Perry Mandera is the remarkable founder of the extremely successful company, ‘Custom Companies, Inc’. The company managed to accomplish many positive outcomes throughout Northlake, Ill and abroad, gaining much recognition, smiles and advancements in the process.

After graduating high school, Perry Mandera served in the Marine Corps Reserve, working as a truck driver throughout his service. The experiences and skills that he would develop in the Corp would later become the foundation on which Perry would build his successful career in the transportation industry after discharging honorably from the Marine Corps.

Mandera would work for several transportation companies after the Marines where he would develop even further skills, but not just any old bottom-of-the-food chain type of skills, but management and ownership skills he would develop. His duties would influence his actions to then start his own company, ‘Custom Companies, Inc.’.

In 1986, Custom Companies, Inc. was founded by Mandera. This company would serve as a full-service transportation company that would provide services for the logistics sector. Dealing domestically and internationally in air freight forwarding, truck loading and Less than Truckload Shipping (LTL) and much, much more, the company would become a sheer advantage for customers, providing them services above par and the word would get out.


Leading a Quality-Oriented Company

He would grow the company to serve thousands of customers. His teams would go down in the books as one of the best in customer service and its team would rate Custom Companies, Inc as one of the greatest places to work. The company would sufficiently provide adequate  services to both small businesses and fortune 100 corporations and more. Annually, the business would do over 200 million dollars a year. So many jobs would be created in the community of Northlake, Ill and abroad and through Perry Mandera’s efforts in the transportation industry, he would be recognized and honored by the’Illinois Transportation Association [ITA].

In 2000, ITA honored Perry Mandera as one of the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium.” Perry would become a valued member of the Board of Directors of the ITA.

Perry Mandera currently operates a charitable organization titled, ‘Custom Care Charities’, which has a purpuse of helping underprivileged children find better educational opportunities.





The traditional evolutionary biology and psychology perspective on human nature is that we are naturally selfish in order to guarantee our survival as individuals, but Brazil’s  leading  neuroscientist Jorge Moll may have discovered otherwise. He and his partner Jordan Grafman, both members of the National Institute of Health, scanned brains of philanthropic volunteers as they were asked to think about a situation where they donated an amount of money to charity or kept it for personal use to examine where the impulse to give, or put in other terms, compassion, surges in the brain. In another study, Grafman was able to determine that people with higher involvement in charity in their everyday life had higher level of activity in the prefrontal cortex, an area of the brain towards the forehead. When volunteers placed others well-being before theirs, a part of the brain usually triggered in response to sex or food was activated. Helping other affects two brain reward stimulant systems: the VTA, also stimulated by sex, food and drugs and the subgenual area, stimulated when people see their significant others or babies.


What makes their 2006 study so staggering? In 1989 James Andreoni tried to explain the reasons why people give to charity with the term “warm-glow giving”. The fact that some people are encouraged to help the ones in need despite the fact that it may mean sustaining personal costs is something that has perplexed neuroscientist and evolutionary psychologists. The term created by Andreoni means that people participate in “impure altruism”: they don’t give by the sole purpose of helping other, but for the utility obtained from the generosity, which is the pleasurable emotional feeling one gets from helping others. Moll and Grafman’s study supports the existence of the “warm glow” at a neurological level (diasdacruz). Their study gave the first scientific proof that the “joy of giving” has a biological root in our brain, the medial orbitofrontal-subgenual and lateral orbitofrontal areas because they mediate the decisions to help or to oppose determinate social causes. And even more astoundingly, compassion and generosity shares that basis with selfish rewards satisfaction as the same anterior sections of the prefrontal cortex are stimulated and the mesolimbic reward system is engaged almost identically by both donations and when monetary rewards are given.




Regarding finance and planning, Richard Dwayne Blair understands the complexity and the attention needed for many different parties who can be involved in financial planning, or in retirement planning. Blair is an authority who can speak on many different levels concerning areas of finance and planning. Richard Dwayne Blair is a registered investment advisor at Wealth Solutions, a firm he founded in 1994 to help clients maximize their wealth. His company, Wealth Solutions is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

In regards to Richard Dwayne Blair’s educational background, Blair received a Bachelor’s degree in finance, finance and financial services in 1993 from the University of Houston. Blair has a long list of credentials, especially certifications. These include Certified Annuity Specialist (CAS), Certified Estate and Trust Specialist (CES), Certified Fund Specialist (CFS), Certified Income Specialist (CIS), Certified Tax Specialist (CTS), and Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP).

Earning these certifications help reinforce Richard Dwayne Blair’s credibility in finance. And it also helps lend credence for those potential clients, and current clients who are utilizing Blair’s knowledge base to benefit, financially. Richard Dwayne Blair’s years of experience in finance, and his certifications have contributed to the sharpening of his knowledge regarding retirement planning. Skills like Blair’s help pinpoint key connections that he can bridge together for clients who are interested in planning their retirement, or those currently living in retirement who may need counsel for other financial matters.

One of Blair’s credos when he created Wealth Solutions was to help make a positive difference for individuals, for small business owners, and for families. Blair also noted that during the process of developing a complete financial plan for clients, he follows a “Three Pillar Approach To Financial Planning.” This approach includes looking at a client’s financial situation and retirement needs to adequately prepare a comprehensive plan for them.

The first pillar involves laying out a financial roadmap, the second pillar involves developing a long-term strategy, and the third pillar helps establish the financial goals of the client and approve strategies that enables liquidity and growth. The final pillar concerns insurance planning.

Paragon a biosciences company started by Jeff Aronin in 2010. This company is one of the leading innovative companies in creating healing medications for human diseases that previously not been cured. Jeff Aronin founded Paragon Biosciences to find the cure to diseases by creating the right medicines through research of the particular debilitating diseases that patients have. Paragon Biosciences partners with other entrepreneurs and their companies to provide the absolute best for the patients that can use the much-needed medications.

Jeff Aronin has lead various pharmaceuticals companies during his time in the industry. He is an expert in bringing together the right teams of people that are dedicated to finding the real medical solutions to these rare diseases together. Since Paragon Biosciences and its partner companies have been working together along with Jeff Aronin leadership, thirteen medications have been approved by the FDA for use for patients with diseases that have otherwise been looked over by other medical professionals.

Without Jeff Aronin and partnered companies dedicated to helping patients first with debilitating diseases, such as Epidermolysis Bullosa, better known as EB, would go untreated ( This rare skin disease causes painful blisters all over the skin and the internal organs because of the trauma to the body that the disease symptoms give. This disease can be inherited from family and twenty-five thousand people suffer from it in the United States.

In recent news, one of Jeff Aronin’s founding companies Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals that is a part of Paragon Biosciences is holding a 5th annual dermatology Summit that helps fund all of the organizations continued success in finding medicines that work for patients that are turned away with seemingly incurable diseases because it is no known cure. Paragon Biosciences is making it easy for millions of people lives throughout out the world with their never-ending dedication to the research to find the cure for rare human diseases.


The investment firm, Kerrisdale Capital, recently published a very negative criticism of Eastman Kodak Company. Kodak recently announced a 187% rise in their stock after partnering to launch a blockchain and cryptocurrency enabled platform. Kerrisdale believes Kodak is being misleading about the whole thing simply in order to further and to cash in on the current ICO craze. Kerrisdale is a manager of investment in special situations. It is so adamant on this issue because it will benefit if Eastman Kodak’s share prices fall. If you are interested in investing with Kerrisdale, they are ready to take your call today. Read more about Sahm Adrangi at Benzinga.

Kerrisdale wrote its report which it title, Gone in a Flash. In Kerrisdale said that although cryptocurrencies and blockchains are able to profoundly benefit many companies, Kodak is not such a company. The writing of the report was led by Kerrisdale CIO Sahm Adrangi. This is not the first time Sahm Adrangi has pointed a verbal finger at what he saw as fraud in the marketplace. He first made his name in the financial industry by exposing fraud among Chinese companies. Kodak’s plan is to use blockchain carry images of photographer’s and to resolve copyright issues involving these images. Visit Crunchbase to know more about Sahm Adrangi.

Arangi’s Kerridale report says that this is a ridiculous and impossible claim. It says that blockchains won’t resolve any such issues because blockchain won’t copyright protect anything. Basically, Kerrisdales problem can be summed up in the following points: 1) Kodak’s entire plan is full of vast exaggerations whose only purpose is to draw in investor’s to its fraudulent plan, 2) blockchains will not work at all for Kodak the way it claims, 3) Kodak is simply trying to capitalize on the current blockchain and cryptocurrency craze, and 4) Kodak will find that there are technical and legal hurdles that make what they want to do impossible.


For many years, Chicago has had thousands of shootings and homicides — still, the neighborhood violence continues on the increase. Yes, it’s a growing problem with a desperate need to end the problem. Perry Mandera is an experienced businessman and resident in the Windy City. He is formulating solutions to bridge the gap between citizens and police.

Cook County resident, Perry Mandera started his own trucking company during February 1986. As Founder and CEO of The Custom Companies, Inc. — Mr. Mandera has made a name for himself throughout the business-world industry ( His company is based in North Lake, Illinois and has been established as a full-service delivery carrier.

What’s more, Perry Mandera was recognized as a citizen of the year by the Illinois State Crime Commission (ISCC) in 2011. And so, the businessman has promoted ISCC since the organization presented him their Bishop Shell Award during 2010. The Illinois State Crime Commission works together with the Police Athletic League. The ISCC’s mission is to bring down the crime rate and juvenile delinquency by supporting a favorable connection between police and participants of the community.

The organizations will provide police agencies hands-on training throughout the Chicago area. The ISCC was started with the purpose of getting rid of gang violence in the Chicago communities (Affiliatedork). The establishment has organized some free courses for the residential areas. Also, they have supplied tactical classes aimed at hand-to-hand fighting, festival security, martial arts, and guns.

Also, the Illinois State crime commission will reinforce existing laws and advance civil laws to reduce violence among juvenile sex offenders, underage drug possession, impaired driving and domestic violence. Moreover, Perry Mandera has supported many causes about the Chicago area. One of his most essential desires has been working with children in need. He has labored much with different children-focused organizations such as The Mercy Home for Boys and Girls.

Mr. Mandera has made use of his available resources through Custom Companies, Inc. and has made a positive impact on charitable organizations. Also, he has provided transportation services, supplies, and food to natural disaster victims — including losses caused by California wildfires and Hurricane Katrina.


Jorge Moll is a renowned Brazilian neurologist and entrepreneur. He got his medical degree from the Federal University of Rio in 1994. Four years later, Moll was through with his Neurology medical residency. He later decided to go for further education and got a Ph.D. in Experimental pathophysiology. This was obtained from the University of Sao Paulo in 2004.

He has dedicated his time doing research and trying to figure out complicated issues regarding psychology and the neural system. Jorge has made several publications like human moral cognition, the relationship the human brain shares with morals, and psychopath disorders, among others that align with academic research. Forbes has profiled him as a highly ranked person due to his vast contribution and expertise.

His passion has always been cognitive neuroscience, and he has invested a lot of his time researching about the topic in conjunction with other top researchers. Together, they have discovered the part of the brain responsible for cognition and behavior (Youtube). This has helped them in taking better care of patients with brain impairment, which is a condition that alienates its victims from the rest of the society.

Through Mr. Jorge’s research, he has been able to understand the emotions that afflict the human brain and tried to explain the sensitivity, empathy, and affection emotions via pattern analysis through fMRI neural feedback. He hopes that those findings will assist in understanding the brain signatures of such emotions. This can psychologically and clinically help people with socializing problems to trigger their pro-social brain working. However, this might prove to be a difficult task as it is not simple to control a person’s emotions or interpret them.

If there are things that intrigue Jorge Moll, they would be cognitive systems and Artificial Intelligence. He is also thrilled by the thought of how brains and machines are going to work in unity in the future. Jorge also enjoys subjects that relate to regenerative treatment and gene therapy.

One thing he has never agreed with others on is his belief that innovative science is lagging behind due to the existing career pathways and publications made by the academia and the industry itself. He believes that there is a need for fresh models that are going to address these big challenges thus, allowing high-risk projects to be carried out.


Graham Edwards is the chief executive at Telereal Trillium Ltd in London and is someone who truly understands property management and investing. He has been on the team since 2001 and has helped win the company billions in revenue. Graham’s expertise in business has earned him many seats on prestigious boards and well known business circles all over England (Relationshipsciences).

Graham Edwards earned a degree at the impressive Cambridge University in England and applied this knowledge at all of the companies he’s positively influenced. He was a chief investment officer at an management company with a focus on assets in England. He brought this knowledge and success to Telereal Trillium and soon scored a huge business deal. Graham was able to bring in a billion dollar contract to manage buildings including the Department for Work and Pensions.

There are several business and investment committees in England and Graham holds a seat on many of them. For years he has contributed his knowledge with the Association of Corporate Treasurers, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, and the UK Society Of Investment Professionals. Graham’s hard work and dedication to his field have certainly earned him some impressive roles in society and he is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

Graham was able to turn an acquisition in the favor of Telereal Trillium in 2004 and earned big bucks on the process. This transaction was with the well known Land Securities Group Plc and raised a total of £1 billion in annual revenue.

Graham has several other interests besides making his company a lot of money every year. In addition to finance, Graham is knowledgeable in water and engineering and he recently enrolled in King’s College London to pursue a degree in International Relations.

Graham Edwards is also well known for his philanthropic work with interests all over the world. With much of the success his he achieved, Graham’s rose to prestige is certainly inspiring. Those wanting to emulate their career after Graham’s can take a look st his professional profile online.


Last year in September, the Academy of Arts School of Fashion held its 21st annual fashion show. The fashions were modeled by MFA and BFA students who come from all over the world. The fashion show is incredibly diverse, and hours upon hours were put into the impressive show. The students worked together to create a wide range of styles and collections. They ended up designing two men’s collections and five women’s collections overall. The outfits displayed a wide range of colors, patterns, fabrics, and textures, some were even inspired by landscapes and nature.

The university was founded in San Francisco in 1929, and includes arts classes in everything from painting and drawing, to film and audio production. Online classes are offered as well, allowing flexibility for students. After Elisa Stephens, granddaughter of founder Richard S. Stephens, became president, the population of the school expanded to close to 20,000 students. The location is also very urban, as all student housing is right in the heart of San Francisco. There are men’s and women’s apartments that serve as dorms near the campus, which offer a much different living set-up than most colleges.

The college is prestigious as well, earning awards from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges in 2007. The school is also an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. And in interior architecture and design, the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and Master of Fine Arts degree have both been recognized.

The Academy of Arts University is overall a very diverse and welcoming school. For those who are looking for a degree in arts, it is a great school. The university welcomes students from any and all backgrounds, and offers financial aid and scholarships to help students pay for an education. In a world where higher-education is very valued, this school of arts provides a modern take on college.


GoBuyside is a research company that has specialized in working with private equity organizations, hedge funds, advisory platforms, investment managers and Fortune 500 firms through a wide array of locations and obligations. GoBuyside has been able to leverage proprietary technology and has a specific approach; the team has an uncompetitive advantage over other companies in both sourcing and screening top candidates.

GoBuyside has a dedicated team experienced and have adequate education in the execution and establishing a deeper relationship with the market that they serve. Many people have come to trust GoBuyside with human capital needs having a broad talent network running globally to over 10,000 firms through 400 cities. Visit Indeed to know more about GoBuyside.

The organization carried out a compensation study that will enable members to have private equity compensation structure. The different structures such as management fees and size of the team allow the candidate to have annual capital compensation mainly to fund sizes. The members of the community can have access to thousands of compensation reviews that are available to the GoBuyside platform.

Inorder of one to get accurate, detailed information about a specific private equity company would be contacting to a member of GoBuyside. The company gets typically in contact with more than a thousand professionals every year providing an accurate review of the compensation of funds and providing investment strategy to the clients. GoBuyside conducted the company’s compensation survey performed of over 900 private equity foundations.

Annually a new set of investment banking contenders are recruited before their employment matriculation reads to the GoBuyside role. Over 300 applicants are ranked based on the importance of various principles during the process of finding them.

The founder of GoBuyside is Arjun Kapur who has an immense talent for having been able to successfully execute hundreds of complex engagements through over 40 cities of the United States and more than ten cities abroad. Arjun is a graduate of the University of John Hopkins with a major in Economics. Arjun later did his Master’s in Business Administration at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Arjun first noticed increased competition for significant talents and shorter hiring cycles in the industry during his time working in finance. The competition led to establishing a technology-enabled platform to disrupt the conventional hiring model in the industry. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.