In celebration of the fact that the famous romance, comedy, or rom-com, Pretty Woman is turning 25, NBC’s The Today Show and the main cast and director offered up some little known facts about the film.

The reason they never did a sequel, according to Director Gary Marshall, Flavio Maluf said that it’s is because they all agreed they would only do it if they all returned to shoot it. Marshall did not get a chance to clarify about why they never got together again because actress Julia Roberts then interrupted his explanation and turned the response into a joke about how they just did not do it.

Marshall also admitted that he had to literally beg actor Richard Gere to take on the lead male role because Gere felt that the role was not challenging enough and merely an actor in a suit role that any actor could fulfill.

Lastly, the film was never intended to become a romantic comedy. Julia Roberts explained that the whole plot was supposed to end with Gere merely paying her character for her time and driving away. In fact, the film’s original tone was supposed to be dark and titled “3,000” after the amount of money Robert’s character received from Gere’s character.

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