The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is the leading professional membership organization for emerging professionals, licensed architects as well as allied partners, and is agreed to be one of the best ones available out there. The American Institute of Architects currently has 300 chapters with around 200 employees and has its headquarters in Washington DC. The members of AIA benefits from the organization’s information, advocacy and community.

Every year, The American Institute of Architects is active in championing the future of architects by raising awareness and public belief in the value of design, which is the core of an architect’s job. They host an annual Architecture conference called the AIA Conference where architects can learn a lot and establish connections.

Through its awards program, AIA promotes outstanding professional achievement of its members and design excellence. It helps its licensed architect members by providing them with countless web-based resources. AIA provides support and sponsorship for architects continuing educational requirements to help them maintain their licenses.

As the leading professional organization in the world of architecture, the American Institute of Architects has set the standard for the industry when it comes to contract documents. Emerging architects and professionals all over the country use it as a basis for the documentation.

AIA has over a hundred contracts and forms used in the construction and design industry. AIA provides important information for its members by conducting market research on the economic factors that may affect the architecture industry and provides its members with AIA’s deep analysis on the results of the market research. Most importantly, AIA prides itself as an advocate of the architecture industry.

The CEO of AIA is Robert Ivy, and one of the leaders of the company. He’s been at the helm of AIA since 2011, and through his leadership, AIA is again realigning itself with its legacy as a responsive, proactive and a very influential organization. All of the institution and the employees of Robert Ivy hold an intense relationship of pride and love for the CEO of the company. Most of the successes and initiatives that led to some of the most significant achievement of the institution had the finger or the approval of Robert Ivy, who is regarded as a great leader.

On the top of his goals for AIA is raising the public awareness and belief on the value and importance of the architecture profession and this goes hand in hand with AIA’s mission and vision.


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