The Cancer Treatment Centers of America in collaboration with NantHealth and Allscripts are implementing a platform that will help in informing the cancer treatment process with fewer interruptions to the physicians’ clinical workflow. The Clinical Pathways Program contains very comprehensive data pertaining the evolving of cancer care data. It also divulges all available treatment plans thus eliminating any guesswork by a clinician.
With the patient being factored, Clinical Pathways combines updated cancer research, the treatment procedures and accompanying therapies into the Electronic Health Record of Allscripts Sunrise. This helps the oncologists create a curated catalog of care protocols at the health facilities.
Engaging the treatment platform successfully contributes to providing:
• Customized treatment procedures unique to a patient, disease state, and the health condition.
• A better comparison in the available treatment options
• A computerized order entry which is efficient and safe to the patients
• Support for clinical data
• Problem-solving functionality
• Evidence-based treatment plan backed by therapies to meet each patient’s solitary needs thus optimizing their quality of life during the cancer treatment period
The Cancer Treatment Centers of America have their headquarters in Boca Raton, LA. They are comprised of five national hospitals that offer services to patients who have cancer, and they extend an integrative approach to health care through a combination of gene testing, surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and precision cancer treatment. They complement these by offering an evidence and informative support remedy which is designed to assist the patients both mentally and physically during and after the extensive treatment. The centers treat patients from all over the world in their Tulsa, Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix and Philadelphia hospitals.
The centers have been rated the highest in the delivery of quality care and patient involvement. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America furnishes the patients and their families with complete guides about their treatment options and encourages them for active participation to ensure success.

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