Andrew Wirth, best known as Andy, is the president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, a parent company to Squaw Valley and Alpine ski resort. Andy has been an employee to the ski resorts that are situated in Lake Tahoe, Olympic Valley in California. Andy fell in love with ski diving while working in the luxurious California ski resorts but it almost cost him his life in 2013.

He came face to face in a fist fight with death when he was involved in a tragic skydiving accident. From the rule of gravity that anything that has weight and goes up must descend, Andy was descending after diving but unluckily he landed in a vineyard which had sharp upright wires, posts and vines and landed directly at an upright post that took his arm off causing immense damage on his body. The life threatening ordeal almost cost Andy his life as one of his arms was severely injured and suffered extensive loss of blood. Ever since, he started a journey that he will never forget, the reconstruction and re-attaching of the arm. His family, occupational therapists, friends and skilled surgeons have supported and helped Andy undergo therapy and recover to achieve full functionality of the attached arm. Andy undergoes Tronman triathlon training as a recovery training technique and his body is responding well.

Andy has made a few friends from Navy Seal team, people who he comes across over the time while training band together with another professional cyclist formed a group named Special Warfare Warrior that is aimed at generating financial and emotional support to Navy Seals and Navy Seal Foundation. The group’s objective is to offer immediate support to Naval Special Warfare Community members as well as their families. The idea was as a result of having firsthand experience of the challenges that the extraordinary Navy Seal and their families undergo while on duty and adaption to new lives when a family member is away on duty.

Recently, Andy was hired as the chairperson of board of directors of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board alongside three other new board members. He chairs a team of nine members that is meant to bring development into the airport and uplift into it a higher standard. Andy had been appointed into the board in 2013 because of his vast experience in resort and airline management. The experience is evident as has collaborated with international airlines to make direct international flights to resorts in Canada, Utah and Colorado.

Mr.Dan Newlin is one of the top most respected attorneys who currently resides in the U.S. Mr. Dan has not always been a lawyer, however, he has always directed all his careers towards serving the public. According to Mr. Dan Newlin, improving the public service is the key to making our country a better place to live in.

He started nurturing his career at the tender age of eighteen. He took pride of his first job being different from other eighteen year old’s jobs. Instead of starting off as a paperboy or a fast food waiter, Mr. Dan Newlin ventured into the job market as an emergency medical technician (EMT). As an EMT, Dan had to be taught how to quickly respond to life-threatening-situations. Mr. Newlin recalls being in an ambulance with only six months experience on the job trying to assist a woman give birth to her unborn child.

At the age of twenty, Dan Newlin decided to switch his career from being an emergency medical technician to a policeman. As an officer, Dan Newlin worked with the department of police in Indiana. He really loved his job; more so, he also enjoyed the fact that he was serving the community which was his dream goal at any working post he got.
As an officer of the law, Mr. Dan Newlin solved many cases which ranged from fugitives, drug peddling and many more others. After several years of working with the Police force, Mr. Dan Newlin got a promotion which posted him to the Sheriff’s department in Florida.

As a member of the Sheriff’s department, Mr. Dan worked and solved lots of important cases, but there was this one case which brought about a complete turnaround of to his career. This turn around came as a result of a visit to a hospital where he was doing a random interview of people who were involved in road accidents. There is one woman in particular who caught his attention. This woman had been involved in an accident where a reckless driver had rammed into her cars’ side. Although she was doing fine, her unborn child did not survive the accident. After a lengthy talk with the woman, Mr. Newlin discovered that she had not gotten compensated for her loss despite her numerous claims to her insurance company.

This experience shared by that woman led to Mr. Dans career in law. By the year 2001, Mr. Dan Newlin had completed law school, obtained a license and his own law firm. Currently, Mr. Dan Newlin owns two law-firms which have over seventy employees.

Creatively speaking not many people can even come close to impersonating Michael Jackson. Just looking like a late star is not nearly enough to make fans remember all the great performances they witnessed. When it comes to Michael Jackson that would be really hard to do, but it seems like Sergio Cortes has done it.

Sergio Cortes born in Barcelona Spain and living in Brazil is the one and only greatest Michael Jackson impersonator ever seen or heard of before. Extremely talented and energetic, his video performances prove how he has captured the full essence of the best entertainer of all time. Growing up Cortes would love to see Michael Jackson on tv and imitate all his moves for hours at a time. When he became a teenager he noticed how much he resembles the “King Of Pop”. By the time the ‘Bad’ album came out is when Sergio starting practicing hard. He began to train seriously to become the worlds best Michael Jackson impersonator.

He started dressing, walking, and even singing like Michael Jackson. As time went by his impersonation became so amazing that he began drawing fans all through Brazil. And now he has followers all over the world loving everything he does. He looks just like Michael without any plastic surgery and has perfected all MJs moves. Being a huge fan of the legend is what makes Cortes strive to be the greatest at what he does.

His voice is identical to the “King Of Pop”. Hearing Sergio for the first time I was floored because I did not think anyone could ever sound so much like Michael Jackson. He sang ‘Smile’ and it was like MJ all over again beautifully done Cortes. One can quickly see how much time and dedication he puts into his work. All that hard work has paid off and now he has a successful career. His graceful demeanor and loving attitude make him adored by fans.

Sergio has so many videos that can be watched on YouTube that bring the Michael Jackson experience alive again. He delivers spectacular performances and reaches all the famous Jackson high notes too. People are longing to get a peek of a Cortes in concert because he is now traveling all around the world to present his gift of imitating the Michael Jackson. He routinely talks with his admirers by means of his facebook and enjoys hearing about the joy his performances give them.

When the Reno City Council approved support for the Clean Power Plan, it had just like many other people the hope that the plan would help the country and the world at large move away from dirty coal power and near to better renewable energy sources. When they voted, it became apparent that they had joined individuals and more than a dozen other organizations for the cause. Speaking just after the vote had been passed, Andy Wirth was happy and confident that the army fronting the availability of a much better renewable energy source was becoming bigger and stronger.

Andy also called on residents to be more vocal in asking for more from their elected leaders and not just empty promises. He also pointed out that times were changing which, therefore, necessitates the availability of a better energy source that can be relied on to produce energy that does not harm the environment in any way. He was very particular in thanking companies that were spearheading the campaign and also called on many others to join the cause.

Born in 1963, Andy Wirth is the current Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and has a wealth of experience in matters related to taking care of tourist destinations and conserving the environment. In the whole of the Tahoe area, he is among the few individuals who make immense contributions in organizations that are involved with community and environmental causes with a purpose of making the community make better strides not just in the two areas, but in all areas in general.

He has worked in the hotel and skiing industry for not less than twenty-five years and is a recipient of numerous awards for his exemplary service delivery. During his free time, he also loves skiing and has in the past been involved in a skiing accident that was nearly fatal. However, he managed to get back to his feet again and is currently spearheading a campaign to raise money in support of the families of the Navy Seals when they go on duty. He has also been very much involved in redefining and re-branding his current place of work to reach global standards.

Source: Reno Gazette-Journal.

Born in July 1963, Andrew Wirth currently serves as the CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. His tireless efforts have made the ski area to be one of the leading tourist destinations all over the world. In 2010, Wirth oversaw a $70 million upgrade that saw the resort be at par with other competing skiing areas.

Wirth is also a renowned contributor to the environment and community service organizations around the Lake Tahoe area. His main focus is improving the area as well as the residents of all ages residing within it. He recently wrote an article on focusing on the need for clean energy. The article was published through Reno Gazette Journal.

Just recently, Reno City Council voted to support Clean Power Plan, which is aimed at moving our country away from the polluting coal power towards a clean and renewable energy. Through their vote, the city council become another important entity to pledge support for clean power plan. The council together with various other private sector companies have joined hands to press our utilities and eventually our society towards adoption of clean energy through clean power plan.

Times are not altering – they have already changed. An economy that is new, healthy, diverse, sustainable and growing is upon us and it is providing an opportunity for all residents within the region. We have already made great progress in building our economy on clean energy. We are very thankful to the companies that are pioneering the way in this change. Clean energy is truly needed at this moment – not in some distant future.

This is surely our moment. It is our chance for each one of us to ask for more from our leaders, to ask more than just compliance, but real leadership. It is possible to make this region the leading example on clean energy for this century and create an economy that is healthier and stronger along the way. Right now is the time we should inquire our elected leaders to adopt thinking that is long-term, rational and logical. The leaders should shun from giving in to the well-heeled special interests groups. We all know that an economy that is healthy and vibrant is actually made a possibility by policies like Clean Power Plan.

Having good times while on a vacation is something that offers one the fulfillment that is needed to make a day completed. This is something that resides in the mind of every person who moves out to search for the best vacation rentals. However, getting the best rentals can become a bit tricky considering the fact that not all the information that is offered on different websites reveals the truth. Most adverts offer exaggerated details that lead one to make a decision that s not ideal and good for certain circumstances. To make the right choice, one needs to have some useful information as described below.

One of the things that are often overlooked yet matter is the kind of infrastructure that is available within a certain region. Getting a London Vacation Rental that offers the best amenities is not enough to allow one to make a decision. Some regions will have very poor connectivity as well as the transport system is not at par with the right standards. This is among things one needs to look into while searching for vacation rentals. It‘s important to ensure the kind of transportation offered is reliable and there is no barrier to communication. Lack of these elements may spoil a vacation that is supposed to be enjoyable.

When choosing a vacation rental, it is vital to consider using verified websites that are reputable. Not every website offers the right details and this could make one to decide in the wrong way. Offering misleading details can make different people to have a poor quality vacation. Therefore, to avoid losses it is advisable to give priority to well-established websites that have been able to offer services and information for vacation rentals.

LondonEscapes is a leading website that has been offering accurate details about different vacation rentals that are available in various regions. All the details they offer on the website are true and ideal to offering solutions to those searching for the right vacation rentals. LondonEscape has been rated highly for the great details they have availed to the public and for maintaining a honesty policy that allows them to offer the right information. LondonEscape is a reliable and well reputed website where someone searching for vacation rentals can source for information about different rentals available in areas of interest. Using their booking service is also easy and secure as they offer protection for payment systems and all information provided by users.

Beneful dog food is a mid-line chow made by Purina, and is very nutritious for puppies and growing adult dogs. Each ingredient used in Beneful is natural and tested before added. Dog owners report healthy, happy and energetic dogs who are fed Beneful. They also noticed shiny coats after their dog had a meal of Beneful.

Production crews stand by their product, fully aware of each measure, ingredient and procedure that goes into each bag of Beneful. They have a “kitchen mentality,” which drives them to keep their work area as clean as a sparkling kitchen. They leave no room for error because each person involved in the process knows how important the next bowl of food is to their own dogs

Purina works with more than 400 scientists to advance pet nutrition on a daily basis. With each new delivery of raw ingredients comes an inspection to ensure the highest quality product. The company uses a sophisticated tracking system to measure and keep record of the quality of each ingredient that goes into Beneful.

There are five types of Beneful dry dog food, including: original food with real beef, chicken or salmon; healthy weight food; playful life food; and healthy puppy food. Beneful also comes in wet form, called Chopped Blends, with several offerings. They include: beef, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice; chicken, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice; salmon, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice; beef, carrots, peas and barley; chicken, carrots, peas and wild rice; and turkey, sweet potatoes, brown rice and spinach. The company also offers “prepared meals” of wet food.

Beneful’s dry dog food ranges in price from $10.99 to $40.00 depending on the size of the bag. Wet food comes in small plastic containers or cartons. Beneful is chocked full of vitamins and nutrients and real meats with tastes and textures that will make a pup think he’s eating off of a plate.

A newer product has come down the Beneful line for smaller dogs. Incredibites come in a variety of flavors and ingredients also. With smaller kibble, Incredibites are easier for dogs with smaller mouths or missing a few teeth to crunch on and swallow. Information on the company’s website provides details on what Incredibites are made with and how much of each particular food group it contains.

What dog would be satisfied with just dog food though? Beneful offers a wide range of yummy dog treats as well. Some of them include teeth cleaning Dental Ridges and Dental Twists and five varieties of delicious doggy Baked Delights. These come in different shapes called Heartfuls, Hugs, Snackers and Stars.

Beneful meals feed more than 15 million dogs each year. The protein-packed food meets or goes above requirements from the FDA, USDA and AAFCO. The company tests for 150-plus substances to make sure each dog that eats Beneful is getting the best bowl of food he can get. Beneful is available at most pet food stores, grocery stores and online at sites like and

Ken Griffin has supported the Harvard College financially by ensuring all undergraduates who needed the help. The Financial Aid Office at the college is using his name as a way of recognizing his efforts. The college fraternity gathered outside the building to appreciate and honor the impact of the gift on the many generations. The Harvard President thanks him for transforming the lives of many learners in this institute. This donation helped in achieving the long-standing objectives of Harvard that aimed at transforming the institute into an affordable school.

Harvard College established a project called Harvard Financial Aid Initiative in 2004 to promote the existing financial assistance offerings. The program aimed at reaching all students from homes that have an income of below $65,000 but the range is expanding within the recent years. Currently, more than 60 percent of the students receive financial assistance from the Institute. This has ensured no student graduates with debt or fails to sit for the exams. Applying for the bursary takes simple steps, and once the management approves that the student is needy, they get the aid. Many learners use this opportunity to achieve their academic goals despite their household financial position.

Ken Griffin on citadel sees this program as a life changing opportunity to the needy learners. HFAI is a gift that will make sure the brightest and the best candidates from across the world get a chance to experience the same as the other students from well up families. No discrimination applies when awarding this gift to the applicants. The officials only look at the financial background of the bright student and distribute the available funds depending on the case of each learner. The financial aid has made him a hero in this college and all students, and the entire fraternity honors him for his kind act.

A year after completing his studies at Harvard, Griffin founded the Citadel. Citadel is a financial institute serving the entire world and manages billions of money in investment capital. He went ahead and established the Leadership Challenge. This firm works toward encouraging other sponsors to offer financial support to the needy students in Harvard College. The admission committee at Harvard has shown their support for the program by selecting students based on their achievements and merits without considering their ability to pay the college costs. This makes it possible to admit the brightest and best students from any part of the world without looking at their financial capacity. The mission has gone through due to the kindness and generosity of the donors and the significant commitment of the school management.

Ken Griffin is among the longtime financial supporters at the college. His passion for helping other students led to him founding the support group immediately after his graduation. He has started several programs all with an aim of promoting activities in the institution. Ken has made it possible for many scholars to fulfill their goals of studying at Harvard. The goal of Harvard is to attract brightest students for them to attain excellence and be better persons in society.

Even though autumn has just begun, ski enthusiasts are gearing up for another season of wintery fun on the slopes. One of the first things to consider for this year’s skiing season is for people to make early reservations at their preferred ski resort. Since snowfall can be unpredictable and measly at times, a lot of lodges allow customers to either cancel or change their reservation. They will usually do this only until the snowfall has it is usual peak for the season. To be on the safe side, it is better to make early reservations and find out about reservation changing policies.

As for any sport, it is paramount that people have all the necessary equipment for skiing. This includes all the gear and warm clothing. Skiers should make sure that their equipment is clean, waxed, and in good working order before hitting the slopes. If not, the items will need repaired or replaced. A lot of budget-conscience skiers find excellent deals on gently-used ski equipment in thrift shops, consignment stores, and online auctions.

Since skiing gives people’s bodies a strong work out, it is wise for skiers to do prepare themselves for the upcoming season. Since the legs take the brunt of the work, training such as rollerblading, running, and elliptical machine workouts are beneficial. Many skiers report that they receive a lot of core-strengthening with step-ups, planking, and cycling. People can either do there training in a gym or in the privacy of their home.

Even the most experienced skier can benefit from refreshment activities on the slope. Sometimes, it can give them a chance to recognize and alter bad habits or it can help revitalize rusty skills. People can also perfect some of their favorite runs or courses. Many ski lodges offer a variety of lessons for newbies or experienced veterans of the snow.

Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, welcomes this year’s ski enthusiasts to some of the best alpine skiing in America. Squaw Valley is centrally located on picturesque Lake Tahoe with splendid views of the Sierra Mountains. Squaw Valley offers winter sporting such as skiing, snowboarding, and snow shoeing. The resort has recently been renovated and offer visitors luxury rooms and suites. Wirth’s friendly and knowledgeable staff work hard to offer their guests some of the best skiing experiences in the industry. Squaw Valley Ski Resort is one of the best places to consider for winter reservations.

Heads ranks among the top 20 biggest agencies in Brazil that are domestically owned. The firm’s philosophy is to build an agency that is inspired by life. This means that the company is committed to work with a passion, originality as well as knowledge in a bid to gain in the widest sense of the world. Their business focus is aimed at offering an unlimited advertisement as per the eclectic seasons and need to contribute much further than the advertisement. The firm is connected to an environment that is converging and competitive. They are also on the belief that the original ideas are capable of creating a relationship and make them stronger between the client and the agency, but more importantly between the brands and the consumers.

A renowned investor who is also a professional lawyer, Claudio Loureiro, formed the company, Heads Propaganda. Loureiro also acts as the CEO of the company. His industrious character and innovating products in the field of advertising has made him to be on the front covers. Due to his numerous achievements, he has been awarded severally. This well-established entrepreneur has also gained popularity due to his great kindness and compassion for the poor. His great contribution to the Brazilian advertising industry has made him to be highly ranked.

The Heads Propaganda has been engaged in the advertisement industry in almost every known aspects. From the print advertising to the digital advertisement, the company has given all its best and this has seen its tremendous growth. The firm has taken advantage of the expansive communication infrastructure of the country that has made it to thrive. Brazil has a wide coverage of TVs and radio networks. Such infrastructures have made the firm to maximize on all the opportunities that are brought about by these mediums of communications.

Being among the largest technological hub within the region, the Brazilian digital platform gives a wide range of opportunities on advertising. The Heads Propaganda has ensured that it ceases the opportunities that have been provided therein. The firm has ensured full utilization of all the opportunities that are given by the digital platform to make advertisement and this has yielded great success. Great progress is being achieved owing to the company’s adoption of the latest technological methods in the field of advertisement. Its pronounced investment on advertisement on print media as well as the ever-growing chain marketing structure on the internet have also contributed to its exponential growth. It is through these methods that this firm has enhanced its productivity.