North Korea has been threatening the Western World for years. North Korea has a formidable army and has nuclear capabilities thanks to their close relationship with China. South Korea has turned into a military state in order to protect itself from the evil that exists in what North Korea calls a Democratic People’s Republic. There is nothing democratic in North Korea and the word freedom has no meaning there.

Escape is a rare event in North Korea. Those that try are usually caught and executed, but a few people do make it out and drop out of sight without saying a word about how they lived in one of the most barbaric nations on the planet. But young Yeonmi Park escape and lived, and she wanted to share her story with the world. Park recently released her book, In Oder to Live: A North Korean’s Girl Journey to Freedom. In the book, Yeonmi Park goes into detail about life in North Korea and how she was treated on a daily basis. She describes events that should never take place in any country, but as she explains horror is the norm in North Korea.

Yeonmi Park’s escape from North Korea sounds like something Hollywood would love to reproduce for the big screen. Her escape has all the elements of a nightmare that few in the order would want to live. Sex traffickers, a journey through the Gobi Desert, the death of her father and the disappearance of her sister are all very real to her, yet Park says she had to pretend they weren’t real in order to survive them.

It took two years for Yeonmi ParkYeonmi Park on theguardian and her mother to reach South Korea. During those two years she was subjected to mental and physical abuse that kills weaken people. But Park and her mother made it through the dark times.

Yeonmi Park is now a human rights activists and travels extensively to spread the word about North Korea, sex trafficking and the abuse that millions of people endure every day. Yeonmi says she will never stopping talking about her experiences because she knows her story will help others break the ties that bind them.

Urban areas and cities like Newark, New Jersey need a boost and aid after decades of urban decline due to sub-urbanization and loss of manufacturing jobs. The Newark CEDC or Community Economic Development Corporation was created to revitalize the city of Newark and attract people back to this once prosperous industrial hub.

As a non-profit organization, the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is less concerned about corporate profits and more concerned about the people and communities it impacts in the city of Newark. The goals of the company are broad but all of its objectives have one thing in common, to improve the quality of life of the citizens who reside within the city of Newark, New Jersey.

Newark CEDC aims to revitalize Newark by bringing jobs back to the city. Manufacturing jobs may have been lost overseas, but that does not mean that new kinds of jobs in the rapidly growing healthcare, technology and energy sectors cannot replace them. The Newark Economic Development Corporation aims to bring jobs back to the city by providing businesses willing to relocate to Newark incentives such as low interest funding. Small businesses too can benefit from working with the CEDC. Programs in place include special financing and discounts for small businesses who may be struggling financially in tough economic times.

A major figure in Newark CEDC now is its newly appointed chief financial officer, Kevin Seawright. He is a leader in the minority community and has worked in both government, education and private business. His insights into these sectors and experience there can help the city of Newark progress and move forward towards a new age of prosperity for its citizens. As a leader in the minority community and being able to reach them, Mr. Seawright can also address the needs of Newark’s large minority community.

Not only is the CEDC’s newest chief financial officer highly qualified for the position, but he is very motivated to make a difference. He has completed graduate leadership programs entirely based on his own decision that it will help him and the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation achieve their objectives. Having the drive, motivation and qualification, and a career’s worth of experience to back up his decisions, makes Kevin Seawright a person to watch at the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. It is expected that he will help the city achieve new milestones in the future.

With men like Kevin Seawright and the backing of the city government as well as other stakeholders, the Newark Economic Development Corporation is poised to transform Newark into one of the least desirable urban areas in the country to a desirable and safe community to live in. Already companies are moving to Newark and new housing is being constructed to accommodate a new influx of residents. As long as there is hope and a will to achieve something, it can be done and that story is unfolding right now in Newark, New Jersey.

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The world of coffee is vast. Consumers can find coffee that is quite mild in flavor with only a hint of coffee aroma. They can also find coffee that is very much on the strong side with flavors that are quite rich. Many customers want to be able to buy coffee of all types. Sometimes they may prefer to have coffee that is mellow and understated as they leave the house during the morning. At other times, many people look for coffee that is quite a bit stronger and has a coffee flavor that is real, rich and extremely complex.

Customers also want to have coffee that has many kinds of health benefits. This is why they turn to coffee sellers like Organo Gold founder Bernardo Chua. Chua is someone who really and truly appreciates good coffee. He knows that his customers also want the chance to savor coffee that is also rich with flavor as well as coffee that may have proven health benefits. It is this quest that has helped him locate premium coffee and begin a business based around helping people enjoy such coffee.  It’s also a reason that so many coffee connoisseurs follow him on Twitter.

Organo Gold offers customers delightful coffee that is full of flavor and yet also based on the use of an herb that has long been known to have qualities that allow the drinker to enjoy many kinds of health benefits. Coffee brewed from this herb makes for a delightful beverage that is also one that allows people to feel better when used on a frequent basis. People who purchased this coffee report that it helps them to start their day on a good note and may allow them to function better as well as concentrate more carefully on their daily tasks. On Bernie’s blog he’s always quick to note the benefits of his coffee, and the articles that have covered these facts extensively.

Other coffee sellers also realize that devotion to quality is vital. They know that they may must do all that the can to provide their customers with a product that is both of high quality and yet one that also allows the coffee drinker to experience an array of coffee flavors and tastes. Today’s coffee drinker also knows that coffee of all kinds is on the market just waiting for them to explore and enjoy. Coffee lovers today appreciate all that coffee can offer them as they seek out new kinds of flavor experiences. They know that they can tap into all kinds of beans from various places all across the country and the world as they look for the right kind of coffee that will fit their needs well. It is this kind of attention to the details of the coffee experience today that has helped making the world of retailing coffee such an exciting experience for all concerned with it.


US Money Reserve, one of the most highly trusted distributors of silver and gold in the United States, has been donating money recently to the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas to help them out with donating meals to people who would go hungry without them or have a hard time finding food otherwise.

The Capital Area Food Bank of Texas helps people in more than eighteen counties in Central Texas, marking it as one of the largest groups of its kind in the state of Texas.

The US Money Reserve is such a great company because of the great employees that work there. There are more than one hundred experts that are fully trained in the valuation, sale, and distribution of gold. Many types of coins made out of precious metals are sold every day on US Money Reserve, with all of them have been printed by the United States of America minting process.

This Food Bank is more than thirty years old, so the donations given by US Money Reserve are guaranteed to help this organization thrive for a little longer until it can get back on its feet and become self-sustaining again.

US Money Reserve is involved in many transactions involving investors and other people interested in securing precious metals for their collecting or personal use. US Money Reserve is based on Texas, just like the Capital Area Food Bank that US Money Reserve has recently donated to in an attempt to keep it alive.

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US Money Reserve is one of the best companies of its type because of its dedication to keep its customers one hundred percent satisfied, which has led to the great reputation that US Money Reserve has.

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The popular blog site, R7, recently introduced its readers and the rest of the world to one of the greatest music impersonators of all time, Sergio Cortes. This gentleman was literally born with similar features to Micheal Jackson according to his mother and other family members. Actually, when he exhibited a talent for dancing and singing at an early age, his family and members of his community would pay him to dress like Micheal Jackson and perform his songs. From an early age, Cortes realized that he had the leverage to use his appearance and talents to display his talents and to be a professional Micheal Jackson impersonator.

Despite all of his abilities for singing, dancing, acting and composing, Cortes is very humble and appreciative to be able to make a living as an entertainer. He has over 16,000 Facebook followers and many fans worldwide who attend his shows and follow his career. People flock to him because he has a compassionate spirit, and he brings joy to people who admire his twin-like appearance to the late-and-great pop singer.

Cortes’ connection to Jackson is very sincere, for when Jackson passed away in 2009 Cortes was affected like the rest of the world. Jackson’s death hit Cortes deeply because his art and lifestyle has been intertwined with Jackson’s for a very long time. It makes sense when you consider that Cortes has been studying Micheal Jackson for over 40 years since the days of The Jackson 5.

At 43 years old, Cortes continues to build his brand and identity to be recognized as the greatest impersonator to ever perform on a stage. When people see Cortes in person or on the internet, they feel like they are watching the reincarnation of Micheal Jackson. Cortes’ clothes, mannerisms, voice and body language are an astonishing mirror image of his idol; and his presentation, whether it be a performance or interview, is always captivating.

The invitations that Cortes use to receive as a child to perform Micheal Jackson songs has turned into a very successful entertainment business that takes Cortes all across the world. Cortes has appeared in several countries on American Idol, and he has performed for audiences on various television shows worldwide. As many fans are still mourning the loss of Micheal Jackson, they are able to find some peace and comfort in experiencing the performance of Cortes who reminds us of how great of a dancer, singer and human being that Micheal Jackson was.

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