It is never easy for someone to leave a job that they love, especially when that job involves something as crucial as building and brokering relationships between communities and governments.

There are not many positions that give people the opportunity to make a difference the way that serving as a diplomat does and no one knows this better than Daniel Taub, Israel’s former Ambassador the United Kingdom.

Being a diplomat often involves the challenge of becoming acclimated to a culture that is entirely new. It can involve learning a new language, familiarizing oneself with customs involving decorum, expectations in the workplace and doing business with people that one meets in the country that they are stationed in.

Fortunately Daniel Taub was uniquely well-positioned to succeed during his tenure as the State of Israel’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom. Taub was actually born in the United Kingdom during the 1960s and later immigrated to Israel where would eventually work for the Israeli Foreign Ministry in the early 1990s.

Daniel Taub would eventually work his way up the ranks of the foreign ministry and would eventually be appointed to serve as the chief envoy between the government of the country he was born in and the country he had come to call his home. He was familiar with British culture something that likely helped him do well in his high profile position as Israel’s representative to the European nation.

The key to doing well in any career is having a strong educational background to serve as one’s foundation. Taub had this in droves and this enabled him to build a noteworthy diplomatic career. Taub attended some of the best institutions in the United Kingdom and in the United States to prepare him to succeed as an international affairs professional.

He completed studies at University College, Oxford, Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and University College, London.

One of the core components of good diplomacy is being able to use one’s intercultural skills and knowledge of a local culture to become integrated into a community and thus build good relations between a local community and the entity that one represents.

During his time as Israel’s Ambassador the United Kingdom Daniel Taub and his family were able to become a fixture in the local Jewish community in the United Kingdom. According to The Jewish Chronicle former Ambassador Taub and his wife were integrated into the local Jewish community thus building common ties between Israel and the United Kingdom.

In the article Taub acknowledged the strategic importance that Britain holds on the international stage. He noted that much of the global financial industry revolves around the United Kingdom and the international reach that the British media has.

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One of Rocketship Education‘s leaders speaks her mind, noting the topic of education. She discusses it thoroughly, in a recent roundtable interview, and notes that she has read it over and over and over again, always finding something new and taking notes. She does not disagree with the importance of a quality education, especially when it makes the future reform champions that any country so much needs. She also mentions that she is now more optimistic than ever before in seeing the real potential that education may hold for future generations, especially when certain problems placed under Obama’s administration are now corrected.

She is also hopeful and optimistic about the range of technologies and scientific advancements that we have achieved as a nation – and even as a global culture – and notes that these will more than help in the fight to better educate students by learning their needs, desires and goals altogether. Betsy mentions that more than 250,000 students in 17 states come through publicly funded and private choice programs of at least 33 or more. This is in DC alone. The movement quickly accelerates.

As of last year, that number grew about another 40,000. She even remembers back in 2012 where new programs within Louisiana, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Mississippi and New Hampshire expanded their programs to certain states, such as, Ohio, Louisiana, Florida and Arizona, and Pennsylvania. In the year before, Indiana passed its large statewide voucher program that was in its art second academic year already enrolled more than 10,000 children before. When conducting polling was conducted in five states, educational choice enjoyed its popularity, especially throughout the Latino population.

She knows that the public is now becoming more aware that the traditional public school system set in America has simply not worked: To be quite honest, it has been a complete failure, and Pres. Obama is only to blame. Reforms like Tout Ask credits, vouchers and education savings accounts are now considered more radical than ever before and have been placed on the table as options once again. We hope for changes in days to come.

In prominent California cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Jose, housing costs have increased by 75 percent over the past five years. Because of this, real estate experts such as Nick Vertucci believe a crisis is looming, and that legislative action is the best plan for avoiding a real estate disaster. With the median cost to buy a home being $500,000 and more millennials than ever seeking to buy their first home, it’s possible many young Californians may never experience home ownership. Despite having low unemployment, high per capita income, and growing tax revenue, Nick Vertucci has carefully analyzed the market and believes a major market correction is on the way.


With most cities setting new housing construction goals annually, the results are often falling short of expectations. In fact, Nick Vertucci believes that without legislation at the local and state level, expectations will continue to be less than expected, leaving more and more state residents without adequate housing options. However, with a variety of politicians, community city groups, and local planning boards all having differing opinions, there’s no doubt finding a solution may be difficult. However, with experts such as Nick Vertucci offering his unique insight into the situation and providing grassroots organizations with the information needed to bring about positive change, chances are sweeping action will occur.


With his reputation as one of the world’s most successful real estate investors, it’s clear Nick’s insight into this issue is one that others should not take lightly. Having known what it feels like to start one’s life over after the dot-com bust of 2000, Nick has achieved unparalleled success while supporting his three daughters. Constantly learning everything he can about real estate and never being one to shy away from hard work, Nick has been able to build a multi-million dollar real estate empire while also helping others.


Upon founding NV Real Estate Academy, Nick Vertucci has committed his life to helping others take control of their lives through careful and insightful real estate investing. By helping people everywhere learn how to build their own real estate empires, Nick shows his commitment to making the world a better place each and every day. Knowing the important role financial security plays in the lives of families, Nick is determined to help as many people as possible take control of their financial destinies and have lives full of prosperity.



     Mexico has the best performing entertainment and media companies. The landscape of media in this country has grown to the next level. The media companies also help the people of Mexico with the interpretation of the political and business trends. Examples of such media enterprises include Grupo Televisa and Grupo CIE.

Grupo Televisa

Grupo Televisa is one of the biggest media companies in Mexico and Hispanic America as well. Televisa is considered to be an international business because most of its programs are aired in the United States of America and across the world as a whole. Grupo Televisa was discovered in 1955 as a result of linking three major television stations in Mexico. The three stations include XHGC-TV, XEW-TV, and XHTV-TV. During that time Grupo Televisa was known as Telesistema Mexicano. The media started to air its programs in color in 1963. However, the color signals from the Telesistema Mexicano was witnessed along the Mexico and US border in the late 1950s.

Grupo CIE

Grupo CIE is one of the leading media and entertainment companies in Mexico. The company usually focuses on the marketing of Portuguese and Hispanic language. It operates several venues, including auditoriums and theme parks. Grupo CIE also promotes commercial fairs, exhibitions, advertising commercialization, and live events. Regarding advertising marketing, the items that are usually promoted by Grupo CIE include drinks, food, and articles for events. Also, Grupo CIE helps the film industry with film distribution and production.

About Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero

Mr. Salvi Rafael is the current Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer of Grupo Televisa SAB. He also served as the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and CEO of Comercio Más SA de CV. Salvi also worked as the Vice Chairman of BBS (Board of Banking Supervision) of NBSC (National Banking and Securities Commission)

Before he was appointed as the Executive Director of Grupo Televisa, Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero also worked as the Vice President of FP (Financial Planning) at Grupo Televisa. Salvi joined the company in 2004. He has been working at Grupo Televisa for more than ten years.

Based in the Texas City of Dallas, Securus Technologies is a security solutions company serving over 3,450 law enforcement, correctional and public safety agencies around the country. The company also prides itself in having served over 1.2 million inmates over the years and having provided its security and safety as they served their sentences. The company has created a reputation for itself for emergency response and incident management services, investigation and biometric analysis, communication and information management, monitoring and inmate self-services in many correctional facilities across North America. Their top-notch services have made them an industry leader and set them ahead of the competition in the area of security solutions in the justice and correctional system.

The success of Securus Technologies is in large part due to the able leadership of chief executive officer Rick Smith. Mr. Smith had served in the company under different capacities since he joined in 2008 before rising to the helm in 2014. Before then, he had worked in Eschelon Telecom Inc. in various positions since 1998. By the time he left the company, he had risen through the ranks for the post of president. Before that, he had spent 20 years of his career in Frontier Corp. owing to his extended career in different institutions, Mr. Rick Smith has acquired a vast world of knowledge and experience, which he brought to Securus and has used appropriately to steer the company to success.

In 2016, Mr. Smith intimated that the company receives an overwhelming number of emails and letters, commenting them on the good job that they have been doing in providing security for inmates in different correctional facilities and their families. Many of the emails appreciate the fact that the service that the company provides were absent in the previous years, despite their undeniable importance, and understand that correctional facilities and society as a whole is safer owing to the services provided by Securus technologies. Indeed, there are those who feel that the company had made incarceration are more good course than in the past when it was looked upon with trepidation. In responding to the emails, Mr. Smith confided that safety was the main pillar upon which the company was built.

To further enhance its service providers in an increasingly diversified portfolio, Securus Technologies announced on January 2017 that it was adding a new sales executive to its leadership team. Mr. John Bell joined the company towards the end of December 2016, in the capacity of Vice President of Sales. He brings with him a vast world of knowledge and experience in the field, holding an impressive 35-year long portfolio in sales and marketing in many different organizations of high repute. He is expected to transform the organizational culture at Securus and steer the organization to greater success.

The cancer treatment Centers of America partners with NantHealth together with Allscripts to provide the best medication and treatment to cancer patients. It has a clinical pathway which gives the desirable treatment options to clients. It prevents clinicians from guessing due to the overwhelming amount of new data that they receive and oncology research. The collaboration had led to the creation of a direct interface of the clinical operating system. The clinical operating system has a complete and inclusive collection of cancer care data.
The clinical pathways incorporate the most recent research available, treatment instructions and the required therapies into the Allscripts Sunrise EHR. These pathways have enabled oncologists to come up with a list of care protocols. The treatment platform provides a custom treatment instruction to the patients, compares the treatment options and their cost effectiveness. It provides references to the updated guidelines, side effects of the drug and toxicity. The clinical pathways provide a platform where the patient and the clinical officer can discuss and compare the methods of treatment. The quality of treatment has improved through this platform’s efficiency. An eviti solution is a critical tool and necessary in bringing together all the clinical pathways platform and permitting physicians to use real-time evidence-based treatment instructions.
Cancer Treatment Centers of America has hospitals located in major metropolitan areas. It serves all the cancer patients within the United States. It is based in Boca Raton, Florida. It offers conventional treatment methods such as radiation, surgery, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy. CTCA was founded in 1988 by Richard J Stephenson. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America also provides therapies that can help reduce the side effects such as nausea, pain, anxiety, fatigue, malnutrition, lymphedema and depression. For about 30 years, they have been offering the best cancer treatment regimens appropriate for each patient. Through their advanced technologies, they can assist patients with the fight against cancer.

Necessity is the mother of invention, so they say. Inventions have always been made based on need. Necessity has always inspired famous individuals like Alexander Fleming, Isaac Newton, and even Michael Faraday to create new things to make human life easier. Just like Alexander Fleming, George Soros has found it meaningful to create a system that helps advocate for civil and human rights, particularly for communities across the globe. George Soros’ inspiration comes from atrocities witnessed while he was growing up. Since George was born in Budapest, he got exposed to rather unpleasant circumstances, seeing fellow Jews suffering in the hands of the Nazis.

George later moved to London in search of greener pastures. While in London, Soros was fortunate enough to save some money for college, enrolling at the London School of Economics. At the age of 86, George Soros has had a productive life, though most of the time it has been full of drama. Today, Soros ranks among the top thirty wealthiest people in the world. George’s success as an entrepreneur has mainly come from his unique trading skills and techniques. Soros’ wealth and influence have propelled his career to a level where he can dine with great leaders across the globe. George has firmly held an individual like Hillary Clinton under his wing for as long as two decades, offering her financial support through her political career. Apart from that, George Soros has been using his Open Society Foundations to assist civil and human right groups globally to meet their agenda with regards to policy and reforms. Thanks to George’s Open Society Foundations, he has given people from disease stricken and insecurity ridden countries with a renewed sense of hope. Follow George Soros on

Soros was away from the American political limelight since 2004 but made a major comeback in 2016. George’s main point of concern was to see to it that Hillary Clinton gets to White House as the 45th President of the United States of America. Committing more than $25 million to Hillary’s campaign, George proved to be not only a staunch supporter of the Democratic Party presidential candidate but also a close friend. During the campaign season, Mr. Soros was able to convince other longtime friends like Tom Steyer, Don Sussman, Haim Saban, and Fred Eychaner to rally behind Hillary Clinton.

Through time, George Soros has been able to bring down regimes using his greatest invention, The Open Society Foundations. When modern day Nazis and Communists hear the name Soros, ‘that is if any exist,’ they shudder in fear for George Soros has no one to spare when it comes to safeguarding the interests of minority groups. With George’s unrivaled streak in matters politics and reforms, he has become a darling to many. Know more on CNBC about George Soros.

Multilevel marketing executive Bernardo Chua was born in the Philippines. When he was a child, his Chinese grandparents told him about the many health benefits of the ganoderma mushroom. Since that time, he has always wanted to tell as many people as possible about all the things ganoderma could do. Learn more about Bernado Chua: and

When he was hired by Gano Excel to market their coffees, capsules and other food products containing ganoderma, he jumped at the opportunity. An excellent salesman, Chua soon found customers for the products throughout the Philippines, Hong Kong, Canada and the United States.

When he moved California three years later, the company was so pleased with his work they made him Gano Excel U.S.A.’s president. Bernardo Chua quickly set about creating a network of top-notch marketing representatives. Soon Gano Excel products were a big hit in throughout the United States.

The company had a growing legion of satisfied customers and Chua’s team of marketing representatives grew to over one million members. Americans loved the ganoderma infused products and Chua’s innovative marketing methods were wildly successful.

Chua decided to leave Gano Excel in 2008 and start his own company. He called it Organo Gold. Through it he began offering healthy bioactive coffee products infused with ganoderma on a wholesale basis to his marketing team. The products, sold under the brand names Organo Gold as well as Coffee Connoisseur, were then marketed to consumers at retail prices the company suggested.

His new multilevel marketing company enjoyed great success. Even as his customers raved about Organo Gold products, Chua worked with organic farmers to produce the highest-quality garnoderma at affordable prices.

The success of Gano Excel and Organo Gold has led to Bernardo Chua winning many awards. They include the prestigious Dangal ng Bayan award which recognizes high-quality Filipino products as well as the achievers with the vision and talent to inspire other Filipinos to achieve business excellence worldwide.

Chua also won two ‘People’s Choice’ awards and was honored with an “Outstanding Global Entrepreneur” award for his role in founding and leading a company that’s among the world’s fastest growing network marketing organizations.

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