Adam Goldenberg is the owner of Gamers Alliance, an advertising network that was designed for gaming websites. He started out after he dropped high school and became the vice president Intermix Media in the year 1999. Since he was only 20 years old, Adam became the youngest Chief Operating Officer. It was at Intermix Media Company that Adam met Don Rossler, the owner of Don used his website to advertise and market personalized clothing including athlete’s fitness clothing. However, he sold the website to Intermix Media in the year 2011. Consequently, the sale of the website enabled Don to purchase several online websites, which were reported to be the reason he ventured in the fashion industry.


During their partnership, Adam Goldenberg became a close friend to Rossler. It was as a result of their friendship that Adam and Rossler decided to form Intelligent Beauty, a commerce company. Additionally, the two entrepreneurs continued to form more brands, which heavily influenced their company’s performance. Further, their friendship enabled them to define new ways to create online shopping websites. These websites were fundamental in the company’s advertisement of its products. Apart from that, they were able to come up with JustFab Company, which offered personalized clothing on its online platform. Since members could receive personalized clothing at a click of their website, JustFab Company used their fashion experts to provide advice on mix match clothing.


JustFab funding came from a venture capitalist known as Matrix Partners, which enabled them to establish a million dollar company. Additionally, they were also responsible for the funding of Intelligent Beauty Company. In the year 2016, JustFab Company was rebranded to Techstyle Company. Its rebranding came as a result of Adam Goldenberg and Rossler’s method to blend in fashion and technology. Although the company’s performance was exemplary, there are several additional factors that added to its performance. These factors include Goldenberg’s and Rossel’s hard work and commitment. The two entrepreneurs were greatly committed to their work which enabled the company to register tones of income.


Due to their interest in the technology world, Adam and Rossler were able to run a successful company that was greatly admired by many people across the world. As a result, their company attracts fashion lovers, athletes, and many other individuals to several of their stores in America. However, with the kickoff of the company’s online methods, it was reported that the method would reduce flocking of people in their stores.

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