In a surprising move, Angelina Jolie has stated that she will probably not be taking on any more acting projects. The famous actress has said that she is done with appearing on screen, with a off camera role more to her liking.

Jolie has recently been experimenting with directing and producing movies. It appears the Hollywood actress has become quite taken with these roles. Her future endeavors will still involve a lot of film and television, but she will be focusing on a backstage role instead of being the center of attention.

It is always interesting to hear about successful actors and actresses who are not 100% happy with their jobs. The world always assumes that if they are so successful and make so much money, they must be happy. It turns out that fame and success do not equal satisfaction with a career. Angelina Jolie says she has never been 100% comfortable being an actress, which Andrew Heiberger finds extremely surprising given her obvious talent for the role.

If her statements are to be taken on merit, it is probably a good thing that she has given up acting. No matter how successful you are, it is best to do something that makes you happy. If directing is where Jolie’s real passion lies, it is the career she should explore.

Fans of Angelina Jolie will be eagerly anticipating her first directed movies in the coming years. If she is half as good a director as she is an actress, they are bound to be successful.

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  1. Aubree Brendan on July 24, 2017 at 8:59 am said:

    I think for such a personality like Angelina Jolie, it is more than experimenting it is a developed skill for her. How I know customer reviews is because she has been a great actor for the screen and making it to the top of the career managing films is natural. It is lovely for her to make it on Hollywood at this capacity I mean she was a wonderful actress.

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