Wikipedia is by far the biggest online encyclopedia on the Internet, and is very popular because anyone and everyone with a working Internet connection and computer can create and edit articles on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is also very useful for any individuals or businesses who want to make an appealing, informative article about that person or business. It is especially useful for advertising because Wikipedia shows up near the top of Google search engine for any search that has an existing Wikipedia article. This makes for practically a free advertisement.

There are rules and guidelines to create a Wikipedia page encourages its writers and editors to conform to. The rules are not very difficult to follow consistently, or hard to understand, but it is often difficult for new writers and editors to catch on to the guidelines quickly.

Under no circumstances should any false or inaccurate information be written on Wikipedia – ever. Such information not only harms the reputation of Wikipedia, but can effectively render the entire article that contains such incorrect information useless. If one thing is wrong in an article, why would readers want to continue reading that article and use it for information to learn about that topic?

The above rule also applies to articles pertaining to fictional information. For example, do not edit the Harry Potter article to contain anything that did not actually happen in the Harry Potter books or movies.

Make the text of the article short, and easy to understand. Do not shorten the text entirely too much, but Wikipedia article readers are typically there to learn, not be entertained.

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This may seem blatantly obvious, but make sure to spell the words in the article correctly, and use the proper terms. If there are any mistakes whatsoever in the article, especially misspelled words, readers may assume the rest of the article not to be true, and quit reading the article immediately.

In country, the quality of its literature is basically based on how rich its historical background is. Brazil has one of the longest historical background and this has contributed to its rich literature backed by numerous legendary authors. Brazil is one of the world’s largest populations with a great cultural mix-up. As such, the country’s authors have had different angles to write from. The country’s literature has a long history running the 1500s although it might have started even earlier than that. Ancient Brazilian authors have greatly influenced many other authors over the years and this influence has been experienced the world over. Characteristically, Brazilian authors have had an advantage in writing owing to the great culture that the country has maintained for years.

Jaime Garcia Dias in one of the greatest Brazilian Authors of all time. He is one of the highly ranked Brazilian writers in the history of literature. Dias is a Brazilian national and he spent most of his early years in the city of Rio De Janiero. At an early age, his love and passion for writing began to show up and he pursued it to become one of the most reputed Brazilian authors of all times. One of the most notable characteristic of his writes is the fact that they he has taken a particular thematic line which is love and culture.

Brazil has a rich cultural background that has been an advantage to its authors. As such, the country has produced a number of legendary authors including Pero Vaz de Caminha and Basílio da Gama. The country’s literature was well developed during the colonial period when authors used writing as the only means to pass on their messages. Literary works at that time were very political and it was a social process of getting people to understand the oppression that the country was going through at that time. However, there Brazilian authors were also inclined to love and spiritual themes spreading hope to their fellow countrymen.

Brazil has a reputation for romance and love stories which is a popular theme line for most authors in the country. This trend was set by authors who existed in the country’s romanticism period from 1936. The Brazilian authors are drawn from different periods of writing that shaped the future of literature in Brazil. This included the aforementioned romanticism period, the realism period and the modernism/pre-modernism periods. Currently, the modernism type of writing is the predominant style in Brazil. Notably, the country’s publishing industry has become more open to the public giving rise to young and creative contemporary writers. This was not the case during the earlier phases of the industry. As such, many new players have joined the industry making a more competitive platform.