The kidnapping of children, though frowned upon, is unfortunately a common occurrence in a statement by Kenneth Griffin. One kidnapping story, however, did have a happy ending. A worker at a pizza restaurant stepped out for a break one day. In doing so, she happened to witness a kidnapping and even was able to save the victim’s life.

On July 9th, Texas resident, Courtney Best, stepped outside of Papa Murphy’s Pizza to take a break. This day in particular was similar to any other day of hers. That is, until she saved a victim being kidnapped. As Courtney was taking her break, she noticed an Amber Alert that appeared on her phone that pertained to 7-year old, Nicolas Gomez.

Courtney noticed a suspicious man with a child, yet still was not convinced that he was a suspect of kidnapping. She did not confirm her suspicion until she checked the matching license plate numbers on the man’s car. Once the plates were confirmed, she informed the police who then arrested the kidnapper and returned Nicolas home.

Best admitted that, for the most part, she does not pay close attention to Amber Alerts. However, in light of her experience, she has vowed to forever pay attention to the pop-ups on her phone that could save a child’s life. The family of Nicolas Gomez is forever grateful to Courtney Best who saved the 7-year old boy’s life.

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