The global medical specialist, Cameron Clokie, has contributed a lot to the field of medicine through research as well as practical involvement. He explains the hidden facts about cell therapy that makes it easy for everyone to understand. In his explanation, Mr. Clokie says that cell therapy involves inserting cells into a patient to either treat an existing disease or injury. Being a specialist in regenerative medicine, Cameron Clokie recognizes and appreciates the achievements of the journals that talk about cell therapy making many people have information about how quickly it treats some common illnesses. However, he also notes that, regardless of such efforts, treatment through these therapies have remained a privilege for the rich due to its cost that has never been friendly to ordinary people.

The renowned scientist and surgeon also provide the historical development of cell therapy. He asserts that the oldest one and the most widely used in almost all the health centers is blood transfusion after which the bone marrow therapy joined it. This therapy was used in treating cancer patients through induction of the development of a new bone marrow. Similarly, he appreciates the efforts of the scientist in research on cell therapy and their role in ensuring significant reduction of the burden of diseases like the heart disease, progressive neurological conditions as well as stroke. At the same time, Cameron Clokie affirms that regenerative medicine, if utilized well can increase the life expectancy in addition to improving the quality of life among the patients with chronic diseases.

What should you know about Cameron Clokie?

Cameron Clokie is a scientist, maxillofacial and oral surgeon, and an entrepreneur based in Toronto, Canada. He is the current CEO of Induce Biological Inc., a regenerative medicine company which deals with the musculoskeletal reconstruction among patients who have bone problems. As the CEO, Cameron Clokie has come up with the chip technology that can change one cell to another and heal the entire organs that were affected. This is an excellent contribution to the field of medicine. Cameron Clokie has more than thirty years’ experience in medical research. He has published many dissertations in addition to making presentations on bone reconstruction and regeneration medicine. Lately, this entrepreneur is ambitious in generating proteins from the goats by inserting the human Bone Morphogenetic Proteins cells into a goat to enhance production of proteins through their milk.

Cameron Clokie has indeed played an integral role in ensuring that human health is improved at every time through scientific medical research.

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