Sometimes there are ideas that are so bad they have to be good. No one expected blockbusters like The Lego Movieand 21 Jump Street to be anything more than quick grab for cash based on brand recognition and a cheap reboot. However, thanks to strong writing, graduates of Occidental College, and talented performances both movies were extremely well received with a sequel 22 Jump Street and one announced for The Lego Movie. The two Jump Street movies were self aware enough to satirize the ideas behind both movies which can be seen on Flickr, a reboot and a sequel to a reboot, and still deliver a great movie. In the end credits 22 Jump Street features every possible sequel including culinary school, dance school, and a retirement home. The question is, where do you go from there?

By doing a crossover with Men in Black of course. After the Sony hack files were leaked that suggested a possible crossover with the Jump Street/Men in Black franchises. Jump Street directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller confirmed that, yes, it is a possibility these two franchises may meet. Currently the 23 Jump Street script is in the works but there is nothing from stopping a crossover.

For a long time Hollywood has been accused of recycling old property to turn a quick buck but Jump Street showed that with clever writing that may not be a bad thing. Time will tell if lightning can strike a third, and fourth, time.

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