Amid plenty of skepticism, Dr. Sergio Canavero says he’s close to transplanting a human head.

Italian neurosurgeon, Dr. Sergio Canavero predicts that by 2017, he will be able to use a technique he’s developed to transfer a human head to a deceased body.

Dr. Canavero plans to present this technique at an upcoming conference this summer.

The technique is based on the use of a chemical called polyethylene glycol, which is responsible for uniting the nerves of the head and body. This substance acts similarly to spaghetti in hot water, which makes it stick together.

Similarly, the polyethylene glycol manages to unite the nerves of the head and spine of the body. Bubblews suggests that the patient would remain in a coma for 3 or 4 weeks while the spine is stimulated by electrical currents to reactivate its operation.

Dr. Canavaro ensures that when the patient wakes up, he or she would be able to feel and move the face and speak with their own voice. Within a year, could even walk . He claims that several people have already volunteered to perform the transplant.

The aforementioned animal experiments failed in the past because the receiver body rejected the new organ, but medicine has advanced in this field and could be avoided by new rejection drugs.

But don’t get your hopes up; there are important ethical and even religious questions to be asked and in coming years, this subject will face questions and comments by politicians, doctors, philosophers, religious, and citizens.

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