Bruce Levenson is the CEO of UCG and the principal owner of the Atlanta Hawks and Philips Arena. When Levenson began his firm known as UCG, he was managing it with a friend out of an apartment. He started from something very small, but now his UCG produces information and new for the entire oil industry. The hold prices for oil companies, and they provide a wealth of information for people who want to invest in the oil industry. Levenson was able to leverage his wealth to purchase a piece of the Hawks, Thrashers and Philips Arena.
When some of the owners left the group, Bruce was left as the principal owner of an NHL team, and NBA team and a modern sporting arena. The Thrashers were sold to a business group in Winnipeg, but the Hawks and Philips Arena were held by Levenson’s ownership group. Even though Levenson was in the DC area, he was seen to be the best fit to manage the team on a long term basis because of his business acumen. He was also representing the leadership group on the NBA board of governors, and he was seen as a natural fit to be an NBA owner full-time.

Even though he held on to UCG, Bruce was seen as a leader in the NBA as he helped to approve the sale and move of many NBA teams. Recently, Bruce put his stake in the team up for sale, and the Hawks are now 100% for sale. Bruce Levenson will make a great deal of money from the sale, but he will have earned every penny. When he purchased the Hawks, there were one of the worst franchises in basketball. As of right now, the Hawks are one of the best teams in the NBA with one of the nicest arenas.

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