HBO has recently confirmed a brand new cast of characters who will take part in the second season of Brad Reifler’s favorite new television series, “True Detective”.

The new cast includes lead characters portrayed by Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughan, but will also feature a trio of strong female characters, who will be portrayed by Kelly Reilly, and Rachel McAdams. Male lead Taylor Kitsch will also join the show in a major role.

The presence of strong female leads will be a first for the series. The producers of the upcoming second season have hastened to make this alteration in the second season due to strong demand from the fans, who have apparently been clamoring for a stronger female component to the show. As viewers of the first season will no doubt remember, the events portrayed in earlier episodes were strongly dominated by a strictly masculine perspective.

The upcoming season will feature McAdams as Ani Bezzerides. This character has been described as a Ventura County Sheriff’s detective whose personality conflicts will cause major trouble for the two male leads. Kelly Reilly will star in the role of Jordan, who is the wife of major lead Frank Semyon. She is also described as a failed actress.

HBO has confirmed to the media that production on the new season has already gotten underway. The second series of “True Detective” is scheduled to air during the summer months of 2015.

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