Did You Know This About Actress Kate Winslet?


The British actress comes from a long line of acting. Both Kate’s father and mother were actors who performed on stage. Two of her grandparents also founded and managed the Reading Repertory Theatre which put on live shows for audiences. The first time Kate acted professionally on air was when she was 11. She was doing a commercial for the cereal brand, Sugar Puffs. Kate Winslet also attended a specialty performing arts high school that helped develop her talent.   See the latest Kate Winslet pictures here.


Some Lesser Known Facts About Actress Kate Mara


Kate Marra was born and raised in the small suburb of Bedford outside of New York City. She graduated from high school one year early. Kate has training in dancing with specialties in tap dancing, ballet dancing and jazz style dancing. Two of her great grandparents were titans in sports. They founded the New York Giants football team and the Pittsburgh Steelers football team. Her father is an executive at the New York Giants franchise. One of her favorite movies is the musical the sound of music. She continues to expand, with some Kate Mara nude roles in the works, as she branches out to encompass more roles and more acting opportunities.

What Is Rapper, Fifty Cent Famous For?


Rapper, Fifty Cent is best known from going to rags to riches through rap in what can only be described as a real life Cinderella story. His music is known to be streetwise and inspired by his true life in Queens when he was out hustling on the streets. Fifty Cent is also well known for being successful in business ventures such as Vitaminwater and making a few film appearances.


The Fame Of Rapper, Petey Pablo


Petey Pablo is perhaps the only well known rapper to come from North Carolina. His most famous hit song is Freek A Leek, which made it to the billboard top 100. Petey Pablo is also famous for being featured in the song called Goodies by Ciara which topped the billboard 100.  This all makes it that much more likely that he will never join the ranks of rappers who went broke.