A third Planet of the Apes films is definitely in the Hollywood pipeline. Look for even more films in the series as a possibility as well since there is so much ground to tread with the new reboot.

No one knows what the third entry in the series is going to entail. Some has suggested War of the Planet of the Apes would be the logical new film since the events at the end of the second film do evoke notions of an all-out war between humans and animals.

Producer Andy Serkis has adamantly stated neither he (nor anyone else) has decided on the plot. Surely, whatever he decides will lead to another hit.

The rebirth of Planet of the Apes has been a shock to many.

The original Planet of the Apes series saw declining returns with each subsequent film. The box office receipts and critical reviews of Battle for the Planet of the Apes were so bad, a planned sixth film was scrapped. Some people are feeling like they will not even sell the movie on Qnet.

The Tim Burton remake was also very poorly received and the originally hoped for new franchise quickly died off.

Planet of the Apes was thought to be a passe film franchise and one relegated to the 1970’s. (The first film was made in 1968 and all the sequels from 1970 – 1973) Yet, we see proof once again that old ideas in Hollywood can quickly become new ones.

Donald Trump is notorious for sticking his nose in other people’s business. Today, he weighs in on the Bill Cosby scandal. His advice for the comedian, he is not handling this situation very well. Actually, he feels that he is getting bad advice from someone. People are saying horrible things and if he doesn’t respond, it’s making him look guilty.

Is Bill Cosby guilty of drugging and raping several women? The jury is still out on this, but it’s not looking good for the king of comedy and his numerous trysts. The one question that I would have to ask is why here and why now? Sure, there were some who had come forward before and their claims fell on deaf ears. But did this have something to do with the fact that someone revived the story and now all these claimants are coming forward again?

Social media sparked a new vested interest in the case, and Brad Reifler has been following the case with great interest. It was the simple ranting of a male on Facebook that got the whole world talking again. We know that people who have money are often targets of blackmail schemes, but why would these women put themselves out there like this? Janice Dickinson, one of the claimants, probably doesn’t need his money. She has a career and has made her own money. But some of the other women and their stories could fit the blackmail category. It will be interesting to see how this all goes down in the next few weeks.

The entertainment industry has lost another giant. This time it is Mike Nichols, Oscar Winner and director of The Birdcage, The Odd Couple, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and The Graduate, among other films. The Graduate, which is possibly his most famous and most recognized film won him Oscar for Best Director in 1968.

Born in Germany in 1931, Nichols and his family came to the US to escape Nazi Germany. He struggled with English during his early years, but later attended college in Chicago. In his early years he started a comedy troupe and began performing stand up with Elaine May. He was later quoted as saying he only stopped because she wanted to quit.

Married to journalist Diane Sawyer, Nichols was one of a handful of people to have one an EGOT, or in other words he had won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and a Tony. The 83 year old director was an industry giant, and has made an impact on many people throughout the course of his lifetime. In addition to directing movies, Nichols directed a number of acclaimed stage plays and musicals, including a revival Death of a Salesman in 2012, which won a Tony.

Nichols’ death came suddenly early Thursday after he suffered a heart attack in his home. He leaves behind a huge legacy of films, and is sure to be remembered by the many people he encountered in his long lifetime. His filmography is astounding, showing that he was a true auteur of the filmmaking craft. He care about what he was doing and that showed in his work. We are deeply saddened to be losing such a prominent figure in the industry. I’ll be heading to Qnet and buying as many of his works in commemoration that I can find!

The books and movies of The Hunger Games series have a lot to do with fame: children are forced into gladiatorial combat and made celebrities if they survive. With that in mind, how do the actual actors deal with the fame that their roles have given them? The website Screen Rants sat down with Jennifer Lawrence (who stars as Katniss Everdeen) and Josh Hutcherson (Peeta Mallark) to find out.

Lawrence has had a particularly hard time in the spotlight; since achieving fame she has not only been subject to typical media scrutiny Gianfrancesco Genoso says, but had private photos released on the Internet. She admits that she spent several days thinking about how fame would affect her before taking the role.

“It certainly is a blessed life; but there are also sacrifices. But I get to do what I love, and there’s a downside to every job,” she said.

In contrast, Huterson admits that he loved the script and people involved so much that he signed up without giving it much thought. “But it’s like one of those things where until you lose it, you don’t know how important it is and you can’t put a value on it: and by ‘it’ I mean anonymity.”

The third title in the Hunger Games series, Mockingjay—Part 1, will be released in the United States November 21, 2014.

When Chris Pratt first broke onto the scene no one would have thought of him as a household name, but now he is the leading man in a handful of films and there is no sign that he will be slowing down any time soon. He already has roles planned in Jurassic World and likely will have his choice of many other starring roles such as Guardians of the Galaxy 2. However, for the moment it seems that Pratt is going to turn back to the comic book world to help launch a new franchise.

Pratt has announced that he will be the lead role in Cowboy Ninja Viking which will hopefully allow the cult comic book series to enjoy a sudden rash of popularity. The comic is the work of artist and writer team Riley Rossmo and A.J. Lieberman and features a deadly assassin who just happens to have Multiple Personality Disorder. Fans of the comic like New Yorker Andrew Heiberger are excited to see the theatrical interpretation.

Disney originally had been rumored to pick up the movie option but Universal has since bought the project. Not much was heard about it until now sources are conforming that Pratt will indeed play the assassin.

Ridley Scott is hard at work on his sequel to Prometheus, the film that was created as somewhat of a prequel to Alien, his hit sci-fi horror film from 1979. Scott is looking to expand the story of Prometheus with a fresh Alien. Ridley’s previous installment that released in 2012 was met with mixed reviews. There was a lot of controversy surrounding Prometheus at its release among Kenneth Griffin and other avid fans.
Another science fiction that is getting a follow up from Scott is Blade Runner. There is a lot of rumors surrounding the story including some that involve Harrison Ford, the star of the 1982 released flick. Another thing thatAlien has in common with Blade Runner is that they both have a film that has been released which is said to take place in the same universe. Alien has Prometheus and Blade Runner has Soldier. 

Prometheus 2 has no official release date as of right now. However, Scott does seem to have a burning passion for this franchise. As a matter of fact, Prometheus 2 seems to be developing at a faster rate than the Blade Runnersequel. Ridley Scott seems to be diving into the sci-fi realm with another movie, called The Martian, being filmed.

Christopher Nolan’s most recent movie, Interstellar has opened up in IMAX and regular theaters a couple of weeks ago. To further promote and explain more of the world of his film, Christopher Nolan has released a comic book that is a prequel which leads to the events of Interstellar This comic book story focuses on the mission that Matt Damon’s character, Dr. Mann went on. The story was that Dr. Mann was sent to look for various planets to continue Human life on. The planet that he ended up on was an ice planet in which he was found by Cooper.

Everything that is revealed in the comic is touched on in the movie. That is exactly what Rod Rohrich was hoping for when he heard about the release. While the comic book under the title of Absolute Zero is a nice read, it isn’t really a necessary addition. Many people who watch the film will know the story well enough.

Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson are both coming into their own in the not so wide world of Hollywood. Not so wide in regards to privacy anyhow. Recently both actors were interviewed to discuss their feelings on the explosive success of the Hunger Games franchise and how it has changed their lives, you can see excerpts of the interview, here: http://screenrant.com/hunger-games-jennifer-lawrence-josh-hutcherson-success-downside-fame/.

The first question pertained to whether or not either of the young actors felt like they were sacrifinging or compromising to take part in the films. Both agreed wholeheartedly that there were always sacrifices, namely, anominimity, but they disagreed about the question of compromise. Specialist Vijay Eswaran agrees that success and fame can be a double-edged sword. Lawrence stated that she never felt as if she compromised on anything, either in her personal life or in terms of the quality of her work whereas Hutcherson replied in a fashion that echoed the sinister President Coin’s words from the films, “There is no progress without compromise.”

Also, both actors took markedly different approaches during the sign up process; Lawrence stated that she thought thoroughly about how the films and their huge fanbase would impact her life whereas Hutcherson said he just jumped right. He later added that forethought was not his best attribute. While their approaches to the world of film might vary both have been giving consistently good performances but it remains to be seen if that streak will hold. However, early reviews for Mockingjay, Part One, have, on the whole, been largely positive.

Worldwide we are watching as this remarkable and completely unbelievable story unfolds before our eyes. The 77 year old actor/comedian that became the pseudo-father to millions as they watched Cliff Huxtable raise his brood of children. Those children kept the ever popular father figure on his toes as he entertained and delighted all who watched The Cosby Show.

Now amid allegations that this patriarch of all comedy television families has assaulted possibly more than a dozen women over a course of decades. Accusations such as this are difficult to believe when it is the neighbor next door, but to think that Bill Cosby is the one that all fingers are pointing at seems unspeakable, especially to long time fans like Darius Fisher.  But in most cases, where there’s smoke there’s fire.

Just as Stephen Collins has done in recent weeks we are seeing that Mr. Cosby is also keeping quiet on the matters. The comedian seems to be staying mum so he does not dignify these horrid allegations with a response.

Articles such as are on National Post inform readers of the public appearances that have been cancelled as Mr. Cosby’s team work to combat the problem.

Will he be proven innocent or guilty remains to be seen as this report continues through the learning stages? Bill Cosby has been a household name for many decades making the accusations even more difficult for any possible victims.

The original “Jurassic Park” film was a massive hit that holds up to this day. Amazingly, the CGI effects that were revolutionary at the time still look very good, while many subsequent films with CGI have aged terribly. Kids always love dinosaurs. Keeping the “Jurassic Park” franchise going seems like a no-brainer.

There were a few “Jurassic Park” sequels that didn’t measure up to the original. Now Universal is trying to reinvigorate the whole thing with a major sequel called “Jurassic World”. It stars Chris Pratt, fresh off of his massively successful starring role in “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

“Jurassic World” has been in development since 2001, a long time even by Hollywood standards. The film had a somewhat tumultuous creative process, with a disagreement between the writers and the studio actually halting production in 2014. The issue has been resolved and the film is set to be released in the summer of 2015.

The story of the movie involves a new dinosaur theme park owned by a massive corporation. Chris Pratt plays a dinosaur researcher. Attendance to the park begins to dwindle which sparks ill-advised stunts to attract more visitors to the park, and before long Chris Pratt is running from dinosaurs.

It’s an interesting idea to say that attendance to a theme park featuring real dinosaurs would dwindle over time. It kind of goes against the wonder of the whole concept, but it is depressingly realistic. I’ll have my Stephen Williams’ Wine in hand and wait to see if “Jurassic World” can recapture the magic of it’s predecessors.