Husain Sajwani is the founder and owner of DAMAC, Inc., a real management and development company in Dubai. His properties are not only located in the United Arab Emirates but until in London, on and management of luxury apartments and resorts. Paris and other Arab locations. Sajwani has concentrated the bulk of his efforts in the areas of luxury apartments and resorts.

Sajwani gained a wealth of business experience as a schoolboy working for his father after school in the family variety store business. The hours were long, and he complained, but he learned that one has to work hard in order to become successful.

As per CNBC, after graduating from college in the United States, Sajwani returned to the Middle East and started a catering company that sold meals to the United States Army during the Gulf Wars. This venture was very successful, and the catering company is still in business and is a strategic part of DAMAC.

In the early 2000s, the UAE allowed foreign nationals to purchase properties in the UAE and to live there. Sajwani saw a great opportunity. He began to purchase land while promoting the luxury apartments that would be built there.

Sajwani is a master promoter and he began a vigorous campaign to market his accommodations as he knew there would be a great influx of people looking for a place to live. He was especially promoting higher-end, luxury apartments as he also was aware that there would be lots of people with the means to afford them coming to the country.

The very first project that was promoted to the public was completely sold out before any construction was even begun. The apartments offered every amenity and luxury add-ons that the people wanted and DAMAC had a very successful beginning. According to,  Sajwani always pays cash for the land and finances very little of the construction. This practice prevents foreclosure for the most part, in case a project should have problems. He also keeps a cash reserve that is set aside in case of economic issues.

Today, Sajwani has many family members who are active in the management of DAMAC as he is looking toward the future and the stability of the company.

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Peter Briger is among the Forbes 400 top ranked business professionals in the globe. He is currently the President and Co-Chairperson of the Fortress Investment Group board of directors. He previously was a partner at Goldman Sachs & Co. for 15 years before joining Fortress in 2002. Peter Briger currently heads the credit fund business and the real estate divisions at Fortress being primarily entitled to liquid investments and debt security.

Peter is a highly skilled and dedicated professional who holds an MBA from Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor’s Degree from the Princeton University. Peter Briger gained immense expertise during his 15-year tenure at Goldman Sachs where he served in various operational and managerial roles. Due to his business skills and dedication at the investment banking company, Briger became a partner before he joined Fortress in 2002 as the co-CEO.

Peter Briger, together with his team at Fortress, have put their brilliant skills to work and have driven Fortress to greater heights. He is credited with leading Fortress to becoming one of the first private investment companies to go public. Fortress is one of the largest investment management companies. The company manages over $65 billion worth of assets. Besides his professional commitments, Peter Briger is a board member in several organizations and institutions. Briger is also an active philanthropist. In one of his most remarkable philanthropy work, Briger invested more than $600 million to the maintenance of the New York Central Park. He has also helped in providing quality education, alleviation of poverty and many other social causes.

At 51 years of age, the successful billionaire plays a huge role in the world of finance and investments. His successful career at Goldman Sachs and his current work at Fortress, makes his success record unparalleled in the business world. We are bound to see more of the finance titan as he leads Fortress in helping debt-laden countries. The company gives innovations and investment to such countries to raise capital. Briger has certainly proven his worth to the world of modern finance. He also seems to have his sights on sharing his ideas in fiscal development across the globe.

Compliance and corporate governance have become incredibly important business issues in the face of the many corporation corruption scandals in the past few years. This is largely a good thing, but Bruno, a lawyer and partner with Fagali Advocacia says there are some negatives. He says many times companies grudgingly go along with these things just because they are obligated to do so. In other words, they are doing these things for no other reason than to get certification. Bruno says these companies are unfortunately missing the point in not having any real desire to positively change the business world via these means. View Bruno Fagali’s profile on Linkedin.

Summary of “Bruno Fagali reports research that reveals that Brazilian companies are more concerned about adopting anti-corruption mechanisms in 2017”

Researchers have noted that because of the many financial scandals in Brazilian companies in the past few years, the countries companies in 2017 began placing heavy priority on risk monitoring. The researches in the Deloitte audit study of 100 companies, distributed an electronic questionnaire to these companies from May to June of 2017. The results of the questionnaire revealed that adoption of anti-corruption measures had grown among the companies by 73% and by monitoring of political donations by 69% from previous years.

Bruno Jorge Fagali is one of the most respected lawyers in Brazil. He began working in the Brazilian legal world in 2006. For several years he worked for several different firms before founding Fagali Law Firm. He continues this independent practice. He works in a number of different legal areas, specializing in Administrative and Parliamentary Law. In addition to leading his own firm, he currently serves as the Corporate Integrity Manager of Nova/SB. Above all, his greatest passion is instigating positive change for the people of Brazil. Read more:


An entrepreneur and CEO of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe has been making her presence felt in the business world for quite some time. A native of Salt Lake Utah, Wolfe is the co-founder of the major dating app Tinder. Still under the age of thirty, Wolfe has built an impressive career and net worth. She is well known as one of the top women business leaders in America.

Whitney Wolfe is a graduate of Southern Methodist University, where she earned a degree in International Studies. She started her first business at the young age of 19 when she began selling tote bags. Unlike many people who start businesses, her focus was on helping others. She used her product to help people benefit by the major BP oil spill of in 2010. Wolfe’s bags gained lots of interest, including attention from major celebrities such as Nicole Riche and Rachel Zoe. Wolfe was well on her way to a successful career in the business world. Visit on her twitter account for more updates.

In 2012 Whitney Wolfe began one of her biggest projects. Along with Sean Rad, she began working on the dating app Tinder. Wolfe would eventually become the vice president of the company. Whitney Wolfe focused on promoting the product to college students which helped it to grow rapidly. Just a two years later she began working on an equally successful product, Bumble. This dating app was centered on women and giving them control during the dating process. The app had quick success, gaining more than eighty million matches. As of late 2017, Bumble has more than twenty million registered users.

Whitney Wolfe has been recognized for her success in business. In 2014 she was named one of Business Insider’s 30 Most Important Women Under 30 In Tech. On multiple occasions she has been recognized as one of Forbes 30 Under 30. Wolfe and her work have been featured in a number of major publications including TIME, Wired UK, Forbes and Fast Company. Read more:


Have you ever heard of Fagali or Fagali airport? An interesting fact about this place is that the Fagali’I Airport at one time used to have a grass runway.

Fagali’I Airport also has been closed down and re-opened under much scrutiny and criticism over safety and environmental concerns. Fagali’I Airport re-opened in 2009 and is also a paved with asphalt runway now in case you were wondering.

Instead of being a very large, busy, and stressful airport, Polynesian Airlines and Samoa Air are the only airlines operating out of this airport. Polynesian Airlines are also the owners of this airport.


Next to the airport is also a nice golf course named the Royal Samoa. This small airport located on a small island in the Pacific is a small yet lovely airport according to The flight coming into Fagali has a beautiful view and you can see the village homes all the way up to the airport itself. If you enjoy beautiful islands and want a remote area than this is a great place to visit.

There are also many other reasons to visit using Fagali’I Airport like snorkeling, tourist locations to learn about their culture, a deep marine reserve, and you can even take a yoga hiking tour.

Fagali’I Airport is the first stop to a historical airport and historical country with beautiful scenery, attractions, sports, tourism, yoga, and adventures in between as well. Fagali’I Airport owned by Polynesian Airlines makes it a an easier less hassle airport that one you may be more accustomed to traveling to. If you enjoy the island life or island destinations than this place is for you for sure. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to Fagali flying into Fagali’I Airport to experience it first hand. This airport is still open and functioning.

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The banking industry is changing drastically in Brazil. Millions of people now have access to banking products and services. Although the economy of Brazil is healthy, there are still numerous areas to improve. For many years, the average person in Brazil did not have access to lending options. Visit to know more.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was one of the first banking executives to prioritize helping low-income customers. He thought that providing banking solutions was a tremendous business opportunity. Bradesco started investing in low-income communities. Although it took several years to see results, the company is now much better off because of this decision.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco has had an excellent career in the banking industry. He started working as a bank teller while he was in college. He enjoyed interacting with customers, so he decided to stay in the industry. He was promoted quickly and enjoyed new areas of responsibility.


Millions of people in Brazil are interested in starting their own business. Borrowing money to start a company is an excellent way for people to get started. Bradesco offers various lending solutions for people who are starting a company. Learn more about Luis Carlos Trabuco at Crunchbase.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco wants to make the lending process transparent for customers. He decided to build a dynamic online banking site for clients to use. Many young customers would rather bank online than at a traditional bank. Bradesco has been able to gain customers from other banks by providing online banking options.

Future Goals

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has many goals for the future of Bradesco. He firmly believes that Bradesco can become a leading company in the industry. He has spent a lot of time and energy finding the best employees possible.

Although Bradesco has various ways to improve, the company is a leader within the industry. Anyone who wants to bank with a quality company should consider working with Bradesco.


Sameer Jejurikar is a plastic surgeon who practices medicine at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. The institute is located in Dallas Texas. This institution is renowned for its plastic surgery. Dr. Jejurikar’s practice includes breast augmentation, tummy tucks, mommy makeovers, liposuction, nose jobs, and facelifts. He also does reconstructive procedures. Dr. Jejurikar has considerable experience in this field. Dr. Jejurikar exudes an air of kindness and patience with his clients. He graduated with a medical degree from the University of Michigan Medical School. He has been practicing medicine for twenty years. He runs practices at both Dallas Medical Center and Pine Creek Medical Center in Dallas Texas. Based on patient reviews, Dr. Jejurikar is one of the top physicians in the nation. In 2012, he was honored with the Compassionate Doctor Certification. In order to receive this award a doctor has to show nearly perfect overall and bedside manner scores. This underscores Dr. Jejurikar’s obvious care and understanding of his patients. He knows that each of his patients is unique and he treats them as individuals with care and compassion. He strives to create treatment plans to fit each of his patients in the best ways for them. He is willing to take the time to listen and construct the best plan for each client. He works to form a good relationship with his patients. This allows him to understand what each patient needs and what is best for them. A great example of Dr. Jejurkar’s compassion and drive is his annual trip to help needy children in Bangladesh. He is a part of the Smile Bangladesh organization based in New Jersey. This nonprofit organization’s mission is to help children and adults who have facial defects. This demonstrates Dr. Jejurikar’s compassion, drive, and generosity. As you can see, he is a physician who truly cares about his patients.


Specializing in low-risk investment strategies and advising clients on protecting their assets, Ted Bauman joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013 and became the writer and editor of several of its financial publications, among them, The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert and Plan B. In his monthly 16-page newsletter, he gives investors tips on how to explore opportunities and increase their capital. His step-by-step instructions helps investors take control of their personal finances while watching out for the types of scams and greed that can be a part of the financial industry.

In addition to being in charge of editing for Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman is also on the article writing website known as Medium, where he continues to impart his knowledge to those who are interested in how to invest their funds effectively, and he created a trading app called Smart Money Alert that is focused on helping people invest their money in a wiser and safer way. Before securing his current position, he worked in South Africa for 25 years in a number of executive positions, including as a Funds Manager for low-income housing projects. Read this article at

Ted Bauman started out in the work force as a fast food worker when he was in his youth, and he feels that those types of jobs helped him understand what would be needed in order for a society to thrive financially over a long period of time. Some of the advice he gives when it comes to securing liquid assets involves using safe deposit boxes at home and in banks. He thinks that it’s important to be diverse when protecting valuables by not putting them all in one place. He teaches investors how to be prepared for things like inflation and market crashes, encouraging them to plan their future based more on value instead of just price. Meet the experts at Sovereign Society.

After graduating from high school in his birthplace of Washington, DC, Ted Bauman decided to go study abroad in the country of South Africa, where he eventually graduated from the University of Cape Town with degrees in Economics and History. After working for a couple of decades as a housing executive in that country, he returned to the U.S. in 2008 and became the Director for Habitat for Humanity in Atlanta, Georgia, where he currently lives. He began his work as a researcher and writer after leaving HFH, and he has been published in many journals all over the world.


Sujit Choudhry is one of the world’s academic giants in the constitutional arena. Sujit Choudhry is a recognized authority in comparative constitutional law and politics. He has also received the South Asian Bar Associations 2011 Toronto Practitioner of the year award.

Sujit Choudhry is a graduate of Harvard law school (LL.M), University of Toronto faculty of law (LLB. Hons) and University of Oxford (BA Law). His working experience ranges from the dean to the faculty director to professors and associate professors in America’s leading Universities, find more (

Sujit Choudhry is the founding director of the Centre for Constitutional Transition, check ( This institution deals with research projects that give forth evidence-based policies to this discipline of knowledge.

Sujit Choudhry lives for the books, and he has expressed himself in his books Constitution Making, The Oxford Handbook of The Indian Constitution, Constitutional Design for Divided Societies and The Migration of Constitutional Idea, based on

Sujit Choudhry has found himself in the media arena discussing various issues regarding America’s political climate. He has spearheaded discussions on the current government administration in particular interest to the interpretation of the constitution and its reforms. In addition, he analyzes actions and reactions taken by the state regarding various constitutional matters.

Sujit Choudhry is a well-known icon to speak the truth and what it means especially when it comes to democracy, its threats, tackling authoritarianism and autocracy.

Not only will he appear on Television political segments, but he will also go down to the grassroots. Sujit Choudhry recently attended expert group meetings on transitional justice and atrocity prevention in Geneva Not only in Geneva, but Sujit Choudhry has also addressed a semi-presidential roundtable in Ukraine regarding its constitutional instability.

Sujit Choudhry has also spoken about civil rights for instance freedom of speech especially when it comes to free speech on college campuses where he discusses hate speech and free speech, visit

Without a shadow of the doubt, Sujit Choudhry is one of the most significant law interpreters we have.

There are many types of facilities that are there to help clients with their finances. One of the common types of financial help that people get are from money managers. They are the ones that take the funds and put them in portfolios. These types of firms are focused on the performance of the investment. One thing that the money manager does is put the money in the market with the hopes of outperforming it. Often times, the money is lost because they have made some bad investments because money managers are chasing performance and returns. Even in the case of some big gains, there is something lacking from the money manager.

This is where HCR Wealth Advisors can come in. Their focus is on relationships. They take some time to get to know their client. They ask about the client when it comes to many different aspects of their lives. Among the important pieces of information they learn about their clients is their needs, their income, their expenses, their financial goals and plenty of other pieces of information that are important to coming up with a good plan.

According to the Daily Forex Report, one good thing about the relationship-oriented approach to this financial assistance is that the client is made to feel like he is a part of the whole process. He is not made to feel like they are just going to take their money and do different things with it. Even though they have more experience with money and the markets than the client does, they are not going to act as if they know everything and the client can’t do anything. They will actually let the client know what can be done in order to improve his finances and reach goals of financial independence. Contact HCR Wealth on Twitter or on Facebook.

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