Your skin doesn’t have to be dry and chap with the use of EOS lip balm products. Give your sensitive skin with an instant glow-up with a reasonably priced product under $5, buy here. The convenience of finding EOS lip balm on nearly every beauty aisle will instantly cause them to be your go-to lip balm in extreme weather conditions, arctic cold, and prolonged sun exposure. Why force traditional lip balm products on acne prone skin when they’re known to be chalky? You can hydrate your skin with the richness of jojoba and vitamins. The essential oils in the EOS brand instantly repair your skin when you need it.

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Canadian residents find it hard temp decide between the packaging or the cool design to determine their preference for EOS lip balm. The new Crystal brand has become very popular for having a buttery wax-free free clinically proven to last up to 8 hours, read more here on Enjoy fun scents with cute names like Mint Kisser to match. Their cool scent gives you the unique benefit of aromatherapy for your lips. Try their multi-pack lip balm for a spare anytime when you need it. You’re invited to join the exclusive EOS lip balm family and select brands like Evolution Of Smooth to give your skin organic scented therapy.

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Jeunesse Global has experienced some of the most spectacular growth of any health and beauty company in existence over the last decade. Founded in 2009 by industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, the company has quickly grown from a tiny startup into one of the most formidable players on the global health and beauty scene.


The idea behind Jeunesse Global came to Wendy Lewis during her second month of retirement. Both Ray and Lewis were inveterate entrepreneurs. The couple had successfully built dozens of businesses from the ground up and had been independently wealthy for decades. They had previously tried the retirement lifestyle twice before, but each time, the couple had quickly grown restless. (


This time proved to be no different. After retiring for the third time, Lewis became uneasy with all of the idle hours she suddenly found herself filling with television and other empty pursuits. She decided that she would begin selling a few beauty products out of her garage as a means to pass the time. It wasn’t long before Ray also jumped headlong into the new startup. Within a few months, the company, now known as Jeunesse Global, had recruited dozens of salespeople and was doing tens of thousands in business. By the end of its first year, the company had sold almost $1 million in products.


This exponential growth never slackened. Today, Jeunesse has grown into a billion-dollar business, with tens of thousands of distributors worldwide. The company has developed one of the most innovative and unique product portfolios of any health and beauty supplier. One example of the great products that the company has meticulously developed is the Nevo energy drink.


Nevo is made from all-natural ingredients. It can pack the same punch as Red Bull, but it does not rely on synthetic or overly-processed ingredients to do so. Users report that the all-natural flavors make Nevo one of the most delicious energy drinks they have ever tasted. Find More Additional Here.


Nevo comes in four great flavors. These include peach mango, lemon ginger, mixed berry and acai grape. The drink is available exclusively through Jeunesse.  Visit:


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Rocketeers are important members of their communities. These young students are important because they are being instructed at one of the best charter schools in the nation. Rocketship Education Charter Schools is a franchise of premiere educational institutions that cater to low-income communities. Students who attend Rocketship schools are known as Rocketeers. These young kids are in grades K – 5.

Most of the students that attend Rocketship Education are from low-income neighborhoods. Their parents are also concerned people who want to provide the best education possible for the students that attend. Students who love to learn and involved parents help to form a solid foundation for Rocketship Education Charter Schools.

Rocketship Educaiton was started in 2006 and its goal was to ensure that low-income students would be adequately educated. The first Rocketship school achieved success in 2007 when its students passed the state test with high marks. Since that time, Rocketship Education schools began to spring up in other low-income communities around the nation.

Wherever a Rocketship institution is located, the students (and their parents) give the school positive remarks. They love the teachers, they are challenged by the curriculum and they appreciate the support that Rocketship provides. The teachers at Rocketship charter schools are hand selected by the parents. The staff at the schools wanted to ensure that the students are working with teachers who really care for them and their personal struggles.

All Rocketship teachers are expected to make at least one family visit for each of their students. This visit is to take place within a given school year. The teachers are also connected to parents through various apps and other forms of technology. Parent/teacher meetings are essential and many of the student’s parents do not mind attending these gatherings.

Parents who have children enrolled within these schools give them a lot of praise. They know that Rocketship cares for their students and that they want what is best for them. They also appreciate the way this school goes the extra mile with providing them support during family emergencies and crises. Parents and their students both enjoy all of the great benefits that Rocketship Education makes available for their lives.


Engineering is one field that many people understand but can’t fully grasp as a career. Everyone understands the importance of engineering, but few can achieve a successful career as an engineer. Engineering requires particular types of people who can adapt and learn quickly. Engineering is one of the few fields that need change.


National Steel Car is a company that embraces the difficulty of engineering. As one of the top manufacturing companies in North America, it has engineers who have the best tools. Since its founding in 1912 as Imperial Steel Inc, National Steel Car has used technology, innovation, and commitment to building a dazzling reputation.


Currently, it’s Gregory James Aziz’s turn to lead the company to a brighter future. For over 100 years, National Steel’s upheld some of the highest standards. It’s extremely difficult to add to such a successful brand, but that’s exactly what James Aziz is doing.


Greg Aziz joined the company in 1994 and was named CEO shortly afterward. One of the first things he did differently was credit the company’s success to its workforce. He rarely takes any credit for himself, demonstrating the benefits of humble manners. His humble nature allows him to focus on bettering the company rather than his own career.


For the first part of his career, he focused on himself. He wanted to learn enough to one day lead a company or start his own. His first step was working at his family’s wholesale food business, Affiliated Foods. After that, he worked in investment banking in New York until joining National Steel Car.

Once he became CEO, he began improving the company’s efficiency while preserving the original high standards. Thanks to Aziz’s efforts, National Steel Car is a 13-time TTX SECO winning brand. To date, the company’s won that award for the last 13 years.


The one value that Aziz preserves more than any other is the company’s commitment to producing quality products. Regardless of how many awards he wins, he continues pushing the workforce to do better. He won’t allow the company to get comfortable or think it’s okay to settle for anything less than perfection.


His strive for excellence translates into success. Since taken over the company, they haven’t missed a deadline and National Steel Car is the only ISO certified manufacturer in North America. (Click Here for additional information).

Gregory James Aziz has served as the Chief Executive Officer for National Steel Car for over a decade. During his time with the Canadian-based company, he has served as the Chairman of their Board and also the liaison of National Industries.


Greg James Aziz is a Canadian native who grew up in Hamilton, Ontario. It would be this place that he called home that he would continue to grow his massive business.


Greg Aziz studied Economics during his time attending Western University. He has used the wisdom he gained there to help National Steel Car become a dominating force in the rail industry. Under his leadership, National Steel Car has been able to do over 100 years in business. He was able to accomplish his momentous feat because of several wise practices.


The first wise practice that Greg Aziz enacted during this time at National Steel Car was to continue to innovate new products. He was able to push the vision of innovation throughout the entire company constantly challenging the executives and engineers to grow themselves. He raised the bar for his own company telling them that they must be the top of their industry, and thus, they must to raise the standard. Visit This Page to learn more.



Because Greg Aziz was able to cast this vision, his company was able to create an efficient product line that was unparalleled in this industry. It was his constant pursuit of excellence which guaranteed that National Steel Car would remain the top choice in North America’s railroad manufacturing industry. The company received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade.

Greg Aziz also was able to implement a second practice. He knew that he could not succeed in business alone and should take nobody for granted. He spent time consistently thanking his loyal customers for their support over the years. He would take his suppliers out to dinner and thank them for keeping costs low, so he could turn a profit for both companies. He would spend time praising his fellow executives for instilling a vision of excellence throughout his company. But most importantly, he would thank his 2000-member team for having the pride in their heart that National Steel Car should be number one.


The last practice the Greg Aziz implemented at National Steel Car was the need to be environmentally friendly. During his time running the company, he was able to create a modern-day rail car that lowered gas emissions by 90%.


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Penn West Petroleum decided to restructure their company, reshuffling the management and the executive department to strengthen the leadership within. Penn West Petroleum also changed their name to Obsidian Energy, and David L. French is chosen by the board of directors to lead the newly reformed company. He is the current chief executive officer, who is responsible for monitoring the company’s operations and performance. David L. French is positive that Obsidian Energy’s return will usher a new era in the oil and petroleum industry, and the company will bounce back to become one of the most successful oil and petroleum company in Canada.


Before the company decided to undergo restructure and to rebrand, Obsidian Energy is known as a top performer in the oil and petroleum industry. Back when their brand name was still known as Penn West Petroleum, Obsidian continually makes it to the top performing firms on the Toronto Stock Exchange. They are part of the envious top 60 companies, and they are raking in billions of dollars annually from oil and petroleum revenues. However, everything changed in 2014. Iran and Russia oversupplied the world with surplus oil and petroleum, causing the prices of the resource to crash. The low price of oil and petroleum were praised by the majority of the population, not knowing what the consequences of such events would be. Penn West Petroleum had to remove thousands of their employees to cut their ballooning debt, and they also have to think about a new business plan that would keep them going.


According to David L. French, the decision to restructure the company was a recommendation of the senior officers who would like to counter the decreasing oil and petroleum prices. They stated that if they will not be able to cope with the changes, the company would eventually go bankrupt. After the restructuring and the rebranding of Penn West Petroleum to Obsidian Energy, David L. French focused on the remaining oil wells that the company built. They are now extracting the remaining resources from the oil well, and they provide Canada with 30,000 barrels of high-quality crude daily, suitable for export. Obsidian Energy is hoping that the remaining oil and petroleum that they can extract from their wells will be sufficient to gain more profit.


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On June 26, 2017, the Penn West oil and gas company voted to change the name of the company to Obsidian Energy, so as to reflect the overall restructuring of the company that has taken place in the last few years. The company is trying to rebrand itself and go forward in a new direction, so the name change isn’t surprising. They have gone through a significant amount of upheaval due to a large drop in the price of crude oil back in 2014. However, they have, in their own words, “reemerged stronger, leaner, and more capable than ever”.


Obsidian Energy is based in Alberta, Canada, and controls three main sources of oil and gas; the Pembina Cardium, the Peace River Oil Sands, and the Alberta Viking. All of these are located in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, an area which is extremely rich in oil and natural gas reserves. It is said to supply a large portion of the North American market, though production in this area has changed drastically. In the past, traditional crude oil exploration was the norm here, but the companies in the area are now shifting their business strategy to focus more on natural gas and oil sands. As most of the reserves of oil and gas are to be found in Alberta, it is no wonder that Obsidian Energy has based itself there.Get Additional Information Here.


The new business strategy is based on quality over quantity. While they have downsized their crude oil production (from about 135,000 barrels per day to around 28,000), they have also reduced the number of their employees from about 1400 down to about 300. At the same time, they have shifted their focus to just four main areas of production, instead of the 30+ areas they were managing in the past. The overall picture is that of a company trying to reduce its overhead costs while maintaining a high level of quality and production, all the while focusing on quality rather than quantity.


Company President and CIO David French stated in a press release that 2017 would be a “new beginning” for the Obsidian Energy.


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It takes a very dynamic person to become an engineer. Engineering is a dynamic field that’s ever-changing. As technology evolves, engineering reaches new heights every year. It’s important for any engineer to embrace the ever-changing field and technology is the best to do that.

When opening a business that relies on brilliant engineering, customer relation becomes another important factor. Customer relation is important to any industry but especially in highly scientific and mathematical industries. People don’t also understand technical terms and images, so being able to have comprehensive conversations and come to an agreement is necessary.

Developing a personal connection with customers is almost the easiest way to ensure good customer interaction. In fact, a lot of companies these days don’t mind spending hours talking to their customers about any concerns or to just get general feedback. National Steel Car is most certainly that kind of company.

Since 1912, National Steel Car has been the leading company in steel car manufacturing in North America. It maintains this achievement by always pushing to give its customers better products. For over 100 years, National Steel’s had the same high standards that began when the founders first opened. The company received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade.

Currently, Gregory James Aziz is the leader of National Steel Car. Since becoming CEO in 1994, Greg Aziz’s built upon those high standards. His high standards no longer just include producing great products. He also focuses on reminding the workforce that they’re the lifeblood of the company and that National Steel wouldn’t survive without them.

What sets James Aziz apart from other CEOs is his humble nature. He doesn’t like taking the credit for anything. He always credits the employees, customers, and suppliers before he takes any of the credit. It’s a unique business attitude he learned from previous jobs. Visit This Page for more information.

The first real job he ever had was working at the family business, Affiliated Foods. He worked with his family until he moved to New York to pursue a career in banking. Upon getting the CEO position at National Steel Car, he brought that family vibe he’d learned at his family business with.


Today, National Steel is a big part of the Hamilton, Ontario community because of more than just being the number one supplier of jobs. Aziz ensures that his company is able to help the community.



Most people never pay attention to just how many rail cars roll through Canada and the States. The market is still growing, and even though is slowed down at some point, it is back up and keeps growing bigger and bigger. The positive numbers are helpful because it is an incentive to companies who were thinking about investing in rail shipping for their goods.


National Steel Car began the first production of rail cars in the early 1900s and had been going strong since then. At the moment the leader of this company is Gregory J Aziz whose experience is mainly in finance and economics, but over the years he has acquired expertise in business as well and is very proud of his company. During his time as the CEO production increased from 3500 to more than 12000. Greg Aziz was also able to allow for more workers to be hired, and currently, National Steel Car employs more than three thousand people to make sure all the orders go out on time, and the production can keep up with the demand. Visit This Page for more information.


Gregory James Aziz graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a degree in economics and started his career by working with his parents in Affiliated Foods in the seventies. This Ontario native has always been passionate and patriotic of his country and his county. He helped his family’s business grow and expand their operations in Europe and South America as well as open new trading spots in North America. Greg James Aziz was ready to move on and spent time in New York working in investment banking, gathering experience and learning everything he could about this aspect of the business world. This was when National Steel Car became a project of interest, and Greg Aziz bought it from Dofasco.


He put a lot of blood, sweat, and dedication in turning the company around from a slower point of its existence and never lost touch with his employees. This commitment helped the company to grow and bloom into a thriving business with clients in Canada and the US where they send their products. The demand continues to grow, and Aziz is a very proud CEO. He leads by example and does not shy away from problems and hard business decisions. They are crucial to success, and Greg has enough experience in the field to know that. He continues to work to see his company continue the success.

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Jeffry Schneider lives in Austin, Texas. He is an experienced businessman, and he is the founder of an emerging investment firm in Texas. Jeffry Schneider has been involved in various amazing activities apart from his job. For instance, he acts as a mentor to over fifty employees who work in his firm. In all essence, Jeffry Schneider has shown the world that, for you to be a leader, you need to serve others and not having to wait for others to serve you. In this article, we will be looking at what it means to be a leader. We hope that everyone can borrow a leaf from this man and become a great leader out there!

Qualities of a great leader


  1. Impeccable communication and interpersonal skills– For you to be a great leader, you need to have excellent communication and people skills. Remember that, you are the boss of your organization or workplace. In other words, all the operations in the firm depend on how good you give orders, explain situations and communicate to your staff, suppliers, and visitors. Ensure that you can communicate clearly and with confidence such that people listen, understand, and respect you. Also, in your communication, try to connect to the masses rather than just talking and giving orders.


  1. Creativity and decision-making skills– When you are a leader or the boss, you need to make some tough decisions from time to time. Some of these decisions might require considerable creativity and skills. You will also be expected to come up with solutions to stressful situations from time to time. If you are not creative, you might experience difficulties trying to make any sound decisions for your firm or institution.


  1. Must be responsible– When you are a leader, you are expected to show high levels of responsibility. Bear in mind that you’re not only in charge of your staff, but also the head of all operations carried out in the firm. It is, therefore, imperative that you be responsible and lead by example. Research has shown that employees are likely to respect and listen to a leader who is accountable for their actions. If you keep on blaming others, then chances of success are limited. Sometimes all you need to do is to own up and identify better ways to improve on mistakes.


  1. Flexibility– When you are a leader, you must be flexible and be ready to implement change. Changes are happening each day, and it is, therefore, essential that you be prepared to accept and accommodate these changes. For instance, technology is taking the better part of how business is being done nowadays. More people are coming online to find clients and to generate leads. Being rigid might cost your business sales and efficient working processes that are evolving.


  1. Promotes growth– Any great leader must have a goal. A leader is expected to not only grow his firm but also improve the lives of his employees. Most leaders make a mistake of forgetting that their employees are also people who need to take care of their own lives, families and meet other needs. It pays more to try and mentor or inspire your staff. Research has shown that, if your employees feel loved and appreciated, they end up being more supportive and productive.


  1. Listening skills– If you want to be a great leader, you must also learn to listen and learn from others. Remember that, no one has the monopoly of information and you might be surprised to learn from your employees or people around you. Always be open to advise, feedback, and suggestions. Let your employees feel like they’re part of your company.

A Final Thought:

Jeffry Schneider is a great leader to be emulated by everyone. He understands that, for him to lead others, he must be ready to learn, listen and motivate others. He also understands the importance of not only developing his firm but also empowering and inspiring his employees. In him, we see someone who is ready to serve others, regardless of their social class or status. Indeed, great leaders will always stand out from the crowd!