Cairo University School of Medicine and he practiced medicine for 47 years before retiring. He was born in the 1940s just a few years before the State of Israel was founded. As his family lived in the area Israel claimed they were forced out of their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs. They were sent to live on the West Bank. When this occurred is father had been out of town on business and so it was just his mother and their children that were there initially. After trying for many hours to find out where his family was when he got back his father eventually found them after making a large payment to get across the river to a person who owned a boat. Learn more:

Dr. SaadSaad says that his family moved to Kuwait as oil was being discovered there and his father was a petroleum mechanic. While he had a brother who worked outdoors as an engineer he says that wasn’t the life for him because of the brutal heat and suffering a heat stroke. He decided then and there he would find work indoors where it is air-conditioned. He decided on being a pediatric surgeon who always work in air-conditioned facilities.

One thing that Dr. SaadSaad says is very important is to be proactive. He says people should never put things off and instead accomplish them that day. This attitude led to his success as a surgeon and taught him to be highly efficient. He practiced in both Kuwait and Saudia Arabia but spent the majority of his career in the United States. He is very innovative and some of his time in America was spent making surgery less painful for children. He says one form of surgery required two incisions to be cut but he figured out how to successfully perform this surgery making only one cut. This also drastically reduces complications that can result from incisions being made.

During his career he specialized in both general surgery and general surgery. He was Board Certified in Pediatric Surgery which indicates to patients that he his very qualified in this form of surgery. He is one of the few pediatric surgeons in the United States that can speak fluent Arabic and English.

Along with his wife, Dr. SaadSaad lives in Eatontown, New Jersey. He says they have four children who all have been successful in their careers. He performed surgeries in a number of hospitals in that region. This includes Jersey Shore University Medical Center, the Long Branch Campus of Monmouth Medical Center, and Clara Maass Medical Center.

Virtual currencies have changed the global business realm. They have revolutionized the commercial industry in unbelievable ways. There are many approaches to obtain digital currencies.

The most common procedure is to exchange real currencies for digital currency at a price imposed by the market. This is, however, an obstacle for many people because it inhibits individuals to the long procedure and risks associated with exchanging hard cash for the digital currency.

What if there was a way for you to earn cryptocurrency while enjoying yourself? Malcolm CasSelle is the brainchild behind the success of Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX).

This company seeks to be the solution for aspiring owners of digital assets by providing a global platform on which merchants can exchange various forms of virtual assets.

WAX allows its users to take part in the virtual assets market without initial expense in security features common with other platforms. The platform avails infrastructure to the user without paying charges for handling payment. The makers of OPSkins have developed this platform.

OPSkins is a virtual trading platform that allows users to sell and buy designs of virtual guns. These designs are known as skins. Players of the Counter-Strike shooting game gain rewards in the form of skins for their guns.

Players can later sell the skins on various websites, for which they are paid in conventional methods such as PayPal.

This platform differs from others because it allows the participants to cash out their earnings. OPSkins is the better option, as it has eliminated fraud from this kind of trade.

Traders could sell their skins and get paid, but once the buyer got the skin, they would reverse the payment. OPSkins holds the item until the seller receives money from the trade.

Why settle for advertising in a print newsmagazine when NewsWatch TV gives customers a look at new products in an entertaining and informational format that keeps them engaged and coming back for more? Since 1989, NewsWatch TV  has broadcast over 1000 30-minutes shows featuring unique content including current events, shopping trends, tech news and more. Add hundreds of spicy celebrity interviews and thoughtful reporting on consumer issues and what emerges is an amazing value-added way to spend valuable marketing dollars.

NewsWatch TV currently airs in over 200 markets throughout the United States and can be seen on AMC and ION Network through outlets including Dish Network and DirectTV. With a thriving social media presence and a YouTube channel of its own, Newswatch TV gives a wide range of viewers a look at advertisers’ products and services side-by-side with relevant content to support its value.

NewsWatch TV reaches over 95 million viewers every day and its advertising carries the credibility of award-winning reporters who’ve earned respect for giving consumers the right information to make purchasing decisions. Their experienced team has produced successful campaigns for companies as large as Sony and Intel, as well as small startups and non-profit organizations.

All content is produced in-house in a carefully crafted process designed to give advertisers maximum value for their money. Programming is shot in full HD at their Washington D.C. studios where cutting edge editing equipment refines spots to include only impactful information that will air in markets specifically targeted meet to advertisers’ needs. And all at a fraction of the typical costs associated with quality television advertising.

Any company wanting to reach the right people, with the right information, at the right time can expect success with NewsWatch TV’s innovative, diverse, affordable, and highly effective platform.

Obsidian Energy is a mid-sized Canadian oil and natural gas company founded in 1979 that is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Obsidian Energy from 2005-2011 was the 60th largest company on the Toronto Canada Stock Exchange.



Obsidian Energy


President and CEO

The President and Chief Executive Officer of Obsidian Energy are David L. French since 2016. David brings years of past leadership experience and knowledge to Obsidian Energy.


David French Education


Harvard Business School

Degree: Master of Business Administration



Rice University

Degree: Bachelor of Science – Mechanical Engineering




Obsidian Energy


Obsidian Energy was formerly named Penn West Petroleum Ltd until June of 2017. The company name change was voted in by shareholders of the company. David French President and Chief Executive Officer redefined the operations of Obsidian  along with the company name change paved the path for Obsidian Energy to prosper as a solid stronger oil and natural gas provider. Obsidian Energy mid-size company employs an estimate of 250-300 full-time employees.


Obsidian Energy petroleum production comes from three main areas in Alberta, Canada.

  1. Pembina Cardium
  2. Peace River Oil Sands
  3. Alberta Viking

Obsidian Energy oil fields are located along the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin an area which is one of the world’s largest petroleum reserves.


See This Page for related information.



Obsidian Energy


NYSE: Price of Common Shares

Obsidian Energy as Penn West Petroleum faced a few Investor common share issues within the company. Obsidian Energy as of March 12th, 2018 has received notice that the company is no longer in compliance with the New York Stock Exchange due to common share amount being less than one dollar. The decrease in common stock shares does not affect the business production of Obsidian Energy.


Obsidian Energy intends to satisfy the compliance issue within 10 business days of receipt of the notice, therefore, increasing the price deficiency and returning to required compliance with the New York Stock Exchange.



Obsidian Energy Future

David French President and CEO are planning on a successful company production and investment opportunity future for Obsidian Energy thus removing issues that occurred in the past have been a challenge for David, but Mr. French states is a start of a new chapter for Obsidian Energy.




Louis Chenevert is the CEO of the highly successful company, United Technologies Corporation. For Mr. Chenevert, seeing how decisions in the present can affect the future has always been an important part of his business plan. In 1999, he was the president of Pratt and Whitney, and he foresaw the GTF engine becoming largely successful. So starting in 2006, as CEO of UTC, Chenevert brought the two ideas together. His company invested $10 billion and twenty years in to developing the jet engine, which helps the environment greatly. It cuts fuel usage by 16 percent and emissions by 50 percent, and is very popular among airlines. The United Technologies Corporation aims to keep producing and investing in products that can have a positive impact on the future. They want to provide jobs for  thousands of employees as well. Pratt and Whitney is helping meet this goal by owning six different locations on the east coast. Part of Chenevert’s success is due in part to his education and hard work. He attended HEC Montreal in Canada where he studied production management. Later, he spent 14 years working at General Motors before working for Pratt & Whitney. Louis is also a decorated businessman. In 2011, he was awarded an honorary doctorate by HEC. Later in the same year, he was named “Person of the Year” by Aviation Week and Space Technology Magazine. Thanks to their CEO, UTC provides its employees with many opportunities as well, as the company understands that the employees are vital. UTC has started the Employee Scholar Program. This program aids employees in earning a degree in whichever field they choose, by paying for all of the schooling. Louis Chenevert has demonstrated how success is not based on money. He always looks toward the future to understand what the needs of the community will be, and improves his business in many ways. His ideas are a prime example of a thriving 21st century business.

Lawrence Bender is an Academy Award-winning American producer famous for such popular movies as Inglourious Basterds, Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, An Inconvenient Truth, and The Mexican. He was born in the Bronx, New York. Lawrence Bender grew up in New Jersey and graduated from the University of Maine in 1979. With a degree in civil engineering, Bender entered the film business by working as a grip on the television series Tales from the Darkside. He then went on to produce his own films starting in the late 1980s.

His movies have been nominated for 29 Academy Awards. Three of these films, Good Will Hunting, Inglourious Basterds, and Pulp Fiction, were nominated for Best Picture.

My favorite movie by Lawrence Bender is The Mexican. While this movie is sometimes overlooked in relation to his other work, it is a funny and exciting crime comedy. Brad Pitt gives an entertaining comedic performance as Jerry Welbach, a hapless member of the mob whose girlfriend Samantha (Julia Roberts) wants him to get out of the business. His boss gives him an assignment to steal an antique pistol called “The Mexican.” When he decides to take the job, his girlfriend throws him out.

It isn’t that difficult to find the gun, but getting the gun back involves many near-misses, shootouts, and comic mishaps. One memorable scene involves Jerry on a donkey.

While Jerry is in Mexico, Samantha is kidnapped by hitman Leroy, played by James Gandolfini. The scenes with Samantha and Leroy are even funnier than those with Jerry.

The movie is uneven at times, but the weird mashup of romantic comedy and crime movie make for an entertaining experience. The movie is quite violent, though not on the same scale as a Quentin Tarantino film. Lawrence Bender has been Tarantino’s business partner and worked on many of his films. If you are looking for an underappreciated mob comedy and don’t mind a violent film, The Mexican might be for you.

The ability to do what Alex Pall has is something to really appreciate. He has managed to make a record hit with “Closer” and now he’s in the spotlight like never before. That ability to take what he knows and use it to enhance his success is why he is where he is now. He knows what he’s doing and he’s happy to apply knowledge to make hits that will keep on generating new fans. Now we just need to see if he manages to do it again with the new releases that he was out there for us to see.

There are tons of things to think about when you hear the music produced by the Chainsmokers. They are some of the best out there because they focus on making sure their audience is getting an experience that they won’t find elsewhere. It’s here that we can see what the crowd actually likes and why college kids relate to them so well. They focus on finding the right demographics and delivering something that they want. Those who listen are hooked and ready to see what the project the Chainsmokers are going to release in some time in the future.

The future of this duo is going to be amazing as people finally get to hear what they’ve been making over the years. They are some of the most successful artists to get this far and they want to make sure that we understand they are more than a fad. They are trying to build something that people are going to be talking about for a long time to come. The only way to make sure that happens is to give the crowds what they want. Since they want this Alex Pall is trying to do something that the college types are going to love. Nothing is going to do that better than what he does now. There are so many things that can be said about the Chainsmokers. That they don’t have ambition is certainly not one thing to be said about the music producing duo at any time.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is one of the purest resources of bottled water on earth. How have they achieved this lofty claim? The water is Hawaiian volcanic water. It’s sourced from the peaks of the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii. That is a volcano that is peaked in ice. Whilst it rains, the runoff is amassed from the mountaintop and melted snow. This is all performed in an environmentally friendly manner to avoid hurting the environment. Waiakea Water additionally bottles their product in the most sustainable way possible. They use biodegradable bottles.

Plastic bottles from the bottled water industry make up a big a part of the world’s pollution – a great deal of which ends up inside the ocean. The use of biodegradable bottles means Waiakea Volcanic Water is reducing their carbon footprint. That is the simplest part of their commitment to the environment. They also use low-emission motors to move and supply their products. The low emissions do not harm the environment. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water donates three percent of their annual sales to social reasons and nonprofit groups to increase first-rate life on earth.

The volcanic water benefits include getting your water from the herbal source and increasing your health. Because it comes from the peak of a volcano Waiakea Water is filtered through volcanic rock and cooled by natural snow earlier than it’s collected and bottled. The entire procedure is natural and unadulterated. Your health will growth via having better digestion and an improved blood flow. The natural water will clear any blemishes you’ve got for your skin and, best of all, rehydrate you. There’s no drawback to ingesting Hawaiian volcanic water!

Waiakea Water has grown in excess of four thousand percent since their founding in 2012. That is impressive for any agency but even extra brilliant while you take into account the truth that the company was founded by Ryan Emmons while he was 22! He has remained true to his imaginative ideas of producing a bottled water organization that does not damage the earth. This is why real lovers of bottled water choose Waiakea Water.

Perry Mandera is the remarkable founder of the extremely successful company, ‘Custom Companies, Inc’. The company managed to accomplish many positive outcomes throughout Northlake, Ill and abroad, gaining much recognition, smiles and advancements in the process.

After graduating high school, Perry Mandera served in the Marine Corps Reserve, working as a truck driver throughout his service. The experiences and skills that he would develop in the Corp would later become the foundation on which Perry would build his successful career in the transportation industry after discharging honorably from the Marine Corps.

Mandera would work for several transportation companies after the Marines where he would develop even further skills, but not just any old bottom-of-the-food chain type of skills, but management and ownership skills he would develop. His duties would influence his actions to then start his own company, ‘Custom Companies, Inc.’.

In 1986, Custom Companies, Inc. was founded by Mandera. This company would serve as a full-service transportation company that would provide services for the logistics sector. Dealing domestically and internationally in air freight forwarding, truck loading and Less than Truckload Shipping (LTL) and much, much more, the company would become a sheer advantage for customers, providing them services above par and the word would get out.


Leading a Quality-Oriented Company

He would grow the company to serve thousands of customers. His teams would go down in the books as one of the best in customer service and its team would rate Custom Companies, Inc as one of the greatest places to work. The company would sufficiently provide adequate  services to both small businesses and fortune 100 corporations and more. Annually, the business would do over 200 million dollars a year. So many jobs would be created in the community of Northlake, Ill and abroad and through Perry Mandera’s efforts in the transportation industry, he would be recognized and honored by the’Illinois Transportation Association [ITA].

In 2000, ITA honored Perry Mandera as one of the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium.” Perry would become a valued member of the Board of Directors of the ITA.

Perry Mandera currently operates a charitable organization titled, ‘Custom Care Charities’, which has a purpuse of helping underprivileged children find better educational opportunities.





The traditional evolutionary biology and psychology perspective on human nature is that we are naturally selfish in order to guarantee our survival as individuals, but Brazil’s  leading  neuroscientist Jorge Moll may have discovered otherwise. He and his partner Jordan Grafman, both members of the National Institute of Health, scanned brains of philanthropic volunteers as they were asked to think about a situation where they donated an amount of money to charity or kept it for personal use to examine where the impulse to give, or put in other terms, compassion, surges in the brain. In another study, Grafman was able to determine that people with higher involvement in charity in their everyday life had higher level of activity in the prefrontal cortex, an area of the brain towards the forehead. When volunteers placed others well-being before theirs, a part of the brain usually triggered in response to sex or food was activated. Helping other affects two brain reward stimulant systems: the VTA, also stimulated by sex, food and drugs and the subgenual area, stimulated when people see their significant others or babies.


What makes their 2006 study so staggering? In 1989 James Andreoni tried to explain the reasons why people give to charity with the term “warm-glow giving”. The fact that some people are encouraged to help the ones in need despite the fact that it may mean sustaining personal costs is something that has perplexed neuroscientist and evolutionary psychologists. The term created by Andreoni means that people participate in “impure altruism”: they don’t give by the sole purpose of helping other, but for the utility obtained from the generosity, which is the pleasurable emotional feeling one gets from helping others. Moll and Grafman’s study supports the existence of the “warm glow” at a neurological level (diasdacruz). Their study gave the first scientific proof that the “joy of giving” has a biological root in our brain, the medial orbitofrontal-subgenual and lateral orbitofrontal areas because they mediate the decisions to help or to oppose determinate social causes. And even more astoundingly, compassion and generosity shares that basis with selfish rewards satisfaction as the same anterior sections of the prefrontal cortex are stimulated and the mesolimbic reward system is engaged almost identically by both donations and when monetary rewards are given.