If you saw Olympus Has Fallen a few years ago, chances are you were blown away. I know that I was. It was like Die Hard was back, with a new star that really brought back that 80’s or 90’s action movie flair.

However, negotiations broke down during plans for the sequel with the series first director, Fredrik Bond.

I know my buddy Brian Torchin is excited for the sequel. We’ll have to see how this ends up.

English football fans know that the Capital One Cup isn’t exactly the most exciting event in sports.  Usually, this is the competition that the big clubs like Liverpool don’t take seriously, making for boring matches against lesser competition like Middlesbrough.  But Tuesday’s encounter was anything but boring.

The match started off with plenty of drama before the spot kicks started, when the match ended 1-1 on 90 minutes.  Middlesbrough drew level in the 62nd minute, through Reach, and held on to take the match to extra time.

That’s when we were dosed with our first burst of major excitement as Liverpool took the lead with a goal by Saez in the 109th.  But once again Middlesbrough would fight back with a penalty in the very last minute of the match in the 120th.

That led to one of the most amazing encounters I’ve ever seen on the football pitch.  20, of the first 22 penalties were scored, forcing all 11 players for both teams to take a spot kick.  Something I’d never personally seen before.

The match would require 7 more penalty takers before Albert Adomah walked to the spot for MIddlesbrough. He would miss his penalty, giving Liverpool the win in a match that saw 30 penalties taken.  Very close to the all time record of 48.


If you’re in any way inclined to follow the sporting world, you know that this weekend marks one of the biggest events of the sporting year, the Ryder Cup.

This time around, the competition is special for one huge reason, it returns to Scotland for only the second time ever. That’s exciting to avid golf fans, as Scotland is the home of golf. Considering Europe are the current holders, they’ll be anxious to retain the cup now that they’re back and playing on home turf.

I’m most interested to see how a few of my favorite Americans fare. Rickie Fowler is a good underdog, with the potential to whip out some truly incredibly performances. But there’s also Jim Furyk, who I’ll be expecting a lot from, and Phil Mickelson needs to come on strong. Everybody knows what a great golfer Phil can be, but he has a tendency to fold under pressure.