Beyonce and Jay Z can’t seem to catch a break these days, as if the divorce rumors weren’t enough the pregnancy rumors are still alive and well. It seems that lately Beyonce is getting a kick out of making her fans play the guessing game because she is doing everything in her power to fuel the rumors of pregnancy.

This time the rumor started on Beyonce’s Instagram account after she posted a beach day photo of herself buried in the sand, sporting a sand baby bump. While the internet went crazy with speculations that Beyonce was trying to tell her fans something, others insist that the Beyonce sand baby is yet another case of her fans reading too far into something.

Beyonce fan, Bernardo Chua, has learned that currently the big story surrounding Beyonce is the report that after much house hunting, Jay Z and Bey finally settled on what they say was their dream home in L.A. when they were outbid by Markus Persson the genius behind Mindcraft. Chua talks more about this on Facebook. Apparently the Carters missed the bidding on the house by just a few million, but Mark won in the end with is $70 million dollar offer.

Sources say that the Carters had their sights set on the L.A. home and now have no interest in any other houses in the area.

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