Brian Torchin is a very experienced healthcare veteran and entrepreneur in the healthcare field. He started out as a chiropractic physician and through efficient business practices created a medical staffing company for the medical offices looking for qualified employees. His company offers to staff for not only the chiropractic fields but physical therapy and other jobs related to the medical field. HCRC not only provides qualified staff, but they also counsel and help place potential candidates in order to make the most of their efforts and find people jobs that they will love.

Brian Torchin is focused on providing his customers with services that they need with excellent staffing. He has a successful business model and always strives to achieve customer and employee satisfaction. His commitment to running an efficient and effective business while maintaining great communication all around is his ultimate goal. He has around two hundred clients that vary from urgent care centers to hospitals in the United States, Australia, Europe, Canada, and Asia. His bio shows that Torchin is a very busy business man however, he manages to make himself available to anyone with any questions about the company or it’s practices and also maintains the company blog on a regular basis. He posts everything from in-depth articles to top ten and company information. Brian Torchin has a wonderful work ethic and it shows in the success of his medical staffing business. There are many satisfied accounts and the list keep growing. He realizes that staffing is a complex process that requires attention to detail as well a good business practices. Without one aspect you can not succeed in the other. Providing great employees is a process that he takes pride in and he is focused on giving quality and performance when providing health service workers. His future in this field looks very bright, follow him on Google + for further information.

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