What are” Freedom Checks?” This is a term that many people may have heard from the talk radio or may have come across in the online. From the ads, freedom checks seem like the plan everyone is looking for; a scheme that promises to make you rich overnight. No one would hate to be rich in a very short time. However, we all know it is impossible to get rich that quick. Yes, it does happen, but it is never that easy unless you’re winning a lottery. Although freedom checks promise to make you money easily and quick, this is not the real deal. Just like any other legit deal, you must work for the money. From the ads, there is over $34 billion up for grabs by people who will take advantage of the scheme. This freedom check program was initiated and is run by Matt Badiali of Banyan Hill. Who is Matt Badiali?

Matt Badiali is the gentleman seen in the freedom check ads holding what looks like a treasury check. Actually, it is easy to mistake this program for a government-sponsored initiative, but there is no government in it. It is fully privately owned. Matt Badiali is a professional in the mining industry. He works with Banyan Hill as an investment adviser and editor. Matt Badiali is a trained geologist. He holds Master in Geology from Florida Atlantic University and Bachelor in Earth Sciences from Penn State University. Visit stockgumshoe.com to know more.

Badiali is interested not only working as a geologist but as an investment adviser who is taking advantage of the investment in the mining industry. He is not only interested in making the industry better through mining work, but by offering investors a chance to understand how they can invest in the industry. It is one of the most lucrative industries in the world if only investors would learn the dynamics involved.

Why did he start the freedom checks? These checks involve investment. This is now the truth about the freedom checks. It is not free money. One has to invest to get a reward. According to Matt Badiali, one needs to invest in Master Limited partnerships (MLPs) and in return get a reward when they make profits. It is like buying a piece of the company and getting a piece of the yields the company makes. Compare this with how the stock market works. The MLPs are typically energy and gas companies. However, these are not only publicly traded companies but companies which combine this with partnerships. These companies, therefore, do not pay taxes as other corporations do. Visit: http://releasefact.com/2018/03/can-matt-badialis-freedom-checks/


Ryan Seacrest has been earmarked as “America’s busiest man in Hollywood,” a distinction that sits more appropriately with Mr. Seacrest than arguably anybody else across not just Hollywood, but the entire entertainment industry.

This blog post will help you get more closely familiarized with who Ryan Seacrest is, what his career’s most substantial achievements consist of, and much more.

How did Ryan Seacrest first get interested in entertainment?

Though Mr. Seacrest is one of the most handsome people in entertainment, his younger years were spent as an ugly duckling. Rather than spend time outside after school, his parents say that the childhood Ryan preferred to stay inside and listen to radio broadcasts.

His love for creating obviously lower-quality works in the same format as his favorite radio shows became evident after purchasing equipment to record himself. In his teenage years, Mr. Ryan Seacrest even found a permanent position with a local radio station after successfully completing an internship and impressing its management.

The first time Seacrest was able to put his voice to work came at Dunwoody High School during his time there as a student: he held the formal title of The Voice of Dunwoody and was responsible for making schoolwide announcements in the morning.

After Ryan graduated from Dunwoody High School, he was accepted by the University of Georgia to study journalism. Just a few months into his tenure with the Bulldogs, he quit and moved to southern California to pursue more promising opportunities in radio, television, and elsewhere in showbiz.

American Idol really helped Seacrest get famous

Mr. Seacrest, also a producer, first hosted a television show in 1993 for ESPN, with on-air, broadcasted hosting duties following for eight different shows before finding his way onto American Idol. Though Ryan split hosting duties with a co-host in its 2002 debut, Seacrest has since been responsible for hosting the following 15 seasons without help.

He stayed with the program even after it departed Fox in 2017 when ABC outbid other major news networks for the right to broadcast American Idol. (Source: Instagram)

Hear more about Ryan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yG38b6MIl4

The Centre for Policy Studies launched a new initiative to provide room for innovative policy thinking. Brexit is a major deal, and is on the mind of everyone. As such, there needs to be an entirely new generation of innovative policy ideas to address post-Brexit. These new policies must address voter needs and desires. The goal is to bring about a more prosperous future for people in the UK.


Areas of major concern going forward include taxes, cost of living, housing and planning, business enterprise, and welfare. The new policies will help give people a better sense of ownership and more control over their lives. Some of the key players working on the new plans include Alex Morton, Tom Clougherty, and Graham Edwards. Graham Edwards joins the group as Chairman and CPS Research Fellow. Graham Edwards is currently the CEO of Trillium. Edwards will add his knowledge and skills to develop policies that address home building and home ownership.


Trillium is a UK privately owned property management company and a major force in the UK’s economy. The company maintains a portfolio of partnerships, real estate developments, and strategic land acquisitions in every major city in the UK. Edwards and his company manage 8,000 properties that cover 86 million square feet of space. One percent of the UK’s workforce is housed in one of Trillium’s buildings. The company’s portfolio is close to $6 billion, and this represents a major impact on the British economy.


Graham Edwards has the experience and knowledge to run a successful company like Trillium. He has been a major player in the financial industry for nearly 40 years. His experience also includes the Merrill Lynch Investment Management division. He is also holds membership in numerous professional organizations like the Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Add to this list his membership in the UK Society of Investment Professionals.

Christopher Linkas is known for his ability to provide sound investing advice to individuals of many ages and financial situations. This is due to the fact that he started working within the financial sector right after graduating from Bowdoin College. Early on, he worked for an investment bank in the United Kingdom, and ultimately rose up the ranks to a vice presidential position. He also held positions with Goldman Sachs and RER Financial Group. His track record with these various companies has shown his ability to make the right financial decisions. While Linkas helps investors of all ages, some key strategies have been known to help younger investors realize their goals.


Younger investors are able to benefit from having time on their side as they can make some riskier decisions. While these decisions make seem difficult at first, having the time for market or company recoveries can be huge in terms of realizing a bigger gain from an investment. While working for Goldman Sachs in the late 1980s, Christopher Linkas was able to watch the market ups and downs to better understand this concept. In addition, he used this position to establish within the financial world that are essential to his current abilities to provide individuals with helpful advice.


Not only does investing early in one’s life provide the time for investments to recover, it also can provide valuable time to make one’s money earn even more. This is based on the idea of compounding, where investments can earn interest or regular dividends. These can help purchase more shares of the stock through reinvestment, ultimately providing a bigger return down the road. Christopher Linkas has always worked to help clients of all ages realize their best possible returns and knows the value of using these types of investments to one’s advantage over time.


Since Christopher Linkas has established himself within the financial world, he has established important connections and learned from a variety of interactions. These have included his learning from entrepreneurs or other business people. He has also learned an important skill of problem-solving within the financial world, which can be of great benefit to those seeking his advice for their own financial situations. In addition, Linkas has been able to weather the storm of several financial crises including a recession and the Savings and Loan crisis. All of these have contributed to make Christopher Linkas a top choice for those seeking financial advice.

Jeff Aronin is making a major impact in the lives of others. As a philanthropist and CEO of Paragon Biosciences, his company and efforts are helping people with diseases where there are few or no treatments available. His company also helps to develop companies that offer new and innovative medical treatments. The result is a new emergence of companies that are developing new medicines at a fast pace. The FDA approved no less than 13 new medications of his in the past decade as a result of his tireless efforts and oversight.


The company’s success in developing new medications and companies is evident trough their effective business model. Patient needs are thoroughly assessed, and breakthrough science ends up being the result that helps lessen the suffering of many patients. Patient lives are also extended as a result.


Jeff Aronin is a leader and entrepreneur that continually looks to improve patient medical treatments. His education and experience follow two decades of delivering results. He has a deep understanding of diseases, and the development of medicines to treat these diseases. Add to his resume great leadership skills, and his ability to inspire top research teams, and cures for terminal illnesses and difficult medical conditions are bound to be the result.


Jeff Aronin also looks for ways to share his immense knowledge with other entrepreneurs who are working to make lasting changes in the medical world. Many of the problems that appear to be unsolvable, are the ones worth solving. It is his, and others, continual search for medical treatment solutions that is offering hope to the medical world.


The world will have to find new ways to treat diseases since the old ways do not always produce the most effective and desired results. Jeff Aronin has dedicated his life to helping find breakthrough treatments and drugs. He has many years left to dedicate his time and skills toward the development of innovative medications.

Established in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson, IC Systems remains the leader in the account receivables industry. From the very beginning the Company desired to set a tone of financial recovery for monetary illness, and has always treated its patients with high ethics standards. In those days, the idea of ‘have now pay later’ was a unique business concept, so too was collections. How do you determine the difference between someone misguided in their understanding of money management from someone who is just.. misguided? And then what do you offer each as solutions to their present unhealthy economic state? Realizing that the world was a small place, (one that would later increase in magnitude of mobility yet later return to smallness with information technology decimating six degrees of separation back down to one or two), the Ericksons knew it would behoove them to operate from a vein of building and maintaining relationships. That mindset is instilled in all of their successful employees, and is the core of why they’ve been in business for so long. Today, they are licensed to collect in all 50 States plus Guam and Puerto Rico. The Ericksons’ community focus is also the reason why their progeny do not hesitate to carry on the family organization.


Accordingly, IC Systems employs a rigorous community reinvestment plan. Some of its pieces include ECHO, Charitable Partners and InHouse Volunteers. Formed in 1981, ECHO is the acronym for Employee Charitable Help Organization and it is a Company committee that meets on a regular basis to ascertain the best objectives for giving. They also spearhead the year’s voluntary participation events. The Ericksons ensure that they give just as responsibly as they collect, with verification of validity and safe data platforms for information exchange. Through their Charitable Partners, IC System enjoys a way of actively participating while tangibly viewing the impact their contributions make on others in need. Some of their activities with these partners include raising funds for the Special Olympics through the annual Polar Plunge, plus multiple blood drives for the American Red Cross. Through InHouse Volunteerism, IC System employees help provide food for those being treated at Ronald McDonald House and Gillete Children’s Hospital. Together with Emergency Food Bank and Strike Out Hunger Task Force organizations, the Company volunteers arrange food drives throughout each year. Similarly, in latter Summer and through Autumn, the volunteers begin their drives for warm clothing and quilts to pass along to those in need for the winter months.


This approach of giving back to the community shows humility and concern for one’s neighbor. You don’t need the Better Business Bureau to let you know the importance of that.

Perry Mandera is a successful entrepreneur from Illinois known for his charitable feats. He graduated high school in 1975. Thereafter, he served in the US Marine Corps Reserves, and opened businesses of his own early on in his professional life. He sold some of his entrepreneurial starts, and gave four years of his life to politics, serving the 26th Ward of Chicago from 1980 to 1984 with the distinction of being the youngest elected official at that time. But he kept The Customs Companies, Inc. that he started in 1986. Operating out of Lakeworth, Illinois, today it’s reported to bring in over $200 Million per year. He is listed as a Fortune 100 Company and, in 2000, was awarded the distinction of being among “The Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium.


Perry Mandera is most noted for his charitable endeavors which span across his life and the country. While the following list of recipients of his thoughtfulness does not really do him justice, it does permit some insight into the heart and mind of this loving family man. Some of his personal and business donation recipients include: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Foundation for Life, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, California Wildfires Relief, Campus Crusade for Christ, Girl Scouts of America, Hurricane Katrina victims, Illinois youth sports teams, Jesse White Tumblers, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Toys For Tots, victims of the 2013 Tornado of Washington, Illinois, and the Walter & Connie Payton Foundation.(positivefacts) Recognizing his interminable love of giving, Perry Mandera established his own 501(c)(3) charitable foundation called Custom Cares Charities. Yet, he still gives to others direct and personally and through his business, as well.


Should a horticulturalist consider a hybrid apple tree, producing sweet and crunchy fruit great for pies or direct bites, a case could be made for naming such a selfless being “Perry Mandera.” With each batch of apples delivered to hungry communities and excited patisserie throughout the globe would go an insert detailing one or two of his latest donations that have changed the lives of others. Perry has proven exceptional at addressing immediate AND long term needs of those experiencing catastrophic life changes. He seems to have been charged with the task of turning grey skies blue.

In an ever-evolving and increasingly competitive landscape, leaders are in tune with one simple truth: change is coming, and the market doesn’t care if you’re ready.


Luckily, there is one set of steps, listed below, that will ensure, not only that you are ready for the coming change, but that your organization will grow from it.


Research is the first step. Before you can redesign, you need to know what, and who, you’re working with. Take inventory of your resources, including human, capital and other resources, and get an honest view of the state of your situation.


Redesign Only when you have an honest grasp on who and what you’re working with can you fix the problems you see. This is your chance to make new, exciting things happen. Remember to do so with wisdom and courage.


Regroup is a word easier said than done. Sometimes, hard decisions had to be made in the two prior steps. This last step is where triage is done. It’s time to be the most human, the most empathetic; the most clear on what your vision truly is.


If you do all these things, you will emerge from your restructuring ready to compete; ready to win.


Why Listen To Glen Wakeman?


Passion: Glen isn’t just here because entrepreneurship is on the rise. He’s here because of a genuine passion for building businesses and leaders.


Experience: Glen has over 21 years of experience as a Financial Services Executive, Board Member, Public Company CEO, Small Business Owner, Investor and Executive Mentor. He can talk to you about the 3 R’s, because he’s done it all.


Results: Formerly employed by GE capital, where he won numerous awards, Glen also founded Nova Four, and is currently in the trenches working on his most recent project: Launchpad Holdings.


Learn the ropes from someone who knows: Learn from Glen Wakeman.

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Jorge Moll is a preeminent practitioner in the medical field. He is committed to change the lives of the people through medical research. He currently the president and a board member of D’Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR). He is also the head of Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience Unit which happens to be one of the best diagnostics and imaging laboratory. Moll resides at Rio De Janeiro. He compassionate about family things and he enjoys being a dad.

In an interview, Jorge explains how the idea to establish IDOR came along. He says that it was out of the passion for delivering quality healthcare which could only be achieved through intensive education and research work. Jorge spends much of his day giving lectures to students and interacting scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs from diverse sectors of the economy. He believes that through interactions and meetings one can enrich his/her ideas. It also provides an opportunity for collaboration to come up with something great. Moll is an idealist; however, he feels only workable ideas are worth pursuing. Besides, his is optimistic that ideas that allow for collaboration are the best.

He acknowledges that his excited about the rising trends in concepts such as artificial intelligence, cognitive systems and the advancements in regenerative medicine and gene therapy. Moll states that transparency and experience have been vital pillars in the success of his business. It is essential that one should resist from overthinking ideas; just let them follow naturally. He agrees to disagree that recent publications and career pathways in the industry are the primary inhibitors of scientific innovation. It is out of doubt oneself that you can question and find new ways to solve various problems. Al through Moll has been committed to positively impacting people lives.

Jorge is an alumnus of both Federal University of Rio De Janeiro and São Paulo University where he earned an MD in Neuroscience and a Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology respectively. Throughout his career, the saying Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication has been his inspiration. He recommends the book by Philip Dick “The Exegesis.”

While most probably know Randal Nardone for his work with Fortress Investment Group and the investment firm’s recent merger with Japanese conglomerate SoftBank, he has taken a unique path to this destination. Over the course of the past few decades, he has collected the expertise needed to guide the company forward.For Randal Nardone, this journey began when he received his B.A. and his J.D. from the University of Connecticut and Boston University School of Law, respectively. Once he completed his education, he was given the opportunity to join the esteemed Thacher, Proffitt & Wood firm. He would soon rise through the ranks and become a partner.Randal Nardone also became a member of the executive committee at this firm and this would set the tone for the remainder of his career.

Once he completed his duties at this firm, he would also join UBS and BlackRock in similar capacities. In fact, he has played a leadership role at a wide range of different firms over the course of his career.He is currently serving as Eurocastle Investment Limited’s director and he has worked in a similar capacity for a number of different firms. Alea Group Holdings enlisted him to sit on their board of directors. He served in this role for seven years (2007 to 2014) and Randal Nardone assisted numerous other companies during this time period.GAGFAH S.A. and Brookdale Senior Living Inc. also relied on his services and with these experiences, he is in a unique position to lead Fortress Investment Group into the future. He has been the chief executive officer of Fortress for the past five years and many of the company’s biggest triumphs have taken place under his watch.

Institutional Investor bestowed their Hedge Fund Manager of the Year award upon the firm in 2014 and Fortress also received a Management Firm of the Year award from HFMWeek. The company now possesses assets that total into the tens of billions of dollars and this is why SoftBank made the first step towards creating a powerful merger.Now that these two companies have joined forces, Randal Nardone’s unique expertise will certainly be of use. He has the necessary expertise in the world of private credit equity and his management skills are also going to be of great use. Nardone has been a reliable leader since his career began and he will be the perfect choice to lead Fortress Investment Group into the future.