George Soros is a name that many Democrats relate to. He has been a great supporter of the Democratic Party through his generous donations. George Soros manages a hedge fund and he is a renowned businessman with billions of dollars attached to his name. He has donated to many organizations and supported many causes but the most outstanding donation he has made is to the Open Society Foundations. He has so far donated 18 billion dollars to this foundation. This money was not donated at once, it was widespread over the years. With the accumulation of all donations, it was second in the list of organizations that focus on philanthropy.

George Soros saw a need for promoting human rights democracy and this is why he started the Open Society Foundations over 3 decades ago. The Foundation operates in more than 120 countries that are spread out all over the world. Recently, Open Society Foundations switched its focus to the United States where it has been investing in several programs that cater to the rights of individuals and their rights to speech. Some of their donations have been channeled to promote peace in the country after the elections that took place in 2016, promote the healthcare sector through the funding of some centers for treatment after the outbreak of Ebola in 2014 and support of art and culture.

Politically, he has had a huge part to play as a donor to the Democratic Party, particularly, Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Open Society has since picked up an urgent task of ensuring that voter fraud will stop moving forward so that democracy is well practiced. They are focused on ensuring that elections are fair and every citizen’s rights are well protected. George Soros is a strong believer in the democracy having lived through the Nazi Occupation in Hungary as a young boy.

George Soros left Hungary and went to London to study before later migrating to the United States to start off his career at Wall Street. His success in the United States was destined for his hard work. He studied the market in depth and in 1992, George placed a bet against the British pound and he won one billion dollars through this bet. He was then nicknamed the man with the ability to break the Bank of England after this incidence. As he continued to increase his wealth, he continually invested in democracy and supporting the rights of humans. In 1984 is when he began the Open Society Foundation with the aim of supporting freedom of expression, a governance that was democratic and respect for the rights of people. George, having lived during the Nazi occupation knew what a closed society entailed and he was not a supporter of this.

George Soros is so far in the group of individuals who generously donated funds to Democrats. He gave funding to Democrats during the election period to support the causes they stood for. Wall Street Journal had the honor of reporting the cumulative contribution of Soros towards the Open Society Foundation. His anticipation is donating another 2 billion dollars to the Foundation in order to ensure that they are sufficiently making an impact in the societies they work with all over the world.and Follow him

Nick Vertucci decided after facing many tragedies in his life to become a better person and to be successful. He lost his father at an early age, he watched his mother work long hours just to support him and his siblings, and at age 18 he was living out of his vehicle. Then his life started getting better after he started running his own business selling computer parts. He loved the freedom that came with it by being his own boss.

He started is own family and got married; it was soon after that, he went into debt and he had nothing left but a roof over his head. So, a friend of his invited him to a real estate seminar. This is where his whole life changed for the better and he paid attention to the speaker and learned all he could about the real estate industry. Nick never gave up on his dream as he began to continue to train and study, and now he is calling himself a millionaire. With his new real estate system, he is out to help others who are facing tough situations similar to the ones he once faced.

Now, Nick Vertucci is the Founder and CEO of NV Real Estate Academy (NVREA). The students who attend there are taught through real life lessons and also through hands-on experience. Student’s are satisfied and have been quiet successful through this academy and through Nick’s hard work and dedication to start the academy.

Also, Nick Vertucci offers free workshops across the country to help new and prospective real estate investors to obtain the skills to be able to find, fund and flip deals. These workshops do not require any investors to have any real estate experience, cash reserves, or formal training.

After each seminar, Nick Vertucci and his academy provides complimentary meals, a VIP Tech Package and an entry for a $5,000 giveaway.

It is normal for successful businesses to face rough patches from time to time, and this necessitates partnering with the highly-qualified business law attorneys. Reputable attorneys understand the ins and outs of the legal industry and have vast knowledge. Moreover, they are familiar with all legal terms used in the courts. Experienced attorneys like Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho have represented numerous clients successfully. More importantly, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is licensed to practice law in Brazil. He is also an active member of the Brazilian Order of Attorneys. Businesses and individuals in Brazil like being represented by Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Over the years, Mr. Tosto has managed to build a great reputation for himself in the country. At the moment, Tosto is ranked among the best business law attorneys in Brazil. As a great litigator, Ricardo is highly experienced and loves what he does.

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Ricardo is a member of an elite Brazilian law firm called Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. The law firm is very popular in Brazil and has represented numerous notable Brazilian personalities. Ricardo began his law career in a small office and later became a highly sought after litigation attorney in Brazil. Ricardo went ahead to establish his law firm, which grew to become a large Brazilian law firm within no time.

The Brazilian legal practice is lucky to have Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. He has pioneered the adoption of various high-profile Brazilian legal mechanisms. Additionally, Mr. Tosto helped his current partners, who began as interns, to become highly-qualified attorneys. Ricardo’s duties include providing guidance to his current partners, overseeing the law firm’s most delicate cases, and coming up with creative strategies for the law firm. As the leader of the firm, Ricardo ensures that the law firm continues to top the Brazilian law industry.

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A recent study shows that companies that have chosen to embrace gender diversity are very successful when compared to the businesses that have not. There are few companies, however, that believe that only men can make successful employees. Women are proving to the world that they can make good leaders, just like anyone in the society. The companies that are opening opportunities for women leaders are performing well because they have accepted the output that is brought by the career woman. When there is great diversity in a company, it is very easy for the company to set higher standards and do well in the competitive market. Although it is evident that women can take the world to a higher level, very few institutions have accepted to hire them in the top positions.

Susan McGalla is a professional who has proven to the world that women too can make great leaders in the corporate world. The businesswoman has been in the business leadership role for a long time, and she has been doing very well. In her daily life, Susan McGalla interacts with men who are already doing well in their professions, and she proves that she can give them stiff competition. At the moment, most people recognize her to be one of the most influential women living in the United States.

McGalla had a great upbringing, and this is probably one of the primary reasons she had been so well in the male-dominated corporate world. Susan was the only daughter in a family of three children. Her father was one of the respected football coaches in the neighborhood, and he always made sure that he did not give Susan any special treatment because she was female. This background gave the businesswoman the foundation she needed to become a leader in the corporate world.

James is the president and the co-founder of Highland Capital Management. He has over 30 years’ experience in credit and equity markets. The Highland Capital Management investment together with its affiliates owns assets that are worth $ 13.5 billion.

Mr. Dondero attended the University of Virginia where he received a Bachelors in Commerce, he majored in Accounting and finance. Alongside this, he also has CPA, CMA, and CFA. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

James Dondero is also the chairman of the NextBank, CCS Medical, cornerstone Healthcare and board member of the American Banknote and MGM Studios. In 2015, Mr. James Dondero was appointed to the board of directors for NextPoint Trust.

  1. Dondero began his career as an analyst in 1984 in the Morgan Training program before assuming several positions. He has also served as the corporate Bond Analyst and later portfolio manager at American Express. James served as the chief investment officer between the years 1989 to 1993, of Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary and helped the company grow the business from inception to over $2B in four years.

Under the leadership of Mr. Dondero, Highland Capital has been a pioneer in the developing of the Collateralized Loan Obligation as well as proceeding solutions that are related to credit both for the institutional and retail investors globally. The Highland Market offer products such as hedge funds, private equity funds, CLOs, ETFs, mutual funds, and REITs.

The Highland’s boasts a diversified base of clients that includes foundations, public pensions plan, endowments, financial institutions, funds of funds, high net worth individuals, corporations, and government. The firm’s headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas and also has offices in New York, Singapore, and Seoul.


Mr. Dondero’s management experience includes investment grade corporate, leveraged bank loans, mortgage-backed securities, emerging bank debts, derivatives, common stocks and preferred stocks.

As a dedicated philanthropist, Mr. Dondero has supported different initiates including education, veterans affairs, and public policy. Furthermore, he has donated millions to proceeds in Dallas-area and charities. Due to the commitment of Mr. Dondero in improving the educational opportunities, it has resulted in the growth of a list of partnerships and donations that is enriching the lives of the people of Dallas. Follow James on Linkedin.


When it comes to lip balm and other beauty products, ladies base their choices on a number of different reasons depending on their preferences. One of the things ladies consider when choosing a lip balm brand is the variety of flavors available. EOS lip balm brand has been one of the industry leaders for many years, see this. Their success is mainly as a result of them having a number of high quality delightfully flavored lip balms that are packed with soothing Shea butter, vitamin E and jojoba oil. Below are some of the bestselling flavors of the EOS lip balm brand.


EOS Organic lip balm

This lip balm has been one of the bestselling of the EOS lip balm flavors for many years now. With the growing emphasis on healthy living, ladies are increasingly going for beauty products that are made with natural organic materials. The USDA certified EOS Organic lip balm is made entirely of organic ingredients that keep your lips hydrated for a long time. It comes in a variety of flavors including Strawberry Sorbet, Passion Fruit, Sweet Mint, Honeysuckle Honeydew, among others.


EOS Crystal lip balm

This is one of the newer lip balm lines in the ever-growing EOS lip balms product lines. The EOS Crystal Lip Balm is wax-free and made using five nourishing oils that leave your lips soft and looking good. The EOS Crystal Lip Balm comes in three flavors; Hibiscus Peach, Plus and Vanilla Orchid.


EOS Visibly Soft Lip Balm

This line is made of a rich Shea butter and cocoa composition that leaves your lips deeply hydrated and soft. This is recommended for ladies in dry regions due to its hydrating power. This line comes in Vanilla Mint, Coconut Milk, Blackberry Nectar, and Honey Apple flavors. All amazing flavors are available here at

A number of years ago, EOS had the innovative idea of creating a lip balm that would appeal to women’s senses. From the feel of the round containers and their vibrant colors to the deeply moisturizing ingredients in a wide range of flavors. It is a product we have fallen in love with.

In fact, because of the bright colors and flavors, they are very collectible and it is hard to stop at just one. If you are a fan of lip balm, you’ll know that it is a good idea to keep a few scattered around. One for your purse, one for the car, one for the bedside table. You get the idea.

If you are new to EOS lip balms, here is a list of some of the most popular flavors to get you started:

Sweet Mint is one of their many organic offerings. Like all of the EOS lip balms, it is extremely hydrating. It has a fresh mint scent that won’t overwhelm you.

Blueberry/Acai, also organic, will give you a natural dose of antioxidants. The smell is reminiscent of blueberry muffins, see it here on

Coconut Milk is part of their “Visibly Soft” line. While all of the EOS lip balms are moisturizing, this one takes it to the next level, guaranteeing your lips will feel extra soft and smooth. It has a delicious coconut smell.

Summer Fruit has a lovely combination of strawberry, blueberry, and peach, giving it a wonderfully fruity scent.

Lemon Twist has a bright lemon scent plus SPF 15 to protect your lips. Great for people with an active lifestyle.

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EOS lip balms provide long-lasting moisture for the delicate skin on your lips, keeping them soft and smooth. If you give these flavors a try, before you know it you will be starting a collection of your own.


The career journey in the meat industry of Mr. Sheldon Lavin started in 1970. He was hired by the Otto and Sons Company so that he will be able to help with the financial consultation. The reason why he was brought to the team is that Mr. Otto and his sons were just given this business deal that they were not able to fund. Therefore, the only choice that they had was to bring someone in the team that was going to help with the financial solution. While at the company Mr. Sheldon was offered a chance to become a business partner but he declined the offer saying that he preferred being the financial consultant.

In 1975, Sheldon changed his mind and became more involved in the company when the company started looking for people to invest overseas. After Mr. Otto retired, that’s when Sheldon decided that he was going to become partners with the sons. As a result, the two agreed that company needed a change of name and it was changed from Otto and Sons to OSI group. The company has grown to so many other parts of the country like Europe, Japan, Australia, and India.

Mr. Sheldon is now the chief executive of the OSI group. The company is involved in the processing of the meat and food. With the experience that he has in finances, he has been a huge help to the company when it comes to finances. One time in Mr. Sheldon life he owned a financial consulting firm. At age 81, he is still helping the OSI group company in the expansion. For that reason, the OSI group since it was opened it has become the largest supplier in the world when it comes to supplying protein. It has opened more than 55 facilities in over six countries.

Regarding Mr. Sheldon educational background he has a degree in finance in accounting. He has been awarded several wards from the non-profit and some business activities. He is so involved when it comes to charities. The most noticeable charities that he has participated in is the Jewish United funds, inner-city foundation, and many others. Because of his leadership skill he has been able to offer the society with the best team of employees that are concerned with the overall health of the consumers. The company has invested in funds that are supposed to take care of the environmental practices of the society.

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Dr. Rocklage’s virtuoso isn’t restricted to medicinal science, not by far. He has a natural ability– an intuition, in the event that you will– to fiddle with various fields, as well as he’s a long way from a handyman. Rocklage has aced the most applicable ideas that drive trade: therapeutic care, Venture Capital, and pharmaceutical organizations.

Dr. Scott Rocklage, 61 years youthful, keeps himself occupied these days– and occupied is an immense modest representation of the truth. He is as of now an accomplice at 5AM Ventures, Chairman of the Boards of Semprus, Achaogen, and Relypsa, and furthermore serves on the Boards of WaveRX, Varitation, Pulmatrix, the Whitehead Institute Board of Associates.

With high-positioning positions in such a significant number of participations and executive gatherings, how does Dr. Rocklage discover time to rest during the evening? He fulfills more in 24 hours than a great many people do in a lifetime.

Gracious, and Dr. Rocklage additionally seats yet another association: the Boards of Cidara Therapeutics, Rennovia, Kinestral, Epirus, Plmatrix and some more. Obviously, Mr. Rocklage is a to a great degree occupied, critical and, to wrap things up, a kind and vivacious man. Read more: Scott Rocklage | Crunchbase and Scott Racklage | Bloomberg

His achievement in life so far has been downright cosmic, and he’s hinting at no backing off. Already, Dr. Rocklage was Chairman and CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, he later turned into the President and CEO of Nycomed Salutar. In the end he took initiative positions in the R&D branches of Catalytica and Salutar. A bustling calendar is just the same old thing new to him. Read more: Scott Rocklage | LinkedIn and Idea Mensch | Scott Rocklage

He at last went to MIT, where he earned degrees in Chemistry and Philosophy and was a piece of the research center group which helped Richard R.Schrock to gain a Nobel Peace Prize.

Dr. Rocklage’s exploration and endeavors has brought about three pristine pharmaceutical medications for patients: Cubicin, Teslascan, and Omniscan. Likewise, he’s an enthusiastic innovator—he has more than 30 licenses and has more than 100 medicinal distributions surprisingly.

Dr. Rocklage said that what energizes him most about what’s to come are restorative advances, especially in disease patients yet better social insurance as a rule. He is significantly more energized when the innovation winds up noticeably accessible to check certain changes or genotypes that may prompt variations from the norm or much growth.

Dr. Scott Rocklage is energized for that innovation to wind up reality, and he’d committed his life keeping that in mind.

Jorge Moll has spent much of his time in research trying to explore complex issues particularly in psychology and neural system. He has produced various publications including human moral cognition, the relationship between human brain and morals, activation of anterior and front-polar temporal cortex and psychopath disorder among other academic-based journals. He is highly profiled even by Forbes for his contribution and shared expertise. Learn more about Jorge on Wikipedia.

Moral Cognitive neuroscience has been an area of interest where he has dived deeply on alongside other researchers including Ricardo Oliveira Souza, Frank Krueger, Roland Zahn and Jordan Grafman. They have successfully been able to establish consistent brain regions determining behavior and social cognition. In medical practice, this has helped better manage patients with brain dysfunction or impairment that make them not to fit in the society.

Mr. Jorge Moll has also researched understanding and enhancement of afflictive emotions in human beings’ brain. He has attempted to explain tenderness – affection and empathy emotions through pattern analysis via fMRI neural feedback. He hopes the findings will help understand brain signatures of these emotions. Clinically and psychologically it will help people with and anti-social behavior and trigger their pro-social brain functioning. It is a complex duty since it is not easy to control emotions or decode them


About Jorge Moll Neto

Jorge Neto holds a masters degree in Public Health from the Federal Rio De Janeiro University in Brazil. He professionally practices medicine as a cardiologist. In addition, he is a renowned researcher who has deliberately chosen to explore the field of neurology where he is passionate about helping people with disorders lead a quality life or manage brain dysfunction. Jorge Moll Neto is a lead researcher with IDOR Research Institute in Brazil.

Other than a professional career in cardiology, he has lead to the materialization of some startup companies in his area of specialty. In 1977 he established a diagnostics and imaging laboratory which has risen to be among top-ranked lab operators. D’OR Labs have since been publicly traded and has since then acquired a hospital in Sao Paulo. Jorge Neto is the President of Rede D’OR. He is married with five children and lives in Rio de Janeiro. Learn more about Jorge Moll at Google Scholar.