Biotechnology is one of the fastest growing fields today and is helping the medical and healthcare industry to advance rapidly as well. Many biotechnology companies are investing millions into research and development as well as developing medicines that are known to be highly helpful. One of the biotechnology companies that has made tremendous progress in the last few years in the United States and is known worldwide for its rapid development in its niche is Amicus Therapeutics. It is a public limited company and trades in the stock market under the symbol FOLD. In the initial phase of its launch, Amicus Therapeutics was funded by many well-known venture capital firms that include New Enterprise Associates, Radius Ventures, and Canaan Partners. Read more about Amicus Therapeutics at

The primary focus of Amicus Therapeutics has been rare and orphan diseases as well as disorders related to Lysosomal Storage. Many of the drugs that are developed by the company are already approved and licensed and are available in the market, while many of the new drugs that the company has developed are undergoing regulation and would be authorized soon by the FDA. Amicus Therapeutics has a very efficient and safe drug development procedure, which can be easily regarded as one of the most reliable methods in the world for drug development. Presently, Amicus Therapeutics does not have its own manufacturing unit but rely on contract manufacturing to produce the approved drugs for market circulation. In the enzyme replacement field as well, Amicus Therapeutics have several drugs that are known to be highly useful and productive.

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One of the most popular drugs provided by Amicus Therapeutics is for Fabry Disease known as Migalastat. The rare and orphan diseases are known to affect millions of children and infant each year and are known to be deadly. Amicus Therapeutics continues to make rapid advances in its research and hope to make considerable progress in developing effective drugs for the diseases it is focusing on shortly. Follow Amicus Therapeutics on Twitter.

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