The celebrity food aficionado is adding another line to his resume. Like many other celebrity chefs and foodies, Anthony Bourdain is opening his own branded restaurant. However in true Bourdainain fashion, the former line cook is leaving the cooking up to other people. His plan is to open up a Singaporean hawker center, where he hopes restauranteurs from all over the globe will want to set up shop and serve their signature dishes. Bourdain’s food hall will have at least 50 stalls, where vendors can sell whatever they like, but will have a particular focus on international street food.

Bourdain is most famous for his book Kitchen Confidential, which is a behind the scenes look at professional kitchens as well as several differ shows on the Travel Channel where he goes to locations all over the world, including the United States and explores and tries unusual food traditions, including No Reservations, and the The Layover. Fans like Paul Mathieson know that he is particularly notorious for being willing to try anything once, with out reservations, hence the title of his first show.

The celebrity tv host has enlisted the help of KF Seetoh who is known for being Singapore’s most prominent expert on street food in order to help him build the restaurant and attract vendors to his food hall. He is working with Seetoh’s company Makansutra, to bring businesses in and design the food hall. The company owns and and operates several successful hawker markets in Singapore.

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