Women are impressed with Lime Crime. This is one of the hottest brands around when it comes to colorful cosmetics. I like the brand because it is unlike anything else that is part of the makeup collection that I have. I believe that everyone should at least consider adding a few colors from this Doe Deere collection.


I will admit that it is a little bit over top for my workplace, but I definitely use it when I am going out on the town. In fact, Lime Crime is the only thing that I want to use when I’m going out to a party or a bar.


I think that this is definitely one of the best cosmetic brands for anyone that is trying to add a little pizzazz to their style. I have seen Doe Deere in a lot of pictures and videos, and she is definitely rocking her brand in a very intriguing way.


She is actually the one that makes people want to try the Lime Crime brand out for themselves. Now that she has the hair dye in place it fits perfectly with the videos where she is trying to market her cosmetics. She has always been someone that dyed her hair, and I have always wondered what she was doing to get such bright colors that were in sync with the makeup that she had on. I don’t have to wonder anymore because now she provides an opportunity for her customers to get some of the hair dye colors that are similar to the makeup that she has been selling.


This is a great idea because I believe that a lot of people have admired her look. I have wanted to imitate what she has been doing for a long time, and I definitely believe that this is going to be one of the best ways to get the look that she has. Everyone is talking about this semi-permanent hair dye, and I believe that this will be another one of the top items from the cosmetics collection that she has graced her fans with. http://www.dollskill.com/shop/lime-crime.html

According to a blog post published through Central Jersey Working Moms, Omar Boraie Team has made the Aspire a perfect place to live. Boraie development is a real estate development company headquartered in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The company’s newest project has been reported to be the great apartments at the Aspire. The Aspire featured a 17-story building which is a luxurious apartment constructed in a very convenient location where one can easily access the train transportation to Philadelphia and Manhattan. Aspire is considered to be the most appealing apartments in New Brunswick because they include 238 studio apartments, one-bedroom, and two bedroom units all with incredibly spacious layouts.

Accommodation to live in any of the three options is delivered in the form of partnership featuring modern designs and full-service facilities in the building. Those who choose to live in these apartments enjoy comfy appointments and a lavish lifestyle just the way they expected it to be. The Vice President of Boraie Development, Hiam Boraie says that Aspire will make him and the company popular because the residents have different tastes yet they are all considered through Aspire. The building has a full-time doorman, continuous maintenance and management and adequate elevator services. The company has worked hard to ensure that there is a large selection of floor plans, oversized windows, about 9 to 10-foot ceilings, lots of natural lighting, hardwood floors and wall-to-wall carpeting in bedrooms. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

In an article on Rutgers, other features of the apartments include the large gourmet kitchens, custom cabinetry, stainless steel appliances and quartz countertops. Bathrooms also have beautifully designed and decorated floor plans featuring porcelain floor tiles, ceramic wall tiles and large and stylish showers and tubs. All the units in Aspire have internet, cable and efficient heating systems. The apartments also have great public facilities such as a catering kitchen, luxury lounge area, flat screen TVs, a pool table, roof decks with excellent views, intimate, relaxing areas and outdoor electric barbecues for group entertainment. Residents also enjoy the facilities of a 24-hour inbuilt fitness center. Aspire provides a home for every person who needs one.

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development is a real estate development that specializes in offering services in areas related to urban real estate market. Some of these services include property management, real estate development and sales and marketing. The company is renowned for completion of incredible properties in New Brunswick since it was established. They strengthen their services by partnering with reputable architects, contractors, and financial institutions to ensure that they meet all project deadlines and provide incomparable services to their clients.

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Richard Mishaan Design is an interior design company owned by Richard Mishaan. Richard Mishaan is an interior designer who is experienced in fashion, architecture, and design. Richard was born in the country of Colombia but relocated to New York City. Here, he had attended New York University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. Richard also attended the Columbia University of Architecture.

What sets Richard Mishaan Design apart from most interior design companies is Richard’s personal preference. Richard states that the best interiors are ones that are layered and rich. When designing, he focuses on creating a connection between the pieces used. This connection must come from their tone, texture, or excitement that is brought to the client he is working with.

My favorite project Richard Mishaan Design has worked on is the Upper Westside Townhouse. With this Townhouse, I enjoy the textures used. The texture gives the space a very sleek and modern look. The feeling that is given with this design is one you would think to find in New York City. Despite being sleek due to the texture, this space also offers a warm feeling. This is due to colors such as creme and brown being used with the furniture. Due to these features, I would find myself living in a space like this.

With the experience in his own company, “Richard Mishaan Desigin,” Richard has been able to publish two books on the topic of interior design. The first book of his was published in 2009 and is titled “Modern Luxury.” In the book, Richard details his creative process and discloses his own tips on interior design. In 2014, his second book was published titled “Artfully Modern”. This book showcases Richard’s best work starting from 2009. These two books display the professional that Richard Mishaan is.

Richard Mishaan Design: Your Next Piece Awaits at Luxe Home Philadelphia


Bruno Fagali is a strong lawyer who works in Brazil, and he specializes in urban and compliance law. He helps businesses where they are developing, and he ensures that all developments are done in the proper manner. This article explains how he does his work, and it shows that he has a command of the law that other people do not. He knows the letter of the law, and he knows the spirit of the law. This unique combination makes him the perfect counsel for many businesses to know more: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009175216604 click here.

#1: What Does Bruno Do?

Bruno serves as counsel for a number of people and companies who need urban law and business compliance services law. Urban law services are quite important for companies that wish to grow, and a community that needs help with development will find it quite simple to use Bruno’s services. He will step in to help the people who need help, and he will ensure that the letter of the law is followed in each case. His knowledge of the law helps his clients choose their direction on each project.

#2: Compliance

Compliance rule services are important because they ensure that companies are not breaching the law, forcing their agendas on other companies or using their influence in the improper manner. It is quite important for a company to ensure that they are doing as the law requires, and they ask Bruno Fagali to stand in where they do not have information. The information that is offered by Bruno helps his clients make informed decisions.

#3: Brazil’s Economy

The Brazilian economy will grow quite a lot over time because of the World Cup and Olympics. There are many different companies that will come to Brazil because of what started at these two events, and the companies will need legal help service when they move their offices or build.

The growth of the country is quite important for the people of Brazil, and Bruno offers a legal service that helps people start businesses or run them properly. This is an important part of how the country grows, and Bruno serves all clients as equals.

Orthopedic is a branch of applied medicine that entails the treatment and prevention of both disorders and injuries related to the skeletal system, ligaments joints, and associated muscles. Below are some orthopedic surgery procedures.

Hammertoe Repairs, Correction of hammertoes is done to correct and help relieve any occurrences abnormal flexion posture of the toe fingers excluding the big toe. This procedure involves fixing of the toes by use of a wire known as the Kirschner wire. It also involves the repair and division of the extensor tendon.

There is also the Bunionette Procedure that is done by use of a partial mastectomy of the soft tissue. It entails the release of the 5th metatarsal joint and the 5th metatarsal head. The procedure can only be done with the 5th toe finger. When the procedure is done including the osteotomy of the 5th metatarsal middle-shaft involving the fixation of screws, it’s known as Weil procedure.

There is also the Spine/Pain Management Procedure that involves Facet Joint Nerve Injections. In this procedure, a physician places a spinal injection at the medial nerve branch of a facet joint that is smaller than the lumbar area. The use of Cervical and Thoracic procedure has higher risks when used as compared to the lumbar area because of its size.

About Greg Finch

Dr. Greg Finch is an orthopedic surgeon specialist cited at a hospital in Buderim known as Nucleus medical suites. Greg Finch is a holder of Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Auckland. He is a specialist in orthopedic surgery and holds a certificate that was awarded to him from the Royal Australian College of Surgeons. Dr. Greg Finch has also worked at the Shriners hospital for children as a pediatrics orthopedic and spine surgeon.

Greg Finch has specialized in both non-operative and operative treatment of major spine conditions such as problems with the lumbar spine, protrusions of the disc, spinal deformity, and stenosis of the spine. He has great experience in disc replacement surgery and invasive spinal surgery.

Versatility is a quality rarely found among interior designers. Most focus on a single craft or artistic expression. That, however, cannot be said of world acclaimed interior designer Richard Mishaan. The founder and owner of Richard Mishaan Design has managed to consistently deliver unique and quality design by combining his personal touch and influences with interior design, architecture and landscape architecture.
Mr. Mishaan’s competence in interior design is the result of a rich career background. He studied at two extremely reputable institutions, New York University and the School of Architecture at Columbia University. Before going on to form Richard Mishaan Design, he worked under Philip Johnson, one of the fathers of modern architecture.
Since its formation, Richard Mishaan Design has created a name for itself by being meticulously luxurious. Going through the company’s vast portfolio, you get the feeling that none of the designs have a hint of mediocrity. Yet, they all look different. All of the portfolios immediately jump at you. They increasingly engage your emotions the closer you look. Mr. Mishaan’s work is more than design, it is art.
A favorite Richard Mishaan Design portfolio of mine is that at Trump Park Avenue. The room just oozes high-end. The design’s beauty stems from the fact that there are so many dissimilar things in the room that still seem to effortlessly coexist. While the room undoubtedly has a blue color scheme, none of the red book, the silver vase, cream-colored couch and brown desser seem any bit out of place.
Beyond his endeavors at Richard Mishaan Design, Mr. Mishaan is also an accomplished author. He has written two books with the aim of passing along his extensive design knowledge, “Artfully Modern” and “Modern Luxury”. Both books have been published by Monacelli Press and have gone on to sell quite well.



Tidal has become one of the most interesting streaming services. It is easy for people to get involved with this company because it is different from what people have seen in the past. Desiree Perez is a powerful person that knows how to get results. She has become this powerful player in the industry because she knows what it takes to make customers fall in love with Tidal.

On the Internet the loss of the CEO for Tidal has become a reoccurring theme. It is like he has found himself struggling to get any type of help from people that join the Tidal staff in the CEO position. These are people that do not really have a feel for what it takes to make Tidal pop. Andy Chen was in place as the CEO, but Desiree Perez has done more than him without even taking on a CEO position. This is amazing. She is not part of the official staff, but she knows exactly what she needs to do in order to make people recognize the value of signing up for Tidal. This is a subscription service that has become one of the most important companies for those that want access to the screaming service of exclusive content.  Check saltylens.com.

For updates on Dez recent timeline activities, hit this.

The problem in the past has been that Jay-Z could not come to agreement in the way that the come should be ran. This is the struggle with Tidal. What Jay-Z knew was that he could get with someone like Desiree Perez because she shared his vision. He knew that there was a real chance that he could work with her and build a better music streaming business. More to read on igstars.com.   Tidal has definitely moved into the spotlight, and no one can deny that Dez Perez is behind all of the new subscriptions to Tidal.  For latest blogs, news, etc, visit Dez linkedin.com page

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Paul Mampilly holds approximately quarter a decade experience in investment whereby, he has held almost all his jobs in the finance areas. Paul’s career started in 1991 where he worked as a vice Portfolio Manager at Bankers Trustmark. Mampilly quickly progressed to higher ranks at the Deutsche Bank and ING where he was in charge of multimillion dollar accounts. In the year 2006, the founders of Kinetics Asset Management hired Mampilly to manage their hedge fund. Kinetics Company’s Assets, under Paul’s leadership, grew to $25 billion. That enabled the company to be named as World’s Best hedge funds by Barron’s.

Later, Paul Mampilly got an invitation to take part in the esteemed investment competition put up by Templeton Foundation. Paul made a remarkable investment return where, with an initial investment of $50million, he grew the investments to $88 million in a single year. The most impressive part is that Mr. Mampilly was able to achieve the significant gain during the financial crunch in the years 2008 and 2009. Despite Mampilly’s growth, Paul quit his position at Wall Street and decided to take an early retire and have more time with his family. Paul’s core reason for leaving was that he did not like the part where Wall Street only made money for the rich few.

Currently, instead of concentrating on making money for the rich, Paul is concentrating on assisting the common people to make returns from their investments. That is the reason why he has founded Extreme Fortunes and Profits Unlimited newsletters.

When interviewed by ideamensch, Paul attests that having his priorities first is one his growth strategies. While in the publishing business, Paul Mampilly reveals you always have to put your readers first. If your core point is making money, your business could run down the drain in a short time as your customers should always be the priority. Always having your primacies in place will make your business successful. Another core strategy is ensuring you have a smooth working relationship with colleagues and working in teams.

Mr. Mampilly reveals that he uses LinkedIn web services a lot. He always ensures that his LinkedIn profile is always up-to-date and accurate. Paul says that LinkedIn allows him to have his profile in Public and update his professional life details to all the targeted audiences.

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Back in 2008, Jay Z signed a ten year music and recording deal with Live Nation and that deal is nearing its end. Insiders from Live Nation are confident that the company wants to maintain a business relationship with Jay Z but only when it comes to his music tours. They speculate that the company doesn’t want to continue with the recorded music side of the deal. In previous years Live Nation had the artists’ rights to recorded music so they were able to do whatever they wanted with it. However, that is probably going to end soon. Recently, Jay Z and his top Roc Nation rep Desiree Perez met with CEO of UMG, indicating that Universal Music Group may possibly buy into Roc Nation. If this happens, then Jay Z will have the opportunity to help grow and mentor up and coming musicians. This would also give him the chance to further develop his music among many other things.  Click on billboard.com for more reading.

Desiree Perez has had a close working relationship with Jay Z for about 20 years now. She produced Beyonce and Jay Z’s On The Run Tour among a few others. She has consistently demonstrated the ability to negotiate deals of any magnitude and the examples can be seen in the hand she played in the Rihanna Samsung deal. More of this on prettymanprettyman.com.

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Perez is one of the stronger leaders in the group that manages Roc Nation.  For an update of Dez recent timeline activities, check crunchbase.com. The musicians she helps represent are also leaders in the music industry and they agree that she is one of the hardest working, most forceful negotiators in the field.  To learn more about Dez, visit her new profile page at onmogul.com.

Have a glimpse of the music streaming world hit on http://www.apple.com/music/


There have been rumors spreading about how Apple wants to buy Tidal. It has also been reported that Sprint will be investing as much as 33 percent in Tidal. The Internet has been buzzing, and people have been talking about how Desiree Perez has been able to do such great things with this music streaming service that was once failing to meet customer expectations. People may be asking why Tidal has become such a big deal all of a sudden. It all comes down to the excellent skills in negotiations. She has been able to turn this company around and Jay-Z is able to see the benefits of working with Perez.   More reading on pagesix.com.

The app has been available for Google Play and iTunes, and now it is available for Windows as well. High fidelity streaming is what people are looking for. So many people have Beats by Dre headphones. They want the best audio that they can get, and the lossless audio is complementary to these headphones. It is obvious that Tidal was doing something that was out of the ordinary with the lossless audio.   Check templeofthecave.com, for related article.People would appreciate this higher quality, and Desiree Perez knew that this would be valuable to the structure of Tidal. That is why she got Jay-Z to play this to his advantage.

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Desiree Perez has been analyzing the industry that Jay-Z has stepped into. She has an interesting view of the world of music streaming. She is not directly in a position at Tidal, but this works to her advantage. Perez has this ability to lead from a distance and help Jay-Z by influencing his decisions. She has done a lot with Tidal since former Tidal CEO Andy Chen retired from his position as the CEO. Perez has been cultivating a new culture of music streaming lovers.  For more of Dez, visit her linkedin.com page.

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