Adam Goldenberg’s success story started in his teen years. Before graduating from high school, he had already sold Gamer’s Alliance, an advertising network he founded at age 15. At the age of 20, Adam Goldenberg became C)O of Intermix Media. He was the youngest person at any publicly traded company to hold that title. Since then, his career trajectory has continued to soar.

Adam Goldenberg and his longtime business partner Don Ressler are currently co-CEOs of JustFab. An e-commerce site focused on women’s accessories, it was a departure for the two. Their backgrounds are in media and technology. One of the strengths of their partnership, however, is that they think in terms of the big picture. To them, business is business, and categories are secondary to opportunity for innovation and profit.

JustFab is notable for its subscription model. Customers are shipped a new offering every month. Bags, shoes, and other accessories are featured. JustFab is not unique in offering a subscription service in the fashion space. However, it does have one of the largest subscriber bases, with 35 million users. It also benefits from the expertise of celebrity entrepreneur Kimora Lee Simmons.

It was savvy of Goldenberg and Ressler to invite Simmons on board. With her background as a model and at Baby Phat, her knowledge of the fashion world is unparalleled. Additionally, she has a huge following on social media, which has helped the brand expand. JustFab is not only an American success story; it is a known quantity worldwide.

By expanding his horizons into the health, beauty, and fashion arenas, Goldenberg demonstrated an unusual level of wisdom for someone of any age. However, it is particularly refreshing to see someone so young keen on expanding his horizons.

In a world that is becoming increasingly specialized, Adam Goldenberg has been able to avoid tunnel vision. Instead of remaining locked into gaming and media, he was able to see the potential in accessories for women. Instead of resting as his laurels and cashing out young, he has continued to grow and expand as a businessperson.

Who knows what the future will hold for JustFab and its young co-CEO. As brick and mortar retailers continue to struggle, the future looks bright for innovative e-commerce companies. JustFab is just that. See:

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