Jeff Yastine is the editor of Total Wealth Insider. Jeff joined banyan Hill Publishing in 2015. Before coming to Benyan Hill Publishing, Yastine worked as a financial journalist and a stock investor. Yastine is a great asset to the company because not only does he have diversity in his experience, but he also has a lengthy amount of on the job experience, 20 years to be exact.

When it comes to finances and investing, Jeff is a true professional. He has worked with many of the best in the finance business including Warren Buffett and Michael Dell. While working with these individuals, Yastine learned many techniques from them. During Yastine’s career he has been Emmy nominated for over fifteen years. He was also a correspondent at PBS Business Report for many years!

While working at Banyan Hill, Jeff has been using all of his teachings to benefit readers of his daily and weekly readings. As a writer for Total Wealth Insider, Jeff helps entrepreneurs and investors understand the stock market and other businesses, economic trends, and he also gives readers tips on how to earn profit from different investments. Jeff has a great reputation for helping small business owners with failing businesses succeed. He also has helped many large businesses turn their companies around! Jeff has worked with several different businesses, including clubs, restaurants, retail, real estate, and many other types of establishments. However, Jeff is well known for all of his help contributed during the real estate crisis that recently took place.

In addition, Jeff is also a very humane individual. While many people were dealing with the negative impacts of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Jeff was one of the main people there involved to help for recovery. Jeff also was great help to those who suffered from the oil spill that took place in 2010. Jeff is very respected for these acts because not many investors are involved after crisis take place.

Jeff has also visited Cuba numerous times as an investor. This is very significant because not many people can say that they have experience as a foreign investor, but Jeff can! He has a very diverse experience in the finical world which is awesome!

So far Jeff has had a great career. Many people are excited for him in his most recent position as the editor of Total Wealth Insider. The finical market is waiting to see what Yastine’s next move will be!

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