John Textor is a man that is very well-known comes to the film industry. John Textor originally went to college and got his BA degree in economics at the Westland University in Middletown Connecticut. Over the course of the next years his passion for filmography developed, and his career completely and totally evolved. John Textor became the chairman and CEO of a digital domain productions and chairman and CEO of digital domain media group. Textor also served as the chairman and chief Chief Executive Officer of Sims Snowboard. Apart from that he has also served as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Wyncrest.

John Textor has had many leadership positions, apart from that he has been very active when it comes to the difference spectrum of technology platform, photo-realistic digital humans, and much much more. John Textor along with his digital technology companies have been responsible for the visual effects of more than 70 large-scale feature films. Some of these feature films include movies such as The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, 2012, Pirates of the Caribbean, Gran Torino, Jack and the Giant Slayer, Transformers, and Thor. These are all films that are very well known around the world, and even though individuals may see the films and enjoy them, they may not know the man behind the amazing filmography.

John Textor also had produced and was executive producer of Enders Game, and he is also the producer of the film Art Story. John Textor is a man that has done much when it comes to the film industry and to the development of . The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was a true achievement when it comes to animation. In 2009 John Textor’s company received an Academy award because of the visual effects of the animated human like creature that they created from for this film. The film also won an Academy award for best makeup, even though the actor was in reality a digital human and there was no make up involved.

John Textor is a man that has moved filmography to a whole differ level, because he and his company has created digital beings unlike any other in the world. He has gained much fame for his out of this world characters, and also for many of the films that he helped produce, and there is no doubt that in the future he will continue to surprise audiences with his amazing filmography.

Things are moving forward to thwart a once hailed genius of hedge funds, Kyle Bass. He has become nefariously known for pulling the rug out from under Pharmaceutical companies by suing their patents to drive their stocks down after short selling them before the law suit. His bag of tricks are not working these days as they once did. He is also famous for his pre-bank meltdown era predictions. He was heralded for prophetically describing the impending 2008 subprime mortgage disaster that sunk the world into a global economic depth spiral.

As mystic, M. Night Shayamalan, once paraded about as a script writer and director of a movie called The Sixth Sense, everyone thought Kyle Bass was the modern day Wunderkind of the hedge fund rodeo. He had been booked for the market analysis talking head gig many times. Yet, from 2009 onward he has not been able to read the tea leaves with any kind of visionary accuracy.

His latest game has been to run down the Pharma companies as they file for patents on their experimental drugs that are meant to save lives and diminish the suffering of millions of afflicted patients in the world. He had formulated a method of self-enrichment by stock manipulation that he creates with patent law suits. Fortunately his Dallas headquartered Hayman Capital Management firm is striking out more often now at the quest to cancel drug patents for stock manipulation games.

The games began with the 2012 America Invents Act, which was a law that was passed to cut down on inferior patents. Bass and other clever hedge funders saw the boondoggle, launching many reviews on various drug company patents in order to trigger the short sale after a review cancels their patent. Celgene Corporation smelled a rat and asked for sanctions against Bass for scamming the system for profit through short-selling during falling stock prices.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ended the review process of two patents by Acorda Therapeutic Inc. This saved their main drug for treatment of multiple sclerosis, Ampyra, from the slash and burn routine that Kyle Bass had orchestrated. His tunes to short sell Big Pharma stock and then sue to have the patents pulled with his so called Coalition for Affordable Drugs were off key. He days of abusing the legal process of inter partes review to carry out this manipulation with the end game of making a bundle of money on stock price plunges are numbered.

What is a business woman? What is the first thought that comes to your mind? It’s possible that you look up to a business woman as a sort of role model. They might even be related to you. Business women are a wonderful accoutrement to the industry. They are natural acrobats since they usually have to balance home life and work life but that’s what makes them the jewel in any company’s crown. They can fast track any company into riches and popularity by being creative, ambitious, and confident. They have twice the passion as business men.

They’re trailblazers and if I had to choose one to be at the head of the pack I would select, Susan McGalla. She’s well known for her work with American Eagle Outfitters. She helped them skyrocket by introducing new products such as a kid’s line. Her strategic know how is what sets her apart. Once her work was done at American Eagle Outfitters she moved onto the football scene. More specifically she works with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Her work is so great I wish she could be hired to work with my team, the Green Bay Packers! She really is the business woman to keep an eye on. She was featured in Forbes’ because of her great work with American Eagle Outfitters. They referred to the company as a “cash cow”.

There are many other business women just as great as Susan McGalla if not greater. For example: Hillary Clinton, Mary Kay Ash, and Oprah Winfrey. All these women have independence in common. They have a firm self belief and that is what helps them move forward to the cream of the crop. It seems that I’ve only mentioned ambition as the only prerequisite to become a successful business woman but that’s not it at all. There are so many other factors but the one that has to go hand in hand with ambition would be networking. Like they say, “it’s not what you know but who you know.” and in the business industry that couldn’t be more spot on. I’d have to say that should be the motto for anyone looking to go into the business industry. Networking is a powerful thing and first impressions become a whole lot more than just hoping you don’t spill anything on your white shirt. A lasting friendship built through networking can help not just yours but others companies prosper. It can also help weed out any sort of competition you might have in whatever field you happen to be involved in.

I do hope this insight into the wonder that is a business woman encourages you to re-think your career path and join the gratifying world of business. I dedicate this article to all the future Susan McGalla’s of the world.

Credible in Every Way
Sam Tabar has indeed earned a reputation for having strong ethics and being a credible in all aspects of his career. He is a New York-based Attorney. He is also a financial strategist. This is an individual who can be counted on and fully trusted to provide ethical services. Mr. Tabar has an impressive background that has proven to be well-rounded and ethical. These are qualities that are needed in the area of law and finances. He is an admired and respected attorney and capital strategist.

Graduated from Oxford with Honors
Sam Tabar did graduate from Oxford. He did indeed graduate with honors. He is a highly intelligent man with an education history that reveals his hard work and dedication toward his education. His commitment has been solid and diligent. After his graduation from Oxford University, Mr. Tobar then went to Columbia Law School. He was very active at Columbia. He served as Associate Editor of the Columbia Law Review. This is a highly educated person who strives to excel in every aspect of his life including his strong education.

Sound Investing Advice
Hedge funds and investing advice is an area of expertise for Sam Tabar. He is an expert and does offer sound investing advice. He is also a solid supporter of Thinx. This is a startup company. It supports women in Africa and America. Mr. Tobar has a notable career that does show his commitment and knowledge in providing sound investing advice. The following are some of his career offerings and past services. These include:
*Skadden, Arps, Slaterm, Meagher & Flom LLP
*SPARX Group Co/PMA Investment Advisors
*Bank of America Merrill Lynch
*Adanac LLC, BVI
*Roth and Zabell LLP

A Man of Integrity
Sam Tabar is a man of integrity. He is an attorney with high ethical standards. He is well educated and offers much to society in many ways including providing trustworthy advice in areas of finance. He speaks fluent French and English. He can also speak Japanese. Mr. Tabar offers integrity freely and is an individual who can be fully trusted to have the knowledge and skills to make solid contributions in many areas of business, law, and financial matters.

What I’m about to tell you is true. I attribute attorney Dan Newlin in saving my sanity, my freedom, and ultimately my life. Honestly, before I met him I was a mess. I had started a family but was not caring for them like I should. I made a bunch of bad decisions to boot. Started invlolving myself with illegal activity. Started hanging with crowds that were detrimental to my growth as a man. Then, I was charged with a crime.

This is where Dan Newlin comes in. OK, I was guilty of the crime. I was stupidly writing checks I knew to be fraudulent. The thing is, I really didn’t care about the consequences. I was on one of those death wishes we hear about from the movies. I had heard about him through an associate of mine who said Newlin had helped to change his life for the better. Needless to say, I was intrigued. My life definitely needed to get better, and I definitely needed to take care of my newly formed family.

The first thing about Dan is his honesty. He told me exactly what he could do for me without all that beating around the bush that other attorneys do. He was straight forward. I had to accept responsibility for what I had done, suffer the punishment, then move on, determined to never repeat the same behavior again. If I would not have met him, I probably would not be writing this. He taught me that the criminal justice system always has the last word. To this I am eternally grateful.

If you are in the Florida area and need a competent attorney who will always fight for you in the courtroom, look no further than Dan Newlin. His reputation speaks for itself. He has numerous connections through the state, and will never take that first plea bargain. I have never met a more intelligent man, completely in control of the legal system. There is no other attorney that will get you the results you are looking for. Give him a call and get back to your life. He did it for me, there is no reason that he will not do it for you. To me, an attorney must put his client first. This is exactly what Newlin does. He has granted me back the gift of spending time with my family, and making an honest living. Dan Newlin is a well known personal injury attorney in the state of Florida.

The summer of 2015 unleashed the long-awaited sequel to the 2012 comedy-drama Magic Mike. Released on July 1, 2015, Magic Mike XXL reintroduces Mike (Channing Tatum), a former male stripper who now runs his own furniture business, three years after abandoning his former lifestyle. Mike and his dancing buddies end up taking a road trip to a stripper convention in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Along the way, they run into a number of newcomers into the Magic Mike universe, including Jada Pinkett-Smith as a strip club owner and former NFL star Michael Strahan as one of her dancing employees. Star Channing Tatum teased that the sequel boasted less plot but plenty of spectacle.

Also featured in the film according to Facebook is Emmy-nominated actress Crystal Hunt, best known for her role as troubled teenager Lizzie Spaulding in the iconic daytime series Guiding Light. Participating in pageants and commercials since she was a young child, Hunt’s acting career took off after she was spotted by an agent at the Actors Workshop in New York and quickly offered a role on Guiding Light that would earn the young actress an Emmy nomination. Hunt got her break into motion pictures starring opposite Zac Efron in the family movie The Derby Stallion. In 2009 she would return to her television roots, being cast as devious stripper Stacy Morasco in the daytime series One Life To Live. Hunt has kept a rigorous schedule while being involved in multiple projects, including 2015’s Magic Mike XXL, in which she played Lauren.

Having been founded in the year 2007 and later undergone reorganization seven years later, the Newark Economic Development Corporation has placed itself as the leading economic and policy maker in the city of Newark. While the focused has been placed at ensuring that the businesses, whether small or large; are sustainable in the long run, the corporation has done a great deal in attracting foreign investment for development purposes. This has been done in all of the twenty diverse cities of the region and has been done with a close relationship with other stakeholders. The most fundamental objective of the corporation has always been the idea of creating jobs and other opportunities that would ensure that the quality of life of the residents is of the highest possible quality and standard.

Kevin Seawright and Distinguished Professionalism

One of the most notable individuals that have spearheaded this development has been Kevin Seawright. He has brought in new ideas that are global in quality but applicable locally. Through his leadership style, he has merged his expertise in financial as well as administrative operations in making the corporation one of the most effective in the country. Further to this, James has accumulated over thirteen years of experience and this has been extremely invaluable to the corporation. He has led the formulation of policies that have ensured that the operation of the corporation are world class and achieve their set goals and objectives.

Perhaps the most distinguished features of his leadership and professionalism is best illustrated in his relations with the employees. He has always believed that in order to achieve the set goals and objectives, then it is essential and highly important to include the efforts of others. Through this, the Newark Economic Development Corporation has over the years involved the opinions of all the stakeholders in ensuring that the aims are aligned to the needs of the community.

The corporation has continuously worked closely with other organizations such as the Newark Department of Economic and Housing in order to achieve their objectives. The citizens of the city in New Jersey has definitely benefited and will continue to do so based on the objective of the corporation that has always been to create wealth in a sustainable manner for the benefit of the residents. This has led to the corporation being an envy of other states across the country in addition to other corporations in the world.


Andy Wirth, Squaw Valley CEO, who is a skydiving enthusiast, had a horrific accident in October of 2013. While skydiving in California, Mr. Wirth was not able to make it to his designated landing area. He landed in a vineyard full of upright poles which supported the vines. One of those poles almost completely severed his right arm and, due to the extensive blood loss, almost took his life. Surgeons were able to reattach his arm, and Mr. Wirth has been recovering with help from his family, friends, and occupational therapists.

While recovering, Mr. Wirth met a group of Navy Seals doing winter mountain combat training at Squaw Valley. In the meantime, he sent a video of himself riding a bike to IRONMAN CEO Andrew Messick. Wirth had been trying to get an IRONMAN 70.3 race, and the video prompted Messick to do so. Mr. Wirth created a relay team which consisted of one of the Navy Seals he met as swimmer, a college friend for cycling, and himself as runner, forming a team called Special Warfare Warrior Support Team that raises funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation.

The Navy SEAL Foundation is a non-profit organization formed to provide support to the Naval Special Warfare Community and its families. Post 9/11, there has been a demand for Special Operations Forces around the world. The U.S. Navy SEALs spend most of their time away from home serving our country. Our country is dependent upon their service. The Navy SEAL Foundation provides the following programs: warrior support and family services, educational opportunities, tragedy assistance, survivor support, and legacy preservation.

Andy Wirth and his IRONMAN team members are once again competing this year to support the Navy SEAL Foundation. Please help Andy Wirth’s Special Warfare Warrior Support Team reach his goal and give at:

In country, the quality of its literature is basically based on how rich its historical background is. Brazil has one of the longest historical background and this has contributed to its rich literature backed by numerous legendary authors. Brazil is one of the world’s largest populations with a great cultural mix-up. As such, the country’s authors have had different angles to write from. The country’s literature has a long history running the 1500s although it might have started even earlier than that. Ancient Brazilian authors have greatly influenced many other authors over the years and this influence has been experienced the world over. Characteristically, Brazilian authors have had an advantage in writing owing to the great culture that the country has maintained for years.

Jaime Garcia Dias in one of the greatest Brazilian Authors of all time. He is one of the highly ranked Brazilian writers in the history of literature. Dias is a Brazilian national and he spent most of his early years in the city of Rio De Janiero. At an early age, his love and passion for writing began to show up and he pursued it to become one of the most reputed Brazilian authors of all times. One of the most notable characteristic of his writes is the fact that they he has taken a particular thematic line which is love and culture.

Brazil has a rich cultural background that has been an advantage to its authors. As such, the country has produced a number of legendary authors including Pero Vaz de Caminha and Basílio da Gama. The country’s literature was well developed during the colonial period when authors used writing as the only means to pass on their messages. Literary works at that time were very political and it was a social process of getting people to understand the oppression that the country was going through at that time. However, there Brazilian authors were also inclined to love and spiritual themes spreading hope to their fellow countrymen.

Brazil has a reputation for romance and love stories which is a popular theme line for most authors in the country. This trend was set by authors who existed in the country’s romanticism period from 1936. The Brazilian authors are drawn from different periods of writing that shaped the future of literature in Brazil. This included the aforementioned romanticism period, the realism period and the modernism/pre-modernism periods. Currently, the modernism type of writing is the predominant style in Brazil. Notably, the country’s publishing industry has become more open to the public giving rise to young and creative contemporary writers. This was not the case during the earlier phases of the industry. As such, many new players have joined the industry making a more competitive platform.

Some people are enormously successful in business and others are creatively gifted. However, it is a relatively rare occurrence when a person is able to possess both the creativity to know what art truly is and the business sense to know how to make money from it. Much of this comes from the reality that the analytical propensity that makes people successful in business and the creative drive to make art come from two distinctly different hemispheres in the brain. That is why most people are predisposed to gravitate toward one discipline or the other. Every once in awhile, a person like Adam Sender comes along that is skilled at virtually everything.

For years, Sender was involved in companies that provided hedge funds for other entrepreneurial endeavors. Eventually, he decided that he would prefer to do things his own way as opposed to following the rules and regulations that most companies insisted that he follow. He has always been known as something of a risk taker, a pioneer who was not afraid to take risks when others would balk at the very idea. He managed to do quite well with his own hedge fund company and eventually, his interests moved more into the art world as opposed to providing capital for other businesses to start up.

Today, he has amassed an art collection that is nothing short of astounding. His personal art collection is so varied that it would make most museums jealous. He has well over one thousand pieces. He continues to find the most innovative artists across all realms of activity, seeking them out in order to provide them with a viable way to make a living as an artist. Once he finds an artist that he likes, he purchases their work and then puts it on exhibit from his own private collection. This provides notoriety for both the artist and for Sender himself. Adam Sender is a well known CEO and leader in his field.

This is a new chapter in his life, but it should come as no surprise when the fact is considered that he has been doing things differently than most others his entire life. His desire to have the greatest personal art collection in the world is well on its way to becoming a reality. It may even already be a realized goal, although Sender would probably argue that point. He is continuing on his quest to ensure that he is capable of providing notoriety for up and coming artists while simultaneously making a name for himself in the art world. When all things are considered, it is easy to understand why Sender is so successful at everything he does. He is merely applying the same techniques he used as an entrepreneur in order to help people find success in the art world. In the process, he is redefining himself as an individual.