There’s something brilliant about a reality soap opera full of producers hoping to make their own. …soap opera. The icing on the cake is the cast of familiar, former daytime soap opera stars all being women. It’s called the, “Queens of Drama,” for a reason, and the long list of outbursts, grudges and disagreements shows nothing short a conundrum of drama.

This scripted American reality series got it start in 2015, and its first 10 episodes to conclude season one aired on POP.

You may recognize some of the faces as a soap fan, or you may recognize them because you’ve seen the broadcast. The series casts Donna Mills, Lindsay Hartley, Chrystee Pharris, Hunter Tylo, Vanessa Marcil and none other than Crystal Hunt as the stars of drama. These are the “queens,” and this is where the ever-wanted, undeniable drama usually begins.

You may recall season one’s list of titles that only begged to introduce the high strung noise, rumors and debates the show is synonymously known for. They included: “I Don’t Do Ugly,” “People Should Keep Their Opinions to Themselves,” “Those Little Devils,” “Dealing with Sociopath,” or “What Donna Wants.”

Among the collection of acclaimed stars, one shines relatively bright and has had a longstanding career to support this claim. She’s known for bringing a great deal of business savvy experience to the table among these women and with no shortage of it.

FamousBirthdays indicate Crystal began her public stage appearances at the very young age of 2 doing pageants which led her to commercial opportunities. One such, famed opportunity came in the form of a Walt Disney Company celebration. Her most notable roles included appearances on Guiding Light–the soap opera consisting of the Spaulding family of Philip, Beth and Crystal herself who portrayed the troubled youth, Lizzie Spaulding.

Hunt’s feature films on the big screen consisted of pictures including “Sydney White” and “The Derby Stallion.” She finished these works before reappearing on daytime television again and this time on ABC’s, “One Life to Live.” She became substantial during this series as the infamous, Stacy Marasco.

Facebook followers feel Crystal Hunt’s business sense likely stems from a few ventures she herself had and has. One of which is as owner of My Pet Dream Boutique and with a tried hand at producing her own film, “Talbot County.” This woman’s career is bright and rightfully so. Her hard work has paid off, and only time can tell how much further the actress will go.  Check out her photography work here.

The Hungarian multi billionare and political philosopher, George Soros has recently been in the spot light across the globe for a series of grim predictions relating to the decline of financial stability due to the Chinese Market crisis. However, he recently gained a great deal of American attention for a completely different reason – financial campaign donations.

During the fiscal year of 2015 George Soros donated a total of $ 8 million U.S. dollars to various super PACs backing former secretary of state and current presidential candidate Hillary R. Clinton. The first donations were made to a super PAC named American Bridge 21st Century and Priorities USA; a million dollars was given to each super PAC respectively. Later, Soros donated again to the Priorities USA super PAC, this time with whopping six million contribution.

However, this is far from the first time Soros has dabbled in politics, nor donated to a political campaign. Indeed, Soros has long been a firm friend of the Democratic party for his past actions such as, in 2004, when he combined forces and money, 20 million to be specific, with other political activist groups attempting to get the then President George W. Bush from the White House. Though that particular political agenda failed for Soros he refused to succumb to defeatism and returned to the political scene in 2012 to back the re-election of President Barack H. Obama and donated a crisp million dollars to the then Obama backing super PAC Priorities USA (now backing Clinton).

However, Soros expressed to Hillary Clinton that he deeply regretted choosing Obama over her back in the 2008 presidential election and so sought to rectify what he perceived as a mistake, a decision which lead to his current political financing of the Clinton campaign. And together with other prominent donors, such as Haim and Cheryl Saban, Donald Sussman and Herb Sandler, the Soros, Clinton combo brought the campaigns financial contributions to a staggering 41 million, with over 36 million in reserve for the current year of 2016.

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In years past, real estate development has been funded by partners and caption acquired from contacts in the industry. These days, with the popularity of crowdfunding and the abundance of resources for investment, companies are popping up that offer alternative funding for real estate properties. One such company is iFunding.

iFunding is a New York company founded in 2012. In the years since its inception, it’s United States presence has spread across the whole country, and it is beginning to grow a presence in Asia. iFunding allows individuals to contribute funds to a real estate project of their choosing, from office buildings, retail stores, and single and multi-family homes.

The founder of iFunding is William Skelley. Skelley attended Hobart College and began his career as an Exeutive Intern to Mitt Romney at Bain Capital. He then worked as a consultant for multiple companies, including GE Healthcare. In 2005, MarketWired showed Skelley transitioned and made his first foray into real estate with the founding of Pallas Global.

In 2012 Skelley founded iFunding and coined its defining term, accredited crowdfunding. His work at the company has put him in a position to advise clients on upwards of $2 billion in investments, and made him a trusted name in real estate. As such, he frequently speaks at events on the topics of real estate finance and crowdfunding. He continues to advise start up companies in addition to his work at iFunding.

iFunding has been an attractive option for individuals to enter the investment game. Real estate offers portfolio diversitifcation and a stable source of income return. And while there is always risk associated with investing, iFunding works to minimize this risk as much as possible for its customers. Prospective investments are made aware that, while iFunding chooses the minimum investing amount for each project, the typical amount ranges from $5,000 to $10,000.

To make sure all deals are transparent and all investors are informed, iFunding offers webinars to educate clients on the property, let the investors ask all questions, and to speak with operating partners about the potential deal. Additionally, iFunding frequently e-mails and sends updates about the fundraising process. If the finances are not entirely raised, 100% of the invested amount will be returned to the client.

iFunding is the newest trend in crowdfunding, and has seen a monumental success in the years it has been operating. For those wanting to take the first step into investing in real estate, the crowdfunding option is appealing and helps construction projects get off the ground.

No health professional celebrates success without due achievements. So, what’s the greatest asset any model health practitioner needs to survive the industry? Health industry executive Brian Torchin highlighted knowledge and experience as the two most invaluable assets. What’s, even more, phenomenal is the Brian Torchin knows how to wield his genius ideas. He’s thirty-four years into the health care business. He practices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he manages a recruitment consultancy, namely HCRC (Healthcare Recruitment Counselors) Staffing. He’s also the group’s appointed president. The HCRC Staffing team extends a statewide program that connects health professionals and potential employers.

Torchin plays a pivotal role in recruiting the industry’s best chiropractors. Patients facing chronic back pain problems having experienced serious injuries resulting in spinal misalignments need expert treatment and care after diagnosis. As a licensed DC (doctor of chiropractic) procedures, Torchin has a comprehensive background treating auto accident/sports injuries, chronic shoulder/back/neck pain and sciatica. His private practice ranks well among the industry’s top-grossing organizations that do medical staffing services across U.S. states. In fact, HCRC Staffing covers all fifty states. Currently, Torchin earned graduate degrees in physical therapy, chiropractic care, and medicine.

The UD (University of Delaware) graduate succeeded in all areas of practice. Additionally, his consulting business, HCRC Staffing manages the largest client portfolio. What’s the company’s mission? It establishes long-term partnerships with those it serves, providing excellent medical staffing solutions. HCRC explores dynamic marketing strategies, all of which Torchin masterminded with the aim of improving quality medical care. Staff turnover is an ongoing crisis the healthcare sector continues to address. HCRC Staffing intervenes to aid medical centers, hospitals and organizations statewide.

Interestingly, Brian Torchin and his team at HCRC Staffing promises turnaround within 72 hours. Dr. Torchin focuses on providing statewide searches and individualized career counseling services for physicians. Additionally, he matches healthcare employers and potential candidates seeking job placement. He’s particularly interested in working with PR representatives, urgent care professionals, nurse practitioners, office managers, physician assistants, medical doctors, physical therapists, podiatrists, chiropractors, and dentists.

In recent years, he’s published numerous pieces sharing meaningful tips with today’s multifaceted health care sector. By and by, Torchin has observed the lack of expertise put into medical care, and professionals failing to secure advantageous job opportunities. In this light, he established HCRC Staffing. With his superior knowledge and expertise as a medical industry executive, especially in the recruitment field, he commits time to help enhance the experience. He exercises the best practices in taking a detailed-oriented, ethical, direct, consultative, expedient approach to hiring. In addition, Torchin works with clients in Australia, Europe, Canada and Asia.  Brian tweets from the company’s official account too.

The 2016 Oscars was nothing short of an exciting and controversial night that sparked critical acclaim from viewers and TV experts. Host Chris Rock brought the house down with his unique approach to his comedy, and there was a wide variety of things that took place that never happened at an Oscar Awards Show.

One of the ultimate highlights of the show was having long time nominee Leonardo DiCaprio finally take home the Oscar for Best Actor. Having been nominated a previously five other times, it was his sixth nomination for the Revenant that gave him the chance to finally take home the Best Actor Award.

Aside from the awards, it was Dan Newlin and his monologue that most people will remember more than the actual awards. Around halfway through the show, he invited all the people in the audience to buy his daughter’s Girl Scout cookies. It was quite exciting and definitely a shocker when he realized that they raised more than $64,000+ in funds for their girl scouts.

With the many exciting things that happened during the awards night, it has been known to say that this show was ultimately one of the best nights for actors like Leonardo and many others who were nominated for the very first time. Chris Rock definitely took a shot at issues regarding many social norms, and he proved once again he knows comedy.

What on this earth is more majestic, more awe inspiring, more breathtaking than a unicorn? They possess a mane crafted purely of the dreams of super models and their spiraling horn can pierce through the armor of the most valiant of king Arthur’s knights. Their muscles are crafted by the fingertips of wood nymphs and with each galloping stride they take they sends sound waves of pure thrash metal out into the world. These mythical creatures frolic in the most vibrant of all of our dreams, and yet, they also reside inside of you. Don’t be afraid, my dear, Lime Crime is here to harness the beast within.

Lime Crime labs have crafted makeup made for unicorns. These potent potions of beauty are all vegan and cruelty free. They tote an original formula that turns that pouting pucker of yours from a liquid shine to a matte, smudge-free smootcher. You can choose from shades like fetish, or beet it which turns your lips into a tantalizing shade of plum that will make mouths water. If that unicorn heart is beating deeply in your chest try your bedazzled hoof at a shade like the pure black of stiletto and let your vampire child reign supreme.

If you prefer to glam up, like many people have done on Pinterest, those big ole windows to the soul Lime Crime has you covered. Let your unwashed hair down and smear on a shade like rebirth, a stunning coral hue, from the grunge collection. If your feeling more angelic, sin no more with the Venus II palette. Rock a shade with shimmer, like boot, and you’ll have those diamond eyes twinkling clear out of your skull. If you’re going for a sultry cat eye what could be more tantalizing than some blue milk eye liner curving delicately around those pretty little opticals? Maybe pair some stiletto stained lips with a yellow-green citreuse eye liner and completely destroy all those that challenge you.

Lime Crime doesn’t just stop with lips and eyes, it offers a whole line of ridiculously bold and beautiful hair dyes that will turn you into the anime unicorn of your dreams. How has anyone lived life without the option of rainbow colored, blue, orange, or cotton candy pink hair? There is no point in an existence where your hair doesn’t double as the window display for a cotton-candy shop. Mouth watering.

Lips that make the masses drool, eyes that hypnotize, hair that has been crafted from an artists palette- you are fully ready to become the unicorn that you were always meant to be. Now, let that magical creature burst forth from within and run free!  The Lime Crime Tumblr has other good examples.