Florida attorney Dan Newlin is a well known face in the legal field of the Sunshine State and will soon hope to become just as popular in Chicago, where his team is opening a new office. The Law Offices of Dan Newlin provide a safe environment for those who have been affected by an injury or accident and are looking for a sense of justice, plus financial compensation to aid their suffering. In many cases, Newlin and his team are looking to bring justice to those who feel they have been left behind following an accident or injury, who feel they have nowhere else to turn for support and assistance than to a personal injury law specialist.

Perhaps the most famous case Dan Newlin has been involved in is that of Florida teen Danielle Sampson, who was left brain damaged after being shot by a stray bullet in 2012. Then aged 15, Danielle has been left in a coma since the incident, which left the bullet lodged in her brain after she was struck whilst sitting in the backseat of a minivan. Tyrone Mosby was convicted of the robbery the shot was fired during and for injuring Danielle, but her family were still left with the financial and emotional burden of her injuries and medical treatment.

The intervention of Dan Newlin led to a $100 million settlement being awarded by a Florida jury after a financial claim was brought by Newlin against Tyrone Mosby, the gang member who fired the fateful shot. The effect on the lives of the Sampson family have been huge and include the fact the family will have the medical bills of Danielle taken care of for the remainder of her life.

The commitment to service Dan Newlin showed the family of Danielle Sampson is something the attorney has felt throughout his life. Embarking on a career as a law enforcement officer and firefighter before completing law school, Dan Newlin has made it his life’s work to help others in their time of need. From his own Dan Newlin Miracle Foundation to his daily work as a personal injury attorney, Newlin spends his days attempting to fill each and every day with time spent serving others.

Assisted living is changing the way that we care for and protect our senior citizens. It is changing the way that senors view their later years and how families can provide quality care and safety for their senior members. These facilities are log term care options allow for independent living with a minimally invasive staff that will assure when issues arise, they are immediately taken care of.

These facilities typically offer a core set of services to the residents. Among some of the services that one can expect at most facilities include meals, medication management, dressing, bathing, and transportation. Always be sure to ask questions of the facility being considered to make sure all the needed services are offered.

The Manse on Marsh also has a core set of amenities and services that are offered to their residents. Daily check ins, weekly laundry and housekeeping services as well as escort service to activities and meals are among some of these services. he staff take extra care to assure that intake assessments identify all of the needed services for each individual.

The staff at the Manse make every effort to help each resident feel welcomed and happy, and residents have always responded well. They strive to deliver exceptional service, respect to every person, treat all with dignity, and making all feel welcome. Caregivers are available around the clock, so when a loved one moves to the Manse the family can be rest assured that they will be safe and well taken care of.

Assisted living facilities come in all shapes and forms and the Manse on the Marsh is no exception. They offer studio and one bedroom apartments, as well as houses and cottages. No matter what type of housing unit is opted for, the senior resident will have access to 24 hour R.N. services.

Care givers are also available around the clock to make sure that every need of the resident is met. What s more s that the Manse on the Marsh gives every resident a pager, something reviews noted as a major positive. If there is a need or an emergency the resident simply presses a button for help to arrive. The average response time to the pagers is about one minute.

Finding the right place for a senior loved one can be a difficult task, there are so many factors to consider. Always be sure to ask questions and take a tour of the facility before making a final decision. Both the family and the senior member need to be comfortable with the final decision. The golden years should be relaxing and enjoyable. No one wants to go to a nursing home or a hospital to spend their later years. The Manse on the Marsh is a welcoming place where seniors can live a full and rewarding retirement.

If you or someone you love has been involved in a serious accident, whether it’s a car, motorcycle or truck accident or medical malpractice case, personal injury super lawyer Dan Newlin is the lawyer you want to take your case. Newlin is an aggressive trial lawyer who earned the honor of being in the elite group of Superlawyers in 2012, for his work in his Orlando and Chicago offices.

Unparalleled Career

Dan Newlin began his career in law as a police officer in Illinois. After several years, he transferred to the Orlando Sheriff’s Department in Florida where he excelled. Soon after moving, Mr. Newlin was promoted to detective where he earned honors for investigative work. His displayed his talent in detailed research and developing the case, as he entertained the idea of practicing law.

Dan graduated from the Florida State Law School in 2000 and soon afterward opened a law firm in Kississimmee. In 2013, he opened his second office that serves the Chicago area. Dan Newlin is proud to benefit the communities by helping average citizens with their legal problems.

What separates Dan Newlin from the majority of attorneys is the unique perspective of seeing every situation from both sides police officer and detective. As an intense, aggressive trial attorney, he represents his clients in court with research from an expert legal team along with his excellent skills as a trial lawyer; he provides a strong presence in the courtroom that cannot be ignored as he examines every detail for his client. Attorney Dan Newlin is dedicated to his clients and obtain successful compensation in their cases.

Several top personal injury compensations that he has been successful in recently are:

1) A $100 million settlement for a teen who was shot in the head by a gang member who was fleeing a home invassion. She has been in a coma since 2012 when the shooting occured.
2) for an off-duty Orange County police officer was shot and killed in a robbery, and Mr. Newlin securd a $24 million verdict for his wife and three children.
3) $3.3 Million was won for the client who was given the inappropriate medication and as the result suffered from cardiac arrest, which resulted in severe brain injury.

Attorney Newlin has real compassion for his clients who have had to suffer these treadgedies and others like them, but he also knows that he has the expereince and knowledge to obtain the best results from the negligent defendants. He also knows that no amount of money can right these wrongs, but he is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for the clients in his community..

It is important that one is to do all that they can to keep their image clean online. When they take a Google search and find that some things have been said about them that they would not like other seeing, it will be time for them to start doing all that they can to take those things down. They might have to do some hard work to make that happen, such as contacting the website or hiring an attorney to do that for them, but it will be worth it to them to have a clean online image. Online reputation can make or break a person, and it is best for everyone to clean up the way that they look online, so that they can be doing all of the things that they want to do without fearing one finding out about their bad online reputation.
Darius Fisher understands that it is easy to get a bad reputation when online, and that is why he pushes people to do all that they can to prevent it. He wants people to always be at their best, whether they are online or off, and he feels that they should always be doing their best to be safe online. The less personal information that they share, the better, and he also believes that the more positive things they have posted, the better.
So, when one feels that they are in need of a bit of help when it comes to their online reputation, they will want Darius Fisher working for them. He is the president of a big company that deals with this kind of thing, and the advice that he gives is good advice. He knows what he’s talking about, and all of those who listen to his advice will benefit from it.

The late Michael Jackson has on a multitude of occasions been hailed the “King of Pop”. Perhaps one of the most famous entertainers of his generation, Michael Jackson earned $750 million dollars in his lifetime from his music. Even his death is testament to his massive fame with global mourning, a sky rocket number of sales for his albums and any merchandise featuring him. As a result of his fame Michael Jackson has inspired many impersonators. One of Michael Jackson’s best impersonator’s is Sergio Cortes.

Born in 1971, Sergio Cortes is from Barcelona, Spain. When he was quite young -at around age five- he became a fan of Michael Jackson and at some point he decided to train to be a Michael Jackson impersonator. Not only did he want to be a Michael Jackson impersonator, he wanted to be the best Michael Jackson impersonator. With extreme dedication Sergio Cortes undertook his mission to perfect all of Michael Jackson’s dance moves, singing style, fashion sense, appearance and eye for putting on an artistic show.

Reportedly he has not gotten any plastic surgery to get his Michael Jackson look, although he likely uses some makeup to perfect his look. He has the Michael Jackson jerry curl style hair from during Michael’s eighties music career. Sergio has the strong Michael Jackson eye look and brows. Photos of him look so close to Michael, that it’s hard to really tell them apart even.

As for sound and dancing techniques, Sergio has all of Michael’s moves and vocal tones down. There are many videos of him on YouTube showcasing his incredible skill at replicating both Michael Jackson’s dancing and voice. Watching him sing and move really reminds people of Michael Jackson.

Currently Sergio Cortes showcases his Michael Jackson impersonation on his “Human Nature Live Show”. Sergio Cortes, five other dancers, four musicians, two other singers and intricate lighting effects perform Michael Jackson’s classic songs with Michael’s unique choreography. “Man in the Mirror”, “Thriller”, “Smooth Criminal” and “Heal the World” are some of the songs performed flawlessly during the “Human Nature Live Show”. Michael Jackson may be seen as the best male pop singer ever and to his credit Sergio Cortes is definitely the best Michael Jackson impersonator ever.

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There are many different kinds of people in the world with many different talents, and one special kind of people are those who can take on the lives of others as if they were their own. Sergio Cortes is an impersonator, and he has admired Michael Jackson since he was young. He decided that he would like to take on the life of the man and do things in the best way that he could, so he worked hard to make that happen. He created a look that was similar to what Michael Jackson had always worn, and he practiced all of the dance moves that he man had made until he got everything down right.
Now when people see Sergio Cortes they are hugely impressed. They can’t believe that someone could be that much like Michael Jackson. They have named him the best impersonator of Michael Jackson because of the talent that he shows. Sergio Cortes knew how to do things right in every way for his impersonation, and he can feel great about himself for all that he has done. He has taken on the life of the singer well, and he has made himself proud through the way that he has impressed others with his talents.

Not everyone could do something as complicated as taking on the life of another and making it their own, but only those who hold a special talent can do that and succeed at it. Sergio Cortes is a very talented man, and he can feel great about the way that he worked so hard to make things right when impersonating Michael Jackson. He used his talents in the best way possible, and many people are impressed with him because of that.
There are only so many people who can be good impersonators, and there are even less people who can be great impersonators. Sergio Cortes was smart to work so hard to get things done right, and he will be sure to keep impressing everyone with his talents as he goes about impersonating Michael Jackson and all of the things the man did.

While he started out as a high school lacrosse star-turned-Villanova Wildcat, Jon Urbana’s charity work defines his character and his motivation to use his Twitter account to change the world. As an entrepreneur behind Ellipse, author of a fast-growing blog, and former professional lacrosse athlete, he has applied his skills to being a camp owner to become an activist as well as mentor kids in all aspects of life. His motivation to participate in non-profit organizations as well as begin a campaign for Earth Force defines his inspiring and humble character.

Most know him as a lacrosse player, but Urbana is an incredibly gifted pilot who garnered recognition from the Federal Aviation Administration. Beginning in high school, Urbana would capture many awards, from being the top rookie in 2002 to receiving All-American honors in 2004. Jon’s professional experience as a lacrosse player to his motivation to become an entrepreneur by starting a lacrosse camp for kids only demonstrates his humbleness to want to help kids also play a sport that they love. By majoring in economics and setting up this snazzy About.me page, he has shown that he is more than a lacrosse player. Call him what you will, but Jon is also an Instagramming machine, an accomplished video maker, and has a singer/songwriter page on Soundcloud He is an example of someone gifted in academics and athletics, which has helped him begin a lacrosse camp for youth as well as begin a campaign for Earth Force Inc.

Urbana’s charitable work in opening up a lacrosse camp shows what he’s trying to accomplish in certain communities, where children cannot afford the opportunity to play lacrosse. Furthermore, beyond his Lacrosse camp, he has also supported the Earth Force Inc, a non-profit youth organization, which helps youth become activists in improving their local environment. Urbana has also participated in helping local charities on Crowdrise in addition with his campaign of Earth Force Inc. Through Crowdrise and Earth Force Inc, Urbana is helping gather donations to helpless animals as well as inspire youth to participate in supporting the environment. He inspires others to give in these donations to help animals.

Donate to Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force

Urbana playing lacrosse

Urbana’s work as an entrepreneur addresses his philanthropic work and his humbleness in helping different aspects of the community. His work with youth and helpless animals through Earth Force Inc and other non-profit organizations, helping with their presentations on Slideshare, defines Urbana as an inspiring individual.

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Qnet is one of the worlds leading direct sales company and it is very easy to see why. Qnet is known around the world for its products. Qnet offers products of a diverse range. Qnet deals with products that have to do with health, beauty, lifestyle enhancement, jewelry, travel, and telecommunications. In reaity the diversity of the products is very unique when it comes to direct sales. When there is such diversity in products, it gives each and every distributor the potential to tailor their product need to their client base. Qnet works very closely with different suppliers, marketers researchers, and scientists in order to stay on top when it comes to the newest products that are available on the market in many different areas. They want to be able to provide their clients with the best products around, and they want to maintain the quality and the high standards that go along with the Qnet motto.

Qnet is a company that has core values, and the company works in adherence with those values. The Core values of Qnet are service, teamwork, integrity, and results. Qnet is dedicated to serving its clients, and they work together in a unified fashion to be able to benefit everyone. Qnet is a company of true integrity, and they are very honest when it comes to their company morals and ethics. Qnet is a company that is built on results. They are dedicated to maintaining the highest results when it comes to their employees, stakeholders, and their clients.

The founders of Qnet built their company on the philosophies of Gandhi. With that frame of mind, they came up with the foundation of rhythm. Rhythm stands for raise yourself to help mankind. This is truly a idea that is taught throughout the Qnet network. Qnet wants to empower others so that they can succeed. In order to be able to empower others, it is important for a person to feel empowered themselves. With that idea in mind, Qnet offers a variety of different informational and training courses in order to help their distributors to stay up-to-date with their business model.

Qnet is truly a diverse company that provides opportunities to more than 200 different countries when it comes to their products, and they have a leadership team that comes from three different countries as well. Qnet’s website is translated into many different languages in order to meet the needs of their employees and also of their clients. Qnet is truly a direct sales company like no other, because they focus on people and empowerment.

Cosmetic surgery has become a popular way for people to improve their appearance. Quite often this surgery is elective on the part of the patient and is not covered by insurance. Most surgeons who perform these procedures will have initial consultations with prospective patients to see if they are good candidates. Someone considering cosmetic surgery as a method of improving their appearance, should also be aware of what the procedure entails. People should make sure the doctor they use is licensed to perform this type of surgery. Having a procedure done by a non-professional could have disastrous results.

What Most Procedures Entail

Cosmetic surgeons are medical doctors licensed to perform surgeries that enhance a person’s features. Depending on the type of procedure, cosmetic surgery could involve the same risks as non-cosmetic surgery. A breast lift or breast implant is considered major surgery, for which the patient will be anesthetized. Liposuction, is still somewhat invasive, but the patient will be fully awake during the procedure. A breast lift, would require the patent to be hospitalized, while liposuction does not. Implant surgery of any kind usually requires a hospital stay.

A Board Certified Doctor

It is a good idea to choose a board certified cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Jennifer Walden has been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. She has also been formally trained in cosmetic surgery and is currently an active member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Dr. Walden also serves on the board of directors for the above mentioned society and has even written a best selling book. She began her practice in New York City at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat, but moved to Austin Texas to be near her family. In 2014 Dr. Walden was recognized by a Texas publication as being a Texas super doctor.

Dr. Jennifer Walden also takes an interest in issues concerning women’s health. She strives to teach women about the importance of self-empowerment and decision making. She ties these issues into her cosmetic surgery practice, especially in the area of breast health for women. Her excellent work speaks for itself, as was clearly visible in an article published about her in Harper’s Bazaar. She has also been the subject and guest speaker on a number of television programs including Fox News Channel and E!. She was also the cover model and featured subject in the first issue of the new Texas publication VIVE. There is no doubt Dr. Walden has definitely made her mark in the field of cosmetic surgery.

As reported here on PRNewswire just last month, North American Spine, a leader in minimally invasive spine surgery, will expand its services to Las Vegas. Expansion will include utilizing a group of board certified physicians and the use of a modern treatment center in Las Vegas. Currently, the group offers services in Minneapolis, Dallas, Houston and Phoenix.

Specializing in neck and back pain relief that was originally pioneered a their Dallas headquarters, North American Spine is the only group currently offering the AccuraScope® procedure, which has a very high success rate (82%) in treating chronic back pain and over 8,000 successful operations. The surgery is a single treatment option and North American Spine estimates that patients can save over $20,000 in medical costs over the course of five years as a result of the procedure. Additionally, patients can expect fewer post-operational trips and a huge savings in pain management medication. Other minimally invasive procedures, including CuraSpine™and SecuraSpine, are offered by North American Spine at all of their locations. The group is committed to holistic care for patients that is individualized for what each patient needs and works to use the least invasive procedure for all patients, which is part of the reason they’ve gained such a large Facebook following among the health conscious.

Dr. Satish Sharma, the lead physician for the Las Vegas expansion, is partnering with the Red Rock Surgery Center to perform the procedure and will follow up with patients post-operationally plus see patients for pain management at the Advanced Pain Management Center. Dr. Sharma has received advanced training in both the United States and India, and completed his residency at Western Pennsylvania Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As stated for the PRNewswire release, Dr. Sharma is committed to working “with patients to help control pain and regain control of their life.” Dr. Sharma is a welcome addition to the Las Vegas area. He brings nearly a decade of experience with pain management and is a board certified Anesthesiologist and Pain Management Physician.