The seventh film in the Fast and Furious series is most definitely not the end. Star Vin Diesel reports that the 7th entry is actually the start of a new beginning. Specifically, the film commences a new trilogy.

The success of the Fast and Furious series is somewhat shocking, especially in its continued staying power at the box office. The first film debuted in 2001 and earned hundreds of millions of dollars. Diesel became a major star with the release of the film, but did not appear in immediate sequels.

Likely, he was hoping the XXX film franchise would launch him to greater things and establish him as a modern, hip version of James Bond. Things did not work out that way and he returned to the Fast and Furious fold after The Chronicles of Riddick flopped. (Although a third entry in the Riddick series was eventually produced and remains another franchise option for the star)

The Fast and the Furious has become a sort of young man’s fast cars soap opera and the teens who comprise the vast majority of the series’ audience are surely going to keep the new franchise afloat. Many fans have also grown up a bit with the series, as Haftel is just one of many.


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  1. Ryan Davis on May 24, 2017 at 11:18 pm said:

    Without a doubt, the reshoots in the outcome of Paul Walker’s demise have driven the financial plan upwards of $250 million significance the seventh film has to pull in $1 billion to really be gainful. It is a way whereby has settled in for so many options and that alone has increased what they used to know about it.

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