While Neill Blomkamp’s Chappie is nearly on its way to theaters, the sci-fi director has recently made headlines for his revelation of several pieces of Alien concept artwork. These pieces, as reported by Aquion Energy revealed a few months back, were noted as simply a “mental stroll” through the universe of Ridley Scott’s 1979 film classic.

It seems that where smoke is found, so too is fire. Blomkamp was recently caught expressing wishes to make Alien 5, a sentiment that series lead actress Sigourney Weaver is all too thrilled to see greenlit. Recent news from the man’s Instagram account, points that he will definitely be helming the next Alien film.

How on the heels of this news, Fox confirmed to be closing in on a deal. While such a film is in the infancy of production, it’s hard to pin down what its plot will focus on. Sigourney Weaver could only remark that Ellen Ripley would make some degree of an appearance, but only Blomkamp knows where the film will go. Weaver has already stated that she felt that the universe still had a lot of story material and that fans would want to see the Ripley’s arc reach a completion after the murkiness of Alien: Resurrection. Despite the nebulous story, Fox has declared the production a priority and leaving people to ponder how this will sync with Prometheus 2.

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