Charles Koch, an American billionaire and businessman, met with F.T. with an interview in support of his new book. He told of the $400 million raised through their donor network to support Mitt Romney, but lost to Barack Obama. Charles Koch redoubled his efforts in order not to have the same results in this new presidential election.

2016 began this year’s election cycle, the Koch brothers and their allies have banded together by pledging to raise nearly $900 million to elect Republicans. It will be to whoever ends up facing Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in the general election.

As it seems not to be working out because the other members of the Republican party, such as Donald Trump. They misjudged Mr. Trump who was never considered a serious player. Charles Koch doesn’t agree with his politics on taxes, foreign policy and trade. With a conflict of interest between Koch and Trump, they left Trump off their invite list for the August donor summit. However, there were five of his opponents from the Republican party.

It is this election cycle that was to be the fulfillment of their mission to get a Republican in the White House. The millions they have invested could be at risk. It is a question that if the Kochs begin to engage Hillary or Bernie, or do they wage war on Trump.

Charles Koch opted out from engaging in the primaries because they couldn’t find a single candidate who encapsulated their views. They considered taking a portion of the funds to target Trump, even if it meant losing a few of their members who support Trump. The Koch officials are waiting to see how the early primaries end.

If Trump prevails in New Hampshire polls, the Koch brothers are likely to launch an offensive before the nomination gains momentum. A meeting with the Kochs and several hundred of their allies discussed Trump and how to halt his progression.

Trump’s vulnerabilities were carefully assessed and those of the other candidates. They discussed highlighting his track record of bankruptcies and predatory business deals. The Democrats deployed a similar successful strategy, against Romney’s vulture capitalism. It has not been determined as if Kochs would do something on that order, but have seriously discussed it in all their meetings.

If decided to go after Trump, the Koch brothers know he will respond with his excuse of being attacked by billionaires seeking to control of the outcome of the election. Trump would say he is an outsider who is trying to battle a corrupt political system.

It is uncertain if the Kochs and their allies will take on Trump before it’s too late.

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Avi Weisfogal started his career as a dentist and now builds his career around the science of sleep. Avi Weisfogel is also a philanthropist and has started a GoFundMe campaign for Operation Smile. Operation Smile was founded in the early 1980’s by a married couple named William and Kathleen Magee. William was a plastic surgeon and Kathleen was a nurse. When they travelled to the Phillipines, they were overwhelmed at the number of children there who had various facial deformities such as the hare lip on the cleft palate. And so from there, they quickly got to work on the funding and rounding up volunteer staff.

Today, over thirty years later, Operation Smile has thousands of professional staff from over 80 countries to assist such children in over 60 countries. They also ensure that their new staff are trained to handle the surgeries and millions have donated equipment and supplies. Thanks to all of the factors above, close to a million surgeries have been performed successfully.

Avi Weisfogal earned his Bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology from Rutgers University. He then went on to earn his DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) at New York University’s School of Dentistry. He started his career in the Old Bridge Dental Office in New Jersey. From there, he went on to become the owner of Dentist’s Sleep Master’s Seminar, at which he educates the public about how to treat various sleep issues, especially sleep apnea.

Then in 2010, Avi Weisfogal founded Healthy Heart Sleep in order to educate doctors on assisting patients with sleep issues. He also founded Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients to educate other dentists in assisting patients with various sleep issues. In around 2012, he added the Dental Sleep Masters branch in order to educate dentists on how to assist patients in using various oral devices to help alleviate such issues.

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Dynamic Search Partners in New York City has made public the inaugural Keith Mann and wife Keely Scholarship for Professional Achievement. The award is intended to acknowledge and honor up and coming business leaders of the future.

Partnering with Uncommon Schools, which is a charter management firm that operates as a non-profit entity, Dynamic Search Partners is awarding the scholarship to a deserving senior, that is graduating from the Uncommon Schools’ campus in Brooklyn, New York. Uncommon Charter High School college counselor Joseph Frick remarked, “This scholarship will help ensure that one of our students has the means to attend a four-year college.”

Student candidates contending for the scholarship are required to compose an essay of 1000 words about how a four-year undergraduate degree will help them in succeeding in attaining their visions.

Founder of Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann, stated “We want to support the Uncommon Schools’ goal of preparing low-income students to not only attend, but graduate from college and go on to succeed professionally using their degree,” as well as stating that “The scholarship will support this mission.” The scholarship campaign is available to senior students, that intend to graduate from Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn, New York, from now until February 29, 2016, with the selected recipient awarded the $5000 scholarship by March 31, 2016.

Keith Mann, with over fifteen years of experience in the executive search sector, is a respected authority in hedge fund financial compensation and workforce strategies. In 2002, he established Alternative Investment Practice, a subsidiary of Dynamics Executive Search, as a result of concluding that the hedge fund executive search sector was insufficiently staffed with qualified individuals. Finding great success, he broadened the executive search business, leaping into the private equity sector and continuing onward with further success in 2009, to establish Dynamic Search Partners.

Dynamic Service Partners currently serves the alternative investment industry in Asia, Europe, and the United States, as a leading executive search firm.

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Handy has become one of the most prominent cleaning companies in the world. This is an organization that has branded out because it has a large number of contractors in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. I have seen the work of this company first-hand, and I know that the contractors are always doing a great job.

I have experienced the cleaning services that this company has provided by scheduling a visit online. It was fairly simple to do this. All that I had to do was get online, and pick a date and time for someone to come.

The first time that I used this company I was trying to get my home cleaned for a party. After this I decided to use the company on a regular basis. I didn’t even hesitate. I didn’t have to try any other type of maid services. I knew that Handy Cleaning Services was the right one for me.

Oddly, I found out about the company from some friends that do not even live in the same state that I live in. That is what is so great about this company. You have access to Handy Cleaning Services in different cities. I know that I will have this type of quality service if I move from one state to another. I know that this company is not everywhere just yet, but I hope that it gets to a point where contractors are in all 50 states. Everyone needs to have access to this simple and effective methods to getting a home cleaned.

I have been quite impressed with what this company has done because there are more than just cleaning services available. The founders of Handy were smart enough to realize that some people may need a couple of steps beyond cleaning services. I have a friend, for example, that loves to clean her own home. She doesn’t know a thing about plumbing though. She calls Handy to fix these types of issues. I didn’t realize that this was something that the Handy contractors did until she told me.

Everyone needs some help at some times. I am quite resourceful, but I can’t do everything on my own. Neither can anyone else that has a full time job. I think that Handy provides excellent service to the multitudes of busy parents that are just too tired to clean their homes.

James Dondero founded the investment firm Highland Capital Management in 1993. In the past 2 decades Jim Dondero has the build company up into a giant fund. The firm offers a wide variety of services, including retail and institutional funds with diverse strategies, distressed for control private equity funds, ETFs, credit hedge funds, long-only credit funds, long and short equity funds, oil and gas funds and emerging markets credit funds. The firm is still independently owned and serves both institutional and retail investors. The fund is made up of more than 180 employees in their offices in Dallas, New York City, Sao Paulo, Seoul and Singapore. Jim Dondero has created a client base of high-net worth individuals, governments, financial institutions, corporations, foundations and endowments and pension plans.

Prior to leading Highland Capital Management, Jim served as a Chief Investment Officer, analyst, portfolio manager and corporate bond analyst. James Dondero worked in a variety of companies in these different positions and gained experience working himself from the bottom to the top. Jim also serves his community with his board membership of MGM Studios, American Banknote, CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare and Nexbank. He has also gotten certified in a number of positions over the course of his career, including as a Certified Public Accountant, a Chartered Financial Analyst and as a Certified Management Accountant.

Highland Capital Management’s financials were recently reviewed by Octa Finance. The online newspaper analyzed the 13F filing from the fund’s third quarter of 2015. In the filing, Octa Finance found interesting details such as different stocks that the fund sold out of or reduced positioning in. The fund sold out its stakes in Laboratory Corp Amer Hldgs, Envision Healthcare Hldgs, Mckesson Corp, Nexpoint Cr strategies Fd and Spdr Series Trust. In total these reductions constituted roughly 8 percent of the fund’s portfolio.

The fund also significantly reduced its position in several stocks. It reduced its position in Ishares Tr by 52 percent. It reduced its position in American Airls Group Inc by 56 percent. The firm reduced its position in American Express Co by 17 percent. The fund reduced its position in Anadarko Pete Corp by 76 percent. The company reduced its position in Nrg Energy Inc by 20 percent. The article could not comment on shorts.

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The use of ‘cloud storage’ isn’t a new concept but there is a trend in internet hacking that has left some people weary about using cloud storage. CipherCloud, who can be found on Twitter, a cloud security company founded in 2010, is on the forefront of cloud data security for its users. CipherCloud works by using secure gateways developed by the company that encrypt important information before storing the data to the cloud. Encryption has been around since the dawn of computers and it works by coding chosen data to be unreadable to anyone but a verified source. This way if information gets intercepted online the person stealing cannot read what they’ve acquired because of the specific encryption. CipherCloud is a relatively new company that’s been making waves, but it was created and run by people who have spent their careers advancing technology and working with internet servers and gateways.

Founder Pravin Kothari created a highly certified team including Varun Badhwar who previously worked for SalesForce, a cloud computing company, and together they launched CipherCloud in February of 2011. In the beginning their YouTube videos indicate that CipherCloud worked solely for SalesForce until they gained a major client, Amazon Web Services a few months later. Near the end of the year CipherCloud raised a whopping $1.4 million in seed funding from investor Andreessen Horowitz. By December of 2012 CipherCloud raised $30 million in funding between Horowitz and Index Ventures.

In June of 2012 they released their encryption for Gmail services, and by September CipherCloud had created working encryption for, Chatter, and Microsoft Office 365. CipherCloud’s home base resides in San Jose, California but with the addition of John M. Jack, the former CEO of Fortify Software to their investor board they were able to open up offices in London and Australia.

Wanting to add their services to more platforms CipherCloud joined Box Inc in February 2013 so their encryption software was able to be used on file-hosting services. The following year SlideShare shows CipherCloud acquired CloudUp Networks which was a software development company that allowed its users to track data as it moved through each cloud network. Users were also able to restrict and stop unauthorized cloud data from moving to another cloud without permission. Their most recent technological release came in April of 2014 when they launched Cloud Discovery. This software analyzes cloud networks to determine the risks of using the application was well as the visibility of data when transferred to the cloud network.

The creators and expert team of individuals behind the technical genius of CipherCloud have not gone without recognition for their talent. In February and April of 2013 CipherCloud was named the winner of SC Magazine’s Excellence Award for “Information Security Product of the Year” and “Best Emerging Technology in Information Security”.

Philip Diehl, the United States Money Reserve president, has a long history with the finances. He started off as the Chief of Staff of the US treasury before his appointment as the director of the United States Mint. At the mint, he initiated several historic reforms including the introduction of the 50 states quarter program and the government issued platinum coin.
In an interview with the E-podcast Network, Philip was put to task on the various issues revolving around gold markets, why people should own gold, and his leadership of the company. When asked how his role as the US Mint director readied him for the current post, Philip responded by saying that, most of all, his role at the Mint introduced him to the world of precious metals and the gold market in the world. He was able to understand the basics as well as the dynamics in this market that only serve to strengthen his current role as the head of the money reserve.
He also explained that the American government issued gold coins are more valuable and widely accepted in the country as genuine coins as opposed to others that are available in the market. This acceptability and marketability are what pushes most gold lovers in the world to go for the American issued gold as opposed to buying just any other gold in the economy. He also pointed out that the government issued gold and coins have become widely accepted as an official and legal tender. This acceptance is what he termed as the major impact of the gold market in the last decade.

About the US money reserve
The United States money reserve offers various precious coins to different coin enthusiasts all over the country. It also offers advice to parties interested in buying precious coins from them on the different precious metals they have in stock and the benefits of buying any of them. The reserve stocks various products such as gold, silver, and platinum coins all of which are US government issued making them more authentic, genuine, and accepted as equivalent to the accepted legal tender. Like them on Facebook.

As a financial strategist and as an attorney, the life of Sam Tabar has been pretty interesting so far. In the year of 2013, Sam Tabar was offered a position with the well-known Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc company. This was a very big opportunity, so Sam took it seriously and began to work for the company in the position of Head of Asia Pacific Capital Introduction. Schulte, Roth & Zabel LLP was the company that Tabar had been working with during the time that he worked for the Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc. During the time that he had spent working with the Schulte, Roth & Zabel LLP he had been given the opportunity to be the Associate attorney.

Having a very unique skill set has helped Sam Tabar when it comes to things like strategy and the management of hedge funds. Legal training from the past now help Sam Tabar in situations that have to deal with things like noticing things that others would not notice and seeing things in a different way when it comes to the management of hedge funds. Tabar has also used his expertise that comes from having earned his degrees from the schools of the Columbia School of Law and the Oxford University to helped him with the Asian companies when it came to managing their hedge funds.

His bio is a good indication that success has brought Sam Tabar the opportunity to work for many different places, such as when he worked with the PMA Investment Advisors LTD. There, he was put in charge of aiding the company with the Asset Raising Team and also aided them in the area of making more assets available to the company in great numbers. Hedge funds and being a capital strategist are the things that are holding the attention of Sam Tabar as of the moment. Using his knowledge from the legal field, Sam is also currently working hard to aid the women that are located in Asia and Africa.

Sam Tabar has had the privilege of working side-by-side with many different nations, which has lead him to taking on many different languages. Having a talent for speaking languages has come in handy for work and as of right now, Tabar uses the Japanese, French and English languages the most for his work. Having earned his way to the top, it is easy to see how Sam Tabar has quickly become a very successful and trusted attorney.  Sam Tabar is also a philanthropist, doing what he can through GoFundMe to help others.

The newest couple in the liquor business is Dick and Betsy DeVos. Dick DeVos, first, had a short political career, running for Governor, but losing to his opponent. He then went on to put to use, his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, which he earned from Northwood University. At one time, he attended Harvard Business School and Wharton’s School’s Executive Study Programs, but he did not graduate. His wife, Betsy, also holds a degree in Business Administration and Political Science.

Originally, the couple owned a holding company, Windquest Group, in Grand Rapids, but through that company they have purchased Coppercraft Distillery. While the final sale has not been confirmed, as of January 20th, a license transfer has been approved, which is the first step of the selling process. It could take up to six months for a liquor license to be approved by the state.

DeVos’ acquisition of the distillery will only add to number of business he has a hand in already. His first job was with Amway, a family business, in 1974, becoming vice president of the company just over ten years later. Another would be with the Orlando Magic Basketball franchise, where he became the CEO in January 1993. He is currently a part of the privately held, Windquest Group, which has recently dived into the area of alternative energy.

The distillery was first opened by William Catton III in late 2013 and it currently distributes to nearly 100 location across Michigan, Illinois and Colorado. Catton has not commented on any deal with the DeVos couple, but it is known that he was looking to expand his business. Catton currently has a small staff made up of eight full time and part time employees. These workers make a variety of spirits such as Vodka, Whiskey and Gin. The company has also moved into handcrafted beer, recently. While they wait for the transfer, if it does indeed take place, the distillery’s inventory is being built up in time for the Tulip Time Festival.

Dick decided to make the move into the liquor business after careful consideration of what it would do to boost the local economy and create jobs in his home-state of Michigan.

Congratulations to all the local residents and businesses who work hard to make West Michigan an incredible place to live, work, and visit!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

He is quite conscious of community matters and also puts a strong emphasis on education via philanthropy, even going so far as to create an aviation high school academy to support local students who want to learn more about aeronautics. Dick is a respected airplane and helicopter pilot himself, so the school is both a community service and speaks to his passion for flight.

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Ryan Reynolds has been having a lot of fun with the role of Deadpool. “The Merc With A Mouth” is a weird superhero/vigilante. The movie is a R-rated tour de force that mixes equal parts laughs and hyper-violence. Reynolds is thrilled to get a second life as a superhero. Deadpool may put the lingering bad memory of Green Lantern in the distant path.

And Reynolds graciously thanks the fans of Deadpool for their help. Per the actor, if it was not for the tireless work (and hounding) by fans, a Deadpool movie never would have been made.

The same could also be said about the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society with respect to a benefit being run by Jon Urbana. Local cats need your support, and you can figure out how to help by reading the following article at Jon Urbana Launches Charity Drive for ARAS.

Deadpool languished in development for 11 years. While the character has a solid following among comic book readers, the violent and insane mercenary is hardly a known hero name among the public. Fox owns the rights to Deadpool as part of its licensing agreement with Marvel Studios. This is how Deadpool appeared in the Wolverine debut solo outing.

Likely, a supporting villain role is what Fox had in mind for the character. Sure, the idea of a solo film was repeatedly tossed around in development meeting. Nothing seemed to come out of those discussions. Executives wondered why they should produce a Deadpool movie when so many other better known names are out there.

And then along came the fans. Fans built a strong enough buzz that Fox decided to give in and produce a lower-budgeted Deadpool film. On the second weekend in February, everyone will find out if the film is a hit.