular disorders and ophthalmic diseases.


The 2015 Cancer Immunotherapy Development Milestones


In early 2015, Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc., and Janssen Biotech, Inc. came into a binding agreement where they picked a clinical candidate to investigate an undisclosed tumor antigen, under the leadership of Dr. Jeanmarie Guenot. The aim was to advance the development of solutions to hematologic malignancies.


As a result, Amphivena received payments for the first and second milestones. Johnson and Johnson Innovation facilitated the agreement.


JeanMarie expressed her gratitude for the milestones saying that they achieved them much earlier than they anticipated. She said the company would now be able to advance their candidate to the clinic rapidly to save the lives of people in danger due to various cancers.  For more about this talented doctor and entrepreneur, visit Jeanmarie’s website.


The medical field is a unique and specialized niche that can be complex and hard to navigate. It is essential to fill positions and promote the viability of the medical field because of the basic foundational need for individuals in each position.

The ability to match professionals with employment is an idea that could not only help create exceptional oppurtunities, but also could assist in the fullfillment in the shortage of medical professionals in certain areas.

According to Glassdoor, Brian Torchin, a practicing chiropractor, is the head and founder of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors, llc. This company works to assist in the navigation of medical positions for professionals throughout various levels of employment.

He helps match up oppurtunities with well suited individuals to ensure a level of compatibility that allows the employer and employee to have an excellent and long lasting working relationship.

Brian Torchin understands the need for the comprehensive placement of specialized individuals in a variety of positions. His understanding for the need of a company like HCRC in the healthcare field is reflected by his own experience within the medical world.

Not only is Torchin a practicing medical professional, but he also is the Director of Medical Marketing with Practice Management, Inc. His vast array of experience in various levels throughout medicine has given him a unique insight into the inner workings of medicine and employment.

It takes a special individual to desire to help others find the perfect employment oppurtunity in the medical profession.

Brian Torchin and HCRC are taking huge steps in matching medical professionals with their ideal employment. His experience, education, and drive have enabled him to help outsource a specal niche in the medical field.

In the real estate industry, there are many areas where real estate professionals can work. The job variety concerning the areas can be significant. For real estate professionals who enjoy being out in the public, real estate sales is an area that is very popular. In the real estate sales, there are numerous jobs that are available. These include real estate agents and real estate brokers.


However, there are also numerous jobs available for real estate professionals who prefer not to be out in front of the public helping to sell and buy real estate. One of these types of real estate jobs that is popular behind the scenes is the real estate loan official. With this type of job, there are many tasks that are handled related to real estate loans. The different types of tasks have different job titles.


One of the real estate loan official jobs that many real estate professionals begin their career with is the real estate loan originator. This particular job is a core job of the real estate loan area. The real estate loan originator initiates many of the aspects related to securing a real estate loan.


Todd Lubar is a real estate professional who started his career in real estate as real estate loan originator. Todd Lubar began his real estate career in 1995. It was working as a real estate loan originator that he decided that he wanted to make a career out of real estate loans. As a result, he learned as much as he could about real estate loans and the real estate industry in his first real estate job and his later jobs regarding real estate loans.


Todd Lubar took all the knowledge and experience that the gained over the years from his various real estate loan jobs to help him start his own real estate company, which became very successful. He later started other real estate companies. All his real estate companies are very successful. In addition, all of Todd Lubar’s real estate companies focus on providing real estate loans to people looking to secure a loan to purchase real estate.



For over thirty years, Betsy DeVos has been the vital force behind some of Michigan’s various organizations which are geared towards helping people and the society. A businesswoman with interest in philanthropy, Betsy is known for advocating numerous reforms to benefit the society, with a keen interest in helping change the current education system in America.

Recently, DeVos has been making headlines after the announcement of her nomination to the role of education minister by President Donald Trump. DeVos has been on the forefront of various education movements like ‘School For Choice’ program. Along with her husband, she initiated the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, which aims to fund organizations which work towards the development of education, society and for the establishment of justice. Through one of the many organizations that Betsy and her husband fund, they work towards providing scholarships to underprivileged yet deserving students with an aim to enable them to receive a better education for their overall growth and to harvest their untapped potential.

She is an advocate of ‘school vouchers,’ a movement aimed at providing kids all over America access to private school infrastructure and education at public school rates, using taxpayers money and public funds. Betsy was also an advocate of the overall school grading system, which rates schools all over the United States with the same grading system that it uses to grade its students. She believes that this information will equip parents with the knowledge to make better and more informed decisions as to which school they should pick for their children. In addition, through their foundation, they have established an award for students who show exemplary talent and entrepreneurship in the field of business administration and those who have earned an MBA from Northwood University.

Along with her efforts to reform the education system in America, Betsy is an active supporter of the Arts. During the tenure of President George Bush, she was appointed as a member of the board of directors of the Kennedy Center for The Performing Arts.

Between 1992 to 1997, DeVos served as a member of the committee for the Republican Party in Michigan. She was also appointed as the chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party in 1996. After her term, she was reelected to the same position in 2003.

In 2004, DeVos was personally responsible for raising over $150,000 USD for the reelection of George Bush. During that time, she also served as the chairperson of finance for the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Currently, DeVos is the chairwoman of Winquest, a private multinational company whose sole aim is to support and invest in technology and machinery built to provide clean and environment-friendly energy.

Betsy is a true believer in the Republican values and holds true by what the party stands for.


Did You Know This About Actress Kate Winslet?


The British actress comes from a long line of acting. Both Kate’s father and mother were actors who performed on stage. Two of her grandparents also founded and managed the Reading Repertory Theatre which put on live shows for audiences. The first time Kate acted professionally on air was when she was 11. She was doing a commercial for the cereal brand, Sugar Puffs. Kate Winslet also attended a specialty performing arts high school that helped develop her talent.   See the latest Kate Winslet pictures here.


Some Lesser Known Facts About Actress Kate Mara


Kate Marra was born and raised in the small suburb of Bedford outside of New York City. She graduated from high school one year early. Kate has training in dancing with specialties in tap dancing, ballet dancing and jazz style dancing. Two of her great grandparents were titans in sports. They founded the New York Giants football team and the Pittsburgh Steelers football team. Her father is an executive at the New York Giants franchise. One of her favorite movies is the musical the sound of music. She continues to expand, with some Kate Mara nude roles in the works, as she branches out to encompass more roles and more acting opportunities.

What Is Rapper, Fifty Cent Famous For?


Rapper, Fifty Cent is best known from going to rags to riches through rap in what can only be described as a real life Cinderella story. His music is known to be streetwise and inspired by his true life in Queens when he was out hustling on the streets. Fifty Cent is also well known for being successful in business ventures such as Vitaminwater and making a few film appearances.


The Fame Of Rapper, Petey Pablo


Petey Pablo is perhaps the only well known rapper to come from North Carolina. His most famous hit song is Freek A Leek, which made it to the billboard top 100. Petey Pablo is also famous for being featured in the song called Goodies by Ciara which topped the billboard 100.  This all makes it that much more likely that he will never join the ranks of rappers who went broke.

Memorial Health CEO Maggie Gill guides her ship through the stormy waters of a changing health care system.

With a bachelor’s degree from Florida State and MBA from Saint Leo University both with Honors, Maggie Gill’s passion for Health Care brought her to Memorial Health in 2004. She became the Vice-President of Finance and Managed Health. Shortly after in 2005, she became the Chief Operating Officer.


Having worked through 3 other hospitals as the CFO before joining Memorial Health, it was only a matter of time before her continued dedication to excellence in the field made her President and Chief Executive Officer for Memorial in 2011.


Maggie’s passion and influence casts a brilliant light and inspires those around her. When the time came for the Georgia Medical Society to present its 16th Annual Health Care Heroes awards in November of 2016, her team took home 7 of them.


This team began warning the folks of Memorial Health of the financial perils looming on the horizon some five years ago. Since then, she has been busy and unveiled a plan in July of last year to begin an 18 month re-tooling of their health care system.


With the “Pathway To Excellence “as a 20 million dollar a year action plan to re-mold themselves to the changing landscape, it’s no wonder Maggie was named from “Becker’s Hospital Review” 1 of 135 nonprofit hospital and health system CEOs to know in 2016. The legacy she and her team create will carry forward for years to come.


Memorial Health’s recent partnership to Eon Health contributes to her desire to see them become a regional integrated health care provider. With Maggie’s vision steering the ship, Memorial’s possibility for growth and success in the tumultuous sea of the health care system is greater than ever.