For over thirty years, Betsy DeVos has been the vital force behind some of Michigan’s various organizations which are geared towards helping people and the society. A businesswoman with interest in philanthropy, Betsy is known for advocating numerous reforms to benefit the society, with a keen interest in helping change the current education system in America.

Recently, DeVos has been making headlines after the announcement of her nomination to the role of education minister by President Donald Trump. DeVos has been on the forefront of various education movements like ‘School For Choice’ program. Along with her husband, she initiated the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, which aims to fund organizations which work towards the development of education, society and for the establishment of justice. Through one of the many organizations that Betsy and her husband fund, they work towards providing scholarships to underprivileged yet deserving students with an aim to enable them to receive a better education for their overall growth and to harvest their untapped potential.

She is an advocate of ‘school vouchers,’ a movement aimed at providing kids all over America access to private school infrastructure and education at public school rates, using taxpayers money and public funds. Betsy was also an advocate of the overall school grading system, which rates schools all over the United States with the same grading system that it uses to grade its students. She believes that this information will equip parents with the knowledge to make better and more informed decisions as to which school they should pick for their children. In addition, through their foundation, they have established an award for students who show exemplary talent and entrepreneurship in the field of business administration and those who have earned an MBA from Northwood University.

Along with her efforts to reform the education system in America, Betsy is an active supporter of the Arts. During the tenure of President George Bush, she was appointed as a member of the board of directors of the Kennedy Center for The Performing Arts.

Between 1992 to 1997, DeVos served as a member of the committee for the Republican Party in Michigan. She was also appointed as the chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party in 1996. After her term, she was reelected to the same position in 2003.

In 2004, DeVos was personally responsible for raising over $150,000 USD for the reelection of George Bush. During that time, she also served as the chairperson of finance for the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Currently, DeVos is the chairwoman of Winquest, a private multinational company whose sole aim is to support and invest in technology and machinery built to provide clean and environment-friendly energy.

Betsy is a true believer in the Republican values and holds true by what the party stands for.

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