There are many types of facilities that are there to help clients with their finances. One of the common types of financial help that people get are from money managers. They are the ones that take the funds and put them in portfolios. These types of firms are focused on the performance of the investment. One thing that the money manager does is put the money in the market with the hopes of outperforming it. Often times, the money is lost because they have made some bad investments because money managers are chasing performance and returns. Even in the case of some big gains, there is something lacking from the money manager.

This is where HCR Wealth Advisors can come in. Their focus is on relationships. They take some time to get to know their client. They ask about the client when it comes to many different aspects of their lives. Among the important pieces of information they learn about their clients is their needs, their income, their expenses, their financial goals and plenty of other pieces of information that are important to coming up with a good plan.

According to the Daily Forex Report, one good thing about the relationship-oriented approach to this financial assistance is that the client is made to feel like he is a part of the whole process. He is not made to feel like they are just going to take their money and do different things with it. Even though they have more experience with money and the markets than the client does, they are not going to act as if they know everything and the client can’t do anything. They will actually let the client know what can be done in order to improve his finances and reach goals of financial independence. Contact HCR Wealth on Twitter or on Facebook.

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On Writing their Own Material

Alex Pall gave a very realistic answer when he said he didn’t see any reason why not? Some people are not aware that there are many artists who they think write the lyrics for their songs have other people do that for them. For whatever reason these people don’t write the words for their songs is their decision, but it is evident to Pall that they wanted to have a hands-on experience with the entire content of their music and lyrics. It seemed to Adam Pall that if one of the critical elements of their sound and the fans experience of them is being able to relate to their knowledge, then being able to write their own music and lyrics would strengthen the ability for fans to reach them at the level of their experience. Having a particular worldview and a need to share that worldview will come out in your lyrics, whether someone else writes for you or you write it yourself. the difference is if you are really into this whole production process from beginning to the end, then it is something you really are passionate about and gives you another opportunity to kind of say “this is us.”


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The Album

There are many pressures that surround putting together an album. That is when it is advantageous to have written your own lyrics and had your hand on everything that makes it possible to express your identity thru your lyrics and music. If you don’t have that, says Andre Pall, then your fans will notice it; moreover, your label will also discover it. Otherwise, you will be like selecting someone else’s songs for your own voice. Your label will give you pressure if they hear a song that doesn’t fit with the whole album. You really are doing yourself a favor by having your finger on the pulse of your own sound and being able to express your own experience of the world thru your lyrics. The fans are excited when you can communicate with them from time to time when you are working on an album and they get to hear what is in the pipeline thru Twitter®, Facebook® or Instagram®.


The Chainsmokers

Adam Pall and Andrew Taggart are the Electronic Dance Music Duo that turned Pop. Writing their own music and lyrics they are able to communicate their experiences to their fans in songs like Closer, Don’t Let Me Down, and Sick Boy. The Chainsmokers began producing music in 2012 and since then have received many awards and recognition for their unique sound and message.

The forex markets offer a tremendous opportunity for speculation and NetPicks can be the catalyst that helps new traders get into the game. Their educational offerings and live signal service can help lay a solid foundation for success. The decades of market experience that NetPicks can provide will be instrumental in helping traders develop their skills faster.

The forex market rarely sleeps as traders can access this vehicle 24 hours a day for 5 days every week. Major international cities with strong forex markets provide seemingly endless liquidity that runs around the clock. This makes every lifestyle conducive to currency trading no matter the hours worked. There is a market open and trending somewhere and that’s a considerable attraction for many traders, check (

The extraordinary liquidity of currency markets is also a major selling point as trades can be opened and closed with ease. It also ensures a tight spread between the bids and asks which makes the cost of trading even more affordable. The trillions of dollars that are exchanged each day make for the largest pool among any trading vehicles. The best place to go fishing is where all the action is and nothing rivals the forex markets, read more on

New traders would be well served by focusing on the major pairs as they embark on their trading journey. This is another characteristic of forex trading that is attractive as there are a limited number of these which makes research easier. Good information is also easy to come by so traders can quickly build a knowledge base.

One thing that really sets forex trading apart from other markets is the leverage factor. It is much easier to access for traders who can take advantage of its ability to drive profits. NetPicks and their experts teach new traders how to use leverage in a responsible manner.

NetPicks is a strong advocate of traders carefully studying the forex markets before they initiate any trades. A quality education can help new market players avoid some common pitfalls that destroy trading accounts. The NetPicks team has over two decades of experience in helping traders reach their goals with solid education as the platform, additional source

Avaaz is a website that’s headquartered in the United States. It’s been in operations since the winter of 2007. It spreads the word about activism all around the planet. This activism relates to pertinent topics in society including human trafficking, impoverished populations, corruption, the rights of animals, human rights, climate change and struggle. The Guardian is a prominent British publication that classified it as being the planet’s biggest and strongest platform for activists on the Internet. “Avaaz” refers to “voice” in the Persian language.

Some of the persons who are behind the establishment of Avaaz are Tom Perriello, Tom Pravda, Ricken Patel, Jeremy Heimans, David Madden, Andrea Woodhouse and Eli Pariser. These people all have different roles and duties in life. Perriello used to be a congressman for the state of Virginia. Madden is an entrepreneur who comes from Australia. Pariserserves as the executive director of MoveOn. Avaaz’s board is made up of Sam Barratt, Ian Basset and the aforementioned Patel. Patel functions as its president. Patel is the group’s Chief Executive Officer as well. He has a British and Canadian cultural background and is an alumnus of Oxford University’s Balliol College. This institution of higher learning is located in the United Kingdom.

Avaaz strives to assist all kinds of people. The organization sets up in-depth campaigns that revolve around 15 different tongues. It has a crew that operates on many continents. It has the assistance of countless volunteers everywhere as well. Avaaz does what it takes to get tangible results. The members of this group set up media campaigns of all varieties. They work on exhaustive petitions. They lobby, send emails, put together events and make telephone calls. Avaaz has a streamlined website that’s accessible in languages like English, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Japanese, Romanian, Chinese and Hebrew.

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The president of the OSI Group, one of the global food service industry’s leaders, is Iowa native David McDonald. Hired by the company in 1987, McDonald has played a significant role in the company’s international growth. Since he joined the company, the OSI Group has made a major push to expand their customer base in Asia. With David McDonald‘s help, the company has increased their presence in China. The OSI Group has erected 10 facilities for processing poultry and is now China’s leading poultry processor. They also have built processing plants in Taiwan, India, Japan and the Philippines.

A graduate of Iowa State University with a degree in animal science, David McDonald has a diverse skillset which has made him a valuable asset. He is able to easily handle the technical and infrastructure challenges the company regularly encounters. Known for his excellent communication skills, McDonald is able to work in harmony with a wide array of foreign government agencies and international marketers. He has also helped the OSI Group to connect with consumers throughout Asia, understand their needs and create culturally specific food products to satisfy them.

With the help of David McDonald, the OSI Group has built more than 65 food processing plants in 17 countries. He has helped the company make a major expansion into the European market. He played a leading role in the company’s acquisition of Dutch owned Baho Foods as well as Flagship Europe, a company with its headquarters in the United Kingdom. Acquiring those two companies gave the OSI Group customers in 23 European nations. With David McDonald’s support the OSI Group has been able to build production facilities in Poland, Hungary, Germany and Spain.

When David McDonald joined the OSI Group they made him a project manager. By helping the company develop a global reputation for responsiveness, innovation and unparalleled strength, McDonald was promoted first to chief operating officer and then president. He has helped the company develop an excellent global supply chain, ensure food safety, reduce preparation time and create superior, value-added food products.

Born and raised on a farm, David McDonald became an excellent college student and an award-winning business executive. He’s played a vital role in the OSI Group’s growth and global expansion. His extensive knowledge of industry operations combined with his experience in international business has led to him being appointed the North American Meat Institute’s directorial board chairman.

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Jacob Gottlieb has two dreams in life – to become a well-known doctor and to become a successful investor. He managed to reach his goals, but later on, he realized that he only needs to focus on one profession, and he had to let go of the other.

Born to Polish parents who were initially from Europe, Jacob Gottlieb spent most of his childhood in New York City. As a kid, he already developed the will to become an entrepreneur someday. On weekends, he would visit the golf course near his house, and he will sell different types of refreshments for the players. Those who are playing golf inside the country club are amazed as to how a kid already developed a strong will in doing business. At school, he is also a great performer. When a contest about investing took place at his school, the young Jacob Gottlieb joined and invited his parents to watch. Everyone felt impressed after he selected an investment firm he thinks would succeed, and ended up being correct. The young Jacob Gottlieb stated that one should have a strong will in choosing the stocks where they would invest in, and that is the reason how he ended up winning the game.

In college, he took up a BA degree specializing in Economics and continued his studies until he received his doctor of medicine degree. He was a talented and bright student, and when the day of their graduation came, he was announced to be their class’ valedictorian. His parents felt so proud that their son graduated with honors.

After he attended the university, Jacob Gottlieb decided to work as a doctor serving different hospitals within his area. At the same time, he is also putting his money into trading to see how it would perform. Jacob Gottlieb soon felt bored with his profession, citing that it is repetitive and there are no golden takeaways that could help him with his life as a doctor. He decided to leave his job and focused on trading instead. He was a very successful trader, being able to earn millions just by applying his strategy.

In 2005, Jacob Gottlieb decided to start his own business, calling it the Visium Asset Management LLC. The company that he started focuses on providing his clients with the best advice concerning their investment options. The Visium Asset Management LLC became one of the most successful investment management firms in the country, thanks to the efforts of Jacob Gottlieb.


Freedom Checks (Also known as Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks) are known as required cash payments made to any and all shareholders of publicly traded companies. This company was founded in 2016 by Matt Badiali in 2016, and its intent is to serve these payments in accordance with statute 26 U.S. Code 7704. The company doesn’t have any relation to the government other then the statute and the reason for its existence is to allow companies related to natural energy and oil production to issue tax-free quarterly or monthly checks to investors. The shares can also be sold with a majority of the federal tax exempted and anyone can invest any amount in these companies through Freedom Checks, this is how the company’s name was formed, as it emphasizes that anyone can invest with this program.

With a new tax program recently put into place, investors in the company can find themselves earning up to $34.6 billion from the program as the oil industry is booming. People from all over the nation are rushing to invest in Freedom Checks, as they view it as a way to safeguard retirements. However, there is a deadline for investments this time around, and the company is urging anyone considering to do so as investments need to be done before July 1, 2018. Many Americans have already found benefit from this program and testimonials show that the company actually works. One of these people is Mike Reed from Golden, Colorado. The 53 year-old claims that his pay-out from the company this quarter will be $160,923. Another huge winner from the program is Stanley Dorne, a Chicago native that earned an insane $285,000 from the tax-free program. Other investors include Doug Smith, who earned $24,075 from this quarter’s payments, and Lisa Luhrman, earning $66,570. Read more at for more info.

The aforementioned founder of Freedom Checks, Matt Badiali, emphasises that anyone regardless of their income or age, can invest in this program in a recent video presentation. He also emphasizes that payments can start being collected as early as the next month and that these investments must be made before the July 1 deadline. Another focus in his presentation is just how easy it is to invest in the program and states that his company may be the biggest cash grab in history with the new tax cuts being put into place. He even goes as far as claiming that the program will pay-out 3.5 times the average social security payment. Read more:


Christopher Burch is an entrepreneur, international hotelier and to top it all, a philanthropist. He has, over the years, taking part in the triumph of over fifty companies in forty years. All these achievements have been fortified by his entrepreneurial skills. These kills include; his garnered experience, investment acumen and his apprehension of consumer behavior. Chris Burch has been the investment tycoon behind brands like the Faena Hotel and Universe, Voss Water, and Torty Burch, see also ( He continues to take the lifestyle and luxury industry by storm. Like in the year 2012, he bought a once discreet surfer’s retreat in Sumba, a boondocks Indonesian Island and invested thirty million dollars to revive it. It has since then been named the best hotel in the world Travel + Leisure Magazine.

The enchanting resort is located on a sweep of soft white Sand with a breathtaking scenery. There is plenty of exclusive space, which takes in the natural splendor and the fresh breeze from the ocean. The beach was isolated and secluded a few hundred years ago and it was said that Marapu Spirit, who was part of the Sumbanese religion kept the island safe. The milieu continues to flood the resort with peace and vibrant energy.



Before Nihi was born, in the year 1988 by Claude and Petra Graves planted a small hotel that indulged surfers, visit for more details. The couple wanted assistance to expand the place, and that is when Burch stepped to the rescue. Chris Burch partnered with the famous global hotelier, James McBride and created Nihi Sumba Island history.

The resort was later revamped and reopened in 2015. Since then, it has become the number one employer in the island with most employees’ locals. Burch bought the property with the aim of giving back to the community at Sumba Island. Through a created partnership with The Sumba Foundation, the resort raises funds from guests’ generous contributions to provide humanitarian assistance to the communities in the Island. The Foundation’s focus is to preserve the frail culture of the island.


After his graduation from high school, Michael Hagele joined University of California At Berkeley and he graduated with a J.D. Mike would later further his studies receiving his Business Administration course from Iowa University. After his graduation, he began his career practicing and serving as a general counsel for several venture capital companies with Internet backing. Michael Hagele was responsible for managing all their legal affairs including; merger, acquisition, employment issues, corporate governance, as well as intellectual property plan among other duties. Mr. Hagele also served  at Fenwick and West LLP at their Silicon Valley Offices and he was working in the licensing and online commercial group. Follow Michael Hagele on Twitter

Currently, Mike is the senior outside counsel at a number of technology companies among them organizations offering services in the aerospace industry, development, and research companies, and consulting and design services. Other industries and companies that benefit from his services include electronic, Internet, as well as biotechnology sector. Michael Hagele has a vast experience in negotiating, drafting, distribution, licensing, development agreement in a number of departments including the international Internet, telecommunication, both hard and software, as well as closing technology. Technology is the main field which Michael has been dealing with and for a long period, he has a broad range of experience in commercial agreements.

Michael Hagele was recently asked few questions about his career and life and this is what he had to say. When he was asked how his day looks like Mike said he starts his day by checking on his client’s technology issues which include intellectual property. The senior counsel said that never giving up is the key to bringing ideas to life. Mr. Hagele said that the best ideas come when their challenges, opportunities as well as new ideas. The interviewer asked Mike what makes him productive and he said he has learned to put his clients first. He believes that his customers’ lives are in his hands and he has to do the best in his job to satisfy their needs. He gives a word of advice to other investors and entrepreneurs, that it is important to exercise physical activities. Hagele loves road bikes, taking a walk, as well as spending some time on the mountain.

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When people learn about Ryan Seacrest beyond what they see on the shows he hosts, they are going to see someone who is a true inspiration. He has overcome a lot and works well in spite of some of the disadvantages he has. While a lot of people admire him for his physique, he will tell people that he used to struggle with his weight as a child. He used to be teased for being a little bit heavier. However, he has put in a lot of effort to get in shape, and he has worked very hard to keep himself in shape.

Ryan Seacrest, the producer and TV host, also revealed that he has ADD. Among the people he talked to about ADD is Kanye West. Among the different things that Ryan Seacrest has talked about was meditation. This was when he has admitted to being distracted easily. While a lot of people look at ADD as something that is a disorder, a lot of people who have made a lot of progress in life had ADD or ADHD. ADD and other variants are a challenge to deal with. Those that manage to find a way to thrive even with these disorders are going to make a lot of progress and be an encouragement to others.

Ryan Seacrest has a lot of achievements as per Forbes and even empathy when it comes to dealing with people. As a host and someone who interviews stars, he is someone who is eager to listen to people. While he also has a fun side, he is mostly very productive. He is also willing to give people the secret to success when it comes to responding to emails. One thing that he says that works for him the best is saying “got it”. Ryan has accomplished a lot in his lifetime, and he has a lot more ahead for him.

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