UPDATED May 25th, 2017 — Todd Lubar shares insights that make him successful. Full interview here : https://ideamensch.com/todd-lubar/

Todd Lubar is a businessman and former real estate developer who has also worked in the construction and mortgage business. Mr. Lubar currently resides in Bethesda, Maryland, in the Washington D.C. area. He is married and resides with his wife and two kids in Bethesda.

Todd Lubar is a family man at heart and enjoys spending as much time with his wife, kids and other family members as he can. He also enjoys travel and particularly enjoys traveling to Orange County, California, where the temperature is much more mild than in Maryland. One thing Todd Lubar has learned through business and life is that he wants to wake up as a better person that he was yesterday through what he has learned and experienced. He also realizes that having a positive attitude, where you want to add value to those you come into contact with can be a tremendous asset not just in business but life in general.

Todd Lubar currently works in the commercial demolition business and scrap metal business. His commercial demolition business managed to secure several large scale contracts from some of the nation’s biggest general contractors. Mr. Lubar entered the commercial demolition business and scrap metal industry when he realized that the mortgage and home building industry was in great peril. He realized that the mortgage industry had lost its way and was no longer governed by conservative banking principles and caution. Todd’s automotive scrap metal recycling business became so successful, that it eventually become a publicly traded company.

Mr. Lubar had both his own construction and mortgage company. The construction company was called Legendary Properties, LLC and it focused on renovating and then selling both multi-family and single family homes. Todd’s company managed to renovate and sell over 200 homes for a profit. His lending company was called Legendary Financial LLC. As director of Legendary Financial LLC. Todd Lubar managed to close over 7,000 transactions.

At Legendary Financial LLC., Todd Lubar focused on underserved clients. He used his insight as a former mortgage lender and managing director at a mortgage company to assess the risk of loans given to people who were passed over by banks. Legendary Financial LLC. served both private individuals and companies with home, business and development loans.

White Shark Media is one of the rapidly growing digital agencies in North America. The rapid growth of the company is due to the provision of engineered affordable Search Marketing campaigns and provision of excellent customer experience. Provision of tailored market solutions for small sized business has enabled the company to reach and transform many small businesses. Besides, the company has been carrying out a follow up on all its clients, a factor that has makes the firm successful.


The company utilizes technologies such as keyword-level call tracking, Google Analytics integration, proprietary reporting software, and competitive intelligence. With this technology, the company can provide world-class services and be accountable to their clients monthly.


The successful market penetration is also as a result of combining of talented international and domestic workforce that has steered the company to greater heights. With over 150 employees in the three operational countries, the firm can track all it clients to guarantee their customers success in their ventures.


Dedication, experience, and creativity of the employees have enabled the company to grow rapidly in a very competitive market. In securing success, the company assigns a team of three distinguished marketing experts to a customer. By so doing, the client is guaranteed of outstanding consumer experience, fast responsiveness to emails and phone calls and frequent progress monitoring and reporting.




White Shark Media was founded in 2011 by three Danish entrepreneurs who had extensive know-how in offline and online marketing. The three entrepreneurs had a goal to surmount the growing SBM market in Latin America and the US. With the aim to deliver outstanding product and services, the firm has to date excelled in online marketing.




White Shark Media was in 2014 honored by Google for meeting Google stringent eligibility and training requirements. Due to this achievement, the firm was awarded Google AdWords, a credit that has been given to only 28 other companies. Clearly, this shows the devotion of the enterprise in service delivery. Besides, the firm was also recognized by Microsoft for its proven excellence in marketing campaigns for smallholder businesses.


White Shark Media Future


The company is devoted to ensuring the success for their clients. They have laid plans to develop innovations that are affordable and customized to guarantee the excellence of small and medium sized businesses. Besides, the firm is planning to develop transparent and flat fee marketing solutions without contracts. Additionally, the company is dedicated to making partnerships with other focused organizations to ensure better service delivery.


As a Brazilian investment banker and stock market businessperson, LinkedIn depicts how Igor Cornelsen has worked with several investors and companies in making their ventures successful. He currently serves as the CEO of Bainbridge Inv Inc. The company delivers commodities and foreign exchange investment solutions to both institutional and individual investors. Throughout his career in investment banking, Cornelsen has referenced the Brazilian investment-banking model. This is because Brazil has recorded a tremendous economic growth. Furthermore, several foreign investors have spent their money on profitable Brazilian ventures.


Cornelsen is also notable for holding executive roles in some of Brazil’s top banks. During his tenure, his management enabled most banks to make profits. He retired from the Brazilian-banking sector in 2010 and decided to focus on private investment ventures. Besides work, he enjoys spending his leisure time in South Florida, Miami.  Tons of pictures of Igor enjoying his retirement can be seen on Facebook.


Igor Cornelsen: the Investment Advisor


Cornelsen uses his WordPress blog to educate people on investment matters. In his recent posts, he acknowledges people for making wise investment choices. He also believes that investing can be quite challenging to new investors. According to him, the only way one can make the right investment decision is by adhering to the investment rules. Cornelsen advice people to avoid losing money and to manage their time well when investing. He also urges people to diversify their portfolios to minimize investment risks.


In his blog, Cornelsen also advises young investors on how early investments are critical. According to him, the best investment decisions can be made at the beginning of one’s career. He used the latest research by the Federal Reserve to back up his statement. The research states that over 50 percent of American citizens below 30 years old have not invested in their retirement.


Cornelsen’s Take on Stock Markets


Igor Cornelsen has posted several articles on his WordPress blog regarding the stock market. In his blog, he says that stocks are quite deceiving. Cornelsen also points out how knowledge is essential when it comes to investing in stocks. He views the stock market as a lucrative investment opportunity with risks involved. Cornelsen believes that if you view the stock markets positively, you are likely to be less cautious when investing and more committed to the investment.

With its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, Equities First Holdings LLC was founded in 2002. Since then, the company has been offering alternative financing solutions to their clients. It supplies capital against the publicly traded shares to enable their clients to meet both personal as well as professional goals. To-date, EFH has done over 650 transactions, offering customers loans at low-interest rates.

EFH is an international company. It has offices in nine countries including London, Hong Kong, Indianapolis, Singapore, Sydney, Bangkok, and Perth.

Their loans are based on their evaluation of risks as well as the future performance of bonds, stocks, and treasuries on the market.

Equities First Holdings record a growing trend among stock-based loan borrowers

Equities First Holdings- a global leader and lender in alternative financing solutions has witnessed increased traction in stock-based and margin loans in an economic environment where lending criteria has been made tighter in banks and other institutions. Equities First Holdings is quickly gaining popularity as a possible alternative for borrowers who need quick capital or those who do not meet the qualifications for a more conventional credit-based loan.

While there are many options for these individuals, lately, many banks have tightened their loan qualifications, increased interest rates and cut their lending options.

Al Christy, Jr, the CEO and founder of EFH, thinks that loans collateralized by stocks are innovative borrowing alternatives for people seeking working capital.

Ideally, the loan-to-value ratio of stock-based loans is higher compared to that of the margin loans. Stock-based loans also have a fixed interest rate, and this provides the lender with certainty throughout the lifespan of the transaction.

Unlike conventional loans which are bound to be affected by fluctuations in the market, stock-based loans provide a buffer. This is because borrowers lower their risks of the investment in a disadvantaged market.

With more stock-based loans, there is a way out and borrowers can walk away from a loan at any time, even if the value of stocks depreciates. The borrower is allowed to keep the initial proceeds of the loan with no further responsibility to the lender.