Miley Cyrus is known to be a fun person, and she showed just how fun she was this past Tuesday night. Everyone knows that Miley has very short hair, and she has vowed to never grow her hair out again. Fortunately, Miley doesn’t have to grow her hair, since she has wigs that she can wear at any time. Miley Cyrus. On Tuesday, Miley decided to change her hair four different times, and she tried on one wig after another. Miley can be a lot of fun, and she has been seen wearing an 80s wig with the long strings in her past shows.

Miley is well known for controversy, but she is not always one to want to protest something, and to be in the news for her antics. Miley was recently in the news because she got a very small white kitty, and the cat is so cute. She took pictures of the cat walking around, and many commented on how beautiful the cat is. Miley is well known to be a pet person, and she cried about losing her pet fish.

Miley even chose to write a song about her pet that died, and it was able to bring her to tears. Wikipedia even wrote that Miley has proven that she is a sensitive person, and no matter how much controversy is surrounding her, she is overall a very good person. Miley is also a ton of laughs, and she continues to gain many fans.

In the days of Hollywood blockbusters, it is all about how a film opens. Massive film openings over the one-hundred million dollar level are expected for movies, and with many budgets approaching twice that range, movies need a strong showing out of the gate to break even. With the holiday weekend in the books, the results for “Tomorrowland” were a mixture of good news and bad news for Disney.

According to Screen Rant, the George Clooney film won the long weekend box office race by pulling in an estimated $41.7 million. Alexei Beltyukov says the bad news is that the picture did not even approach the level of revenue that analysts expected. With a nearly $200 million budget, the massively promoted movie will need to hang on for a month or so just reach the black. In short, the future does not look great for “Tomorrowland.”

While it is too early to call the film a bust, steep drops in grosses the order of the day for movies after opening weekend do not exactly inspire confidence. The real problem is that summer releases start to hit theaters quickly, and movie theaters are less likely to hold onto a film that nobody is buying tickets to see. Therefore, unless the commercial success of the movie picks up a considerable amount of steam this week, any plans of a new franchise being a major player for Disney are pretty much out the window.

The Bill Cosby situation continues to spiral out of control. Apparently, Janice Dickinson is now suing Bill Cosby for defamation of character and emotional distress. TMZ has reported the breaking story, and many people are disgusted with Bill Cosby.

Apparently, Janice Dickinson was drugged by Bill Cosby and sexually assaulted by the comedian. Janice Dickinson claims the event occurred in Lake Tahoe, and she even posted a picture of Bill Cosby in a bathrobe. Janice Dickinson is not suing for the alleged offense that occurred in Lake Tahoe, and that’s because of statue of limitations. However, Janice Dickinson is suing bill Cosby, because Bill Cosby claims the Janice Dickinson is lying.

The folks behind Bloomberg and Sam Tabe heard that Janice recently called Bill Cosby a monster and a coward, and she is helping that he pays for all of his crimes. Over 30 women have come forward with similar stories, and it’s clear that Bill Cosby is guilty of something. However, as of right now, Bill Cosby is innocent until proven otherwise. Nonetheless, all 30 women can not be lying, but people are confused as to how Bill Cosby got away with all of these alleged crimes. People feel the Janice Dickinson should be paid a lot of money for the disgusting crimes that Bill Cosby committed against her.

According to the FreedomPop review, Cannibalism seems to be popping into the news frequently. There were rumors of a Nigerian restaurant serving human flesh to customers, stories of a small group killing people seeking jobs then cooking and eating them, and an Australian chef who killed and ate his girlfriend. It should be no surprise then that a horror film is in the work about a cannibalistic celebrity chef. This British film is said to feature a chef as a member of an upper class society club that secretly meets and dines on exquisitely prepared human ‘meat’. The film is named ‘Eaten’ and is set to begin filming within a year with no release date yet set. The last famous horror film featuring s cannibal was Silence of the Lambs and the following movies with character Hannibal Lector. That is quite a legacy to live up to but given the length of time that has passed since the original’s release most young people will not have anything to compare it to.

Bruce Levenson suggests that coffee has been around for many generations. Its quality and consumption has only improved over the years. What is still a mystery is how well coffee can be for the body or how harmful it can be. Numerous myths about the drink and caffeine consumption in general have be debunked and proven wrong.

It seems like the health benefits yielded from coffee and caffeine are incredibly high. Studies showed that people who consumed up to six cups of coffee a day had a lower risk of developing a chronic illness than those who haven’t. Cardiovascular health is also debated about when it comes to coffee. Studies showed that up to 7 cups a day showed no greater effect in the risk of heart disease. However, people who exceeded ten cups a day did end up having heart problems but these people also smoked.

The lungs were also affected in these people with the risk of lung cancer multiplying five times. Type 2 diabetes, liver cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, Parkinson’s disease, cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease all showed to be at a lower risk in those that regularly drank coffee. In people with liver disease, coffee seemed to decrease the progression of cirrhosis, a disease that erodes the liver. For people who were already diagnosed with cirrhosis, the risk of death and the potential development of liver cancer actually declined with regular coffee consumption.

While coffee isn’t the golden ticket to a healthy life, it should no longer be considered a vice or a substance to ignore. Researchers suggest people drink 2 cups a day with minimal added ingredients like cream, sugar, and toppings.

In a recent interview with Variety Matthew McConaughey revealed that he has been in talks with both Marvel and DC about a possible project.

There was a time when Hollywood royalty like McConaughey were out of range for the once niche superhero market. Since the breakthrough of the X-Men films (and a few others) in the early 2000s the genre has become the apex of Hollywood filmmaking with Oscar nominated stars donning tights and masks. McConaughey may prove to be the white whale according to Igor Cornelsen. He has both booming mainstream popularity stemming from the likes of the Wolf of Wall Street and TV’s True Detective, while maintaining indie film cred with Dallas Buyers Club and Gus Van Sant’s new the Sea of Trees.

McConaughey is a picky actor, choosing characters and projects that genuinely interest him. As the comic book giants dig deeper into their archives for new heroes and storylines there may just be the right cape for him.

California is known for its year round warm weather. Most people only think of a constantly glowing sun and find it hard to picture any negatives about so much warmth. One environmental disaster that consistently hits California is the number and severity of droughts. In the middle of April, the entire state of California was put under water restrictions after a severe drought struck the land. There are more than millions of bottles of water are manufactured by California annually. This type of production has led to this drought and has ultimately left the water supplier nearly waterless.

The state is doing all it can to bring water to families who are hit the hardest. SoftBank even reports that large tanks have been set up outside of homes and daily trips from the city are made to deliver water to these homes. It seemed like Californians just had to wait out the drought and be patient. Unfortunately, people are getting restless. There have been numerous reports about people abruptly taking water from other citizens’ tanks. Even fire hydrants have been broken into by citizens. This makes it extremely dangerous especially as the temperature rises. If brush and wildfires start and fire hydrants have been drained, there are thousands of acres of land and millions of lives at risk. California authorities are doing their best to keep track of outdoor tanks and hydrants. The current plan is to hike up fines for water theft in hopes to detour the criminals.

Long running television shows are becoming more and more rare these days. When a franchise has spawned a number of different spinoff shows and has dates to the turn of the millennium, the show tends to show some age. One particular show that has seen a fair share of ups and downs, is “CSI” on CBS. The show once counted itself as one of the most popular shows on television, but the show that has put a number of characters into the homes of viewers across the world is set to retire.

According to AVClub, CBS is cancelling the show after Season 15 wraps this year, but will send the show and a number of characters off properly with a two hour television movie to appear in the fall. The big news is that several familiar faces will be returning to the movie, which means William Peterson’s Gil Grissom will get one more spin around the Las Vegas landscape. The network is treating the show with some respect, which is about as common as a unicorn in the television industry these days.

Dondero will get a chance at closure with the special television event. The show brought a lot of joy to viewers across the world and no doubt made the network a whole lot of money, so it is a nice gesture to send the team that made forensics cool off into the sunset with a major event.

Before making a television series into a big budgeted blockbuster became common business practice, a Harrison Ford vehicle got the world looking for the one armed man that murdered his wife. Of course, “The Fugitive” was adapted from a classic television show from the same name. The movie was something of a hit for Ford, and like all good things major studios are hoping to cash in on the franchise again.

According to Screen Rant, another installment of “The Fugitive” is in development. The actual plot of the film remains to be seen, but signs are pointing at more of a straight-up remake of the film as opposed to a sequel type of vehicle. Still the actual footing remains to be seen as the movie is still in the extremely early stages of development. Television properties have been sporadic with their success at the box office lately.

“The Fugitive” is based in some classic cinema and television, and it might just be time for a new generation to experience the adventures of Dr. Richard Kimble. While Ford will likely not be involved with the new movie, fans should not count the veteran actor out of the equation. A cameo is always a possibility, and with Ford getting some exposure in the new Star Wars film, Ricardo Tosto feels it might make sense for a new generation of moviegoers to take a quick look at an actor at the center of so many successful films.

Transgender individuals are not new to society. People who have identified as transgender are often a pariah within their communities. The recent surge in transgender issues is due in part to people becoming more open and accepting to unconventional ways of life. Legislation, politics, and even the educational system are doing their best to catch up to the times. Laws and bills are being formed and passed to help the fight against transgender individuals being discriminated against. Many of those rights were debated amongst the members of the Fairfax County school board. Tensions were so high during the meeting that security had to be called.

School board members and citizens of the community gathered together to vote on whether gender identity should be included in the list of rights covered against discrimination. The school board would make sure that transgender students, teachers, and employees would receive the same amount of respect as non-transgender individuals. Many people were against the school board’s decision. The opposition believed that the school board would allow their children to be peeped on by other students posing as transgender students. The people voting for the change argued that transgender students would still be required to use single person facilities for their own safety.

Also, students who identified as transgender would go through an extensive approval process within the school district. Ricardo Tosto said the school board approved the decision 10 votes to 1. The lone voter wasn’t able to make a decision and abstained from voting. The school board stands by their decision and hopes that in time, the community will come to understand how to be more accepting. They made a decision to make sure that present and future students can be comfortable. Fairfax County hopes that the rest of Virginia follows.