In a country that is overcome with poverty and AIDs, this $34 smartphone diagnostic device can help save lives and money.

The typical AIDS diagnostic equipment currently being used in Africa carries an $18,000 price tag. This high-dollar equipment is an effective medical tool, but it costs a lot to use on top of the initial purchase price plus the equipment is stationary. The $34 smartphone device is an effective diagnosing tool, cheap to purchase and cheap to run, plus it is portable. The lab can go to the patients instead of the patients having to come to the lab.
According to, this smartphone device was invented by a team lead by Samuel Sia, an associate professor at the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Columbia University in New York. In just 15 minutes the device can tell if person has contacted the AIDs virus and can also diagnose if the other sexually transmitted disease, like syphilis, is present.
A small pin prick to the finger, a drop or two of blood and this $34 smartphone device can diagnosis AIDs and save the countless lives in 15 minutes anywhere across the continent of Africa.

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