In celebration of the fact that the famous romance, comedy, or rom-com, Pretty Woman is turning 25, NBC’s The Today Show and the main cast and director offered up some little known facts about the film.

The reason they never did a sequel, according to Director Gary Marshall, Flavio Maluf said that it’s is because they all agreed they would only do it if they all returned to shoot it. Marshall did not get a chance to clarify about why they never got together again because actress Julia Roberts then interrupted his explanation and turned the response into a joke about how they just did not do it.

Marshall also admitted that he had to literally beg actor Richard Gere to take on the lead male role because Gere felt that the role was not challenging enough and merely an actor in a suit role that any actor could fulfill.

Lastly, the film was never intended to become a romantic comedy. Julia Roberts explained that the whole plot was supposed to end with Gere merely paying her character for her time and driving away. In fact, the film’s original tone was supposed to be dark and titled “3,000” after the amount of money Robert’s character received from Gere’s character.

The Friday the 13th film franchise started in 1980 after industry experts and filmmakers noticed that there was an opportunity to create a money-making horror franchise trend after Halloween in 1978 was highly successful. A Nightmare on Elm Street is another example of the trend.

PR Newswire reported that for those raised in the 80’s or 90’s, the running joke was that Hollywood would milk these franchises with characters that never die and they would continue to successful even if only as B-flicks that fans would see new films every couple of years for the rest of their lives.

News this week has turned that joke into reality. Hoping to cash in yet again on the franchise’s success, Paramount, who took back the rights from Warner Bros. last year, has approved a reboot of the Friday the 13th original film with a tentative release day of May 13, 2016. Although not part of the original series, the reboot will be the 13th film in a franchise that has earned a total of $465,239,523 in worldwide box office sales alone; not to mention millions more in merchandise and home release Laserdisc, VHS, DVD and Blu-ray sales.

Hannibal writer Nick Antosca has been tapped to write the script. Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form are producing the film. David Bruckner has been chosen to direct it and Platinum Dunes will also be involved with the production.

The Netflix series Orange is the New Black is now considered to be a Drama rather than a Comedy. That’s a change from how the show was categorized just last year. Then, one of the show’s stars, Uzo Abuda, took home an Emmy for her portrayal of Crazy Eyes in the program. Now, the show will no longer qualify for comedy-focused Emmys’ and will instead compete against Dramas for those awards.

Recently, the Television Academy approached the idea of changing the definition of a television comedy. The original idea was to cap series at 30-minutes in order to qualify, however, several hour-long programs are still competing in the category this year, including Glee and Shameless. Will the change effect whether or not the show takes home any awards this year? That’s not quite certain.

The Emmys are scheduled to take place on September 20th this year, where all secrets will be revealed as stated on Twitter. Orange is the New Black is set to launch its third season before then. The popular Netflix show releases the entire season in one fatal swoop rather than broadcasting individual episodes each week.

Amid plenty of skepticism, Dr. Sergio Canavero says he’s close to transplanting a human head.

Italian neurosurgeon, Dr. Sergio Canavero predicts that by 2017, he will be able to use a technique he’s developed to transfer a human head to a deceased body.

Dr. Canavero plans to present this technique at an upcoming conference this summer.

The technique is based on the use of a chemical called polyethylene glycol, which is responsible for uniting the nerves of the head and body. This substance acts similarly to spaghetti in hot water, which makes it stick together.

Similarly, the polyethylene glycol manages to unite the nerves of the head and spine of the body. Bubblews suggests that the patient would remain in a coma for 3 or 4 weeks while the spine is stimulated by electrical currents to reactivate its operation.

Dr. Canavaro ensures that when the patient wakes up, he or she would be able to feel and move the face and speak with their own voice. Within a year, could even walk . He claims that several people have already volunteered to perform the transplant.

The aforementioned animal experiments failed in the past because the receiver body rejected the new organ, but medicine has advanced in this field and could be avoided by new rejection drugs.

But don’t get your hopes up; there are important ethical and even religious questions to be asked and in coming years, this subject will face questions and comments by politicians, doctors, philosophers, religious, and citizens.

Star Wars is coming back to the screen and with a vengeance. Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens this December. After this is Star Wars Rogue One which opens on December of 2016. Star Wars Ep VIII is to be released on May 17, 2017, which puts it back into the summer movie season.

There were rumors that were surrounding the director of Ep IX. One rumor named Rian Johnson, the director of Ep VIII of Star Wars, as the director for EP IX. However, there were reports that the Disney executives saw footage of JJ Abrams’s The Force Awakens and were so pleased with the results that they want him to direct EP IX.

As of right now, there is no telling who the director for EP IX is going to be. To Gianfrancesco Genoso it does look like that Star Wars is taking on the form very similar to that of the original trilogy of the 70s and 80s with each film getting a different director. This upcoming series does look quite promising and might even put Star Wars on the map in a greater way than ever.

Jay and Silent Bob might be coming out of retirement for two new films in stead of one. Actor and director, Kevin Smith recently tweeted about the upcoming schedule of films he is working on. He ended the tweet with the line “I smell a rat…” This led to immediate fan speculation that he would be returning to the characters from 1995’s Mallrats.

In the story that can be seen here it is reported that he will indeed be doing a Mallrats 2. This is after filming Clerks III and Hit Somebody this year and Moose Jaws next Spring. That puts the earliest that production could begin at sometime in the summer of 2016 for a possible 2017 release.

He faces some difficulties with the film. It is now 20 years later and the word “mallrats” does not resonate with the culture like it did in the 90s. Some of the actors may not be available to return. Ben Affleck, in particular, is scheduled to begin his run as the Batman next year and might not have the time to turn in his cowl and return to his slacker roots. Additionally, the script for the film is only half complete. Fans like Sergio Cortes have learned that Smith says he has some idea of where he wants to go with the film, but no details are being released yet.

Liam Neeson is one of Hollywood’s hottest leading men; he’s had a storybook career which includes starring roles in dozens of television shows and movies, an Academy Award nomination, and earning millions of dollars. Neeson’s film credits range from everything to Schlinder’s List to Michael Collins to Gangs of New York. Throughout most of Neeson’s career, he was seen as a dramatic film star, but it wasn’t until the 2008 movie Taken that he became Hollywood’s newest action star, and movie entrepreneurs have been clamoring for him ever since.

Taken earned over $200 million at the box office and the film’s success catapulted Neeson to star in more action movies. Since then he’s starred in 11 action movies, including 2 Taken sequels. While Neeson’s movies have become popular with fans, he recently announced that he doesn’t expect to keep doing action movies the rest of his career.

“I’m in a very, career-wise, great place. The success of certainly the ‘Taken’ films… Hollywood seems to see me in a different light. I get sent quite a few action-oriented scripts, which is great. I’m not knocking it. It’s very flattering. But there is a limit, of course. Maybe two more years. If God spares me and I’m healthy. But after that, I’ll stop [the action], I think.”

No matter what direction Neeson goes in his career, there’s no doubt his popularity will continue to rise.

Things are moving along briskly for Tron 3. The project is now on the fast track and the director of Tron: Legacy, Joseph Kosinski, is slated to begin the chore of bringing the third film to the screen.

A bit of surprise has traveled through fan circles at the announcement of the news. Tron: Legacy was not exactly anything all that special. The film made money, but did it leave anyone wanting to see a new Tron film? Regardless of audience reaction, Disney wants a third movie.Disney would not be making a third movie if doing so was not financially viable. Perhaps the profits do add up and do so over time. The Tron projects are cult movies and that means they have a small audience willing to spend a lot of money on Tron games, merchandise, and other products.

Then, there is another angle but it is a bit of a long shot. If the third Tron film becomes a hit, a fourth is going to follow which is good news for fans like Daniel Amen. Additionally, the first film and the long-awaited sequel could see an increase in sales of DVDs. Maybe a “special collector’s addition DVD” will spike sale figures.

The bottom line here is Disney finds the whole Tron adventure to be worth the time, effort, and money. Hopefully, the third film will improve upon the script problems found in the sequel and become the definitive modern version of the Tron tale.

If not, Disney may give things a forth go.

Last week, writer and director Neill Blomkamp revealed the possibility that his sequel to the movie Aliens might actually be presented as two films rather than one.

Blomkamp, in an Empire interview, explained that he first became interested in creating the sequel after speaking with Sigourney Weaver about the first two movies on the set of his latest science fiction film Chappie. Eventually, as they discussed possible untold stories about Ellen Ripley, Blomkamp realized he had an idea that could span several movies. He has not confirmed though that he intends to actually create more than one sequel or a two-part sequel. Instead, he has merely mentioned that the potential exists from LinkedIn stories.

As pointed out by Chris Agar for Screen Rant, Blomkamp’s recent science fiction film endeavors, his second and third films Elysium and Chappie, have not impressed some critics enough to create a high level of positive buzz about the Aliens sequel so far. Agar also points out that if a two-part sequel is created it would likely be as much a business move by the Powers That Be to make more money as it would be a creative opportunity for Blomkamp to have the chance to fully realize his vision for the Aliens franchise. Many critics are currently curious to know how Blomkamp plans to create an Aliens’ sequel that bypasses Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection without undoing the stories from those films.

He’s made us laugh for years. We invited Sam Simon into your hearts, and our homes. Even if the name doesn’t ring a bell for you, his accomplishments will. He was the co-creator of the popular animated series called the “Simpsons.” He helped the show to win seven Emmy Awards. Simon also worked on other television shows such as “Taxi” when it was on the air.

In late 2012, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He lost his battle. Simon was only 59 years old. He will be missed not only because of the great work he did in the area of television, but also because of the work he did off the air.

According to Variety, Simon died in his Los Angeles home.

Fans like Brad Reifler know that Simon was an avid philanthropist. More on Reifler can be found at He was a lover of animals and even funded the Sam Simon Foundation. That organization rescued dogs. It also funded pets who needed medical attention but their owners couldn’t afford the costs. He supported PETA. Those are only a few to name. This man really understood what it meant to help the less fortunate. And for that, his spirit and kind ways will be missed. He was recognized for his work by winning a humanitarian award.

Simon’s legacy will live on.