There are a lot of companies marketing healthy products, and there are a lot of companies who succeed at selling their products and do well for themselves. OrganoGold is one of those companies. Facebook employees said they started off marketing their Chinese herb products a while ago, and they have been doing great ever since then. They have been able to expand to multiple countries as their product gains popularity. They are passionate about what they do, and because of their passion, they have been able to take their company far.

Bernardo Chua is the man who came up with the idea for the company OrganoGold. He wanted to share the Chinese herb with the world. He had business experience before that, and he used that to help him to get this company up and running. And, thanks to all that he knows about business, he has been able to take this company far. He has been able to do a lot for them, and they are doing great as a company. The Chinese herb is getting a lot of attention, and they have been able to expand far as a company.

So, as you can see from what is written about the founder of this company, what it takes for a healthy product to get popular is for it to have some hard workers in the company. OrganoGold has that. They have people behind them who believe in them. They will go far as a company because of how hard their workers and founder will work for them.

With a name that sounds like an expedition looking for gemstones, Crystal Hunt is an American screen actress and producer. She is best known for roles in the soap operas Guiding Light and One Life to Live, and has also appeared in a number of movies. She has received a daytime Emmy nomination and Soap Opera Digest Award for her role in Guiding Light (2005 ). Her big screen roles include parts in The Derby Stallion, Sydney White, NYC Underground, 23 Blast, and Magic Mike XXL. She is the executive producer of a new movie, Talbot County, which is movie based on the legend about Emily Burt, a resident of Talbot County, Ga. in the late 19th century who was thought to have suffered from lycanthropy.

Crystal began her career at the age of 2 by appearing in pageants where her “talent” was in acting. Apparently this was a genuine talent. She was 17 when she was cast as Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light. Her role on One Life to Live was as stripper Stacy Morasco.

Crystal is also active in her church in hometown Clearwater, Florida. Her website even carried an invitation to Easter services. The lovely smile seen on her face in so many pictures of her looks like a smile so often seen in church.

Crystal also expresses a fondness for Indy car races and the type of “Jacked Up” pickup trucks seen so frequently in her home state of Florida. She also has an interest in animals, including owning a high end pet boutique.

Mobile cell phone carriers have been all the rage in the tech start up world as newer and newer companies all vie to get the inside scoop on how to grab a new demographic of clienteles. Whether these new independent mobile carriers are focused on unlimited data plans or nationwide hotspot networks, they are all looking to get the edge while undercutting the opposition. One L.A. based start up, FreedomPop, is now looking at a global expansion after shrugging off dogged M&A rumors over the past couple of months.

FreedomPop was established in L.A. back in 2012 by a group of tech minded individuals. Their start up was immediately seeded by the founder of Skype and this pushed CEO Stephen Stokols and the rest of the group forward with near instant success. FreedomPop is focusing on supplying a ‘freemium’ carrier service for people who are interested in completely free, and limited, service as the core part of their plan. Individuals who sign up for FreedomPop get a limited amount of free mobile data, minutes, and SMS text messages. If the clients go over their limit then they are charged overages or if they wish to upgrade their plan they can buy additional services.

The start up became a hot commodity after the huge networking giants, like AT&T and Comcast, began snapping up smaller mobile companies. For months there were rumors that FreedomPop was on the verge of selling. This ended up not being the case as FreedomPop just closed out a successful Series B round which inked them over $30 million in new investment capital, thanks in large part to Partech Ventures — a European venture capitalist group. With this new investment money in hand the company is aiming at pushing their U.K. expansion.

FreedomPop has already launched their core brand in the U.K. which is one of the hardest and most competitive mobile markets in the world. It’s slightly more restricted than the U.S. release but has its own set of perks. Users who travel often can also partake in the U.K. special service ‘JetSetter’ which is focused on giving certain amounts of free data to those that would otherwise be roaming due to their traveling. FreedomPop is currently growing at a rate of 25% per quarter and these new services should help to keep the company floating toward the big time, ultimately making them competitive with the other huge carriers.

While the freemium mobile data plan is pretty unique it is likely to be a trend going forward, not something that breaks the mould. More and more companies are needing to offer dramatic new services in order to acquire and retain a customer base. With mobile hot spots becoming common place as well there is no reason that companies can’t get creative with what they are going to be offering. As FredomPop grows expect them to be emulated by many new companies popping up all over the world and watch as the mobile trend completely changes for the better.

The renowned Brazilian author Jamie Garcia Dias has written many fictional books, received much recognition and owns many literary accolades. Dias was awarded the ABC Award of Brazil Fictional Literature. In 2001, Dias was presented with the prestigious accolade of the White Crane Award. The White Crane award is highly respected in the world of Brazilian literature and helped place Dias at the forefront of the Brazilian literary world.

As a youth, Dias was inspired by the works of his father, a respected writer and journalist. At the young age of 15, Dias decided that he wanted to become a writer as well. His father was his mentor and helped to foster Jamie’s love of literature. By the age of 18, Dias had written his first book. It is incredible to think that at an age where most people are focusing on graduating from high school that Jamie had already written a book. Dias pursued further study of literature in college and later served as a teacher at the Carioca Literature Academy.

For five years he taught students that were interested in pursing a career in literature. Dias was a passionate teacher and after introducing new techniques and methods of study, he rose in the administration. During this time, Dias continued to write. Many teachers would be too exhausted to write after a grueling day of teaching students, but Dias spent his evenings writings into the night. By the age of 30, Dias had already written ten books. Many writers would consider that quite an accomplishment and would be inclined to rest on their laurels a bit. Dias did not take a step back from his writing, instead he produced more work.

Dias has published twenty books. Five of his titles were award winning including Fell From Heaven, Two Ways, Canal, Clouds and Tiny. Fell From Heaven was especially popular and sold well throughout South America. The Argentinian writer Joshua Gomez lauded Dias’s novel as a great work of literature.

Jamie Garcia Dias continues to write and 2013 he was invited to write for the weekly publication the Journal of Brazil. He would often write pieces that were a tribute to his father in this publication. His most recent book was also written as a tribute to his father, the man that first inspired Jamie Garcia Dias to fall in love with literature. He shares stories of his childhood. Audiences are able to witness the strong sense of family that Dias experienced as child. Perhaps this warmth contributed to Dias’s writing style.

Hailing from the city of Rio de Janeiro, Dias has won the respect of the Brazilian literary world. He is widely recognized as one of the leading fiction writers in Brazil. He is one of Brazil’s cultural treasures and literary icons.

Financial law is a legal world that is constantly evolving and changing. It is defined as the legal structure that surrounds the process of providing or increasing funds or capital. Financial law can apply to the areas of the legal world that deal with everything from credit card interest rates to mortgages to mergers and acquisitions.

The world of finance has regulations to prevent markets from being manipulated by things like insider trading. It also ensures the adequacy of the various professionals in the field. Also, regulations are set in place to protect consumers, deal with financial grievances and stabilize confidence.

There are several types of finance law. Securities law oversees the shifts of shares, bonds and stocks. This type of financial law also helps regulate market mechanisms, futures, commodities, options and derivatives. Securities also govern the world of brokers and brokerage disputes.

Antitrust competition is another form of finance law. The Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice use this law to oversee corporate takeovers and mergers. Also, agencies use this law to ensure that the market isn’t cornered.

Corporate law is related to antitrust competition law. Lawyerist reports that this area of finance law deals with the regulation and formation of companies, financing, corporate boards and offerings. Corporate law also deals with ethics and public responsibility.

A leader and recognized name in the field of finance law and the world of finance is Sam Tabar. Sam is an attorney based out of New York and also known as a capital strategist. Sam Tabar is a well known expert in financial advisement and hedge funds, and has gathered a lot of respect, skill and experience in a relatively short amount of time. He left Oxford University in May of 2000 with Bachelors of Arts and received it with honors. He worked as an associate attorney for several years, but his career began to really gather steam in 2010 when he joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Later, Sam took his skill set to Asia and the Pacific Region when he became Head and Director of the region, and he utilized his linguistic talent for speaking Japanese. Sam continued his career to join several other firms with senior positions, and he took interest in a startup company called THINX that offers aid and support to women in Africa and America.

Adam Sender is a collector of contemporary art whose discerning judgment and knack for predicting the future have put him on track to be one of the most interesting collectors around. He has a knack for picking out diamonds in the rough: young artists hovering at the very beginning of a long and productive career.

One of the keys to Sender’s rise is surely his networking skill. He engages with the contemporary art scene as a living place full not just of works to collect but of actual human beings. By all accounts he has a particular rapport with female artists and his collections include a sizable proportion of pieces by women artists including Cindy Sherman, Barbara Kruger, Mickalene Thomas, and Sarah Lucas.

Some art collectors keep a tight, almost jealous hold on their collections. Sender, instead, makes a point of sharing his with the world. Of course from time to time he sells pieces, often in large numbers and for impressive profits. For instance Sender set five price records during a recent auction at Sotheby’s. But in addition to sales he also makes a habit of lending out pieces to major museums and exhibitions. In fact he has created a website for the purpose: people are encouraged to engage with the collector and make their case for why he should lend his pieces to them.

Given his origins as a hedge fund manager, one might think that Sender began by got into art collecting as a financial opportunity. But he has a real passion for art and he asserts that at the beginning he never expected his collection to take off to such a dazzling extent. He said that from the outset, “Every single thing I bought, I was passionate about. It grew organically.”

And grow it did. Sender’s complete collection of over 1,000 pieces is estimated to be worth over $100 million. In addition to selling and lending he has also made forays into the world of exhibitions. In 2011 he staged his first private exhibition from the collection in one of his private residences in Miami. The exhibition, entitled “Home Alone,” showcased 85 pieces selected from the full collection. In the exhibition he focused not only on showing the art but on using the space to its full potential, distributing the pieces throughout the house in creative ways. Clearly that creativity has served him well throughout his career and will keep him at the forefront of the collecting world in the future.

Visual effects have been used in films for decades, though they have been vastly improved since their start. Slowly they started their leak into the music industry as well, the greatest amount used recently in the Billboard Music Awards in 2014 which brought Michael Jackson back to life for a live performance. Visual effects are anything but easy, even when they first began making their way into film as a normal occurrence. Now, computers play a major role in creating the special effects seen in action and horror movies. Even independent film makes have access to the technology, so you’ll see more and more aspiring filmmakers using their own self-made visual effects.

Most visual effects are done after the raw filming is finished and cut back into the already complete film. Although everything is carefully planned out before filming begins so that the process is simplified and the movie can make it out by its planned deadline. There are roughly four categories most effects can be grouped into; matte painting and stills, live action using green screens or blue screens, digital animation and digital effects like CGI. Many directors choose to use a variety of these types of effects to create a cinematic masterpiece for the public.

A wonderful example of the greatness that can come from visual effects done correctly is the Michael Jackson concert performed at the Billboard Music Awards. Pulse Executive Chairman John Textor watched the magic happen when the Jackson effect was created, claiming it was not a holograph but and illusion. Textor has been a well known name in the visual effects circle for years, having gotten his degree in 1987 and starting two entertainment companies in the 90s. In 2006 he became the CEO of Digital Domain whom are responsible for providing great visual effects to feature films like Transforms, Tron: Legacy, and Pirates of the Caribbean: At world’s end. Along with recreating Michael Jackson he has done the same imagery for Coachella where he recreated Tupak Shakur, and has also made illusions of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley.

Visual effects provide the public with eye opening entrainment, jaw dropping explosions and terrifying ghosts and demons for a great Halloween movie night. It’s creation has brought legends back to life, even for just one night. As more artists come into the field, more dreams and fantasy worlds are able to be brought to life.

The kidnapping of children, though frowned upon, is unfortunately a common occurrence in a statement by Kenneth Griffin. One kidnapping story, however, did have a happy ending. A worker at a pizza restaurant stepped out for a break one day. In doing so, she happened to witness a kidnapping and even was able to save the victim’s life.

On July 9th, Texas resident, Courtney Best, stepped outside of Papa Murphy’s Pizza to take a break. This day in particular was similar to any other day of hers. That is, until she saved a victim being kidnapped. As Courtney was taking her break, she noticed an Amber Alert that appeared on her phone that pertained to 7-year old, Nicolas Gomez.

Courtney noticed a suspicious man with a child, yet still was not convinced that he was a suspect of kidnapping. She did not confirm her suspicion until she checked the matching license plate numbers on the man’s car. Once the plates were confirmed, she informed the police who then arrested the kidnapper and returned Nicolas home.

Best admitted that, for the most part, she does not pay close attention to Amber Alerts. However, in light of her experience, she has vowed to forever pay attention to the pop-ups on her phone that could save a child’s life. The family of Nicolas Gomez is forever grateful to Courtney Best who saved the 7-year old boy’s life. got the scoop that freemium mobile developer FreedomPop would be allaying any thoughts of selling the company. CEO Stephen Stokols, leader of the LA based startup company, said that it would be ‘premature to sell’ at the moment. Stokols went on to say that the company has big goals for the future, including an 18 month plan that would turn FreedomPop into a billion dollar business. Along the way the company will need some help and it looks like they are already starting to see some action.

In the Series B round we saw Partech Ventures lead a group of investors toward FreedomPop. ALong with DCM Capital and Mangrove CApital, an additional $30 million dollars in funding have made it to FreedomPops account. Along with contributions from Atomico (seeded by Skype founded Niklas Zennstom) the team at FreedomPop is looking at almost $50 million raised in the past three years. This number is nicely sized but pales in comparison to their goal outreach.

FreedomPop is turning the corner on 1 million total subscribers to their network and with this mark looming the team has decided to push things into overdrive. Stephen Stokols knows that the company still has a lot to improve on, expounding on the fact that their customer service has been subpar, but he knows the proper goals when he sees them. Right now Stokols is aiming to get FreedomPop into the stores of big chain retail providers, like Wal Mart and Best Buy. Such a move could bring FreedomPop dangerously close to their billion dollar goal.

FreedomPop is a freemium mobile provider that gives customers a free allotted amount of data, talk, and text. The company makes its money by upselling other services. While not completely new, this freemium market is currently booming right now.

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Backed with a Daytime Emmy Award nomination, actress Crystal Hunt has graced the television soap opera world and is now featured in the 2015 major theatrical release of Magic Mike XXL.

With a career beginning on the popular soap opera One Life to Life and Guiding Light, Hunt portrays the character of Lauren in this summer’s Magic Mike XXL. In this film Channing Tatum portrays Mike Lane, a former stripper who quickly finds himself intrigued with the idea of returning to his former profession and hitting the stage once again. Starring along with such stars as Andie MacDowell and Elizabeth Banks, Hunt feels that her portrayal of Lauren was a role that was self-empowering and thriving, particularly for the fact that she is a woman.

Entering pageants at the tender age of two led Crystal Hunt to various television commercials such as one for the Walt Disney Company. In 2003 she joined the cast of Guiding Light, taking on the role of Lizzie, a member of the wealthy and troublesome Spaulding family of Springfield. Shortly she was nominated for the Daytime Emmys Outstanding Younger Actress award.

The versatile Hunt went on to have roles in the films The Derby Stallion, Sydney White and recently she can be seen on the reality television series Queens of Drama airing on the Pop network. This show takes viewers inside the life of a group of actresses uniting to create a new series in which they each hope to star in. In addition to Crystal Hunt, the series also stars former All My Children star Lindsay Hartley, Hunter Tylo from The Bold and the Beautiful and follows the women as they tend to various tasks to ensure the development of a series.