Both men and women have used cosmetics for centuries upon centuries. It was probably the ancient Sumerians who were the first to use cosmetics to decorate their eyes and lips, around 5,000 years ago. In fact, ancient civilizations like the Sumerians and Egyptians used everything from gemstones to fish scales to chemical elements to enhance their beauty. The wide variety in cosmetics has continued throughout history. A traditional Chinese cosmetic was derived from fungus, and in the 17th century in England men and women used a deadly lead based foundation on their faces.

Luckily for the modern makeup enthusiast, times have changed. The cosmetics industry is overseen by regulators, including the Food and Drug Administration in the United States. There are also companies that endeavor to use the best of the ingredients available, excluding the artificial and the harmful chemicals that have been used in the past. A small but growing number of these cosmetic companies are making products that are vegan, meaning there are no animal products used to formulate the cosmetic. Some companies are also taking a stand against the practice of using animals as test subjects for their products. One of these companies is Lime Crime, a stellar, wild and fun cosmetic company based in Los Angeles.

Lime Crime is an example of a dream turned reality. The company was founded by Doe Deere who is also the Chief Executive Officer and who encourages the fans of Lime Crime “not to quit their daydream.” Growing from a company founded with just a few hundred dollars, Lime Crime now offers people around the world the opportunity to show their personality through cosmetics for their eyes, lips and nails! Lime Crime’s website will encourage your fun and playful side, a perfect complement to the adventurous colors available for lips and in eye palettes. If you are ever stuck for ideas to show your personality through makeup, you can look to Lime Crime’s awe inspiring and high spirited Look Book.

Whatever you are in the market for, Lime Crime has your eyes, lips and nails covered. Want a liquid to matte lipstick? Try one of the fourteen adventurous colors of Velvetines! Would you rather have an audacious opaque lipstick? There are twenty color choices when it comes to Unicorn lipstick! As for eyes, you will not find a more well thought-out palette than Venus. And Lime Crime’s nail polish offers both unique and traditional fun colors. Every product page offers a full list of ingredients and a vegan label, so you know exactly what you are buying.

Whatever you choose to buy from Lime Crime, let it inspire and delight you!

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