Creatively speaking not many people can even come close to impersonating Michael Jackson. Just looking like a late star is not nearly enough to make fans remember all the great performances they witnessed. When it comes to Michael Jackson that would be really hard to do, but it seems like Sergio Cortes has done it.

Sergio Cortes born in Barcelona Spain and living in Brazil is the one and only greatest Michael Jackson impersonator ever seen or heard of before. Extremely talented and energetic, his video performances prove how he has captured the full essence of the best entertainer of all time. Growing up Cortes would love to see Michael Jackson on tv and imitate all his moves for hours at a time. When he became a teenager he noticed how much he resembles the “King Of Pop”. By the time the ‘Bad’ album came out is when Sergio starting practicing hard. He began to train seriously to become the worlds best Michael Jackson impersonator.

He started dressing, walking, and even singing like Michael Jackson. As time went by his impersonation became so amazing that he began drawing fans all through Brazil. And now he has followers all over the world loving everything he does. He looks just like Michael without any plastic surgery and has perfected all MJs moves. Being a huge fan of the legend is what makes Cortes strive to be the greatest at what he does.

His voice is identical to the “King Of Pop”. Hearing Sergio for the first time I was floored because I did not think anyone could ever sound so much like Michael Jackson. He sang ‘Smile’ and it was like MJ all over again beautifully done Cortes. One can quickly see how much time and dedication he puts into his work. All that hard work has paid off and now he has a successful career. His graceful demeanor and loving attitude make him adored by fans.

Sergio has so many videos that can be watched on YouTube that bring the Michael Jackson experience alive again. He delivers spectacular performances and reaches all the famous Jackson high notes too. People are longing to get a peek of a Cortes in concert because he is now traveling all around the world to present his gift of imitating the Michael Jackson. He routinely talks with his admirers by means of his facebook and enjoys hearing about the joy his performances give them.

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