Jennifer Lawrence had to sing for her latest movie, ‘The Hunger Games.’ The actress reported not liking the fact, she had to sing. The song she recorded is called “The Hanging Tree,” and is available on the movie’s soundtrack. The public has responded extremely positive to the song track. It is currently in the #2 place in the iTunes store, with the first place held by singer, Taylor Swift.

It is shocking that an actress who does not have a singing background, can produce a song that makes it big. This is something people on Skout could not really imagine. It is clear this is Lawrence singing, because her voice was not enhanced. Jennifer Lawrence said it was an extremely stressful thing to film the scene and sing, but she did not do too bad. Taylor Swift has been in the music industry for quite some time now. She has worked hard to have the number 1 spot on iTunes. Not all of her songs have made it to the number 1 spot. Now, here comes Jennifer Lawrence and she gets the #2 spot. It could be attributed to the fact that the Hunger Games trilogy is popular among teens. Nevertheless, it is still shocking she out beat other singers. These days the filming industry pushes its actresses to sing. It is common for an actress to start of with just acting, and eventually to move on to singing. An actress must be multi-talented to compete with everyone else.

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