A recent article in Modern Luxury San Diego investigated a new restaurant, Bellamy’s, owned by Brian Bonar, located in nearby Escondido. The article examined the accomplishments of head chef, Patrick Ponsaty, and reviewed the cuisine, menu, staff, and kitchen at Bellamy’s. The food critic was slightly put-off by the signage and the ordinary appearance of the restaurant itself, before sampling the fare for the final verdict.

The article focuses on the greater question of what makes a great restaurant. There are many aspects of the question to address. The product, the meal, is most important, but the atmosphere plays a role, too, especially as the restaurant fare increases in price.

Wait staff and menu must be considered. Finally, at what price point category is the restaurant. We do not expect the same level of service or quality of meal from a diner or a drive-in restaurant that we would expect from a private dining or country club. What is the cuisine offered? Is it fast food or gourmet.

The cuisine at Bellamy’s is definitely in the gourmet class, and here all elements of the dining experience must be judged including the sign. The final verdict for this or any other restaurant depends in great part on the insights and experience of the owner, and at Bellamy’s the owner is Brian Bonar.

Brian Bonar is a successful businessman currently serving as the Chairman, CEO, and CFO of Trucept, Inc. He also sits on many boards of businesses and charities. He was educated in Scotland and holds an MBA and a Ph.D. from Stafford University, England.

He even has a title, Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, Wales. He also has a love of fine food and restaurants. Bellamy’s is his work of art, but it is a work in progress, and a new planned location may be the reason for the physical dullness at the present address.

The critic, Amy Finley, was lucky to have enjoyed a specially prepared French gourmet offering from Ponsaty and staff, and the sign didn’t make that much difference, after all.

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