The end of Miles Morales is near. Who is Miles Morales? He is the man under the mask of Spider-Man. Hold on, you say. Is not Peter Parker Spider-Man? We are talking about Marvel Comics Ultimate Universe and it has a different timeline. In the Ultimate-verse, Peter Parker was Spider-Man until his unfortunate passing. Miles Morales became the new Spider-Man right afterwards.

Marvel Comics has chosen to tease “the end of Miles Morales” and this would infer the end of days for the character. Then again, maybe Marvel won’t. Based on the tease,  Flavio Maluf is under the assumption is Marvel is going to do away with Morales in yet another attempt at boosting sales through promoting the demise of a character. Back in 1973, Marvel’s “Death of Gwen Stacy” and “Death of the Green Goblin” stories were shocking huge sellers. Marvel visits the same territory a lot because, to repeat, sales figures invariable spike.

A lot of different things could happen in the world of comic books and “the end” could mean the series is just going to go into a different direction. Marvel does have to work hard at marketing its books or else no one would buy them. So, we have to forgive cryptic teasers like this one.

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