Brazil has one of the strongest economies in the world. With all of the population growth in the country, many experts believe this trend is going to continue. One of the things that has helped increaes business growth is lower taxes. The government wanted to drive growth in the business industry as much as possible.


In addition, many people are starting their own companies in Brazil. This is a great sign for the overall strength of the economy. Now is a great time to start a business.



Felipe Montoro Jens


Felipe Montoro Jens is a leader in the business world. He is excited about all of the changes that are taking place today. He started his first company many years ago. Although things did not go as planned, he learned a lot of great lessons during this time.


Felipe Montoro Jens is starting to look at several industries for his next company. He strongly believes that the pet industry is going to continue growing rapidly. People in Brazil spend a lot of money on their pets every year. Felipe Montoro Jens is looking at starting a healthy food company just for pets. This is just one idea that he has for a new company.



Future Plans


In the years ahead, Felipe Montoro Jens wants to continue having success in business as much as possible. He is excited about the economic growth in his country. Anyone who wants to learn about business should look at the work that Felipe Montoro Jens has done in the industry.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are the creators of Techstyle Fashion Group that consists of several membership-based beauty, clothing, and accessory firms. These two top executive once had limited knowledge about fashion. However, they possessed a strong desire to succeed and commitment to understanding the needs of the consumers. Adam began his entrepreneurial journey when he was only a teenager. His first business, Gamers Alliance, served as an advertising platform that targeted gaming websites. In 1999, Intermix bought this advertising firm and employed Adam as the VP responsible for strategic planning. At only 20, he had ascended to the COO post at Intermix.


Don Ressler followed a similar path as Adam to become a senior employee of Intermix. In 2011, the company acquired his critically acclaimed website called Additionally, he had successfully raised money for a broad range of online firms. His success in the online business motivated him to venture into the fashion world. Working at Intermix created a favorable environment for Adam and Ressler to become friends. As their friendship experienced continuous growth, they decided to start a joint venture. In 2006, they unveiled an e-commerce firm known as Intelligent Beauty as well as other profitable ventures. While working on these many fashion businesses, the duo started brainstorming a unique way of transforming online shopping. They were aware that fashionable, comfortable outfits were highly demanded, and they understood that most clients did not have an ideal tactic for identifying personalized fashion.


Techstyle delivers stylish fashion with a customized touch


Techstyle’s first firm was called JustFab, a highly regarded membership-based clothing business that avails an opportunity for members to acquire personalized sports outfits and accessories on a monthly basis. The firm also illustrates ideal ways of mixing and matching fashion pieces, allowing members to make an informed decision when choosing the preferred styles.


The emergence of Techstyle


Most of JustFab’s funding originated from a top venture capitalist referred to as Matrix Partners. This capitalist also funded Intelligent Beauty. JustFab underwent a rebranding process in 2016, leading to the formation of Techstyle. Adam and Ressler coined the name Techstyle to refer to the way the firms combine technology and fashion. Given that both Adam and Ressler have in-depth knowledge and experience in digital commerce, they decided to give JustFab a tech-friendly name. Their main aim is to create and acquire more fashion brands that incorporate aspects of modern technology in the manufacturing and marketing of fashion products.

Adam Goldenberg is the owner of Gamers Alliance, an advertising network that was designed for gaming websites. He started out after he dropped high school and became the vice president Intermix Media in the year 1999. Since he was only 20 years old, Adam became the youngest Chief Operating Officer. It was at Intermix Media Company that Adam met Don Rossler, the owner of Don used his website to advertise and market personalized clothing including athlete’s fitness clothing. However, he sold the website to Intermix Media in the year 2011. Consequently, the sale of the website enabled Don to purchase several online websites, which were reported to be the reason he ventured in the fashion industry.


During their partnership, Adam Goldenberg became a close friend to Rossler. It was as a result of their friendship that Adam and Rossler decided to form Intelligent Beauty, a commerce company. Additionally, the two entrepreneurs continued to form more brands, which heavily influenced their company’s performance. Further, their friendship enabled them to define new ways to create online shopping websites. These websites were fundamental in the company’s advertisement of its products. Apart from that, they were able to come up with JustFab Company, which offered personalized clothing on its online platform. Since members could receive personalized clothing at a click of their website, JustFab Company used their fashion experts to provide advice on mix match clothing.


JustFab funding came from a venture capitalist known as Matrix Partners, which enabled them to establish a million dollar company. Additionally, they were also responsible for the funding of Intelligent Beauty Company. In the year 2016, JustFab Company was rebranded to Techstyle Company. Its rebranding came as a result of Adam Goldenberg and Rossler’s method to blend in fashion and technology. Although the company’s performance was exemplary, there are several additional factors that added to its performance. These factors include Goldenberg’s and Rossel’s hard work and commitment. The two entrepreneurs were greatly committed to their work which enabled the company to register tones of income.


Due to their interest in the technology world, Adam and Rossler were able to run a successful company that was greatly admired by many people across the world. As a result, their company attracts fashion lovers, athletes, and many other individuals to several of their stores in America. However, with the kickoff of the company’s online methods, it was reported that the method would reduce flocking of people in their stores.

For several years, dentists have been complaining about their current condition inside the clinics across the United States. For those who are practicing their profession with other dentists, their main problem is that they do not have the autonomy to do what they think is the best for their patients. For those professionals who have their own clinics, their main issue is mismanagement. These types of problems keep the dentists from doing their job right, and some end up stressed and no longer enjoying their job. A solution proposed to this problem is the creation of a dental network that will end these common problems faced by the dentists in the United States. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, a dentist based in Texas, recommended this solution. He established MB2 Dental Solutions, which is a firm who currently has the largest network of dentists in the United States.

The way the profession is practiced significantly changed after the introduction of MB2 Dental Solutions. The idea of creating a network can be traced to the experiences of Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva when he was still starting his career. Back at the time when the network has not been introduced, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva can be seen working inside his clinic. He would hear various stories from his colleagues, stating how dissatisfied and unhappy they are working as a dentist. They have never been satisfied with the current system, and Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva began formulating a plan which would address the problems faced by his fellow dentists.

MB2 Dental Solutions was established in 2009. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva stated that MB2 Dental Solutions will hire several dentists in order to create a large network of professionals. MB2 Dental Solutions will also be responsible for giving these dentists management support, working with autonomy and higher pay. MB2 Dental Solutions was well received by dentists, and they managed to hire a number of dentists during their introduction. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is confident that the creation of MB2 Dental Solutions will put an end to the traditional way of performing their jobs. He is optimistic that the dentists will now feel great enjoying autonomy in performing their jobs and better management support in order for them to succeed. Chris Steven Villanueva is still inviting dentists to be a part of MB2 Dental Solutions. He explained that once a dentist decided to join their company, they will be given all of the perks of being a member.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are co-founders and current co-CEOs of an e-commerce company known as TechStyle. The two have vast experience in online entrepreneurship and began their journey in business at a relatively early age. TechStyle is a group of online platforms that specifically offer membership-based clothing, accessories and a wide range of beauty products.


The most popular firm under Techstyle Group is JustFab that has more than 4 million subscribers. JustFab is an online platform offering a wide range of affordable handbags, shoes, and yoga pants. The company has always relied on venture funding as its main source of funding for its international expansion. JustFab previously received funding from venture capital firms like Matrix Partners, Technology Crossover Ventures, Intelligent Beauty, and Rho Ventures.


Ressler and Goldenberg co-founded Techstyle in March 2010, and the company has subsidiaries that specialize in online business. Currently, the company has four major subsidiaries that include JustFab, ShoeDazzle, Fabletics, and FabKids. Techstyle’s mission is to offer a personalize fashion experience to its customers. As the company founders, Ressler and Goldenberg are largely involved in carrying out administrative functions at the company and management of daily operations. They are in charge of the company’s global expansion programs and play a major role in looking for investors to facilitate expansion.


Ressler and Goldenberg previous worked for Intermix Media before they formed Techstyle. Intermix Media had acquired two companies belonging to the two, and this made them join the company as employees. Ressler and Goldberg were forced to leave Intermix Media after it was sold to News Corp. Apart from Techstyle; the two are co-founders of an e-commerce conglomerate known as Intelligent Beauty.


The company has three major subsidiaries that include; a subscription fashion business, a smell and taste therapy business, and Sephora. Techstyle’s head offices are located a few miles from the beach in El Segundo, CA. Southern California is a perfect location for Techstyle’s headquarters because the employees, clients, and guest can easily use the geo-filter to access the clear-blue skies and the beautiful palm-trees.


JustFab is categorized as a “Unicorn” by the media because it has been able to achieve what was believed to be difficult, rare, or unstudied. Such companies record good performance in the stock market and are mostly funded by venture capitalists. TechStyle has always applied data-driven marketing in its marketing operations to grow its brand. Through data-driven marketing, Techstyle has been able to; optimize customer experience, improve product development, expedite results, and automate its marketing operations.

Honey Birdette founder Eloise Monaghan launched her retail lingerie line in 2006 in Brisbane. Since the launch Honey Birdette has taken the lingerie retail industry by storm. The high demand for this coveted brand of lingerie has spurred an increase in store locations all across the United Kingdom. The first store in the UK opened last year in London’s Covet Garden and the popularity of the store and demand for products has resulted in the plans to open ten more stores in the United Kingdom.

The increased popularity of Honey Birdette has prompted an impressive 374% in online sales to United States based customers. Honey Birdette has embraced this increase and offered their loyal customers free shipping on purchases over $50 and faster shipment of packages. Honey Birdette has hopes to open retail stores in the United States to better meet their customer’s needs. In addition to the hopes of opening US based stores, Honey also plans on opening up to 40 more UK based lingerie retail stores by the end of 2018.

Honey Birdette is a highly regarded women’s lingerie store that embraces their customers shopping experience. The store provides plush seating and serves champagne to their guests to enhance the shopping experience. Honey Birdette is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing retail lingerie chains. Worldwide Honey has over fifty five retail locations and has no plans to slow down with introducing the chain to new markets. Honey is also embracing their ecommerce customers by offering shipping specials and sometimes featuring sales. The extensive online variety that Honey Birdette offers allows for customers to shop from the comfort of their own home if they do not have a store location nearby to visit.

Find more information on Honey Birdette on LinkedIn.

David McDonald is a successful investor in the food industry. He is the president and the CEO of the OSI Industries. OSI Group has over fifty facilities in more than seventeen countries. OSI Group is a privately owned food processing company that is located in America. OSI Group focuses processing of food as per the customers’ expectations.
ISO Group partners with retail traders and food service industries in the delivery of quality food products to customers in various parts of the worlds. The company process and supply value added food products to customers. They are excellent in serving customers with pizza, hot dogs, snacks, poultry products, bacon, beef, and dough products among other in their recipe.

David McDonald worked as CEO in OSI Group for over three decades. Throughout his tenure, the company has continued to grow. The company has opened other facilities in Asia and acquired jointly other food processing industries in both Europe and USA under David McDonald watch. Mr. David McDonald formerly worked as the project manager at OSI Group. He acted as the Independent Director of Marfrig. He holds a degree in Animal Science from Lowa University.

The heart of David McDonald company`s success is through the creation of successful partnerships. He believes that having partners in the different geographical region enables the company to understand the customers` culture, tastes, and preferences according to their setting. Through customer interaction, they remain the innovative and high-class provider of the food products in the world. Their geographical domination in different parts of the world has increased their market and has allowed them to scale OSI Industries globally.

The CEO David McDonald says offering clients with all the best food product is not the case but product innovation and development to meet the customers` needs is the key goal. On David leadership, the OSI Group has acquired facilities in China which is growing so fast because of the vast market in China`s population. Also having been in China for years, the company knows exactly what the Chinese love. He is also responsible for the purchase of Baho Food Industries. Baho Industries has opened the company`s market in Germany and Netherlands.

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There are many companies that have tried to match Securus Technologies in regards to producing the best inmate communication technology. However, no other company has ever come close to competing with Securus Technologies.


Just on the basis of customer service alone, Securus Technologies has all other companies beat. This is due to Securus having customer service representatives from every language being part of their team. Not only do these individuals speak another language, but they have excellent skills in being nice to people and being patient.


Every year, Securus Technologies invests millions of dollars into purchasing the best equipment and the best employees. The money Securus uses is all their own. They do not take advantage of government grants or the like because they want to show the community that they are a company strictly for the people. Securus is ever making improvements to their award-winning technology, and their employees must go through several seminars every year. These seminars keep them up to date with Securus Technologies and help them improve their customer service skills.


Securus Technologies has also invested a lot of money into their website. They even have a website that is totally dedicated to reviews. This website is accessible through the Securus main website. The reviews posted on the website are from inmates, their friends and family members, and prison personnel.


Inmates thank Securus Technologies for caring about them and allowing them to keep up to the outside community in regards to technology. Parents especially thank Securus for being able to see their children face to face right from prison. Friends and family members of inmates and prison personnel thank Securus Technologies for their user-friendly technology. People are able to video-chat and put money in a loved one’s commissary account with no hassle, and prison personnel can keep track of this with no hassle.


The Cancer Treatment Centers of America in collaboration with NantHealth and Allscripts are implementing a platform that will help in informing the cancer treatment process with fewer interruptions to the physicians’ clinical workflow. The Clinical Pathways Program contains very comprehensive data pertaining the evolving of cancer care data. It also divulges all available treatment plans thus eliminating any guesswork by a clinician.
With the patient being factored, Clinical Pathways combines updated cancer research, the treatment procedures and accompanying therapies into the Electronic Health Record of Allscripts Sunrise. This helps the oncologists create a curated catalog of care protocols at the health facilities.
Engaging the treatment platform successfully contributes to providing:
• Customized treatment procedures unique to a patient, disease state, and the health condition.
• A better comparison in the available treatment options
• A computerized order entry which is efficient and safe to the patients
• Support for clinical data
• Problem-solving functionality
• Evidence-based treatment plan backed by therapies to meet each patient’s solitary needs thus optimizing their quality of life during the cancer treatment period
The Cancer Treatment Centers of America have their headquarters in Boca Raton, LA. They are comprised of five national hospitals that offer services to patients who have cancer, and they extend an integrative approach to health care through a combination of gene testing, surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and precision cancer treatment. They complement these by offering an evidence and informative support remedy which is designed to assist the patients both mentally and physically during and after the extensive treatment. The centers treat patients from all over the world in their Tulsa, Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix and Philadelphia hospitals.
The centers have been rated the highest in the delivery of quality care and patient involvement. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America furnishes the patients and their families with complete guides about their treatment options and encourages them for active participation to ensure success.

     Fifty-nine years ago, a child was born in Rio de Janeiro. He was named Alexandre Gama. Little was it known that infant Gama would grow up to be the renowned businessman that he is today. Alexandre Gama is an advertising expert associated with Neogama, one of Brazil’s twenty largest advertising firms. He is the founder and CEO of the company.


Alexandre’s Education and Work Background

Alexandre pursued an Advertising and Propaganda course at Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado. He kick-started his career as a writer at Standart Ogilvy in 1982. Eight years later, he was hired by DM9 as a copywriter. For the four years he worked at DM9, Gama was the most awarded writer in the country. Before establishing Neogama in 1999, Alexandre worked at AlmapBBDO and Young & Rubicam.


Gama’s Achievements

Alexandre served as the Chief Executive Creative Officer of BBH. This position made him the first person of Brazilian origin to be at the top of a global network of communications companies. Additionally, Alexandre Gama is the only Brazilian who has served as a member of the Global Creative Board. Other achievements include being the only Latin American with a master class in 2008 at France’s Cannes Film Festival, serving as the 2004 foreman of the International Film jury of D & AD, and being the first of his origin in the global award for advertising experts.

Gama is a combination of intelligence and hard work that have seen him excel over the years. He is the wheel that drives Neogama to be a successful company that it is today. Upcoming advertising professionals should look up to him if they want to succeed.