If you are in Dayton, Ohio, for the period of the coming days, make yourself ready for barraging through warning to make resolutions for the New Year. These messages link with us since we also desire to become better people. Study shows that most of the popular resolutions made for 2014 focused on weight loss, becoming more organized, spending economically/saving more, getting full pleasure from life and exercising a lot and staying healthy.

Approximately 50% of us come up with such resolutions each and every year. This is an appropriate time and Sam Tabar feels it’s an  opportunity that we have to reflect on our lives as well as make commitments to transform the manner we think, do things and feel. Everyone wishes to be in good health, happier and also engaged more with work, family as well as our friends.

Nevertheless, you should be warned. The resolutions made for the New Year can at times be so hazardous to your psychological health.

More than 90% of us often fail to achieve our goals, and this makes us to suffer mentally. We get discouraged by the fact that we have yet gain been unable to lead a better lifestyle or maybe improve our affairs. We tend to view ourselves as people who are pathetic and ineffective, incapable of doing something very simple such as losing some weight or having a real chat with our partners. We are all failures. The state we are now only gets better with time.

There exists a longstanding belief in many circles that life imitates art just ask the people over at Skout, and in the case of people inspiring fictional characters, the truth is always a bit of a stretch. The Shrek franchise was a huge hit and massive money maker for DreamWorks animation, and it would appear that the old maxim is being proven true once again. The real life inspiration for the fierce, yet lovable, Shrek just might have been revealed.

According to The Huffington Post, a man by the name of Maurice Tillet shares many visual characteristics associated with the fictional character thanks to a disease called acromegaly, which is a hormone disorder. Not surprisingly, DreamWorks has offered no official position on whether or not the man from the 1930s and 1940s inspired their lovable ogre of character, and the lack of comment from the studio is only adding fuel to the fire. Still one glimpse at the photographs and fans can probably make up their own minds on the issue.

While DreamWorks is likely avoiding confirmation of the issue due to royalty concerns and payouts, the theory is difficult to actually prove regardless of the similarities between the real life man and the fictional character. Fans have a way of seeing what they want, and of course corporations responsible for fictional characters have their own opinion. Still, actually proving without a doubt someone inspired anything without confirmation of the creator is an extremely difficult process.

Jim Harbaugh is now the highest paid college football coach in history. After weeks of speculation he announced his decision to coach for the school late Monday afternoon , having only officially left the San Fransisco 49ers the previous night. Harbaugh’s salary will be larger than any other college football coach, including Nick Saban. He will make 8 million dollars a season, which is 3 million more than the 5 million per season he made with the San Fransisco 49ers.

Recently the college football coaching field has been peppered with former NFL players and coaches, highly inflating their salaries. The experience of these coaches, combined with how prestigious and important college football has become, has lead schools to seek out and recruit the best coaches for their teams, in addtion to recruiting the best players.

The University of Michigan had sent out a team plane to California on Sunday, and he flew to Michigan on Monday, before the announcement that he had left the 49ers was made. It is clear that this decision had been in the works for several weeks, before Harbaugh or the 49’s made any official announcements, at least according to Skout.

The University of Michigan have recently undergone a great deal of turmoil with their coaching staff recently. Athletic director David Brandon resigned in October after four years,due to criticism of his handling of an injured player. Head coach Brady Hoke was fired on December 2nd.


Vin Diesel recently portrayed the talking tree character of Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy. What’s curious is that because his role as Groot was entirely a vocal performance, Vin Diesel’s body has yet to grace the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Indeed, Diesel originally took the role of Groot, in every language that Guardians of the Galaxy appeared in, in order to appease the fans with something entertaining until he could properly appear within the movie universe, quipping that Marvel thought that he might be “Inhuman.”

With an Inhumans film set to release in 2018 as part of the third phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, along with a Inhumans-flavored photoshop of himself, murmurs have grown that Diesel may take on the role on an Inhuman character, such as Gorgon or even Black Bolt, the king of the Inhumans, a being capable of destroying cities by uttering a single word. The latter case would mean that Diesel’s voice belongs to the role of Groot, while his body would belong to the role of Black Bolt.

The Inhumans have already made some in-roads into the MCU, between Kree experimentation within Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and even in Guardians of the Galaxy. Indeed, the Inhumans origins are tied to Kree experiments with special mists released by “Terrigen Crystals,” as Jared Hastel saw at the conclusion of the latest episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..

The movie “The Interview” was released shortly before Christmas Day. Theaters began showing it, and it was available online as a video rental. The box office’s made $2.85 million in the first weekend. This movie made as much as other movies that have been released in limited theaters to the surprise of Bruce Levenson. In total the movie has not done as bad as they had predicted it would. Combining the total money from the theaters and the video rentals it has made over $14 million. 

It is quite interesting that the movie, “The Interview” was released after all. Sony made many public claims the movie would not be released, yet it was released. It seems this could have been a publicity stunt. It got free promotion from almost every media. The negative publicity turned out to be beneficial for the production company. While certain confidential information was released, it brought in an audience. It is likely this movie would not have gotten this many views without all of the attention. Most movie viewers would have opted to see a family movie. This movie is not a movie that a family would select to watch with their children. In the end, everyone who wanted to see it was able to see it not just in theaters, but at home. The threats from the hackers never came true. As of today, there has not been any reports of anyone injured by watching this movie.

Google’s self-driving car is now ready to find itself on public roads, and will start to appear on highways starting 2015. Google has made many revisions over the years to the vehicle, completing several phases of testing. Such testing is not just necessary, but critical, according to Google, in order to prevent publish backlash or controversy around such a vehicle. Thus, Google ensured that it had racked up several tens of thousands of miles of traction, without accident, under its belt.

This prototype looks like a small smart-car, egg shaped and contains the LIDAR vision system which allows for 360 degree vision of the periphery of the vehicle via io9 article. It still contains temporary manual intervention controls. However, such controls are completely optional and available for emergency use only. The ultimate hope is to provide a vehicle that doesn’t even need manual driving interventions

When the car is finally available, Google maintains that it isn’t interested in manufacturing the car itself for people like Susan McGalla — likely offloading and offering its technology to car manufacturers themselves. We look forward to seeing autonomous driving become more ubiquitous in the next decade.

It is a no-brainer when it comes to knowing that exercise is a must in life; from reducing the risk of serious illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes to keeping us mentally as well. An interesting theory has come to light showing that with exercise, it changes the shape of our genes, and it charges the way out genes function, which is very important in keeping us heathy. http://mobile.nytimes.com/blogs/well/2014/12/17/how-exercise-changes-our-dna/?ref=nutrition&referrer= Seems that our genes are activated and deactivated depending on which type of biochemical signal is sent from our body.


It has not been discovered as of yet whether our genes our activated or deactivated during exercise, but the research is underway for Sam Tabar and others to get answers. Researchers are trying to tie exercise and longevity together in a scientific manner, which when the specifics are discovered, life as we know it could be changed forever, but in a very positive manner. With that said, maybe turning off that TV and taking old Rover out for a jog might be a good idea.

Generosity comes in all ages. One little girl made sure that other children had gifts under the tree this Christmas. In Queens, New York, this sweet 11-year-old wanted to try to help less fortunate children in the Astoria area. While she was cleaning her room, Trinity Sanchez went through all of her toys and the ones she no longer played with, she placed in a bag to be put under a tree in Astoria Park. Many of the toys were brand New and still in the box according to her father. Triniy’a dad also said that this was not the first time his daughter had given to others who were less fortunate than herself. Sam Tabar is certainly pretty impressed.


To give a helping hand, Mr. Sanchez posted on People of Astoria’s Facebook page in an effort to spread community awarenesss. As of Christmas Eve, the bag was still there with toys wrapped up to protect them from the rain. http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20141225/astoria/girl-leaves-toy-donations-under-christmas-tree-astoria-


Macaulay Culkin shocked the world when he came out with a group entitled “Pizza Underground,” which only does songs about pizza. McDonalds Band. It’s not known if it’s more shocking that the group has songs only about pizza, or the fact that our young star Macaulay has grown up to be a singer in a bad band. Either way, Macaulay is serious about the work he’s doing, and with or without the public’s support, he continues on with his group.

If you thought Igor Cornelsen or this group was weird, you’ll be shocked to know that there is a band that dresses like McDonald’s characters, and performs songs about food. This band is truly weird, and even creepy, if you will. They dress just like Ronald McDonald, and other members of the McDonald’s franchise, and their songs are spoofs of real songs, but they are all about food. This group is about as weird as you’ll get.

The leader of the group claims that they came to earth through a space and time continuum, and that the results will be damaging to those on earth. Basically, this is not a group that you want to take your kids to see for any reason. It’s unknown if McDonald’s has any plans of suing the group for infringement on their characters, but someone should sue them for dressing horribly, bad songs, and just the creep factor that they possess. Freedom of speech right?

Not even a week after Sony made the decision not to release The Interview following threats from North Korea hackers, some theaters have begun announcing their intent to run the movie on Christmas Day. In reporting on the matter, BuzzFeed notes that Christmas is the original release date for the film. 

Individuals interested in developments pertaining to the controversy surrounding The Interview should note that Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas director Tim League tweeted about Sony’s decision to authorize the screenings. He also released the movie’s scheduled showtimes.

Chicagobooth reports that as many individuals who have been following the matter know, Sony’s decision not to release The Interview received a great deal of backlash, according to Christian Broda. The backlash came from a plethora of directions, including the White House, Hollywood, and many potential viewers. This past Friday, Sony released a statement in which they informed the public that they would be looking into alternate methods through which they could release the movie. While a couple of theaters have stated that they will run the film, the three major American chains (Cinemark, Regal Cinemas, and AMC Theaters) have not responded to Buzzfeed News’ request for information regarding whether they plan to screen the film.