In order to know how Brian Torchin created his company, it is important to know about his educational background first. He majored in exercise science from the University of Delaware. Then he went to study at New York Chiropractic College from 1992 to 1995. He earned his doctor of chiropractic degree from there.

In this way, he became a licensed as well as board-certified chiropractic practitioner. He set up his own clinic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He had a good practice and he would alleviate the pain and suffering of his patients through his medical knowledge and skills.

It was in 2007 that Brian Torchin created HCRC Staffing which was a staffing firm. It used to look into the staffing needs of hospitals, healthcare companies as well as law firms. They could fill in the positions of dentists, chiropractors, as well as physician assistants, nurses, besides physical therapists along with urgent care providers.

In addition, HCRC could help companies along with medical offices to fulfill other positions in office management, besides billing, and front desk receptionists as well as public relations. Even for the legal industry, HCRC was able to help law firms in filling positions for the posts of attorneys, paralegals, as well as secretaries, assistants, along with administrators.

HCRC Staffing has a goal to find a qualified candidate who can fit in critical job roles and perform duties in legal as well as healthcare companies within a time-span of 72 hours.

Also, he is a former medical expert. Hence Brian Torchin is well aware that employee turnover is a major pain area in the field of healthcare and legal sector. This was why HCRC staffing was founded in order to address this issue. It provides a tool to the company through which they can fill in positions quickly as this is vital to run the operation of any business effectively.

Today HCRC Staffing has over 200 companies as its clients. The company helps them to find employees in the healthcare as well as legal sector. HCRC Staffing is serving a global audience. This is because they have clients from the United States, besides Australia, Europe as well as Canada.

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Envoy is one of those companies that looked for automating the whole registration process. And they found it in a company called Onelogin. Envoy took care of several tasks such as visitor registration and badges, employee login, notifications with one fell swoop. Now, thanks to technology brought about by OneLogin, they are able to take advantage of SCIM protocol and do all these tasks using an iPad. Another thing this takes care of is Single Sign On and user provisioning. This means whenever an employee is registered, fields such as names addresses and any other relevant info gets automatically filled.

This takes away a big headache for the IT support staff, because whenever an employee gets moved around, letting them sign in to a new computer in much easier. Employee info will also stay up to date at all times. From a customer standpoint, this means that information will always be up to date. This enhances their visiting experience because out dated information becomes a thing of the past. As an added bonus, employees can send out invites to customers, and as soon as the customer enters the premises and signs on, the employee will get notified. And as mentioned before, all that the customers need to do is tap a few buttons to sign in.

Started by former IT employees Christian and Thomas Pedersen, OneLogin takes the IAM or Identity Access Management to whole new level. While working at their former job, they noticed that the software they were using for access management were giving customers and employees issues. These were mostly security and efficiency related. This happened when the service was changed to be cloud based. This is how in a nut shell, the brothers decided to start their own company in 2009.

One of the trump cards of this service is ease of implementation and use. Even for those who have minimal experience with Single Sign On, have found it easy to get things going. This seamless transition is perhaps its biggest appeal. This is why many Fortune 100 and 500 companies have signed on to OneLogin.

Anthony G. Petrello works for Nabors Industries, Ltd. as its CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and President. He’s often referred to simply as “Tony.” Nabors Industries is among the planet’s biggest gas and oil drilling companies. It was established back in 1968 and is located in Hamilton, Bermuda. People who are familiar with the gas and oil drilling worlds know a lot about Petrello.

People who are familiar with the philanthropic world often know a lot about the skilled and experienced businessman as well. Petrello has a strong commitment to a vast range of notable charitable organizations. He offers his assistance to a group that’s called the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. He does so alongside his devoted wife, Cynthia. Petrello is proud to be a part of the Board of Trustees for the Texas Children’s Hospital. He is an individual who wants to do anything and everything he can to aid children who suffer from all different kinds of neurological conditions. It’s a cause that’s close to his wife’s heart as well. Petrello happily calls Houston, Texas his home base. He resides in the large city with Cynthia.

Petrello is an alumnus of Harvard University, a prestigious Ivy League institution located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He went to yet another Ivy League school, too. This was Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. He earned a J.D. (Juris Doctor) degree after attending Harvard Law School. He studied mathematics at Yale University and got BS and MS degrees there.

Petrello started his life as a professional at the end of the seventies. That’s when he landed a job with Baker McKenzie, a prominent law firm. He worked for Baker McKenzie’s New York, New York branch between the years of 1986 and 1991. He was the office’s hard-working managing partner. Petrello secured a job with Nabors Industries right after leaving Baker McKenzie in New York. He scored a position as the COO (Chief Operating Officer) in 1991. He was elected the firm’s President the following year.

This professional is associated with various well-known organizations. He’s linked to Nabors Blue Sky, Ltd., Media On Demand, Ltd. and more. He’s a tireless executive who is always doing everything he can to make things better for Nabors Industries and associated groups. He’s also constantly doing everything he can to give back to the communities that surround him in his daily life. Philanthropy means the world to him.

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Sheldon Lavin is the chairman and chief executive officer of multinational food processing company OSI Group. With over forty-three years’ experience in the food processing industry, Mr. Lavin is an able manager and a shrewd leader who has led the company to unparalleled growth during his tenure at the helm of the OSI Group. Suffice to say, his entry into the food processing industry was more by accident than by design. Mr. Lavin joined the OSI Group reluctantly, having built a successful and comfortable career as an investor and executive banker. So prolific was he in this line of work that he had already started his firm through which he helped other invest their wealth.

Sheldon Lavin’s entry into the food industry happened in 1970 when he helped the Otto & Sons company secure funding to build a meat processing plant. The Otto & Sons were the company which preceded the OSI Group. They had hoped to gain financing to open meat a processing plant which would make them the leading meat suppliers for the McDonald Corporation in the Mid-West. As the person that helped this relatively small company to secure the said funding through his firm, the bank insisted that he join the group as a partner. He was initially reluctant to agree to the idea, seeing that food processing was not his area of expertise. However, he figured that taking up a partnership position would help secure his investment and give more decision making power to ensure that the company was headed in the right direction.

Since he took over at the helm, Mr. Lavin has been able to transform the OSI Group from a small burger supplier whose only client was McDonalds, into a global supplier of food products working with food service and retail brands. The company employs over 20,000 people globally. Sheldon Lavin is most proud of the culture that the company has cultivated in all its employees which has been partly responsible for the success of the past few years. The family-oriented corporate culture has ensured little turnover, with most employees staying with the company for long and advancing organizational goals.

Under his stewardship, the OSI Group has grown into a multinational food processing company with presence in over 22 countries around the world. Further, it has been on a protracted growth trajectory that has seen it acquire some of the major players in the Chinese, Indian and Dutch food industry to claim a significant stake in each of those markets.

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If you have been looking for a digital marketing firm that can help you to boost your base for customers, you are at the right place. There are small businesses that have been struggling to establish their efforts online. If your company at this level, you need to consult White Shark Media so that you can see changes happen to your business.

The company which specializes in digital marketing is dedicated to providing small businesses with marketing solutions that are working well. There are those that have already benefitted from White Shark Media and are now established a large customer base. Any business owner should know that today business dynamics have changed hence you cannot just rely on the traditional marketing methods. The best plan for marketing would be working with professionals who can help you in various ways.

For you to succeed in digital marketing there is need to know the art. Experience is also required hence there if you are not qualified you may not work well. That is why White Shark Media was started because the founders knew many people lack the knowledge. The founders of White Shark Media saw the importance of helping those without the experience but wanted to excel in digital marketing.

Also, many small business owners do not have the time to do digital online marketing. White Media Shark first understands what the customers want so that they can now start their work. Another important thing is that they always do a follow up to ensure that their client is going on well with practice. White Shark Media is the best company that one can utilize.

White Shark has also been responsible for the growth of many companies. Many customers are happy after seeking the services of White Shark Media, and they will always go for the services. One of the most significant impacts you may see to your business is an increase in the number of customers. If you are having problems establishing your business online, you can work with White Shark Media and see many changes.

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Financial advisor David Giertz talks of meaning retirement and how retirees can save up for their future after leaving employment. He says that majority of retirees have a habit of just saving money and not spending it. David says that there is good news that older people can now spend their hard-earned money in more responsible ways and still enjoy their lives. Older people can has the ability to have fun after they retire with the help of cash reserves and budgets. David Giertz advice to retirees is to plan wisely for the future to ensure that they have a successful retirement.

David Giertz says that many millionaires normally find it hard to spend their money like going for vacations with their family and friends. Saving up for retirement can sometimes become a habit for many and later they acquire a negative attitude when it comes to spending the money that they have accumulated. It is important to have the right kind of discipline according to David since this will ensure that retirees get to appreciate the good things that life has to offer. Many retirees normally misunderstand the sole purpose of saving money although it is a good virtue to have financial discipline.

David Giertz is a graduate from the Millikin University where he managed to acquire his MBA. He has worked as a financial planner for almost 30 years and has therefore acquired the required expertise and experience when it comes to the financial world. He formerly worked with Nationwide Financial as the president of the sales and distribution department. David helped grow the company from $11 billion to approximately $17.8 billion. He also has experience when it comes to mutual funds, life insurance policies, annuities, retirement plans and many others. A philanthropist, David Giertz is also committed in giving back to the community.

Logan Stout is a former baseball player. He founded Premiere Baseball Academy the number one location for indoor baseball training classes like Hitting, Arm Velocity Class, Premiere Spring Training, and Private Lessons among others. Logan is a successful business leader, coach, speaker as well as an author. He also is a time World Series player and coach, leader of one of the biggest companies in the country and also the founder of one of the best baseball organizations, Logan knows how to make an impact on groups, individuals, and corporations.

Logan was born and raised in Richardson, Texas. He then graduated from J.J Pearce H.S. together with his wife, Haley Stout. While at Pearce H.S., Logan was chosen to Student Athletic Council due to his excellence in sports, leadership, and in the classroom. Logan was the District MVP during both his junior and senior years while he was playing for Pearce Mustang baseball team. Logan was also a great basketball player, but he decided to pursue baseball after he completed high school.

Logan Stout obtained his business degree from Panola and also a psychology degree from the University of Dallas. During his collegiate career, Stout was a two-time All-American as a shortstop and a pitcher. While he was still in college, Logan commenced on coaching youth baseball. His love for teaching baseball ultimately led to the start of the Dallas Patriots baseball organization. After completing college, Logan went to play professionally with the Fort Worth Cats which is a minor league team in Texas.

Apart from playing college and pro baseball, Logan also coached at Dallas Baptist University. He also worked as a Contemporary Worship Leader as well as a Youth Minister at the First United Methodist Church. Logan has been featured in some sports broadcasts and publications which involve both business and sports. In 2007, Logan was questioned by Dallas Child Magazine in an article that was meant to assist youth coaches to understand various methods of coaching at the select level. Logan has also served as a keynote speaker for banquets, companies, seminars, and camps for both small and large groups.

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Online shopping has now become one of the most sought after ways to shop, with people opting to go down this route rather than going to physical stores. It’s convenient, it’s easy, and it’s fast. There are a lot of reasons why people opt to shop online, but this has created an environment where brands always have to battle it out to reach customers. People aren’t as concerned about labels as much as they used to be, which is why other facets of the brand need to be tapped into to make it in the online shopping industry. Brands need to stand out in more ways than ever to meet the high demands of the people. The very experience that one has while shopping online is one of the defining characteristics of this, and brands that try their best to optimize this as far as possible are the ones who stand out from the crowd.


One of how brands have managed to see success and increase their customer base is by implementing sentient AI into their sites. The work that this AI does is simple. It takes the information and shopping trends of the customer and uses that to show them products that they would like to buy potentially. The analysis that this AI does is a pretty significant factor driving traffic to e-commerce sites, which is why more and more brands are opting to go down this route. Normally, when a person goes to a physical store, they have an assistant suggesting product options to them, however, on online marketplaces, there is no salesperson, which is why Sentient AI comes as a brilliant assistant to these customers. Using machine learning and coded algorithms, sentient AI can sometimes detect the options that the customer would like based on one simple purchase. Most of the brands who have adopted Sentient AI Multi-Variate Testing in their sites have seen an incredible increase in overall revenue.


There are many ways in which brands can adopt and implement the results that the sentient AI shows them. Brands like Amazon tend to go down the route of showing their customers ads about things that they would like to buy. Some brands prefer to do it on the site itself, while the customer is shopping. Whatever the option might be, the fact is that Sentient AI Multi-variate Testing has become an integral part of optimizing the online shopping experience and should be implemented by those brands who want to gain more customers more quickly.

Many businesses are finding it difficult to survive. The litany of concerns they have include strained budgets and inefficiency.

Businesses are feeling that it is time for them to restructure their operating models and draw up plans to tackle the problems that the company faces. Enter Jeffry Schneider, whose company offers marketing, sales training, education and operational efficiencies.

Today many businesses work with Jeffry Schneider. His company started off with just 4 employees, but today there are more than 50. Jeff has earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts and is also a fitness expert. When he isn’t running marathons and testing his fitness strategies, his company raises funds to purchase a range of different companies. Aside from his passion for steering companies out of unchartered waters and into a safe harbor, he loves eating well, keeping fit, traveling, and supporting a number of worthy charities,

Jeff has decades of experience in the financial services industry and has already served in many well-known organizations such as Smith Barney and Merrill Lynch, among many others. Today, Jeff Schneider is an authority in his field.

Jeffry Schneider has also held senior management positions and has in-depth knowledge of the markets. With his extraordinary people skills, he has a knack for developing solid relationships with all his partners and clients.

Antony and his wife Cynthia Petrello are active philanthropists and have donated $7 million to fund neurological research and have continued to show great personal commitment in leading more fundraising efforts. Cynthia and Tony were blessed with a prematurely born daughter, Carena, at only 24 months weighing only 20 ounces. Immediately after her birth, she was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia, a neurological ailment affecting new-borns due to lack of sufficient oxygen and blood in the brain. This made Carena get cerebral palsy and has impaired her motor skills and other developmental delay concerns. This adversity has led the Petrellos to devote all their efforts to seek answers to ensure their child recovers and achieve a normal childhood developmental milestones.

Nevertheless, Carena has been making tremendous growth and has now mastered the art of chewing solid food. Cynthia elucidates that it took her many repetitions for her brain to understand and learn to eat, finally. Cynthia considers this a great miracle.

Tony Petrello, one of the highest paid CEOs and an affiliate of the Texas Children’s Hospital Board of Trustees, clarified that they had explored several pediatric research Centers across the universe in search of answers for their daughter. He further explains that whenever the two heard of a new technological procedure in any part of the world, they will take Carena because as a parent even a two present chance of helping your child walk or talk is enough motivation.

Due to these extensive investigations, Mr. Petrello discovered that there was insufficient knowledge of the condition and most of the research centers focusing on brain study were mainly for adults and none for children. For this reason, the couple found that opportunity at Texas Children’s hospital where they created a Neurological Research Institute for kids to ensure that their child and other people children will reach their full potential.

About Tony Petrello
Antony Petrello, also referred to as Tony, is the President, CEO, and Chairman of Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries is an oil business company that works as a contract driller and offers oil-field services. Tony has worked in several executive positions at the company before moving up the ladder to his current posts. Before joining Nabors Industries, Mr. Petrello was working with the Baker & McKenzie law firm where he was responsible for taxation, international arbitration and general corporate law from 1979 t0 1991.

Tony Petrello has a strong educational background with two degrees. He graduated with a Bachelor’s and Master’s in mathematics from Yale University. Tony was a great math wiz in college, and everyone thought he would pursue a career in maths; however, he shocked many when he decided to go with law. Mr. Petrello attained his Juris Doctor degree at Harvard Law School.

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