When the Reno City Council approved support for the Clean Power Plan, it had just like many other people the hope that the plan would help the country and the world at large move away from dirty coal power and near to better renewable energy sources. When they voted, it became apparent that they had joined individuals and more than a dozen other organizations for the cause. Speaking just after the vote had been passed, Andy Wirth was happy and confident that the army fronting the availability of a much better renewable energy source was becoming bigger and stronger.

Andy also called on residents to be more vocal in asking for more from their elected leaders and not just empty promises. He also pointed out that times were changing which, therefore, necessitates the availability of a better energy source that can be relied on to produce energy that does not harm the environment in any way. He was very particular in thanking companies that were spearheading the campaign and also called on many others to join the cause.

Born in 1963, Andy Wirth is the current Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and has a wealth of experience in matters related to taking care of tourist destinations and conserving the environment. In the whole of the Tahoe area, he is among the few individuals who make immense contributions in organizations that are involved with community and environmental causes with a purpose of making the community make better strides not just in the two areas, but in all areas in general.

He has worked in the hotel and skiing industry for not less than twenty-five years and is a recipient of numerous awards for his exemplary service delivery. During his free time, he also loves skiing and has in the past been involved in a skiing accident that was nearly fatal. However, he managed to get back to his feet again and is currently spearheading a campaign to raise money in support of the families of the Navy Seals when they go on duty. He has also been very much involved in redefining and re-branding his current place of work to reach global standards.

Source: Reno Gazette-Journal.

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