The Chainsmokers is a unique band whose style and variety have bred a new standard to the presentations that they selflessly gave to the audience. They are known for moving crowds and audiences alike in unison as they extract only the most pristine notes from their mental and musical vocabularies to wow and pull in the audiences every time. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are the tag team who embraced the change that the music industry needed to evolve into because their influence and effect on those who listened to their music. They possess several flows to their music and their music possesses the truth of what it is that is happening deep within the confines of Alex’s and Andrew’s mind. Their passion for sound combined with the radical truths they speak through the microphone draw out the inspiration and adventurous spirit in all humans everywhere. They have honed inspirational sources from Blink 182, Explosions In The Sky, and The XX so they can then add their own flare and sense of identity to the mix to create something beautiful. One of their songs named Sick Boy stands out from the rest of them however. This song Sick Boy augments facts that come with being a regular user of social media. The song also reflects their honest views on the struggles surrounding their line of work because social media is so critical for marketing and distribution when it comes down to just dealing with the adverse psychological things a lot of time on social platforms can take on a person. Narcissistic attributes are what describe the culture of social media as well, and this is the direction it seems that the band has taken on due to their surrounding art such as Selfie and Everybody hates me. While other musicians hide behind their disc jockeys to leave out the more human qualities rarely heard in such genres as electronic music, the Chainsmokers have broken up that pattern of the status quo and have released their vulnerability, openness, and humanness into the very forefront of what it is they actually are trying to say.

David Zalik is the person to sit in front of when talking about how one can overcome obstacles and ultimately achieve great and accomplished goals to achieve greater and greater heights of success. The man had everything against him and still he managed to not only succeed but to become the official and original founder and owner of GreenSky Credit LLC where people are welcome to arrive just in time for offers that range from credit deals to the loans that are expedited thru to those who are individual investors or to those who own a corporation and need money for their corporation. The fundamentals of the business clearly was brought to reality thru the mind of David Zalik who was not always the touted billionaire  he carved himself out to become in light of the realities he faced growing up as a child. David Zalik was a kid who was born in the heartlands of Israel where he was given the gift of birth. His mother and father had met there and it was there that he was conceived as well. Before that though both his parents struggled financially and came from various backgrounds which did not genetically predisposition David Zalik in a frame of poverty and struggle. His father was born in the country called Argentina and David Zalik‘s mother was a constant stowaway from the communist government forces that were after her and her family before his parents met. At the age of four he immigrated to the land of the USA  and immediately at the very age of four started learning math and calculus inside of textbooks that were lying around inside of the house. For nine years he studied hard at the disciplines of mathmatics and when his father got a job as a teacher at Auburn University, David Zalik did not hesitate to take on the SATs at the age of thirteen. He passed with flying colors and proceeded to go to college at the university where he furthered his learning. When David Zalik became an entrepreneur, it was not because of money that motivated him initially to start a company but the older woman who also went to college with him. David Zalik took that and made billions of dollars  from it.


Paragon Biosciences is a biotech company, which focuses on improving people’s lives, form various diseases by innovating medicines for patients and is headed by Jeff Aronin. It hopes to develop biotechnology companies, which will create and avail the medicines to patients worldwide. Paragon serves as an incubator for the development of drugs as well as the financier of biotech startups. The firm aims to help people live longer and happier lives. The company provides medicines, which meet patients’ needs to give longtime healing to healthier living. Paragon strives to understand cause and science behind a particular disease before forming a company to address the condition.

The company utilizes a rational drug development strategy to create a drug, which speeds up approval of medicines. The company hopes to reduce the number of diseases with no treatment available in the market today from more than 6,000 to a lesser numeric. The company collaborates with other healthcare providers to develop new medicines and assist patients’ life better lives. Under the leadership of Jeff Aronin, the company has over 13 FDA drug approvals in last ten years. Paragon develops and finances biotech companies in orders to accelerate scientific breakthroughs. In addition to providing resources, Paragon avails clinical and entrepreneurs to portfolio companies to assist them in gaining exposure, support, guidance and learn better strategy implementation. Paragon Biosciences has its headquarters in Chicago, and some of the portfolio companies include Castle Creek Parma, Harmony Biosciences, Precision BP, and Decade Pharmaceuticals.

Jeffrey Aronin serves as the Chief executive officer and the chair of Paragon Biosciences since the year 2010. He is the founder of Paragon Pharmaceuticals. He is also the founder of MATTER. Jeff is a strategic advisor of Lundbeck since 2009. Aronin has over 20 years of experience in leading pharmaceuticals companies. He also has experience in corporate finance, especially in company acquisitions and mergers. Jeff is an investor, philanthropist, and biotech entrepreneur. Mr. Jeff graduate from the DePaul University where he obtained his M.B.A. He also has Bachelor of Science from the Northern Illinois University. Jeff Aronin and his team at Paragon Biosciences hope to develop new methods to assist patients.

Centre for Policy Studies, CPS, launched a new generation initiative with the aim of providing a platform for new faces and fresh thinking in policy making. To accomplish this, they have hired experts who will help come up with policies that focus on voters’ needs and aspirations. The initiative will focus on four areas: business and enterprise, housing and planning, tax and coast of living and welfare.

The new generation initiative will be headed by Alex Morton, former director of Field Consulting. He will be assisted by four heads. Tom Clougherty will be head of tax, Rachel Wolf will head welfare and Graham Edwards will head housing and planning. The head of Business and enterprising will be named shortly. This team will be in charge of building policy groups to inform and advice the initiative’s research work. The policies that will be developed by this team are hoped to offer the voters a more prosperous future.

Apart from joining the team as the head of housing and planning, Graham Edwards will also be a CPS Research Fellow. Graham Edwards is the current CEO of Telereal Trillium, UK’s leading property outsourcing and Investments Company. Graham Edwards has held his position as CEO since 2001. He spearheaded the acquisition of Trillium which has resulted in billions in terms of revenue yearly. Telereal Trillium is now estimated to constitute 1% of Britain’s workforce.

Under his leadership, Telereal Trillium has grown to become a world leader in property development. Since employees constantly look to their leaders for direction, Graham Edwards Telereal has been keen in cultivating a culture of hard work and excellence. This is evident in every deal and project he is involved in. Other than inspiring his colleagues to be the best at work, he inspires them to give back to the community. Graham Edwards is involved in many philanthropic ventures in official and non-official capacities.

Graham Edwards studied Economics at Cambridge University. He later got a job at Merrill Lynch Investment Management as a fund manager. His hard work and determination to deliver excellent results made him a name and gained him respect among his peers.


A cancer diagnosis can scare anyone. People who are wealthy and respected in the society believe that they can cure any disease and deal with any stressful situation in their lives with their money. With cancer, however, things are very different. Wealthy people fear this medical condition because they understand that it can be very difficult to treat. Doctors have made so much progress in their industry in the past decade. With the modern technology, these professionals have found answers to some of the most challenging diseases that affect human beings. With cancer, however, the doctors have not made a lot of progress. There are millions of people who are getting diagnosed with the condition. Some realize that they have the disease when it has spread to other areas of their body. In such cases, dealing with cancer becomes a nightmare for the doctors, patients and family members involved. Renowned doctors in the entire world are doing everything possible to come up with the cure that will bring change to the cancer patients in the world.

David Samadi is a common figure in most American households. The urologist was born and raised in Iran many decades ago. Before he could start to choose the career path he wanted, the doctor was separated from his family. David Samadi had to move to other safer places so that he could further his education and also make a better life for his family. Samadi was fortunate to find his way to the United States, and this is where he is based until today. The doctor has specialized in cancer treatments that affect men. Due to the amount of high training and expertise he has been getting over the years, David Samadi has chosen to help the people in the world deal with cancer.

When Mitt Romney, a reputable figure in the country was diagnosed with prostate cancer, David Samadi took his time to explain to the world what the whole situation meant. According to Samadi, people who are past the age of forty can get prostate cancer easily compared to the people who are younger. Samadi said that the kind of treatment Mitt Romney got was perfect for the condition, and he was going to be healed in just a short time. Samadi also advised the people who are getting older to seek medical attention just when they realize that they might have developed any tumors in their bodies. This way, they can get cured before the cancer has moved to other organs of the body.

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Like any project in life, investing early has its benefits. That said, starting to plan for your retirement earlier in life comes with more advantages than you could ever fathom. Here are a few advantages of securing your future early in life.


Time allows you to Calculate Risks

Generally speaking, where there is credible time, an individual can easily venture into different businesses while calculating the volatility of the business at the same time. Supposing the investment was to go wrong in the near future, you will have the chance to correct mistakes and make safer but aggressive moves. This explains why those who invest early in life are more cautious of future investments.


Making the Most out of Compound Interest

Businesswise, compound interest translates to the amount accrued from interest. This often increases depending on the number of times an individual has reinvested in the earnings. Eventually, an individual is always dispensed on a level that increases the investment returns. For savvy investors, this is not difficult math to work on as it makes a whole lot of sense.


Improving Your Spending Habits

Early investing as discussed by Linkas nurtures you’re investing habits by improving how you focus on your budget. Subsequently, you will be positioned to cut your budget as well as expenses required. The key objective, in this case, is to help you save your hard-earned money. Well, this will not be possible if you have poor spending habits encompassing impulse buying. Throughout your lessons on early investment, you will learn the value of the long-run benefits of disciplined buying.


Always Take the Lead

The adage the early bird catches the worm applies here. As such, the earlier you focus on a savings plan and start working on it the better for you. In time, a comparison with your counterparts will leave you one a rather more elevated side of the savings accounts.


Personal Profile

Mr. Chris Linkas leads the European Credit Group. He has vast experience in early investment and profit generation in businesses. Throughout his life, he accumulated life lessons on finance and business management. He uses these lessons to teach young people the benefits of early investment. Moreover, Linkas has a vast background of experience in risk management and encourages low-risk savings plans.


Upwork is a web-based company. Created by 2 friends intent on bringing attention and credibility to remote working world. Upwork makes it easier for clients to find dependable, well qualified individuals to assist them with different goals. Upwork is now one of the leading freelance websites in the world. Their freelance talent currently brings in over 1 billion per year. Their success suggests that they must be doing something right.

Just like any company a freelancer is essentially, an entrepreneurship. The commodities offered, are talents and expertise. To run a successful business, you’d need to be well organized. All prospering businesses have some sort of process established. A to-do list or document in which describes what goals must be accomplished and how they will go about accomplishing them.


Soley ‘thinking’ about everything that has to be done is a poor way to run a business. Writing things down is a much more effective way to reach goals. Here are some more tips from Upwork on how to efficiently tackle your to-do list.

The morning is usually when your energy is the highest. Writing a to-do list the night before your next work day, will help you make the best use of your time during your most productive hours. Using you time wisely becomes even easier when you’re not spending time searching. Keeping your list in one place is imperative for saving you time and headaches. It’s suggested that your to-do list be kept in an application.

Identifying your priorities is by far the most helpful tip. Understanding your priorities, help ensure the most important task get completed. Once you’ve accomplished the most primary goals you can move on to next most important thing. The good news and bad news is, you may not be able to complete each and every task. Take the time to reevaluate your list; every task on it, may not be worth doing. If it is not worth it, feel free to toss it. That’s right. You do not have to complete any task that aren’t necessary for your success.

Ryan Seacrest is one of the most popular Hollywood personalities, and he is known as a very busy man. He has been working for decades with other celebrities, and his name is known all across Hollywood because of his radio and TV shows. Every day, Ryan Seacrest had to juggle his roles and look up into his scheduling notebook to verify which kind of activity he will be doing for the day. Hosting several radio shows has been his bread and butter for the past years in Hollywood, and he stated that he is now used to having multiple schedules in a single day, but it does not mean that he would be putting his health on the line in exchange for fame and profit.

Ryan Seacrest, a TV producer and host, is entrusting most of his daily activities to his secretary who is creating his work schedule. Whenever he wakes up, the first thing that he will do is to review his schedule for the day. Then, he would carefully look into the activities once again and verify if all of those would push through. As much as he could, he will be attending all of the events listed on his journal, and most people he worked with are saying that being a professional is one of the characteristics of Ryan Seacrest that someone would love.

Ryan Seacrest, who spent two decades in Los Angeles, is attributing his success to the fact that he maintains his schedule with the help of a secretary. He admits that without his secretary to help him in schedule his activities, he would not be able to attend all of those, and he would be barraged with complaints about being unprofessional. Another thing that he considers is his health. Now that Ryan Seacrest is becoming older, what he does is he try all sorts of healthy diet, and he would always keep his body in shape. Ryan Seacrest has become a model for most personalities in Hollywood. He managed to use his money wisely, and now, the all-around radio talk show host managed to purchase a lot of assets from around the world, and he is also managing some of the business that he founded.

If you are looking for someone who is a perfect example of what a true entrepreneur looks like, then you need to look no further then at Dr. Mark McKenna. McKenna was an exceptional student while enrolled at Tulane Medical School, but it wasn’t long before he quickly realized that in order to make money he would have to venture out beyond medicine. Even while he was still in medical school, he would moonlight at prisons doing physicals and invested every but of money that he made on the side into real estate.

He graduated with his medical degree in 1999 and did work a few years in his father’s practice, but it was not long before Dr. Mark McKenna turned all of his attention to building a successful real estate business. This business did suffer a huge hit from Hurricane Katrina though and McKenna lost millions due to damage from the storm. At this point in his life, McKenna decided to combine his medical background with his business spirit and created ShapeMed. ShapeMed was a set of offices that offered aesthetic treatments for those who wished to enhance their appearances. In 2015, he decided to sell the successful ShapeMed brand to a successful chain of gyms and that is when he came up with his newest business venture, OVME.

OVME, is a cosmetic medical office currently located in Atlanta, Georgia; however, Dr. Mark McKenna has the hope that eventually his idea will become a national chain of aesthetic medical offices. OVME will provide individualized aesthetic medical treatment for those consumers who wish to build their self-confidence. He also plans to eventually develop an application for smart devices, so that individuals can search for aesthetic practitioners that can complete simple treatments in the privacy of someone’s home.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a man of intelligence and of immense drive. If you need someone to look at as a role model for leading in the entrepreneur world, then McKenna is that person.

Robert Deignan went to St. Thomas Aquinas High School. In 1992, Robert attended Purdue University. In 1995, he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. In July 1998, Robert co-founded a company called, Fanlink, Inc and worked there until March 2001. He was executive vice president at the company iS3 from June 2002 to June 2011.

In August 2011, Robert co-founded ATS Digital Services. The company is also called Advanced Tech Support. Robert is also the Chief Executive Officer of the company. The company, ATS Digital Services, is located in Miami, Florida. ATS Digital Services has provided thousands of customers with technical assistance. They’ve achieved this on the phone and through screen sharing. They work with other different technology products and digital services like, tablets, network connectivity, digital storage, desktop computers, laptops and truck rolls. ATS was the first company to receive a certification from AppEsteem because they completed all of thirty-nine requirements that it takes to get a certification from the AppEsteem. The requirements are based on data from security companies, the software industry and more. The company worked hard and consistently to receive the certification after they found out that they had completed almost all of the requirements. AppEsteem was founded in 2016 and is run by cyber security veterans. Their goal is to let customers know what software and call centers are good and which ones are not so good. They work with many software companies and groups in the industry. Other certifications ATS Digital Services has received are from Microsoft, Cisco, HIPAA and many other companies.

Robert Deignan enjoys participating in boat building competitions and tournaments. He has even won awards at foundations like, The Carolina Boat Builders. Robert also enjoys fishing competitions and tournaments.