UPDATED May 25th, 2017 — Todd Lubar shares insights that make him successful. Full interview here : https://ideamensch.com/todd-lubar/

Todd Lubar is a businessman and former real estate developer who has also worked in the construction and mortgage business. Mr. Lubar currently resides in Bethesda, Maryland, in the Washington D.C. area. He is married and resides with his wife and two kids in Bethesda.

Todd Lubar is a family man at heart and enjoys spending as much time with his wife, kids and other family members as he can. He also enjoys travel and particularly enjoys traveling to Orange County, California, where the temperature is much more mild than in Maryland. One thing Todd Lubar has learned through business and life is that he wants to wake up as a better person that he was yesterday through what he has learned and experienced. He also realizes that having a positive attitude, where you want to add value to those you come into contact with can be a tremendous asset not just in business but life in general.

Todd Lubar currently works in the commercial demolition business and scrap metal business. His commercial demolition business managed to secure several large scale contracts from some of the nation’s biggest general contractors. Mr. Lubar entered the commercial demolition business and scrap metal industry when he realized that the mortgage and home building industry was in great peril. He realized that the mortgage industry had lost its way and was no longer governed by conservative banking principles and caution. Todd’s automotive scrap metal recycling business became so successful, that it eventually become a publicly traded company.

Mr. Lubar had both his own construction and mortgage company. The construction company was called Legendary Properties, LLC and it focused on renovating and then selling both multi-family and single family homes. Todd’s company managed to renovate and sell over 200 homes for a profit. His lending company was called Legendary Financial LLC. As director of Legendary Financial LLC. Todd Lubar managed to close over 7,000 transactions.

At Legendary Financial LLC., Todd Lubar focused on underserved clients. He used his insight as a former mortgage lender and managing director at a mortgage company to assess the risk of loans given to people who were passed over by banks. Legendary Financial LLC. served both private individuals and companies with home, business and development loans.

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